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Despite my fervent pleas to be sent home, the world did not help me. In truth, I had to find a way out no matter what if I wanted to go home. To open the gate’s door, I needed a soul stone.


Thud, thud-!


The ground trembled as if the whole world was turning upside down. I spat out dirt in my mouth and avoided the pouring rainstorm. The thick black water in the lake writhed and approached me as if alive.


“What is buried in this pit is the blood of the king. It won’t be easy to get out.”


The surging water formed a shape and hesitated. I narrowed my eyes at the mass of water that had become a giant slime.


Amazing… What is this place? The 21st century is amazing!


Who would have thought I would encounter moving water in the 21st century? I thought I’d have to wait until the 23rd century to see that. Isn’t progress too fast? The trend is retro.


I, a wingless and desolate human, ran along the lake on a moonlit night.


I’m a human and I don’t have wings, but the other guy is an alien and he has wings. It’s frustrating.


The murky lake water mixed with dirt and gravel came clattering toward me. I stepped on a nearby tree and jumped into the air.


It’s difficult to deal with enemies like that who have no form. It was even harder because their characteristic was body enhancement.


All that remained where the lake water had swept was red glowing gravel.


Bang, bang-!! The gravel exploded one after another like mines, shaking and breaking the ground.


Is this an alien-style reclamation project? I extended my still-numb hand and tried to produce fire. It was too small to evaporate the lake.


An ability like Loveless is good for this type of enemy. I recalled Loveless, the ice-type Hunter from Paradise. I could have frozen and subdued that lake if I had that ability. 


When I became infinitely jealous of Polar Night’s subordinate’s selection ability…


Crash! My falling body hit the water’s surface, and I jumped up. I grimaced as I looked at my shoes, whose soles had melted away.


It disposes of shoes as well? A question with no one to answer floated in my mind.




A bluish spark flew from my outstretched hand. Soon, a strong lightning strike fell on the commander’s head. The lake water that had been lapping the shore suddenly dispersed briefly.


There it is!


The water started moving after the alien revealed its true form.


“Don’t stand up there jabbering, come down and fight fair and square!” I landed on a tree and shouted loudly. The boy, who had some energy left after being hit by the king’s power, faced me with an angry expression and yelled back.


“If you want to talk about fairness, go back to your own galaxy! I don’t have my army or main body here!”


Oh, that’s what it was. No wonder he seemed a bit weak.


As for me, when I crossed over to this dimension, I could use my power as much as I risked.


I roughly understood and shrugged. The black water was slowly crawling up the tree.


The area around the lake, filled with black water, was covered in short grass, but further on, a dense forest took root. I crossed the tree and headed toward the end of the forest.


PK had also fallen with me, but I couldn’t see him anywhere. I considered demolishing the entire forest, but that could cause innocent casualties, whether the environment or life. It would lead to a destructive ending in every way.


“I have a question!”


So I spoke to the slightly singed army commander again. The alien, who had become weak since he was not a martial artist and had no body, replied with a shake of his head.


“What is it?”


“Did you see the human who fell with me? I need to find them.”


“The test is for one person. If you fell together, they would be facing another examiner’s alter ego.” It was a very straightforward answer.


I nodded to indicate that I understood. The battle continued. I approached the boy, avoiding the pouring water and exploding gravel.


The power of lightning and fire was effective, but it was weakened when used at a long range.


I wonder if it was my fault for trying to break the illusion earlier. I moved my numb limbs and continued to fight.


If I reacted too late, water droplets splashed, creating holes in my clothes. As I ran around for a while, I suddenly thought to myself.


I’ll catch that alter ego someday, but can PK survive when faced with another alter ego? What happened outside? Didn’t the King of Pride aim to fuse this dungeon with our dimension?


The white-haired boy smirked, revealing his fangs.


Ah, I realized when I saw that smiling face.


Wasting time like this could be a factor in defeat itself.


That army commander, called the examiner, also used only black water without direct attacks. It was a tactic to buy time.


Then I couldn’t just sit still. I landed on the ground and checked the timing of the gravel exploding.


One, two, three, four, five. It exploded exactly five seconds after it hit the ground. I grabbed the gravel and threw it with all my might.


Crack! The gravel hit the boy’s forehead and exploded with a loud bang, shaking the ground with its violent force and causing damage to the opponent.


“Ha.” The boy let out a short exclamation.


I grinned as I looked at his distorted face, with one side of his head pitched black.


It was as terrifying as a scene from a horror movie, but it was also proof of a breakthrough.




The ends of my sleeves that touched the water melted. I started throwing stones with excitement.


His black membrane wings cut through the wind and move like arrows.


Clang! Bang!


Explosions occurred in succession in the air.


First, I have to hit the wings. Once he falls, I have to make him stick to the water. If he melts, I win, and it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t. I’ll shock him with lightning and electrocute him.




Due to my characteristics, my unique moving vision captures moving objects.


Two, three, four.


The gravel that flew through the air cuts through the boy’s wings.




The gravel propelled by the recoil flew into the air.


And it exploded.




It was a scream that felt like it would tear your eardrums apart. The falling boy turned to look at me. My face reflected in his pink eyes, contorted in a sneer. My dull, gray eyes shone like a beast that had caught its prey.


Not being directly attacked was a big merit for me, as fighting without feeling in my arms and legs was a big debuff.


I deftly stepped on the trees, avoiding the black water that sluggishly swirled around.


I grabbed the falling boy’s body and pushed him into the lake. Even though the boy’s body was submerged in the black water, it didn’t dissolve. I gathered the sparks at my fingertips, and they turned blue.


“You.” It was then that the boy tried to talk. “Why are you trying to meet the king?”


The black water floated and tossed the boy around.


I opened my mouth as I watched my reflection in the black water. I wasn’t happy about the holes in my clothes. I haven’t even worn them for long. “I have not the slightest desire to have an audience with the king.”


I felt a little resentful. I only came in to close the dungeon, but now I’m in a test to meet the king? I knew nothing about this!


“But I have something to say to the invaders.” The boy raised his head, frowning. I looked down at that white face and said, “This is my territory, so tell them to get out of here quickly. How dare you rootless barbarians come to my land to cause a fuss over the ownership of this land?”


The owner of this planet is the human race! Can’t you see the Earth groaning with billions of people? This planet is doomed with the aliens added. It’ll be overpopulated.




A bluish lightning strike mercilessly struck the black water and the boy.


I saw the green letters I had seen a moment ago amidst the bright white light.


[Conditions have been met.]


[The ‘Green-Eyed Demon’ is interested.]


[Entering the King’s Cradle.]




The summoning could be divided into three broad categories. The first was constructing a world centered around the summoner, the second was constructing a world centered around the summoned, and the third was creating a new world.


Creating a new world was not something that just anyone could do. According to the awakened characteristics of the summoner, it required an enormous price.


Therefore, the first and second categories were most commonly used. The first was used when the summoner wanted to show their memories or have a conversation, while the second was used to stimulate the summoned’s trauma and launch a psychic attack or enter the realm of the subconscious.


「”I’m going back to my homeland.”」


A person, whose face and body were completely covered with black cloth, spoke. In front of them were a giant throne that towered to the sky and a monster with twelve wings. They conversed in a black abyss, where it was so cold that their breaths were visible.


「“What about the demons you contracted with?”」


「”I’m going to cancel the contract. Our dimension is still too weak to accept external beings.”」


「“Those creatures would have been your faithful hounds, but they don’t look so amusing now.”」


The person behind the black cloth was unidentifiable, but it was easy to guess the identity of the monster conversing with them.


I thought as I looked into the crimson eyes, That’s the monster we call the King of Pride.


「“Everyone will understand. Even if they don’t, it doesn’t matter. After all, we’re going to seal everything away.”」


「“Is that why you took away the land from those newly enthroned?”」


「”That’s right. This will be the last time I see you as well.”」


The King of Pride suddenly reached out his hand while sitting on the throne.


The person behind the black cloth rose onto the King of Pride’s hand and looked at him. The size difference between the two was significant, with the entire body of the person behind the black cloth being only the size of one of the King of Pride’s eyes.


「“I am human. I can’t live as long as you. However, humans are a more tenacious race than any other in this dimension, and someday the doors of this dimension will open again.”」




「“When the time comes, hand this item over to the human who comes back here. That’s my final request.”」


What he handed over was a black ring. The plain-patterned ring without any decorations had a knack for causing discomfort to those who saw them.


The figure surrounded by black placed the ring on the King of Pride’s hand.


The king rolled his red eyes and stared at the ring. The black ring vanished from his palm, absorbing all the surrounding light. He slightly lowered his head while looking at the figure.


「”Thank you.”」


Only the human turned around.




There was a sound of space distorting. Looking at the back of the disappearing human, the King of Pride opened his mouth slightly.


「“You betrayed the contractors who dedicated themselves to you like a piece of trash. What were they to you?”」


The question was extraordinary.


Whoa, is this the trend these days?


I watched with great interest the drama between the two beings. The human who stepped into the distorted space turned their head to look at the King of Pride.


「”Those species can’t be anything to me. The only thing that has value to me is me and my kind.”」


「”That’s a selfish thing to say.”」


「”Yes, it is. But still, you are…”」


Half of their body passed through the space, and with a fluttering sound, the cloth covering their face poured down.


I was horrified to see their dark eyes. The black irises and pupils were strange things I’d never seen before, but their face was very familiar.


There was no way it could be unfamiliar. I saw it every morning.


「”I guess I can call you a friend.”」


Yes, that was me.

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