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By the time the sun had almost set, Sheridan Manor was quite noisy. 


A guest who had been dispatched from the royal family suddenly arrived.


Dressed in the best suit he had, Lockhart’s eyes widened when he noticed a fancy carriage by the window of his room.


He only thought that the king’s servants were coming, but when they arrived, the golden carriage was a royal carriage that he had only seen in newspapers.


‘Then did someone from the royal family come here in person?’


He was well aware that the duke had a good relationship with the royal family, but he never thought it would be this good.


He felt his heart pounding as if he had been blessed with greater luck than he had thought.


The problem with Clarisse has now been completely resolved.


A little while ago, he taught that Clarisse was the only one who could take responsibility for all the sins of the Grezekaia royal family.


And how she can atone.


「You can only do your best to be unhappy. Considering the feelings of those who died unjustly in the name of Grezekaia, don’t you think that is very natural?」


Clarisse seemed a little scared when she heard what he said, but she soon nodded.


「And it would be better not to talk about this to the Duke. A person in power who has never lost anything won’t understand anyway.」


He repeated his request not to tell the Duke several times. Every time, Clarisse promised to do that. 


‘Kids are so simple.’


He smiled lightly.


‘If I talk kindly, she can’t even notice the sincerity beyond that.’


It was especially easy for a child with a somewhat foolish side like Clarisse.


Lockhart looked closely into the mirror and ran a small stroke through his hair.


As long as he looks good to the royal family here, great opportunities may come to him in the future.


Perhaps, in the future, it might be possible to teach the children the king and queen will give birth to?


‘Is that too much delusion?’


Even when he thought about it, he couldn’t help but smile.


It’s already been an hour since Lockhart continued this delightful delusion.


He paced around the door and checked his watch several times, and kept paying attention to the sound of footsteps in the hallway to see if the butler was coming to call him.


But no matter how much he waited, he couldn’t hear the sound of looking for him.


‘It’s taking a lot longer than I thought…’


He knew that he would have to wait for the Duke to check the letter from the king. 


But isn’t it time to start the dinner soon?


‘Has the dinner been canceled by any chance?’


However, he couldn’t explain this delicious smell flowing from somewhere.


Besides, if a member of the royal family came, there’s no way they wouldn’t have a dinner. 


‘Or did they forget me?’


He thought about that for a moment, but Lockhart shook his head.


‘Let’s wait a little longer.’


He sat down on the sofa, pretending to be calm.


But less than a minute later, he jumped up from his seat and ran straight out into the hallway.


When he looked around, there was nobody there, which was unusual, so it was pretty quiet.


He slowly passed through the hallways and arrived near the stairs leading to the first floor.


In the hall on the first floor, which overlooked the railing, the Duke and his wife, as well as everyone working in the mansion, gathered and clapped their hands.


‘What’s… going on?’


* * *


“Congratulations, Miss Clarisse.”


Clarisse looked nervously at the scarlet-haired woman who was approaching her. 


Introducing herself as ‘Devina Saphers’, she was the queen of this kingdom. 


Clarisse had been afraid of the word ‘queen’ since she was a child, so she was in fact frightened. 


But she mustered up the courage to respond politely. 


“T, thank you, Your Highness the Queen.”


“His Highness said that he was very impressed with Miss Clarisse’s determination to make an excellent eighteen-year-old.” 




Clarisse glanced slightly sideways at the Duke of Sheridan. He nodded his head slightly. 


“Yes, so His Highness himself.”


The queen put a long necklace on Clarisse.


The silver pendant that touched her chest had a giant tree engraved in it, and colored jewels were set like the fruit of the tree.


“He decided to have Miss Clarisse as the ward. May you bear a beautiful fruit.”




Clarisse said yes again.


“Thank you for your generosity, Your Highness.”


“Rather than that, I heard that you are working very hard to find a teacher, but the problem is…” 


As they talked, the queen turned to Maximilian.


He seemed to think that it wasn’t something to talk to Clarisse directly.


“Thanks to Your Highness’s concern, I think it will be resolved easily in the future.”


“That’s a relief. But just in case you didn’t know, I also brought a list of excellent teachers from my parents’ family. My teacher is there, too.”


After hearing the queen’s story, the servant who was waiting in the back handed out an envelope to the Duke. 


“Thanks for your consideration.”


“Please take it. If the Duke refuses, I’ll be ashamed of my heart for the first time in a long time.”


Maximilian reluctantly accepted her envelope, and the Queen lowered her waist a little to face Clarisse closely. 


 “If there’s anything you want to learn in the future, don’t hesitate to say anything. Because any teacher would want to teach Miss Clarisse.”


“That… Does that mean that the Duke and Duchess will no longer suffer because of me?”


“We’re proud of you. Yes, that’s right. Until your 18th birthday, you are a child protected by the royal family.”


“The child… protected by the royal family.”


Clarisse somehow felt embarrassed and touched the pendant for no reason.


It was then.


“Oh my, the butler forgot to call me. But that’s okay. Such a happy thing to happen!”


Mr. Lockhart’s voice was heard from the stairs on the second floor, and Clarisse looked back at him in surprise.


Wearing a suit, he rushed out of the servants and greeted the queen with courtesy.


“I am Miss Clarisse’s teacher. It has always been heartbreaking for me to teach such a brillian child by myself, and Your Highness has shown me this kindness!” 


“Oh my, there is already a teacher in charge. I didn’t know because the Duke didn’t say anything.”


“Yes, I’m Rafferty of the Baron Lockhart family. I am delighted to be able to conduct a slightly higher level of education by organizing teachers in specialized fields.” 


As if thrilled, he put his hand near my heart and let out a deep breath of relief.


“I will make a team of the best teachers after thorough interviews.”


He smiled at Clarissse now.


“That’s great, isn’t it?”


“…Yes, Teacher Lockhart.”


“From now on, let’s work together to bear wonderful fruits. I want to make sure that Your Highness’ expectations for giving me grace are not in vain.”


Mr. Lockhart seemed intoxicated with himself. No, that was certain.


When he sees people looking at him, he smiles by himself without knowing it that their eyes are all distorted. 


“Well, for some reason it would be good for me to step away for a while.”


When the queen suddenly spoke, the butler stepped forward and led her to the best room for guests. 


The queen’s maids from the capital followed suit. While glancing at Lockhart from time to time.


Soon after, most of the servants who were guarding the surroundings returned to their workplaces.


“…Y, Your Highness.” 


Lockhart, who had been staring at the queen while she suddenly avoided her seat, now realized that something was going wrong. 


‘No way…’


He looked back at Clarisse with narrow eyes.


He wonder if this child broke her promise and she told the Duke everything.


“I didn’t talk.”


Perhaps aware of his suspicions, Clarisse stared up at him and said clearly.


“I didn’t tell the Duke what the teacher taught me. I keep my promise.”


But what is this atmosphere all about?


Didn’t the Duke, his wife, and the aides who stand by them watch Lockhart like an insect?


“Perhaps the method of atonement you said is right. But teacher, I’m.” 




“I want to be a great person. So…  I had no choice but to tell the Duke.”


“You mean kick me out?”


Clarisse shook her head gently.


“I don’t want to hurt you more.”




“And the teacher’s education policy is very different from what I thought. So I think it would be better for each other not to be together.”


“No, how can you do something so important alone!”


Lockhart’s voice rose involuntarily.


But the moment he noticed the black shadow standing behind Clarisse, he quickly shut his mouth.


“Mr. Lockhart.”


“Duke, this is a misunderstanding!”




The Duke briefly asked a question.


So he meant to explain what the misunderstanding was about.


“No, that…When I first set the direction of study, the child will be somewhat rebellious. But it’s hard to listen to all that stubbornness.”


“Did you have any other direction of study other than what you explained to me when you first applied for this job?”




Unable to answer, Lockhart shut his mouth.


The Duke showed his generosity by waiting for him for a moment.


About 5 seconds.


And came to a conclusion.


“Sir Benson will guide you to the village inn. Please understand that we can’t give you a carriage to the capital.”


“Duke! No, Clarisse, child. I was wrong. So let’s talk again. Huh? All future classes will do as you wish.”


In a hurry, he quickly reached up for Clarisse.


Clarisse couldn’t be missed here.


‘Teaching a child sponsored by the king will raise my honor….!’


But soon the Duke’s arm blocked him, forcing Clarisse to step back.


“The reason why I am letting go of the teacher is because I am most rebuking my ignorance for letting people into my mansion without examining it deeply.”


“Duke, please listen to my story. Yes?” 


“If you want to be Clarisse’s teacher that much, tell me this time.”


Maximilian looked down at him with a face full of anger.


“Did you have any other direction of study other than what you explained to me when you first applied for this job?”


Although it is very natural.


Lockhart had no answer.


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