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Becoming famous means having to carry the possibility of becoming a smiling beauty hundreds of years later.


Is this world really hell? Will even the bearded old man, with his beard thick as a bush, become a collectible smiling beauty card hundreds of years from now in a world where radical exposure is the norm?


We won’t know what the original figure of that great man looked like or what achievements they made to leave their mark on history. We will only know his illustration and a pretty voice from a smiling girl calling out, “Master~♡.”


So Finger Technique was no different in that they were also a celebrity.


“Did you hear about it? Finger King carried the gate this time.”


“Who said that? There were hardly any people who entered the gate this time.”


“Beaver Hunter (nickname) and Rena said it at a press conference. Finger King brought back the soul stone and made an escape route, and fought against the mobs until the end.”


“Oh, really!?”


The finger of the person who’d learned the unknown fact ran over his phone keyboard. Now, the epic story of the hero Finger King would be further exaggerated by that person’s hand and would wander around the world.


[Association, ‘We will strive to prepare for non-ranked gates.’]


[Non-ranked gates have appeared in Korea… Has the war yet to end?]


[With the emergence of a new gate, sudden gates have increased uncontrollably.]


After the useless gate appeared, the world became more chaotic.


The Hunters Association headquarters announced the non-ranked gate. Eventually followed by rumors circulating that the destruction of the Earth was approaching! Of course, as soon as the announcement was made that the Finger Technique had solved the problem, the end-of-the-century atmosphere quickly subsided.


Next, it was discovered that sudden gates were popping up one after another that had not yet been fully understood.


As a result, citizens of the world began to live in a wilder world. It could be said that it was an extra that Hunters belonging to government agencies in each country were going crazy with life-saving and gate closures.


“But hey, what the heck is that Finger Technique that broke the non-ranked gate?”


“I don’t know. There are also rumors that they’re a robot.”


“Aren’t they more likely to be a monster?”


Students at the next table were discussing the hottest topic these days. Judging from their school uniforms, they were high school students nearby. It’s the age when they have dreams of becoming Hunters.


[Guessing Finger King’s Identity]


As it turns out, Finger King was a robot.


I took a bite of my cheeseburger and looked at my phone screen. Finger Technique identity, isn’t that the hottest thing these days?


– Does that even make sense? lol My Siri seems more like Finger King lolol


– After seeing this, I made my own Finger Technique. Our AI at home is now FT too ^^7


– Passing by, Ban Seojun: Actually, it was a ridiculous concept, and I’m Finger Technique


– Yup~ It’s been confirmed that Finger Technique is a human~


It was hot, but it was not usually desirable.


Hundreds of videos speculating the identity of Finger Technique were uploaded every day, and hundreds of reaction videos from foreigners were uploaded every day as well.


Did you have to satisfy your nationalistic pride through me? Did foreigners really find it so amusing to see “Wow! Korean rankers are on another level!” videos?


Of course, they would watch it because it was entertaining. They made it interesting to get more views. The problem was that people who weren’t interested in it also went crazy when they saw groups going crazy over it. 


From superheroes, robots, AI, martial arts masters, aliens, monsters, to even gods. All sorts of ridiculous identity speculations were floating around on the internet.


Personally, I liked the concept of a millionaire playboy who loves cheeseburgers. Moreover, wasn’t Iron Man cooler than Finger Technique?


“By the way, have you seen that other video?”


“What video?”


“Eradication Sword’s one.”


The two high school students who were just talking about Finger Technique changed the topic of their conversation. I listened intently to them, taking another bite of my hamburger. Is there anything more stimulating to talk about than Finger Technique these days? Interesting.


Well, when people have something to gain attention, they all try to find their own image, pretending not to care. It’s just human nature.


“Of course. Whenever Haram appears in the video, there’s something behind him, right?”


“Yeah. I heard that Hunters with purification and summoning characteristics couldn’t solve it, so the shamans are dealing with it.”


“That’s legendary. But isn’t Haram’s ability in that area? Why couldn’t he solve it?”


The Hunter who became a hot topic was Haram, a melee DPS and Korea’s Rank 11 Hunter from Daybreak.


His characteristic was “the power to defeat evil.”


“Purification and destruction are different, you know. Maybe because it’s a ghost, physical attacks don’t work?”


“Well, ghosts aren’t demons, so physical attacks may not work.”


Yeah, that makes sense. I nodded in agreement as I dipped a french fry in ketchup. I’ve never hit a ghost before, but I’ve hit a demon. There’s this wack job named Favor in Paradise, and hitting him is really satisfying.




The fast food restaurant door opened, signaling the arrival of a customer. I absentmindedly turned my head and was surprised by the fashion I saw.


A black hat covered the head, a black mask covered the mouth, and black sunglasses covered the eyes. The black shirt and jeans gave off a very neat appearance, but the aforementioned set was no joke. It was eye-catching. Wow, this must be a famous person.


“Hey, check out that guy.”


“Wow, are they a celebrity?”


Not only me but everyone inside the store seemed to be stirred up at the sight of them. What kind of nation are we? Aren’t we the kind of people who want to post on SNS when a celebrity appears?


The person who wrote “I’m a celebrity” on their outfit stiffened as they felt the gazes of those around them. Should I go out like this? Or not? They seemed to be thinking something like that.


Yeah, who would openly act like a celebrity for so long? But I guess it’s better than being identified by anything since there’s nothing to identify them with.


I chewed on the French fries and tilted my head back. Since my eyes were much better than others, I thought I might be able to roughly recognize who that person was if I looked closely.


Their hair, which they couldn’t hide completely, was white at the ends.


Since it was rare for celebrities to bleach their hair to such an extreme degree, if it was as clean and white as that, there was a high chance he was a Hunter with a high rank and recognition, especially if he had to wrap it up like that.


Once revealed, they’ll be bombarded with countless handshake requests. They must be a person who wants to avoid that.


But who would ask PK to take a picture for them? They’ll probably be breathing underground that evening.


“The eyes look yellowish. Take a closer look.”


“Yellow eyes? Wait. Let me look closely.”


The high school duo beside me also started speculating about the celebrity’s identity. Oh… yellow eyes? I focused my eyes and examined the celebrity (presumably) frame by frame. It seemed like yellow was visible through the luxury sunglasses that were definitely 100% brand name.


“Wow, it’s true. Who has yellow eyes?”


“I don’t know. We keep discussing Eradication Sword, so I can only think of him.”


“But is it really him? Daybreak headquarters is over there. There’s no way he would go to Burger King or somewhere far from the headquarters during work hours.”


High school student 1, who drank cola like water, made a valid point.


That’s true. When it comes to yellow eyes, Haram comes to mind right away, but Haram isn’t a fly or a cockroach like the ones in the house. He’s a Hunter who receives a lot of love for his sincere attitude.


Then who’s that?


I looked at the back of the (presumed) celebrity while chewing on the straw. They seemed uncomfortable with the attention pouring in from around them and eventually turned around as if to leave.


Hmm, it felt like our eyes met for a moment.


I spat out the torn end of the straw and lowered my gaze. The black-hatted figure seemed to be looking back at the kiosk as if asking when did the entrance face this way.


Please insert your credit card into the slot as shown in the picture and complete the payment. Please retrieve your credit card. 




The sound of the receipt coming out was perfect. It looked like they’d decided to eat at Burger King. I sympathized as I looked at my half-eaten cheeseburger. Me too. Mom, if we’re telepathic right now, please forgive me.


‘You! You should tell me where you’re going if you’re going somewhere! Why do I have to hear from Yunwoo that his older sister has left first?!’


‘Ow!! Mom, it hurts!! Mom!!’


I didn’t want to be Finger Technique anymore. But even though I’d dreamed of a spectacular accidental debut, it failed because the gate was out of my rank. Meanwhile, that terrible bastard Park Yunwoo, whom I wanted to tear to pieces, casually said I had gone to see the gate. I did not go to see the gate! Do you know how many lives I’d saved!?


But no one was to appeal to since Finger Technique was responsible for the incident.


That’s how I became someone who went to see the gate outside my rank, filled with dreams and hopes, in my mother’s mind.


I should set a time to explain the national emergency mobilization order to my mom. No, would she worry more if I did that?


Oh, this was really the worst. This was why I’d been hesitant. Next time, let’s see if I trust that guy again.


Still, I preferred the story of a new Hunter who had gone to see a gate excitedly over a story about a newbie Hunter in crisis inside a dungeon. That way, Mom would worry less.


Why does someone come to Burger King in broad daylight? Why are they out of the house when they should be looking for a job? There must be some story behind it all.


Mom, is there anywhere that only gives strawberry jam on white bread for two weeks? Can’t you at least toast the bread or something?


Oh… If you don’t like strawberry jam on white bread, eat cereal instead… No, I like white bread.


It’s really a story that you can’t help but cry over. I chewed on my french fries, trying not to cry. Is this what you call teary-eyed fries?


Yesterday, the madam had given me three servings of sushi rolls, so maybe she’d be less angry soon, but patience was bitter.


This daughter made a mistake. Please, I beg you to let go of your anger.


I fell into a state of depression as I chewed on the end of a potato fry. Thump. I saw a chair falling from the empty seat next to me as if someone had just sat down.


“Wow, they sat down so close.”


“Hey, lower your voice.”


The high school students were still whispering, but they were very audible. Why should you lower my voice when I can hear you so well? I turned my head to see who had just sat beside me.


I could probably tell who it was by looking at their face, but it was difficult to distinguish due to the mask. Still, I saw yellow eyes between the black hat and sunglasses.


It looked like lemon candy. Wait, hadn’t I thought about this recently?


That color. I was sure I’d seen it somewhere before. I searched my memories as I consumed sugar from my soda.


Dungeon? No. Paradise Guild? No. Daybreak Guild? No. The headquarter? No.


Before that, even earlier, at the subway station.


Not the day where Coincidence was ‘created’ with lightning striking, but a little before that.


In the crowd at the subway station…when I saw Eradication Sword.


Yes, at that time, I had the same thought as now. I’d met Eradication Sword, who had just come to the subway station, and I thought his eyes were the color of lemon candy.




Right. It was a voice I’d heard somewhere before.


“May I ask you something?”


I could see lemon candy-like eyes beneath slightly lowered sunglasses. I couldn’t remember where I’d heard that voice before. He was the first raiding party of the guild, wasn’t he? It was strange not knowing.


This guy was an exceptional one-handed swordsman that couldn’t be underestimated.


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