Reunion Chapter 43

Author: nicotine

I woke up even before I could open my eyes because of how scary my dream was. I blinked my eyes open so I couldn’t tell what was ahead but a dim light leaked into my view.

What time is it? I was going to look at the clock but I closed my eyes again. No matter where the clock was, I didn’t want to leave the bed yet. Plus, it must have been early in the morning seeing how the cold air stuck to my skin.

Even though the temperature was rising sharply, it was still chilly at dawn. I fumbled with my blanket and eventually failed. I curled up in search of warmth and it was that moment when I agonized over the hard object that touched my forehead. With a rustling sound, the blanket wrapped itself around my body. I wanted to see what it was but somehow my consciousness gradually drifted away to a dreamy sleep.

When I opened my eyes after a while, the first thing I noticed was someone’s arms. I didn’t even have to check his face but I looked up because I wanted to see his expression. The man whose eyes met mine, was looking down at me with a quiet face without a sign of surprise.

Pretty brown eyes and a beautiful face were always in my sight. It was my first impression of the scene and it meant I was still half-drunk.

“Why are you here?”

I turned my eyes and looked around. The direction of the light, the familiar interior. By all accounts, this was my room. Jang Yoonsung often took me to my room when I was asleep but he never lied next to me. At least it didn’t ever happen here or at the villa.

In this situation, Jang Yoonsung only fluttered his eyes to the question. As if he didn’t expect to be asked such a question at all. Jang Yoonsung was silent as he stared at me as if he was about to have an eye-staring contest but eventually opened his mouth when he realized it was getting a little late.

“I waited for the person to wake up after a small nap.”

I didn’t know what to say. A nap? Wait? Jang Yoonsung added in a mocking voice.

“You said you would only teach me good things.”

Good things? The drowsiness that vaguely hovered around me ran away. I raised my body and examined Jang Yoonsung’s face. He wasn’t half sober or joking. Jang Yoonsung sighed and then pulled himself up after me.

“I couldn’t sleep because I was curious.”

Was it because he couldn’t sleep, he looked a bit annoyed. But I wanted to ask the same question.

“What do you mean?”

“Wouldn’t the person who said it know it better?”

“Did I say that?”

Jang Yoonsung stroked my head as if making me remember it. I felt itchy in my head so something vague came to my mind.

‘Do you want to do it?’

I vaguely remembered the voice I heard in my dream. No way. I narrowed my brows and tried to reel in last night’s events. I rarely drank a lot but I wasn’t completely off my mind. I didn’t want to sleep at the hotel even though I was sleepy and Jang Yoonsung called someone to drive us back home. I remember falling asleep in the back of the car, relieved. That was all I could remember.


When asked again, Jang Yoonsung replied with a stare as if he was too lazy to nod. The touch that was stroking my hair came down to my nape and touched my bare skin. I tapped his hand and answered in a calm voice.

“I don’t remember. I must have blacked out in the middle.”

Jang Yoonsung’s eyes narrowed as if it was so.

“You did drink a lot yesterday.”

Jang Yoonsung burst into laughter as if he was rather embarrassed by what he added as an excuse for me.

“By the way, Lee Hakyung is so good at lying. Your face doesn’t change even a little when you do.”

It was an undeserved compliment from Jang Yoonsung. He always pretended to be tricked even though I couldn’t trick him properly.

“It’s because I’m not lying. I’m going to wash up. You do the same.”

Fortunately, it was time to get ready for work. I removed the tangled blanket and lowered my legs under the bed. As if Jang Yoonsung had no intention of coming down from my bed yet, he just tilted his head and watched me stand up.

“What are you doing? You should get ready for work.”

It was a time when I rushed him and padded towards the bathroom.


I wanted to pretend not to hear it but my body paused as I was tranced by his voice.

“You don’t know how clumsy you are when you are honest.”

I couldn’t help but look back this time. When I turned around, Jang Yoonsung smiled and asked if he was being impatient.

“Should we wash up together?”

“Get lost.”

I filled up the bathtub in the morning to drag the time I washed up. The fact that Jang Yoonsung was sure that I wouldn’t remember was a lie.

Last night, I had a hazy dream like I was soaked in warm water. It was a dream where I kissed Jang Yoonsung.

When I suddenly looked up while wandering in the dark room, Jang Yoonsung was close enough to reach my breath. Maybe it was when Jang Yoonsung put me to bed. Even though it was dark around, his face was so clear that I thought it was a dream. Since it was a dream, I thought it would be okay to do whatever I wanted. I wanted to see him until it overflowed and touch him until he wore out and disappeared.

I raised my hand as if possessed and touched his face. Straight eyebrows, long slanted eyes, smooth cheeks, and soft lips. Whenever I swallowed the word, “pretty” inside, he smiled. Jang Yoonsung laughed as if he had been praised to the point his heart leaked.

‘Do you want me to give you a goodnight kiss?’

It was a sweet voice as if he was handing me candy with his tongue. Immediately, I nodded my head but Jang Yoonsung said, “Okay” as if he didn’t see me. I was so drunk that I couldn’t even remember the meaning of a goodnight kiss but I clearly remembered that kissing Jang Yoonsung was pleasant.

I waited with my eyes closed and my lips open but the sound of “Chu” rang in my ears. It seemed that soft skin touched my forehead for a moment. I thought something was wrong but I couldn’t help but feel it was unfair.

While I stacked my emotional complaints on my tongue, Jang Yoonsung ruffled my hair after he was done and said, “Good night” and tried to go back to sleep. I reached out in a hurry as I grabbed Jang Yoonsung by his collar and spat out words with a slight slur.



Jang Yoonsung replied with a smile as I appeared ridiculous. Last night, when I was half out of my mind or almost out of my mind, I complained incessantly.

‘You said you would kiss me. That’s not a kiss.’

‘I did it. Good night kiss.’

‘No, this is not it. You’re wrong, so do it again.’

‘How am I wrong?’

Jang Yoonsung asked me naturally with a face that showed that he was stifling his laughter. If I had the energy to answer, I wouldn’t have said such nonsense from the beginning.

While choosing the appropriate word, I eventually wrapped my arm around Jang Yoonsung’s shoulder and touched his lips first. Jang Yoonsung was stiff yet I brushed my lips briefly against his and reclined back.

‘What to do?’

Jang Yoonsung expressed his regret at a close distance. I said I would give an answer but I could only mutter, “Um…” as if I was sleep-talking. Even though Jang Yoonsung was controlling himself as if he didn’t want to touch me, eventually he coiled his arms around my back.

‘I don’t think I can end it with just a kiss but then again you’re drunk.’

Jang Yoonsung explained our situation for a long time but none of it came into my ears. I was impatient, so I inched my face close and locked our lips again. Jang Yoonsung was controlling himself this time as well and my lips quickly fell off his.

‘Let’s just do the next part. It’s not that we have to kiss at least once. You can just do it.’

I added in a dissatisfied voice but Jang Yoonsung came close enough to touch my forehead this time.

‘Lee Hakyung, do you know what you’re talking about?’

‘I know. I know.’

By that time, my head was so heavy that I couldn’t even keep my eyes open properly and the world around me was spinning. I was nervous that I would be wandering in the darkness of my dream again even though I was dragging my time with Jang Yoonsung. I didn’t know whether it was a mistake but all I wanted to do was receive a goodnight before I blacked out. I nodded again and again and said I knew what he meant but Jang Yoonsung was looking at me with a stage expression.

‘I know a lot of good things too.’

It was something random I said.

‘Good things? Who let you know those?’

Jang Yoonsung asked back as if he doubted his ears. Well, where did I learn it? I couldn’t think of anything no matter how much I narrowed my brows and tried to think about it. I wasn’t even in a state where I could talk or think. In the end, I tightened my arms around him as I was hanging on and urged him recklessly.

‘I will teach you so hurry up…’

Jang Yoonsung seemed to hesitate for a while but he didn’t refuse. A lump of mushy flesh came into contact between my open lips. I didn’t know why I felt so good about it even though I was just putting up a front. I hugged Jang Yoonsung more closely with my arms. I thought it would be nice if his tongue could touch my body like this.

As satisfaction spread through my body like warmth, sleepiness came to me as if it were waiting. As I slowly relaxed my arm and slipped away, a green frog-like man chased me and touched my lips again. I laughed again because I thought that a green frog would be worth trying if he was this handsome.

Darkness kept blinding me, taking me in a dim view. Warm hands cupped my cheeks.

‘Are you going to sleep? You said you will do the next part after kissing.’

I wasn’t arguing but making fun of him.

‘Yes, I will…I’m going to take…a shut eye…I will do something good…once I wake up.’

I couldn’t open my closed eyes. When I mumbled with my cheeks Jang Yoonsung’s hand, kissed me again.

‘Then I should wait here?’

‘Yes, yes…’

I received several short kisses even though I was far beyond consciousness.

After reflecting on it carefully, I thought it would have been a good experience to drown myself in that luxurious bathtub. No matter how drunk I was, I couldn’t say I remembered such a night. I was going crazy. I was getting cursed at without realizing it. As Jang Yoonsung said, I might endure myself for at least 3 months because I was good at lying. However, I couldn’t get rid of the feeling that I was being punished.

“You took a long time.”

I might have taken a long while blaming myself so by the time I left the room after freshening up, Jang Yoonsung was all ready for work.

“I left breakfast for you at the table so have it.”

“What about you?”

“I have to go to work.”

It certainly wasn’t time to be this relaxed. However, the person who said he had to go to work took off the tie he was trying to tie around his neck and I wondered if he didn’t like it.

“Then again, a morning class wouldn’t hurt.”

It seemed he was implying the “good thing” I was planning to teach him while I was drunk.

“I told you I don’t remember.”

“It’s alright, I remember it well.”

As if to recite what I said again, Jang Yoosnung said, “About what you said yesterday…” I snapped his mouth shut with my hand and was annoyed.

“Are you crazy? Staying awake for some crap a drunk guy spewed?”

Jang Yoonsung’s mouth was shut but he accurately conveyed what he was thinking with just his eyes. See? You remember everything. Jang Yoonsung rolled his eyes and took off the hand that was blocking his mouth.

“That’s what I’m saying. Why are you driving me crazy?”

“If you drink like that, you can make mistakes…”


“Hm, a mistake. Usually, when I’m drunk, I’m like this to anyone…”


Jang Yoonsung’s head was tilted sharply as if what I just said was very irking. Oh, that was a mistake.

“Are you saying it out of embarrassment or do you want to see how crazy I can be?”

“Is there anyone who wants to see a crazy guy in the morning?”

I answered bluntly and grabbed the tie Jang Yoonsung was holding. I thought it’d be better to send him to work soon. My heart was impatient so my hands were fumbling and in a hurry. How do I do this? It was easy to tie something around someone’s neck that I have never touched.

I tied it loosely because I felt I had to do it again if I did it roughly. Jang Yoonsung was looking at my hands and opened his mouth again.

“Tell me, Hakyung. Who taught you good things? Did you like it?”

It seemed that it bothered him. I also knew that a short word might make Jang Yoonsung feel better but I didn’t want to say it. It could be my last remaining vigilance.

“That’s none of your business.”

After roughly finishing the knot of his tie, I lifted Jang Yoonsung’s jacket and handed it over.

“Hurry and go.”

Jang Yoonsung walked to the front wearing the jacket and had a cold look on his face. I chased to see him off but Jang Yoonsung looked down on me with a cold look and stood at the front door without saying a word.

People would think I cheated on you.

“Hey, why aren’t you greeting me goodbye? There is nothing to be angry about.”

If I drank at the hotel and ended up drunk, it was not good to hold grudges about it.

I threw the slippers I was wearing at the door that was about to close out of frustration. I didn’t mean to hit Jang Yoonsung’s legs. Jang Yoonsung briefly looked down at the object I threw at his leg and then grabbed the closing door, only to come back inside. I tried to take a step back, afraid that I was about to be hit but he held out his arm before him.

“I thought it couldn’t be helped so I wasn’t going to care.”

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to pay attention to me but he was suppressing his anger. At the same time, he didn’t get angry in the end and slowly stuck his lips onto mine. It was such a timing I couldn’t comprehend but I opened my lips as if I should.

The kiss deepened. I unexpectedly put my arm around Jang Yoonsung’s shoulder as he lifted my body against the wall. Jang Yoonsung continued to speak briefly when his lips fell.

“How many?”


“The ones you kissed like that.”

Was he always jealous like that? It was funny to use the word, “Was”. There were many unfamiliar parts to Jang Yoonsung and we spent enough time together to understand those changes. My foot touched the ground again. When I raised my head and stared at his unchanged face, Jang Yoonsung asked with a smile of disapproval.

“Do you need that much time to count?”

I was just searching for memories of those days for a while but he seemed to have misunderstood again. I opened my mouth to refute it but our lips overlapped again because he didn’t want to hear the answer to the question he asked. I thought it didn’t matter whether he misunderstood or not, but I was forced to feel that it was unfair.

Jang Yoonsung met someone like me and dated. Unfortunately, I didn’t meet someone who looked like Jang Yoonsung so there was nothing to count.

It wasn’t like it was pure love or out of loyalty. That was only for those who expected a reunion. Maybe it was because I was being sly. I think I would have hated it if I didn’t meet someone who loved me as much as Jang Yoonsung did. So it should be me to blame someone else. If he was a little less of a good person, I would have met other people as much as I wanted.

However, I quickly melted away by the warmth of the man who embraced me, and even with such a heart, I didn’t find a reason to push him away. Jang Yoonsung tied his tongue with mine and swallowed his jealousy. When my skin was burning, a hand came into my clothes.

“Hey, wait…”

It wasn’t that I didn’t hate his touch but I was nervous for no reason, just like when I was worried about getting caught in the cross-dress. I was afraid of what that hand could reach.

However, Jang Yoonsung acted as if it was an opportunity to push his tongue deeper even when I tried to speak for a moment. My nervous hands were wrapped around his collar. When I shook my head because I lacked breath due to the deep kiss, he began to put his lips on my cheeks and neck.

“Wait…Hey, I said wait…!”

I shouted urgently while his head buried into my neck. The hand that was grasping at my side slipped inside my lower garment in an instant. I lowered myself quickly due to the unfamiliar feeling but Jang Yoonsung raised his knee between my legs as if to stop me. I punched him on the back and pulled on his clothes but he didn’t budge.

Jang Yoonsung bit me as if he was satisfied with chipping off other people’s flesh. After my neck, the shoulder, and then around the bone below it. I couldn’t stop him by twisting my body and struggling under his grasp.

Wherever Jang Yoonsung’s hands and lips touched seemed to turn red in heat. I thought it would hurt less than if I kicked him so I grabbed his hair and only then did Jang Yoonsung raise his head. In the meantime, he grabbed my butt and gently raised my shirt with the rest of his busy hands.

“I’m very sober now.”

Maybe it wasn’t very convincing, a sour look turned to me.

“There’s a lot of alcohol at home.”

“I don’t intend to do it even if you bathe me with alcohol.”

Unlike the person who had been rubbing other people’s bodies at will, the gaze calmed down. One slipper was thrown because I was angry and the other went away while I was struggling so his eyes stopped at my bare feet which showed how cold I was.

Jang Yoonsung seemed to sigh and lifted me before putting me on the rug. Maybe it was because of the sudden relaxation compared to the tension before, I couldn’t stand properly.

Jang Yoonsung slowly loosened his arms so that I could sit on the floor. After confirming that I was comfortably sitting on the floor, he returned with the two slippers.

“Don’t go out today and stay home.”

Jang Yoonsung was bending one knee and brushing the soles of my feet. He said something strange. I didn’t have the energy to say something so I asked back with my stare.

“I feel like going crazy whenever I think someone touched you.”

Who would believe you if you say something like that so calmly?

After he brushed my feet with his hands, the slippers returned. As if something was lacking, Jang Yoonsung touched my ankles and heels and laughed, saying my feet were cold. He seemed to be trying to distribute his warmth. Jang Yoonsung’s hands were warm even on cold days. Jang Yoonsung opened his mouth again as if he read my thoughts.

“Will you like me a little more in the winter?”

An old conversation I had forgotten came to mind. But we wouldn’t be together this winter just like then. He shook off his warm hand with a pat on my leg.

“I’ll stay home quietly so hurry up and go. Don’t be late for nothing.”

“You’re not going to keep your word.”

Even though his eyes were blank, he raised himself with a smile and shook off his clothes. To that bitter voice, I added some useless words.

“No, I’ll keep it.”

What was so hard about staying home all day? Let’s be nice for once. Jang Yoonsung looked at me once as if he were proud and bent down again to kiss me chastely.

“I’ll look forward to it. See you in the evening.”

I answered by waving my hand, gesturing to him to leave quickly but Jang Yoonsung turned around reluctantly.

“Hey, you…”

When I finally opened my mouth again, the door was already closed. The back of his head looked like that so I didn’t think he would go straight to work. I sat still, worried about others, and fell on my seat thinking what I would do by myself.

The floor touching my back was cold and I laughed. I remembered the warm hand of the man who just left.

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