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Lockhart was escorted by Sir Benson to an inn in Sheridan Village. 


When the sun comes up the next morning, he will leave this north and find new jobs elsewhere.


Of course… If he can find it.


In the mansion today, not only the queen, but there were also many knights and noble wives who followed her to accompany her. 


The story of the teacher who was kicked out of the mansion with strange eyes has already reached their ears.


For the time being, Lockhart would not be able to serve as a teacher in a cultured family.


Clarisse had the honor of attending a dinner attended by the Queen.


After the meeting, she returned to her room and prepared for the night out.


Today is a clear summer night, and she decided to go to the Knights’ accommodation with Noah and see the stars. 


Clarisse put on a thin shawl to protect herself from the cold, and fastened a small buttoned under her neck.


Before she knew it, Rosalie was waiting for her in a chair in front of the mirror.


“I can comb myself now.”


“Oh, please do not take away the pleasure of this old lady.”


Clarisse valued Rosalie’s pleasure, so she hurriedly sat down in a chair and dangled her legs.


Rosalie was a pro at brushing her hair.


She used to brush her badly tangled hair so it didn’t hurt.


She kept trying to close her eyes because sometimes it felt like she was being swept away.


“It feels really good. Rosalie is the king of combing.”


“I’m glad you said that.”


“Rosalie only says nice things.”


“Because I haven’t had a chance to say anything bad yet.”


“You know…” 


Clarisse lowered her gaze to her toes for a moment. For some reason, she didn’t have the confidence to look in the mirror properly. 


“I’m sure there will be people who want to say bad things to me. Right?” 


“Oh my.” 


The hand that was combing her hair stopped for a moment.


“I know I have an obligation to hear all of that. But Rosalie, I… I’m too weak.” 


“Clarisse, my dear.” 


Rosalie returned and sat down in front of the child, staring at her face.


With a worried face.


“You have no such obligation. You were just a child, and still are.”


Clarisse shook her head quietly.


“I know that the reason I live in Sheridan Mansion and have the patronage of His Highness is because I am not ‘just a child.’” 


Clarisse slowly explained what she had thought of several times.


“I am the last blood of a sinful royal family. I must not forget that fact.”


Rosalie held Clarisse’s hand tightly.


“And that there were people who suffered under that name.”


“That is too heavy a responsibility for you, who are still young, to hold.”


Clarisse shook her head.


“All I do is remember. So… I am a little scared.”




“Is it selfish for me to say I want to be a good eighteen?”


It seemed to Clarisse that Mr Lockhart’s words, ‘If you want to apologize, be unhappy,’ weren’t just wrong.


“I know what you’re talking about, Clarisse.”


After thinking for a while, Rosalie replied in a calm voice.


“I can’t forget everything by saying I couldn’t help it, so sometimes it feels like a sin to be happy.” 


“Rosalie too…Is there such a thing?”


At the carefully asked question, Rosalie pondered for a moment, then nodded slowly.


“So it has been almost 20 years already. It’s the same as yesterday for me… A noble lady I cared for was kidnapped from her mansion one day.”


“Yes…? At the mansion?” 


“Yeah. People who move like shadows secretly kidnapped only the lady and disappeared. Even the knights guarding the mansion didn’t notice it.”


“It is scary. How old is the Lady?” 


“She was only four years old. I still can’t forgive what happened that day. Could it be that I put her to sleep too deeply? Maybe I should have stayed up all night to stay…by her side.” 


“No way. You said they went so quietly that even the knight didn’t know. And even if Rosalie stayed by her side, you wouldn’t be able to face those scary people.”


“I know. How can I not know?”


Rosalie gently touched the back of Clarisse’s hand.


“Still, the fact that I sent her away in vain is so painful that I can’t bear it. If she grew up safely… she should have become the pride of the Marquis Kerno family by now.”


“I am also very heartbroken. Wasn’t Rosalie deeply in love with the little Lady, too?”


“Yeah, I love her very much. That coveted silver hair and round features…” 


“She was a silver-haired Lady, right? She is just like the Duchess!”


“A, ah…” 


At Clarisse’s words, Rosalie didn’t answer for a moment with a troubled smile on her face.


“Hmm… But thinking that way would probably be a nuisance to the Duchess.”

“Is that so?” 


“Someone said that you look like a child who suffered such a sad thing… Will you like it?”




Clarisse secretly guessed that Rosalie probably forced the idea to put it aside a few times.


“I just won’t forget that… cute Lady. That would be all I can do.”




“So I think I understand a little how you feel when you say that memories aren’t enough.”


Clarisse raised her hands high and wrapped her arms around Rosalie’s neck.


So that similar feelings can meet in a nearby place and touch each other for a while.


In the meantime, Clarisse got a certain answer. That’s what she thought was selfish.


It wasn’t.


She could tell that from Rosalie.


Rosalie, who lives faithfully now despite her pain, cannot be a selfish person.


“Rosalie is a good teacher.”


“What would you learn from an old lady like me? You can meet smarter and better people in the future.”


“But today, Rosalie is the best teacher for me.”


Clarisse hugged Rosalie tightly and smiled.


It was then that a knock was heard.


It was Maximilian who visited Clarisse.


He asked Clarisse if there was anything uncomfortable.


Seeing that he asked this question again, it seemed that he was concerned about what happened with Mr. Lockhart.


「The reason why I am letting go of the teacher is because I am most rebuking my ignorance for letting people into my mansion without examining it deeply.」


When he said that in the hall, Clarisse was very surprised.


At the same time, she felt very sorry. Because she never wanted him to feel guilty.


“I am grateful. The Duke accepted my opinion. Even though you had a hard time getting him as a teacher.”


“Your opinion wasn’t the only factor in the decision to let him go, so you don’t have to worry too much about it.”


“What did anyone else say?”


“As the house is spacious, there are many eyes to see.”


By the time he passed the story vaguely, Noah, who had come to pick up Clarisse, also arrived at the door.


“Wizard Sinnet.”


The Duke looked at Noah’s outfit as he approached, and neatly trimmed the open robe. 


“Even in summer, the temperature drops at night. Dress warmly.”


Noah must have been a little taken aback by that kind touch.


When he sees that he flinches and looks up at the Duke, making no reply. 


“Then go, Clarisse. I hope the wizard Sinnet enjoys it too.”


The Duke took a step back and allowed Clarisse and Noah to pass.


“I’ll be back.”


Clarisse greeted him with a smile, and Noah only nodded awkwardly.


‘I wonder if it was unpleasant to touch the open robe.’


It was only for a moment that Maximilian was worried about that.


The sound of giggling started to spread behind the backs of the children passing through the hallway.


It seemed like they were already enjoying something.


“They look cute and happy.” 


Someone else who had been watching them walked up and talked to him from behind. 


Maximilian sighed a little because he knew who the opponent was without looking back.


“I think we were like that when we were kids too. Do you remember?”


“…Your Highness.” 


Maximilian bowed in polite manners with a stiff face.


Queen Devina was walking comfortably down the corridor, dressed lightly and without a maid.


No matter how he looked at it, it was not an appropriate action to do in a vassal’s house, so Maximilian said in a somewhat displeased tone.


“This is not the right time to go around alone.”


“Ah… sorry. Max.” 


Devina smiled awkwardly.


“If you know, please come back quickly…” 


“But I couldn’t help it. I had something to say.”


It seemed that what she was saying was not suitable for the ears of her attendants who followed her.


Maximilian cut it off and answered.


“Then, I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon with Quentin.”


To him, Devina was his brother’s wife.


That alone meant that they should avoid meeting separately at this late hour.


Moreover, she was once Maximilian’s fiancée.


Many people remember this, so Maximilian wanted to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings as much as possible.


No, actually…. 


He wondered if Brielle would care.


「I’m going to give the Queen a tour of the mansion! Where might be a good place to show? My heart is pounding.」


…Of course, judging from the excitement during the day, she didn’t seem to care at all.


“Then, excuse me.”


Maximilian turned away with a bitter smile.


But somehow, Devina didn’t give up and followed him.


“It’s a secret story that can’t be told to anyone else.”


“I am not in a position to share a secret with the Queen.”


“Please listen, Max. Yes?”


As she continued to make a noise around, Maximilian stopped without a choice.


He decided that it would be better to listen to it quickly and send her away.


“Tell me briefly.”


“Are you really going to keep raising the princess of Grezekaia?”




“Max, I know that kid is smart and cute. But I’m saying this for you. I’m even prepared to be hated.”


Devina looked straight up at him, holding her hands tightly together.


“Immediately execute the princess, tomorrow.”


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