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He struck his daughter’s face with his palm, causing a sharp sound as her head snapped to the side.


“I went to great lengths to put you in this position! Are you going to ruin everything by causing a scene?!”




Devina stared at her father with her eyes wide open.


It’s only natural for anger to well up in that moment. Honestly, isn’t all of this because of her father?


“So, did father really kidnap the daughter of the Curno family?”


That was something that wasn’t written in her father’s letter. 


However, based on the circumstances, Devina could easily guess that it seemed like that. 


Her father was a man who wouldn’t hesitate to do any dirty deeds if it meant seizing the queen’s position.


“What are you talking about?” 


“Don’t pretend not to know. Do you think I wouldn’t know? It was father!”


Devina screamed.


“So you handed over the jewel to the wizards? To hide the truth for a while, to prevent that woman from receiving the Marquis title…!” 


Now that she had revealed every detail of his dirty past, she was prepared that she might get slapped again.


But the reality was a little different.


Count Bexley just stared at Devina with a puzzled look on his face.


As the silence became longer, Devina felt like someone was hitting her hard on the back of the head.


“F, father… you wrote me a letter.”


“Of course I did. I told you to quickly produce an heir. I didn’t even know that you’re a miserable wretch who can’t even perform in bed.”


“No, that’s not it!”


Devina grabbed her father’s arm. She looked at him with very earnest eyes.


“What else can I write to you about?”


But that was the only answer she got back.


Devina was convinced that her father wasn’t lying.


Then what about that letter? 


Where did the letter that brought Devina here come from?


It was clearly her father’s handwriting.


The signature was nowhere on the letter, but Devina had no doubt it was from no one else but him. 


‘If it’s not my father, then where…!’


Then, in a moment, something came to her mind. 


「I hope you write it down for me again this time. The content is the same as last time」


「Can I use what Your Highness wrote directly?」


A maid who wrote letters to various places on behalf of Devina. 


It was the maid chosen by the Great Queen herself to accompany Devina! 


She could easily imitate anyone’s handwriting, and she must have read Count Bexley’s handwriting.


She handed Devina an unread letter from her father and told her to write a suitable reply.


Why didn’t she consider the possibility that someone else might have written the letter? No, she couldn’t even figure it out calmly in the first place.


Devina was so shocked by the contents of the letter alone that she had no time to doubt anyone for fear that something serious would happen at any moment. 


Perhaps the other person knew about Devina’s feelings and wrote her letter.


So that she wouldn’t even dare to find a chance to confirm with her father.


So, this.


‘The trap… set by Her Highness the Great Queen?’


Because she wants to kill Brielle’s child? 


No, if that were the case, she might have given more specific instructions in the letter. Her perfectionism would allow for that.


So maybe what she wanted was…


‘You wished for me to lose my mind…and go wild.’


Devina blamed herself.


When Maximilian came to report the pregnancy to the king, she should have remembered the law of the royal family rather than being blinded by jealousy. 


A royal child is recognized as a member of the royal family and protected from the moment the pregnancy is reported to the king.


In the end, Devina ended up almost murdering the royal child, who had the right to succession.


If that sin were to be clearly exposed, it would be the Count of Bexley who would be in trouble. 


In response, the Great Queen would have proposed a deal to the Count. 


Rather than quietly deposing Devina aside, she would offer to protect the honor of the family.


Knowing that the Count of Bexley values honor more than his life, he wouldn’t refuse.


‘It wouldn’t have been the only thing… she was aiming for it.’


The Great Queen probably also considered what would happen to Devina when she succeeded in her strategy.


If she had, she would have been happier by now.


She would hate the fact that Maximilian would see his children before her own son. 


She would also be able to control Devina’s weaknesses, and she would be able to remove her from her position as queen at any time.


Realizing that there was no way to avoid being driven away, Devina felt everything crumbling down. 


‘What on earth… have I been working so hard for?’


There is no one to hold her hand at this miserable end.


“Pack only the necessary items. We’ll go back right away. I’m so embarrassed that I don’t even want to stay here!” 


Her father glared at her as if seeing something dirty, then slammed the door shut and left.


* * *


Devina looked around her room.


Her father told her to pack what she needed, but in reality, she didn’t have any of those things. 


Now there will be no need for fancy dresses or beautiful jewelry in her life.


Because she will live quietly somewhere abroad without revealing herself. 


She took out the neatest street clothes she could and changed her clothes herself.


At least for now, she was still the queen.


She wanted to part from this place with the dignity befitting her name.


Even though no one recognizes her. 


She took a deep breath and opened the door. 


She had expected a servant or someone to be waiting for her, but the unexpected figure standing there startled her a little. 


“Why are you so surprised?” 


It was Lysander.


Usually, he had a few shirt buttons undone casually, but today he was wearing a perfect suit as if he were attending a banquet. 


“It looks like you’re going to a banquet or something.”


Now that he has gotten rid of such a distasteful wife, how thrilled must he be to go out and meet more women?


“Mhm, I should start meeting noblewomen too. My mother would be relieved if I found a woman better than the Marquis’ daughter, wouldn’t she?”


Seeing him say this, it seemed like Brielle’s identity was becoming known little by little. 




Devina had no energy to say anything further, so she just turned away. 


Then Lysander held out his hand in front of her.


“What is it?”


“Isn’t it usually the setup that we part ways with some regret… right?”


It’s ridiculous. Since when has he been so obedient to the royal decree!


Someone who didn’t even fulfill the core duty of a royal marriage, which is to ‘produce an heir’.


“Alright, hold it.” 


Devina forcibly grabbed the hand he held out again.


There was no more conversation now. The nobles and servants they encountered on their way through the long hallway bowed deeply towards them. 


There was a strange longing mixed in those eyes.


It must have been because Lysander had prepared very plausible packaging while Devina was unconscious.


A woman who steps down from the most noble position to pursue her dream.


A man who decided to send his support despite feeling sad.


It could have been quite emotional to see a setting that seemed like something out of a cheap novel take place in reality.


But in fact, her dream…


Devina glanced sharply at Lysander.  


“No, it’s not.”


Then he readily replied.


“What isn’t?!”


He must have realized that she was no longer queen, so she asked him angrily. 


Just like when they were children and played together. 


“You didn’t want to sit next to me, right?”




“Actually, maybe you never wanted to be the queen.”

“Then what is it!” 


“I don’t know.” 


Lysander shrugged his shoulders and smiled in a way that was almost unnecessarily charming.


“Take your time to think about it. After all, time is all you have left from now on, isn’t it?”


“Ah really!” 


Devina widened her stride a little. As expected, she didn’t want to be with this annoying man any longer. She hated stepping down from the position of queen, but she was truly happy to be parting ways with this lunatic husband. 


“Do you know? You are absolutely crazy, Lysander.” 


She criticized him in a small voice, making sure nobody could hear. Honestly, it felt a bit satisfying.


What kind of reaction will she get? 


Since he is a man with strong pride, wouldn’t he try to hurt Devina with even more cruel words? 


“I know.” 




“How do I not know? That I am crazy.” 


But he, on the other hand… He simply muttered with a very lonely look on his face.


In that moment, it seemed like a part of his heart that had been unknown throughout their marriage was revealed, even if just a little.


“Lysander, you…”


But there was nothing more to talk about. 


Before she knew it, they had already arrived in front of the front door.


Before Devina could say anything more, he first placed his lips on the back of Devina’s hand.


And as he took his lips off of her hand, he whispered softly. 


“…I’m so sorry, sister.”




That sounded exactly like something Lysander would say when he was young.


He was the crybaby, the scaredy-cat who never left Maximilian’s side… the little, adorable Lysander. 


“You really…”


But that was only for a moment.


To the point where Devina wondered if it was her misunderstanding. 


When she looked again, he had returned to his usual ‘king’. 


The face of her terrible husband, who trampled on people’s hearts with a cruel smile.


Devina finally turned to the carriage.


Lysander didn’t catch her.


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  1. it’s wild that after all that shit she pulled she was lowkey redeemed in a single chapter… i suppose the real evil is the great queen and devina was truly just a pawn… the real conflict must be coming soon then