Author: Lubai

My mom told me to cling to Hunters when things go wrong, thought Woo Yeonhui, the filial daughter of the century, who was currently beside the Hunters.


“Finger King signal was caught and then disappeared? Does that make sense?”


“But it is really gone. Could it be that they turned off the terminal like last time?”


“That makes sense. Well, I only realized it was possible after the gate was stolen yesterday, too.”


Can I entrust my life to those two? I hope this line doesn’t pop out after the two had such a stupid conversation like that.


“Just in case, shall we contact Yeri and Minju who went to the front? Finger King might be over there.”


“Where did you get the signal? It wasn’t near Line 6, was it?”


“Yes. It was caught on Line 2.”


Choco Milk and the chick Hunter, who are in charge of the line toward the entrance to Hongdae on Line 2, began the investigation of ~Finger Technique and the whereabouts of the Rank 1 player~.


It was very stupid, and it looked like it would be possible to achieve 1st place in the home theater.


“Then they might be on Rosemary’s side of the opposite line. First, contact Minju and Yeri. If the Red Dragon completely exits the gate, the two of us won’t be able to hold out anymore.”


You’re going to call in the rest of the raiding party in charge of the front? It’s not a bad judgment.


Yes, it would have been the right decision if there were no ordinary citizens here.


It’s nonsense to stop the Red Dragon with two Hunters who aren’t even A-class.


But those two were here protecting the citizens.


So, in the end, if they bring the two from the front, non-Hunters will also face the Red Dragon, and then there will be casualties unconditionally.


I don’t know if they distributed something like a Vital Kit they used back then.


However, an emergency escape kit, which can stay in a space gap for 5 minutes, is very expensive. It’s very expensive for a consumable subject.


The price is roughly around 20 of our houses right now. Still, if you think of it as the price of life, it’s really cheap.


There are about 15 citizens left here without being able to escape.


So far, we have endured it without difficulty, but there’s no way to protect all these people when the Red Dragon comes out.


It’s an overall B+ wave. If it was the same as before, it would be difficult even to save one’s own life.


The 6th Army of the King of Greed. They cleared it safely because it was in the beginning, and the Hunters were in sync.


Those wasps are characterized by having hard outer skin and soft inside, so it’s no big deal if you only have one pierce attacker.


I don’t know if King Garuda, the commander of the 6th Army, will appear, but the boss rank here is B++.


An army commander is unconditionally classified as A+ level or higher.


Even I, who had a lot of experience, saw the army commander only a few times.




A colossal earthquake penetrated the inside of the subway station as if trying to interrupt the serious communication between the two Hunters.


Small pieces of stone driven by strong winds, billboards, and screen doors collapsed like dominoes.


Stone crumbs fell like rain from the poor ceiling. Will it break down?


I bit my lip nervously and looked around. People also lost their balance and stumbled.


Ah, you should’ve evacuated us earlier. What kind of mess is this after wasting time looking for a high-ranking Hunter?


Of course, I could’ve stepped up, but I couldn’t reveal that I was Finger Technique, so I just watched.


Of course, there were also twists after seeing high-ranking Hunters, so I thought I’d see where we were going…


In the end, it was only the other two Hunters and me standing upright here.


“Damn it. Seobin, can you shoot all of them when they collapse?”


“Bro, do you think I’m a machine gun? Do you want me to fire rapidly? It’s only been a week since I awakened!”


“Stop talking and shoot! There’s nothing I can do like this! It would be faster to split the stone with a bow than to melt it with the heat from the light!”


No, what nonsense is that?


Whether you melt it with light or shoot it with a bow, if the ceiling collapses, we’ll all be slaughtered. And yes, melting with light takes forever.


Oh, it shouldn’t be like this.


If the ceiling collapses, everyone will know I’m a Hunter.


I nervously bit my nails and worked my brain.


If there’s a traffic accident on the street, it is not the people who get hurt, but the car destroyed by the body-strengthened Hunter.


So, if the ceiling falls over my head, it’s not me that’ll get hit; it’s the ceiling. And I can become this year’s hot star right here.


There could be situations like, ‘A newbie Hunter who was forced to participate in the B+ level wave’, or, ‘As it turns out, the ordinary person clinging to me is an S-class Hunter who shines at No. 1 in the world ranking Finger Technique, Finger King?!’


Wow, that will be awful.


In particular, I feel the most pity for Finger King, the S-class Hunter, and Finger Technique, who shines at No. 1 in the world rankings.


I pictured a future where I would be caught, and my identity would be known around the neighborhood.


First of all, I’m going to get a smack on the back from my mom. How could you not tell me such an important thing in over five years?!


Will there be a lot of reporters, too? My mom and I’s small and precious 80-square meters sweet home will be a mess immediately.


Is that all? No. It will have great repercussions for the world.


Even now, most foreigners visit Korea because ~Oh, that country with Finger Technique?~ How much attention will I get once people recognize me?


Then my peaceful days will be over. No, no, no!


Hell has arrived in my imagination. I wished for good luck to come to me again, as it had always been.


If you always close your eyes and pray with a sound mind, good luck comes.


It was incomprehensible, but it always worked. It’s like someone moved to help me.




The vibrations echoing through the basement did not stop. The huge front feet of the Red Dragon Army seemed to be visible from a short distance away.


The ceiling seemed about to collapse, and the wasp corpses were strewn about. The sticky, unpleasant smell and the dark basement aroused fear.


It was then that the wind blew.


“That’s why I told you not to bind the two of us together.”


“But it was fine a while ago, sis.”


A wall of wind blocked the ceiling that began to collapse with the roar of the Red Dragon Army.


The strong gust of wind blew through the blocked road, gathering the collapsing stones and throwing them into a corner.


Busan Milk, a beauty with snow-white hair and black irises that are indistinguishable from her pupils, appeared along with the wind.


Plain grass grew following the wind that blew.


The grass that bloomed with every step of the girl in school uniform was rosemary, the same herb as the name of the guild in charge of the opposite line.


It is said that it has the effect of clearing the mind, so I am also working hard to grow it in my room. Of course, the one who brought it will be the madam of my house, not the unemployed king Woo Yeonhui.


“I checked. All the Rosemary Hunters on the other side of the line are dead, so we’ll have to stop the Red Dragon on our own,” said the girl who had popped a pink bubblegum and removed it from the corner of her mouth.


Herbs all over the floor grew gigantic at her gestures.


Are you a natural plant attribute Hunter?


It’s a rarer attribute than the light attribute, but it’s amazing.


“If the Red Dragon leave the gate completely, the surroundings will be a mess. I contacted Research on Line 6 earlier, it seems that the damage there is also great. He said that all the ordinary people who couldn’t leave died,” said Busan Milk, who raised the wind and drove all the carcasses of wasps into a corner. “You can’t fight the Red Dragon while protecting all those people. Either send them up quickly or throw them away.”


“Throw them away? There are children and the elderly and the weak.”


“I didn’t mean to throw them away like that. Minju looked across the street earlier. There’s an exit that hasn’t collapsed,” Busan Milk calmed the bewildered chick Hunter and said.


It was a very cold and appropriate judgment of a veteran B+ class Hunter.


Well, a guild is a group of Hunters who seek profit. They fight for wealth and honor, not for the common good.


Of course, in front of the media, they pretend to be all righteous. The guild members of Daybreak Break should’ve known that their leader is also a righteous man. However, there is no law that requires guild members to follow the guild leader unconditionally.


Joining the guild itself means that they are people who pursue their own interests. If they pursued the public interest, they would belong to the government.


In any case, there’s no reason why they must save us who get caught in the gate and let us live.


I could understand that just by listening to the situation on Line 6. All the ordinary people who couldn’t get out died. It sounded like she was advertising herself as a guild Hunter.


“Still…” the chick Hunter, holding the bow tightly, narrowed his forehead.


At the same time, the natural plant attribute Hunter called Minju made a bridge connecting the other side and this place.


The plant stems that supported the ceiling earlier grew to become strong legs.




The menacing cry of the Red Dragon echoed through the underground.


Seeing that the cry could be heard before us, it seemed that they had almost got out of the gate.


“Please listen carefully, everyone.” Clap, clap, clap. Busan Milk, who clapped three times in a row, started talking. “We can’t protect you because we have to stop the monsters that will come out in the next wave. Also, we can’t help you get out of here safely.”


Busan Milk stopped talking for a moment and glanced at Choco Milk.


Choco Milk handed his light orb to the strongest-looking one of the remaining people.


“So you should take care of yourself to get to the exit on the other side. The bridge is connected, so cross it over to the other side and find the exit that hasn’t collapsed. That’s the only way you can survive here.”


Everyone froze as if they were playing with ice.


I pressed my cap hard and turned on my phone’s flashlight. The light from Choco Milk was bright enough, but I thought it would be better to turn on the flash as well.


Hunters must defeat monsters bigger and more terrifying than wasps we’ve seen.


They cannot protect us, and they have no obligation to protect us. But I know everyone in this place has been greatly indebted to the Hunters.


At least they didn’t abandon us like those on Line 6.


They told me that there was an exit, and they also built a bridge to the other side. They’ve done all they could do for me.


That’s what most of us probably think.


People trembling with fear rose from their seats one by one as soon as Busan Milk ran toward the Red Dragon.


They must’ve thought that it would be better to do something than to die here. Those Hunters must still think that they haven’t abandoned us.


But there’s a wasp across there that hasn’t died yet, so it seems that if we go as it is, we’ll be wiped out.


The silence is heavy. I know how frightening the space beyond the dark must be for others. I know it’s a situation where even stepping foot is scary.


Those Hunters must have been like that, too.


Life is precious both to Hunters and ordinary people.


However, I have already seen many selfishness cover their actions simply because of fear.


They’ve already used fear as an excuse to find rankers.


So, I couldn’t help but think that if they had been a little more responsible and fought fiercely, the remaining people would’ve been able to evacuate safely.


Before that, if some of the civil servant Hunters who came out to evacuate hadn’t run away. If the remaining civil servant Hunters now say they will go with us.


Even now, if the guild members of Daybreak say they will block the monsters while we’re getting out.


If that happens, everyone can evacuate safely without risking their lives.


I thought about that and looked at the civil servant Hunters who only looked at the terminal without a word.


Oh, I guess it’s not good to expect things from others.


I’m done organizing my thoughts.


The only Awakened with lingering attachments to us here is the chick Hunter who was impressed by my words earlier.


The chick Hunter, who had his first encounter with monsters in the B+ level wave, bit his lip as he saw the people standing in front of the bridge.


Looking at that face covered with an overflowing sense of justice, I thought quietly.


He will die soon.


It was a guess based on big data of clearing 1,893 dungeons and 780 waves.

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