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Noah placed the light on the back of his hand.




He closed his eyes and remained silent for a moment, but when he opened them again, his eyes had completely changed. 




Clarisse also tensed and stared at him as he became extremely serious as a wizard.




“I don’t know the details, because the amount of information his light can contain is extremely small. But I think I should go out and check it out right now.”


“You’re leaving, where are you going?”


“I’m not entirely sure. However, it doesn’t seem to be far from here. Girl is here…”


“I want to go too!”


“That’s not a very good idea…” 


Before he could finish stopping her, a small light rose into the air on its own and headed towards the monastery exit. 


Clarisse immediately followed suit, and Noah sighed and joined her.


“…With the two of us missing, it’s only a matter of time before the priests find out.”


“If we say we took a brief walk around here when we came in, they’ll probably let it slide.”


Exceeding a certain distance from the monastery, except on weekends, was considered a violation of the rules.


“I wish it were that simple.”


Before they knew it, they had passed through the main gate of the monastery.


* * *


“Heuk, heuk.” 


At the end of a snow-covered forest path, the gray-robed magician, Luca Mavis, finally found a place to hide.


Underneath the trees leaning upwards on the slope, there was a spot dug out like a cave.


He climbed down holding on to the tree trunk and roots and finally took a breather in the safe place created by nature.




In the western sky above, the sun was now setting.


As a wizard, spending the night in the forest was familiar. But now, perhaps because he was being chased by someone, he was afraid of the deep darkness coming.


‘Is Wizard Sinnet still there?’


He paid close attention to his surroundings, but there was no other sound.


A few hours ago, Luca was released from prison and boarded the carriage provided by the drivers.


When asked where he was going, no one had an answer.


At this time, Luca wasn’t very afraid. Because he was confident that the wizard Astor would save him. 


Above all, he was Astor’s favorite wizard. So much so that he could be entrusted with the secret task of delivering letters to the royal capital. 


His prediction was correct, and the carriage passed through the capital’s walls one by one and headed out. 


However, not long after passing the first wall, the carriage stopped. 


Wondering what was happening, he looked alternately at the soldiers sitting on either side of him, but they didn’t respond at all.


They just pushed Luca out of the carriage.


While he was unable to react due to the shock of falling headfirst to the ground, the carriage carrying him returned at high speed back the way it came.


No way, are they really going to release him like this? 


「D, damn it…!」 


When he cursed while crouching on the ground.


Soon, a sinister aura was felt from behind. It was an unmistakable presence.


Startled, he turned around and saw a group of pitch-black men with weapons gathering towards him, laughing.


「U, urgh!」


Magic poured out of his hands as he staggered to his feet. He didn’t even realize what it was. 


He was afraid that he would die at any moment, so he ended up using whatever magic came to his mind.


Still, luckily it seems to have worked.


The scary men couldn’t catch up with him as he ran like crazy into the forest.


When he found some reason, what came to mind was the light of the wizard Sinnet that he saw in prison. 


When he realized that his location wasn’t far from here, he felt relieved, as if he had found a lifeline.


They might not get along well, but isn’t he the wizard in the white robe?


He had a duty to protect Luca.


In this way, he sent a tracking light to Noah.


However, once he had completely calmed down under the tree roots, it occurred to him that he may have been a little hasty.


‘I feel a bit uncomfortable putting a debt on that monster.’


How proud will he be when he puts on that ugly cat mask? 


‘Troublesome guy.’


While he was thinking that, he heard a noise coming from a little distance away. 


“He said to cut off the wizard’s head at once.”


“No, did you think I would do that?”


“Well, there’s nothing we can do about it. Since that person said he would personally take care of it, it’ll work out somehow. We just need to make sure to check the bodies properly as ordered.” 


That person? 


Luca listened intently to their conversation, holding his breath in the hope of catching any useful information.


“Is he there? Can you see him?”


Before he knew it, their voices were coming from right above him.


It seemed like they were near the tree where he was hiding. 


“No, he’s not here.”


“Where could that sneaky little rat have gone?”


As they grumbled and moved away, Luca let out a breath he had been holding.


‘That’s a relief.’


But who on earth is ‘that person’? 


Does this mean that there is a swordsman who dares harm the wizard?


‘Anyway, if only the wizard Sinner would come… No, never mind.’


He thought differently. 


There’s no need to wait for Sinnet, right? Now he was not in prison, but in the forest near the royal capital.


Since the nobles’ influence doesn’t extend beneath these trees, perhaps he could seek assistance from the wizard Astor.


After waiting for all signs of men to disappear, Luca released another light.


He hopes that this time he can meet the wizard Asto.


* * *


Noah and Clarisse left the monastery and ran through the winter fields. 


If there was a carriage passing by, they could have asked for a ride, but the road was so deserted as it was getting dark that no one came to the monastery to pray today. 


After passing the field, oak forests soon appeared on both sides of the road leading to the royal road.


Luca’s light led them away from the large, easy-to-walk path and through the dense trees.


Not only was it a road where no people or carriages traveled, but there was always enough snow to sink their feet into the shady areas. 


Both Noah and Clarisse’s leather shoes were wet and their feet felt like they were freezing, but that didn’t slow them down.


It was due to a foreboding feeling. 


The chilling sensation felt when stepping into the crowded forest off the path.


It felt as if the entire wind in this forest was warning them to go back.


“Cooh. (Be careful, Clarisse).” 


Mallang seemed to sense something and quietly warned. 


And at the same time, the small light that guided them flickered for a moment.




Noah let out a pitiful groan.


“Perhaps the magic will run out before we arrive. We should hurry.” 


He turned around and held out his hand.


No, he couldn’t wait for Clarisse to grab him, so he strode forward and grabbed her hand. 


This may be because the situation is very urgent.


As Clarisse followed him diligently, she couldn’t help but look down at her hands that were being held by him. 


‘This was a very natural thing.’


There were several nights when Noah and Clarisse fell asleep holding each other’s hands. 


Clarisse lifted her head and looked up at Noah, who was walking half a step ahead of her. 


The long light blue hair that hung behind his white ears swayed with his steps, lightly grazing Clarisse’s cheek.


Clarisse unconsciously thought that he was very beautiful.


Even though the wonderful stone carved on his face is not visible at all now.


And when she takes another step after him. 


A strong wind blew from the front of the forest. It was strong enough that they had to stop for a moment and turn my head.




When this strong movement of air completely passed them by. 


Noah and Clarisse looked at each other with wide eyes.


“…Right now.” 


Clarisse quietly spoke first, and Noah nodded as if he had felt the same thing.


They started running again in the direction from which the wind blew.


Before they knew it, the light that had guided them had disappeared. But there was no hesitation on the way forward.


Because they could smell the fishy smell so vividly in the wind that passed by them. 


Surely, it was not something that came from afar.


Their expectation wasn’t wrong, as they stopped their steps before they could catch their breath again. 


Before they knew it, they could see the sun completely setting beyond the slanted slope. 


And in front of them, a limp man was sitting alone under a huge tree rooted down. 


“…Wizard Mavis?” 


Noah called carefully and approached him. His figure could not be seen clearly in the deep darkness.




There was no answer coming back.


Noah took a step closer. Before he knew it, the darkness became familiar to his eyes, and his figure came into view little by little. 


His bowed head stretched forward, his back was not just red but almost black. The thick, still not hardened blood streak trickled down his shoulders to the ground with a plop.




Noah instantly pulled Clarisse behind his back. 


As if she saw the same thing, he felt her hand grasping his robe tightly and pulling it. 


“Girl, it’s better not to look at it anymore.” 


He seemed concerned about the cruelty that a young Clarisse experienced during the “war”.


But Clarisse slowly shook her head. 


It was true that the image that caught her eye at first glance caused an instinctive fear, causing her hands and legs to tremble. 


But she didn’t want to ignore this death. Somehow it felt like it had to be that way. 


Because when she saw the body.


「The wizard who was trying to kill… Noah…how did… it happen…?」


For some reason, Noah’s stone words passed through her mind. 

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