Reunion Chapter 37

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While half of the sandwich, which was divided into two parts, was gobbled up in my mouth, the other half was picked up and I noticed the small salad plate.

“Do you want some?”

Jang Yoonsung shook his head with a smile as he put what he had picked up in his mouth.

“Eat more. You said you were hungry.”

It was not that I couldn’t eat because I didn’t have money but I didn’t eat it because it wasn’t worth it but I was worried for no reason. Jang Yoonsung took sips of the black coffee while he watched me eat. He poured some sauce over his vegetables. Indeed the thought of having breakfast at a cafe was something different from the drinking party the other day.

“Doesn’t your stomach hurt from drinking coffee on an empty stomach? You should have had some hangover soap instead.”

“I don’t get indigestion.”

Jang Yoonsung paused and rubbed his eyes with his hands before closing his eyes.

“I want to get some sleep.”

“You couldn’t sleep last night?”

“Yeah. I just couldn’t sleep.”

“Was it because you drank?”

On the first day, we drank together seven years ago, Jang Yoonsung didn’t seem to sleep much. I didn’t even have a chance to talk about that because I thought it would be a vague topic. Jongmin who worked with me at the store was the same type. He said he didn’t like drinking because he couldn’t sleep as a result.

“Maybe so.”

It meant it might not be the case. What did Jang Yoonsung think of when he blinked his eyes close which he couldn’t easily close in the dark? Sometimes I would think of Jang Yoonsung from a long time ago in a room with its lights out. So I wondered what Jang Yoonsung, who didn’t remember me from a long time ago, might have thought of.

How many times did Jang Yoonsung think of that scene in the villa? It was puzzling. I hoped he didn’t think of Han Jiyoung but I didn’t want him to think of anyone else either. I silently ate my sandwich because I knew I would spout nonsense if I opened my mouth.

“Should I change the living room sofa into a wider one?”

While I was nibbling on my sandwich, Jang Yoonsung brought up an unexpected topic.

“Why all of a sudden?”

It wasn’t that of a narrow sofa that he would have to find a wider one. Nevertheless, Jang Yoonsung answered my question as if it was something serious.

“It’s too small for two men to roll around in.”

“Is there any reason for two men to roll around on a sofa?”

“There should be.”

“I can’t find one.”

Even though I answered sharply, Jang Yoonsung insisted that it might happen. I repeatedly replied that there would be no instance of it happening.

After finishing what we ordered, I spent a little more time engaging in that squabble. When the number of people visiting the cafe increased, we got up from our chairs.

Raindrops gradually started meeting the ground when I opened the cafe door. We could go home if we ran fast enough but I didn’t like how there was a step back in my plans.

“I was going to stop by the photo studio while I was out.”

“Should I buy an umbrella?”

I shook my head quickly when Jang Yoonsung asked, pointing to a nearby convenience store.

“No. Let’s just go home. I have many umbrellas at home so I don’t want to buy another one.”

I was nervous about going to the photo studio with Jang Yoonsung. I never saw the photos in that camera and didn’t know what it contained so I wanted to send Jang Yoonsung on his way first before heading there alone. However, as soon as I mentioned it, I thought it would be better to go home with him because it was raining. When we returned home quickly and looked outside, it began raining like the skies were waiting.

“Wow, it would have been annoying if we stopped by the studio.”

When I showed off that I was glad that we came back home, a cheerful answer came back.

“That’s true.”

“Should we organize our stuff?”

The boxes that were piled up bothered me all week. Jang Yoonsung, who was shaking off the water droplets from his hair and shoulders, took a little time before answering.

“I will get some sleep.”

He must have been tired.

“Yes, sure.”

It wasn’t my stuff anyway and the space occupied wasn’t mine.

When I saw Jang Yoonsung enter his room, I also walked around the living room and took a book from the shelf, and sat on the sofa. It was a book that I bought with Jang Yoonsung’s card the other day. Since then, I rarely had a chance to read it so it was sitting on the small table for a few days.

I was sitting on the sofa and was about to open my book when I heard the door behind me open and close. Unlike in the morning, at that time I heard it.

“You said you were going to sleep.”

Jang Yoonsung padded towards the sofa with a blanket by his side and sat down.

“You looked comfortable lying there earlier.”

Surely lying on the sofa had a different kind of coziness than lying on the bed.

“Then shall I make some space for you?”

“No, I would like for you to lend me your leg.”

Jang Yoonsung laid on my legs like he did when we watched the movie last time. It wasn’t that difficult however I suddenly thought about how gentle he was being when I gave up my legs for him to sleep on.

“Wait, it’s not free.”

Jang Yoonsung opened his eyes again which he had closed just a while before. His half-open eyes, as if sleepy, were also filled with curiosity. It was amazing how Jang Yoonsung stared at me with vague eyes when I mentioned that it came with a price.

“What should I do for you?”

I rolled my eyes and looked around. It was too easy for Jang Yoonsung to attain money or good if I asked for it, so I wanted to find something cumbersome which would make him sulk unnecessarily.

“Play the piano for me.”

I pointed to the piano that was placed in the corner of the living room. Jang Yoonsung slowly closed and opened his eyes as if he was trying to relieve his drowsiness.


I wanted to tell him to do it later but I didn’t say anything so Jang Yoonsung stood up. Stretching, he wondered if it would be okay since it had been a long time since he played but Jang Yoonsung took out the piano chair and sat down. I thought it would be great if I could listen to the sound of the piano but I also wanted to see his pretty finger move brilliantly. I stood next to the piano in case I disturbed him but Jang Yoonsung scooted a little and made me sit beside him.

“Is there any song you want to listen to?”

“Well, I am not sure.”

The songs I even memorized were from the playlist played at the bar. Even so, I listened to them so often that I didn’t want to listen to them right then.

Instead of criticizing me for not having anything for him to play despite wanting to listen to something played by him, Jang Yoonsung looked out the window. We could see how the rain poured over the city from the wide window.

“Then since it’s raining…”

Jang Yoonsung moved his hands as if he decided on a song. I also looked out the window once and waited for the sound to be made by Jang Yoonsung’s hand. The sky was gray so I expected Jang Yoonsung to play something gloomy.

Contrary to my expectations, however, Jang Yoonsung played a cheerful song. Cool raindrops seemed to fall on the keyboard. I chased Jang Yoonsung’s fingers with my eyes as if I had been bewitched.

I hated rainy days. A day when I had a lot of work to do and a lot of thoughts. It rained on the day when I lost my precious person.

There was a day when Jang Yoonsung had the same experience. Would a rainy day feel the same for Jang Yoonsung, who lost his memory? It was a brilliant performance, like the time he played the piano for me for the first time.

Even though it wasn’t a particularly long song, I was reminded of the same scenes over and over again. Perhaps, because of the sound of the rain that mixed in with the clear sound of the piano, only gloomy memories replayed.

The performance was heightened to the climax and then slowly flowed towards the end. Jang Yoonsung, who finished the performance on a high note, looked at the reaction of his only audience with a proud face.

“How was it?”

Jang Yoonsung asked with a slightly disappointed look, not being able to hide his expression. I replied, pressing my finger against my eyes which somehow became stuff.

“It was good.”

Jang Yoonsung looked into my eyes as if he couldn’t believe it. Making eye contact with me didn’t mean that Jang Yoonsung could read me but I looked the other way as if I had something to hide.

I added explaining our differences.

“…Rainy days aren’t always like this for me.”

“How is it then?”

I couldn’t think of any good words to express that complex feeling. Jang Yoonsung glanced up at me, waiting for my answer with a calm smile. I looked away again.

“It’s just a day I don’t like.”

That was all I had to say after pondering on it for so long. Jang Yoonsung asked me again inquiringly.

“You don’t like rainy days?”

When I nodded with my head down, Jang Yoonsung’s hand came to my forehead and swept my hair. Perhaps because his fingers were so pretty that his touches always put me in a good mood.

One of the good things about not wearing a wig anymore was that. Even if Jang Yoonsung touched my face and my hair, I didn’t avoid it.

The hand that had been playing along the rhythm with the raindrops until now gently fell behind my ears and made me carefully raise my head.


Saying such a word, the lips that were hovering gradually came closer. It was a low voice as if he was whispering to me to sleep so I closed my eyes without realizing it.

“Should we make a good memory?”

I thought it was an insincere excuse. But I didn’t avoid the lips that touched me because it seemed to be a better excuse compared to finding his memories or a kiss while sleeping.

The kiss continued as usual, slowly and softly. There were no rush movements under my clothes. That was why we kissed for so long.

As if I was learning to walk hand in hand, I put my lips together and tied my tongue imitating Jang Yoonsung’s moves. The touch of his hands penetrated through my hair and the kiss that seemed to whisper to me felt exceptionally sweet. Even the sound of wet flesh swirling together coated in saliva.

Even after we parted, Jang Yoonsung chastely put his lips on my forehead, cheeks, and lips again. After feeling his gentle touches which made me dazed, I eventually came to my senses. My face blushed.

Uh…Um…I stuttered and made strange noises before backing away. I had to think about it right away which forced my head to feel dizzy.


I thought I should buy some time so I went to my room in a rush. Jang Yoonsung’s voice was briefly wrapped around my ankle however I firmly entered the room and locked it behind me. I put a blanket over my head and seriously mulled over why I did such an impulsive thing.

Kissing itself wasn’t a problem. However, I should have been swept by the spur of the moment. It was not my first kiss or a new partner so what was I curious about?

Was it because I was used to it? Yes, perhaps it was because of my habit.

Even if I tried to rationalize my actions, I was unfamiliar with the heart that jumped out of my mouth, so I held my chest and lamented. There was a knock outside my door.

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