Author: Lubai

[Monsters have appeared in the inner dimension.]


[Collecting nearby monster data.]


[Checking data…]


[Estimated to be the King Of Pride Lucifer’s 1st Army ‘Morning Star’.]


[Estimated to be the King of Wrath Satan’s 9th Army ‘Red Dragon’.]


[Estimated to be the King of Greed’s 6th Army 15th Division ‘Garuda’.]


[Estimated gate rank C]


[Estimated wave rank B]


[Estimated monster rank B+]


[Estimated boss rank B++]


[Estimated overall rank B+]


[Estimated Rank B+ Wave – ‘What Falls Has Wings’ has begun.]


[Wave 1 has started.]


[Hunters, please prepare for battle.]


The approximate way to estimate the gate rank before the gate opened was to look at the gate size. On average, if the gate size was small, a few mobs appeared, and if the gate size was large, a large number of strong enemies appeared.


However, just as you couldn’t tell whether the cat in the box was alive or dead unless you opened it yourself, the same went for gates.


It was a rare chance, but a gate with the exact opposite difficulty to its size appeared.


Until those gates were opened, no one knew what kind of monsters would appear and what kind of scenery would unfold.


Therefore, in life, there were cases where C+ monsters appeared from a gate the size of E-level, and there were cases where B++-level boss monsters appeared even though the gate size was C-level.




Because we only judged those gates by size.


“B+-level…” a voice full of despair flowed from a Hunter’s mouth as he evacuated the citizens. B+ was just below A. Since it was classified as an advanced gate from A level, the currently opened gate was semi-advanced.


In the comment posted earlier, people asked why some of the five major guilds, who had a lot of dungeon dominance, came here, but in this situation, they had to be thanked for coming.


The two guilds had high rankings and high pride because the level of their Hunters was also high.


Broadcasts urging citizens to evacuate were repeated with noise. I lifted my pink cap slightly and took off my sunglasses.


My extremely developed Hunter’s body penetrated the darkness and caught the enemy’s position and a few civil servant Hunters who ran around quickly as a bonus.


“Hey! Where are you going?! You are Hunters! You have a duty to protect the citizens!”


“I’m an F-class! I’m no different from ordinary people!”


The hall was in chaos when several civil servants controlling the citizens fled.


Even if it was only a few people, those who could be relied on were gone. I couldn’t help but get confused.


Ker-chunk. Bang-!!


In addition, they ran away and blocked the entrance. You could see the entrance to the top was blocked by a barricade from this street.


The opportunity to go out in line in turn had already gone. Those at the front of the line had gone out with the Hunters who had run away earlier, but those at the back of the line were still stuck.


The hall was noisy with the Hunters dispatched from the guilds and those who couldn’t escape.


“Please evacuate calmly, everyone! We still have a chance!”


“A chance? The entrance is blocked. What chance are you talking about?!”


“Get out of the way! I don’t want to die!”


I thought the zombie movie I’d seen with Yesol the other day looked exactly like this. People say that reality is more dynamic than movies, but now it is the perfect match.


Inside the subway hall where my feet were being stepped on and trampled on, I calmly turned on the flashlight on my cell phone. Because it was dark, if you stepped on someone else’s foot, there was a risk of being tripped on that person’s foot.


“Stop! Everyone, listen to me!”


A bright light suddenly fillied the dark space. At this moment, I felt like I could understand what lighting meant.


“I know you’re confused, but it’s not like there’s no way out. A little while ago, I contacted the guild and asked them to send support. Just wait a little bit. So don’t be afraid and keep order!”


With the hero’s cry, a glowing orb appeared in the air.


At the same time, the hero, who drew everyone’s attention at once with a spotlight using light, gripped his staff tightly.


The glowing orb then exploded like flashbangs and shook the surroundings. Oh, my eyes.


I swallowed a curse in my mouth and covered my ears. However, I could hear the noise clearly, probably because I had unnecessarily good ears.


“Bro, if it’s a B+ level, won’t we die, too? We haven’t heard from our contact yet.”


“Keep trying. It will be the last time that Morning Star, the elite soldier of the King of Pride, will appear, so we should be able to endure it for a while.”


It seemed that the hero was merely acting boldly to calm down the citizens. That’s better than anyone who ran away. With that kind of mind, we should be able to evacuate safely, so everyone could stay calm.


I applauded their courage in my heart and blinked.


The aftermath of the light still lingered because I had taken my sunglasses off.


“Seobin, fire one shot toward the entrance,” the Hunter, who became everyone’s hero with the same lighting as summer, instructed the Hunter beside him.


The Hunter, wearing the mark of Daybreak Guild, drew a bow the size of his upper body as instructed. After a short aim, the arrow flew off and exploded with a roar.


Bang, bang, bang-!


Following the arrow that blew away all obstacles in the way, a huge plant stem appeared out of nowhere and supported the collapsing ceiling.


The impassable entrance blocked by barricades became functional.


“There are not many monsters at the beginning of the wave right now, but they will be pouring out soon, so please evacuate quickly!”


As soon as the Hunter finished speaking, people started running towards the entrance.


“Move! I have family waiting for me at home!”


“Do you think you’re the only one who has a family?! There are a lot of people behind, so hurry up!”


“Ah, don’t step on me!!”


Wow. How legendary. Truly.


I clapped my hands as I looked at the entrance, which suddenly became Black Friday.


All the people with sound limbs and confidence in their speed ran to the entrance, and most of the people who stayed behind were the elderly and the weak.


I didn’t know why it was so important to go up one more floor.


The place we were standing now was the second basement floor, and if you went up one floor, it was the first basement floor.


It was not like monsters didn’t come out just because it was on the first basement floor, so was there any reason to go upstairs like that?


Of course, there would be Hunters on that side, but they wouldn’t be as strong as those on Daybreak’s. In addition, this side showed amazing showmanship.


So, if I were a normal person, I wouldn’t go upstairs and stick close to the Hunters.


I fiddled with my phone and watched the backs of people leaving.


Tudduk, tukk!


A stone fell from the ceiling, which was barely maintaining its shape. The collapse of the entrance was literally an instant.


The entrance, which had lasted quite a while, collapsed only after nearly two-thirds of the people went up.


And this neighborhood quickly became a mourning house…


“One wasp on the right!”


“Minju, send some stems this way!”


…because the monsters started pouring out in earnest.




A blue arrow cut through the air.


The arrow stuck in the wasp’s belly exploded with a bang.


Even though it was an underground space where all the lights were out, it was not dark thanks to the Hunter who detonated the flash grenade in front of me.


The King of Greed’s 6th Army, named Garuda because it took the shape of a wasp, was constantly falling under their onslaught.


“Seobin, are there any rankers around here? I’m holding out because it’s only Garuda now, but we will have no answer when the Red Dragon starts appearing.”


“I sent an SOS to the guild leader, but he can’t come immediately because he’s in a dungeon.”


“I mean, why does he go to the dungeon alone?! How often have I told him that it makes no sense that he’s dreaming of becoming the world’s best raid king at 27!” the man who had stabbed and killed one of the wasps with the pointy end of his long staff exclaimed in anguish.


Each time the man screamed angrily, the spheres that illuminated the surroundings exploded harder.


It seemed that he was very angry, unlike his lighting hero persona before. It was different from watching it on YouTube.


84th in domestic rankings, the leader of Daybreak Guild’s 3rd raiding party, Choco Milk. Ranged sniper, a characteristic implemented in the light attribute.


He’d initially received a lot of attention because of his rare attribute, but he was a Hunter who stayed in the B+ class due to his low growth value.


He was not very famous as a Hunter, but he was one of the Hunters with high public awareness because he did YouTube with Busan Milk, a member of the same guild.


“Are there any other rankers around? Someone above A?”


“Well, first of all, I don’t know anyone else… Shall we check the nearby terminal?”


“Do it quickly. And call a melee if possible because they’re better at dealing with the Red Dragon.”


“What about the Morning Star? Don’t you need firepower to kill the Morning Star?”


“Nobody can kill the Morning Star anyway. Only those in the top 10 in Korea will be able to, so we must hold out until the leader comes. Or we all die.”


The expression of Choco Milk hardened. I knew the situation was serious, but how could he say that after saying something so hopeful?


The words that came out of the mouth of the Hunter who seemed to be the highest in rank were saying that if they couldn’t hold on, we would all die. I held back my laughter and grabbed my phone.


The wasp was coming out, so this was the first wave. It was the least difficult section, and if they tried, the number of people now alone could evacuate us.


The team I’d seen then was clearly five people. Two were invisible from the beginning, and one ran forward.


There were only two left in front of us right now, so the other three were somewhere else. They could just leave the line to them and evacuate us as it would be harder to fight with us.


But now, the leader of this team wasn’t trying to do something in the meantime, he was just looking for high-ranking Hunters.


Yes, well, these people weren’t civil servants. They had no reason to risk their lives.


Many people were mistaken, but the main purpose of guilds and guild Hunters was not to save lives.


Their purpose was always worldly things such as by-products obtained from attacking the gate, money, and honor that follow from a successful attack.


The reason why they preferred high-ranking Hunters was that they could attack the gate more safely and take advantage of them.


Past tense grammar check.



Please do a proper grammar check if the sentences are supposed to be in past tenses.


Ordinary Hunters would call for support if they find it a bit too much for them after roughly attacking the gate, or run away if that doesn’t work.


It was the same even now.


That’s why they were talking like this. And that was just the right thing to put the citizens around into a panic.




Everyone shut their mouths at the desperate words, and the cry of the child who had been crying all the time sounded louder.


The monster naturally rushed towards the noisy place, and the eyes of the citizens grew cold.


The child’s cry seemed to have shortened their lives.


Here are the corrected sentences with proper grammar in past tenses:


Ordinary Hunters would have called for support if they found it a bit too much for them after roughly attacking the gate, or they would have run away if that didn’t work.


It was still the same at that time.


That was why they were talking like that. And it was just the right thing to put the citizens in a panic.




Everyone shut their mouths at the desperate words, and the cry of the child who had been crying all the time sounded even louder.


The monster naturally rushed towards the noisy place, and the eyes of the citizens grew colder.


The child’s cry seemed to have shortened their lives.


How can I live in this one world~♪♬


To make matters worse, my mother’s favorite ringtone rang loudly inside the subway station.


Oops, I forgot to mute my ringtone. I scratched my head and looked around.


It was a little refreshing to see that the clumsy and sleepy Hunters became busy because of me.


You talked like you would save everything before, but now you’re wasting our lives.


“Hello, Mom?”


I quickly swipe the phone icon on the screen to answer the call. I heard my mother’s voice along with a hot idol song these days.


— Daughter~ I got off work early today. Shall we go out and eat meat later?


“I’m sorry, Mom, but I’m busy right now.”


— Why? What are you doing? You said you were going to see Yesol today. Did you go to karaoke?


“It’s not like that. I’m in a crisis right now because I got caught up in a Monster Wave.”


— Monster Wave? Are you at Hapjeong Station now?


I talked as quietly as possible, but even this seemed noisy, so the eyes around me were unusual.


I couldn’t help it. I had no choice but to hang up.


“Mom, I could die if I made a sound now, so I’ll call you back later when I’m out.”


— What?! Yeonhui, what the hell are you-?!


“Mm, I love you, too.”


I snapped the call off.


Then, one of the Hunters dealing with the swarm of wasps looked down at me with a puzzled expression. “Can you talk to your mother like that?”


Wait, aren’t you supposed to be busy killing wasps? Why are you meddling in useless things? What a good son.


I swallowed the harsh words and laughed heartily.


“I’m going back alive anyway, so.”




The Hunter made an expression of incomprehension. It was like saying with his expression, “Didn’t you hear what Choco Milk said?”


Oh, I’d heard it, of course.


Who was standing right next to the Hunter right now? If I couldn’t hear it at this distance, I was not even a human, not to mention a Hunter.


“I never once thought that I would die.”


Even when I first encountered a monster, when I was driven into a dungeon without knowing anything, even when I decided to enter the special gate myself, I never thought I would die.


“If I was going to die, I would have died a long time ago. But here I am, still alive.”


I stood up even when I fell and jumped up with all my might. In a situation where the Awakened who had just awakened were recklessly pushed into the gate, I struggled to survive somehow.


I came this far because I lived like that.


For some reason, I turned my head away from the Hunter, who seemed to be deeply moved, and pursed my lips.


As I observed him shooting and missing the wasps at a faster pace, I could see that he was motivated. Although I intentionally said hopeful things to encourage him, I didn’t appreciate his reaction.


I survived because I’m strong, not because you’re protecting me now. I think you’re mistaken about something…


As the thrilled Hunter’s hand movements became more diligent, the number of wasps bursting out increased.


I thought about something else while watching the fireworks embroidered with the bluish trajectory.


We should be able to evacuate soon enough. Will they evacuate us when the wave is over?


I could walk away quietly pretending to be an ordinary person without stepping up.


I’ll ask Mom to eat at home for dinner. I don’t feel like having meat for dinner after seeing giant wasps bursting out.


Even if I didn’t look like it, I was someone with a very weak stomach. I’d also eaten insectoid monsters in dungeons in the past, but— Ah, I wandered a little bit…


The number of wasps pouring in gradually decreased as time went on.


Monster Wave took a break after one round of monsters poured out before the appearance of more and stronger monsters.


“Seobin, did you find the ranker?” Choco Milk, who had been killing monsters before me, looked back and shouted.


Then the Hunter beside me hurriedly lowered his bow and picked up the terminal.


He’d been paying attention to it but couldn’t look at it properly because he’d been shooting monsters. That was the right thing to do because he had to protect people.


However, it appeared that was not what the leader over there desired. The inexperienced Hunter, who showed signs of being a novice except for his attack skills, was being nagged by the raid leader.


His reaction is quite timid, I thought to myself. Did Daybreak recruit a new Hunter? It suddenly dawned on me that the dungeon I had stolen the previous day must have belonged to Daybreak’s 3rd raiding party.


Even though they were not as advanced as the 1st party, Daybreak’s 3rd raiding party was still quite formidable in terms of their high level.


I rolled my phone in my hand, thinking nonsense.


Since I had nothing to do, I thought of browsing the free bulletin board. There must be a lot of new posts because the news of Hapjeong Station B+ gate appearance must have spread.


Bang, bang, bang-!


There was a massive explosion in the cold, dark basement. A giant lizard’s paws appeared from the black, shattered gate.


Ah, the start of wave 2 is a bit early. Is it because the rank is high?


“Seobin! You still haven’t found it?!”


Choco Milk urged. The urgency was written all over his face.


“Bro, I may have misunderstood, but right here…”


“What? Is Finger Prince here?”


Ah, that damn Finger Prince. I furrowed my brow and bit my lip.


The Hunter, holding the terminal and trying to keep a calm expression, nodded and opened his mouth, “Yes. They’re also very close.”


[Wave 2 has started.]


[Hunters, please prepare for battle.]


My finger that brushed over the cell phone screen stiffened.


I slipped my hand into my pocket and checked the status of the terminal.


Seeing the light leaking through my clothes, it seemed that I hadn’t turned it off. Wow, fXck.


I felt a cold sweat run down my back.


I pressed the power button very seriously, solemnly, and calmly.


Finger King is not here. They went to the USA.

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