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To the question that sounded slow and graceful, Valentine gave a long-learned answer.


“I was born for the stability of the royal authority.”


When there are many successors in the royal family, internal conflicts arise, while when there are too few successors, external conflicts are bound to arise.


Because collaterals who don’t even know the subject deal with a few direct descendants and may covet the position.


Valentine opened his chest and said proudly.


“I am a stepping stone to solidify my brother’s position.”


“I’m glad you remember.”


Delighted by the words of praise, Valentine looked up at his mother again with twinkling eyes.




But for some reason, Amelda’s gaze at him was cold. The boy flinched and lowered his eyes that were full of anticipation.


“You’re preparing for a public service examination.”


“Well, that’s… that’s… I’m useless …”




The boy quickly closed his mouth at the stern voice.


“Didn’t I tell you that my little son’s only use is to live and breathe like this?”




Valentine didn’t answer. A feeling of dread surged through him.


The boy forced the uncomfortable feeling that he didn’t want to really look at into his heart.


“More than anything else, which mother will determine her affection based on her son’s performance? My beautiful son, your studies have been completed, so just stay healthy.”


Then soon a friendly word came back.


It was as sweet as if putting all the bitter feelings that had entangled him a moment ago to sleep.


“Isn’t it a parent-child relationship to be loved just by your existence?”


“Do you… love me?”


“Of course.”


She rose from her seat, approached Valentine’s and lowered herself slightly.


Amelda didn’t mind that the dress was drawn to the floor.


Close enough to touch his forehead, she gently squeezed Valentine’s cheeks with her black gloved hands.


“My son is essential to the royal family.”




“Yes, so you don’t have to do anything. Just stay in the royal family quietly for a long time as my son.”


Quietly… Valentine bit his lips for a moment when she said quietly.


It sounded like he should quit the official exam plan he had made for his mother. 


“Valentine, this is a story for you.”


Perhaps because he was silent, a soft explanation soon followed.


“You remember Maximilian?”




“Why he couldn’t live in the royal castle, and why he was exiled to that cold winter castle.”


“I, it was because the duke rebelled against the will of the royal family…” 


Even as Valentine said that, he didn’t know exactly what kind of ‘royal will’ Maximilian was rebelling against. 


He heard that it was like that, so he just replied as it was. 


“That’s right. It’s very heartbreaking for me. Even if he wasn’t born with my own belly, he is a precious son.”




“I am not strong enough to go through the same thing twice. So Valentine…” 


“I, I will live according to the will of the royal family! I will never hurt my mother!”


Valentine responded quickly and with courage. A smile finally came to Amelda’s lips.


“That’s a relief.” 


She removed her hand from her son’s cheek and sat down again.


“If you understand, you can go back now.”




Valentine asked back with some regret, but no answer came back.


Instead of her, the servant urges him. 


“After this, Her Highness the Great Queen is going to meet the nobles.”




Valentine was sad, but he bowed deeply to greet her. 


“Then I will leave.” 


On his way back, he walked out slowly, expecting his mother to call him back.


…Even though that didn’t happen.


* * *


The next day.


As soon as Clarisse ate the snack, she immediately took her exploration bag and put gloves on both hands.


After that, she opened the door and raised one hand.


“Is it an outdoor activity?”


Benson, who was super quick-witted now, would guess perfectly whether Clarisse wanted to go to the bathroom or go outside.




“You know, but don’t go out of the palace garden.”


“Yes, Sir Benson. I will.”


Clarisse clenched her fists and nodded twice.


“The knights will be watching the garden in turns, so don’t go on a dangerous exploration! What should I do in case of an emergency?”


“I will shout ‘Help me!’.”


“All right, I give permission to the exploration!”


“I’ll be back.”


Clarisse stepped out of the garden with a rather hurried step.


There was no one in the garden, so the girl immediately headed to the waterway, the meeting place.


“Why are you coming now! Do you want to die?!”


As Clarisse slipped into the waterway’s dark wooden tunnel, his sharp cry was immediately heard. 


“I, I can’t die. The law…” 


Surprised, Clarisse quickly tried to explain the justification for her survival but was interrupted by Valentine’s words. 


“Do you know how long I waited? Are you going to freeze me to death?!”


“I’m sorry.” 


“Nevermind. You’re the one who doesn’t keep your promises!”


“No, I am!”


“I am a fool for thinking of getting help from someone like you!”


Valentine, angry to the end, didn’t seem to be relieved no matter what Clarisse did.


“But you didn’t set an appointment time, right?”


What, what?!”


“So I kept my promise.”


“You, really!” 


“So, what do you need help with?”


“Who, who gets help from a guy like you?!”




Clarisse answered cheerfully, pushing her face forward. 


She didn’t know why at the moment, but Valentine quickly stepped back and sat down.




It was not intended to surprise him, so Clarisse called him again, somewhat wondering.


“N, no… I.” 


He suddenly started stuttering his words. Besides, he even covered his mouth with one of his arms for some reason.


“Hmm, you’re right. I didn’t set an appointment time.”




“You kept your promise. H, hmm. I apologize for speaking unfairly to you.”


He straightened his back in the narrow tunnel and lightly bowed his head to show a sincere example.


“I will accept your apology, Prince. However…” 


Clarisse looked up and down at his outfit today, which was nothing but a suit coat.


It’s cool, but it seemed like it couldn’t withstand even the warmest winter in the capital.


“I think it will be cold.”


“Not at all…achoo!” 


“Oh, I knew it. Hasn’t the prince ever been outside?”


Clarisse quickly took off her fur hat and pressed it over Valentine’s head.




He shook his head as if to refuse for a moment but soon looked at Clarisse with his blue eyes wide open.


He must have been surprised by the warmth.


Speaking of this hat, a brave prisoner’s hat that stands up to the cold of Sheridan—.




Clarisse realized her mistake for a moment.


She puts a prisoner’s hat on the Prince of a country.


‘Should I ask for it again?’


No, Valentine already seemed to like this hat very much for her to do so.


“Amazing! How can I get this hat?”


The country just needs to ruin.


…There was no way she could answer that, so Clarisse just laughed.


“But if I use this…are you okay?”


“Yes, it’s my favorite hat, but it’s okay. I am Sheridan’s child.”


Clarisse lifted her chin slightly and said proudly.


“Sheridan’s child?”


“Yes, the winter in the capital is not cold at all for Sheridan’s child. You know what? When it snows a lot in Sheridan, it piles up as much as an adult’s height.”


Of course, Clarisse had never seen such a sight. But she knew from learning that it had actually happened. 


“Don’t lie. How can snow pile higher than a person’s height?”


“It’s true! If you go to the northern wall, you can see the height when it snows a lot.”


“Have you been to the northern wall, too?”


Soon Valentine’s eyes twinkled.


Clarisse somehow felt flattered.


“I’ve been there.”


“Are there really endless barriers? Continuously?”


“Yes, it’s long and long.”


“It’s amazing!”


Is that so? Clarisse also admitted that the northern wall was amazing.


However, it was strange that a Prince who lived in such a wonderful palace admired such a place.


“Prince often sees something much more amazing than I do.”


For example, Clarisse’s brother did the same.


He used to look around all the famous sights in Grezekaia.


Where is that? 


The vassal who had been abroad would compete with each other to give mysterious items to her brother as gifts.


“Huh… No, I.” 


At Clarisse’s story, Valentine somehow blushed both cheeks and buried his head between his knees.


“I didn’t go out of the wall….” 


“Does that mean that even the king only lives in Heiden?”


“N, no.” 


He slowly lifted his head.


“I live within the third wall. B, but that’s because my mother loves me so much! She’s worried about me…” 


Clarisse held her hands together over her heart like someone who had heard a beautiful story.


“That… I’m so jealous.”

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  1. thank you!💗🪻🌹
    I wonder why the Queen is so cold to her own child, I mean if the little prince decided to become the new King, she would still be the King’s mother so it dosen’t really matter …