Reunion Chapter 6

Author: Lee Coin

There was a crowd in front of the hospital, waiting for Kijoon and Jang Yoonsung as if they had been contacted in advance. The people who were wearing a gown helped Jang Yoonsung as if he was someone who couldn’t walk properly and someone who wasn’t wearing the same, took the steering wheel from me.

I could understand why Seongwook hyung referred to them as real deals and gave them special treatment. It was totally possible and typical for those people to encounter accidents like those at a time close to midnight.

I couldn’t leave someone who was hurt because of me so I ended up chasing them. Jang Yoonsung was sent to a clinic while I took a seat on a chair across in the hallway.

Seo Kijoon was busy conversing with the people at the hospital. I overheard them talking about Jang Yoonsung’s condition, however, there were many people who came just to greet the owner’s son.

After finishing up his business after a while, he came and sat by me.

“Hakyung-ssi, you should do a check-up as well.

“I am fine. Don’t bother.”

“It’s because Yoosung was worried.”

In the midst, Jang Yoonsung even had a lot of worries. He sometimes seemed bridled with such and at the same time, he didn’t.

“Just pretend as if I have done it. I’m really fine.”

“Then let me know if you feel uncomfortable later.”

Seo Kijoon didn’t have much in him to persuade me and gave up then and there. As expected, I also nodded at some point.

That was usually normal for other people’s concerns. It was strange for people to throw themselves just to save others as Jang Yoonsung did.

While Jang Yoonsung received his treatment, Seo Kijoon did what he was asked to do. The priority was me and the second on that list was the car that was about to hit me. I didn’t know when Jang Yoonsung caught sight of the car’s number plate but he recited the number as soon as he got off the cart. I thought it was simply drunk driving so Seo Kijoon set out to search for it right away. By the time the matter was solved simply through a phone call, several doctors hurried toward Seo Kijoon.

At first glance, I could see they were talking about Jang Yoonsung. Seo Kijoon finished the exchange and resumed his sit by me.

“He hurt his bone a little.”

Seo Kijoon tapped my arms and added, “He hurt it here.” Jang Yoonsung tried to roll away, doing his best not to get hit by the car, however, it seemed he got hurt more than I thought. No, I should be glad he didn’t get hit by the car. I didn’t even want to imagine how it would feel to be hit by a car that was ferociously passing by.

I hesitated before bringing up a question.

“From what I heard earlier, I think he went through a huge accident…Ah, perhaps, the part where he got hurt might worsen now, I think.”

What was he talking about earlier? Losing his memories?

“I think he will be okay. Besides losing his memories, there were no particular side effects from that accident.”

Unfortunately, Seo Kijoon answered as much as was required and then zipped up his lips. Should I ask more? No, it would be strange to interrogate.

While hesitating, there was an awkward silence in the hallway. Seo Kijoon stared into the air before he smirked as if he remembered something.

“That time, he was studying with me in the U.S., and suddenly, one day he went back to Korea without telling me anything. After a long time, when we met, he lost all of his memories because he had an accident. He said he was for sure in the U.S. but when he woke up, he found himself in Korea.”

Earlier, in the car, Seo Kijoon talked to his friend as if the latter didn’t make any sense. It was as if he implied that it didn’t make any sense for a person who urgently left for Korea to not remember anything about why he did it.

I pretended to laugh along with Seo Kijoon. As the atmosphere eased, he continued blabbering more.

“Well, he said he was in shock after losing his grandfather and perhaps that’s why that happened. Ah, he was really close to his grandfather.”

The big frame that surrounded Jang Yoonsung was a shape I knew well. His homecoming, the death of his grandfather, the accident…I wasn’t sure if Han Jiyoung’s existence also disappeared with those memories or if was it because she had no importance, her place was simply missed.

Seo Kijoon went on again.

“Whether it was because he hurt his head but I think he changed a little. I don’t know what could be the reason. But, he was much brighter than he is now.”

Seo Kijoon made a gap with his thumb and index finger, smiling as he expressed what he said. I thought he was much brighter than that. But I nodded, pretending to understand his words.

I recalled Jang Yoonsung’s face when we met, ‘Jang Yoonsung can’t remember Han Jiyoung.’, ‘He was only conscious of me because I resembled his ex’. I comfortably assembled my assumptions like a puzzle piece that matched Jang Yoonsung’s expressions.

If there was nothing wrong with my logic, then he would not be able to recognize me. Even Han Jiyoung’s existence, and his feelings for her, he might have forgotten all of it and continued living his life.

As I reached a conclusion, my heart calmed down as if it had found its place. The door opened with a click and Jang Yoonsung came out with a cast on his arm. Seo Kijoon, sprung up from his seat as if he was waiting.

“In the end, it’s a cast, huh? You’ll have to struggle for a while.”

Jang Yoonsung might have thought it was inconvenient as he shot a look at my arms.

“What about Lee Hakyung?”

“He is fine.”

As we agreed in advance, Seo Kijoon said as if he had confirmed it with a doctor.

Now it was my turn to greet him. I was really grateful. If I was hit by the car, my life and as well as my brother’s wouldn’t have been smooth sailing.

“Thank you for saving me.”

Jang Yoonsung stared at me and said, ‘As long as you are safe’ plainly.

“I’d like to compensate you for your help.”

Seo Kijoon burst into a chuckle on hearing that I would like to compensate him. I also knew well that expressing my gratitude was a meaningless act of formality. If I gathered money from here and there and gave it to them, it would only compare to a small amount to them.

“Hakyung-ssi, you don’t have to do that. Anyway, that guy…”

“I can take you up on that offer, I guess.”


Seo Kijoon might have thought of himself as a spokesperson but Jang Yoonsung cut him off and lent his phone to me.

“Punch in your number.”

It would have been weird if I didn’t give him my number when I was the one who said I wanted to thank him. When I entered my number on his phone, Jang Yoonsung tapped on the call button and confirmed whether my phone rang before putting it back in his pocket.

“Your number, I’m going to receive it as compensation.”


How many numbers would it take at most to compensate for an arm? It was a role that even Jang Myeongsoo was jealous of.

“You are not just saying it and going to write me a bounced check, are you? Answer your calls.”

Jang Yoonsung said with a strangely satisfying expression. I thought the puzzle fitted well but that was not it. The center was just empty and it was a whole mess.


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