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“In the museum? Did the Duke tell you to do that?”


“Ugh… I must report to the Duke from now on. The cultural property management department suddenly contacted me, so I haven’t received permission yet.”


Clarisse thought that the duke would never allow something like this to happen. Never.


“But the Duke won’t object either. If you bring this bell to the royal capital, they will know the greatness of Sheridan Mansion.”


“….D, do you think the Duke will allow it?!”


“Of course. Who am I? The best aide who reads the Duke’s thoughts and mind! Isn’t that Quentin Sinclair?!” 


Clarisse felt like a big rock had hit her in the head.


But she quickly came to her senses and defended the outer wall.


“B, but if the bell disappears, who will tell you about the crisis at Sheridan Mansion? The history books say that the first thing to notice when a monster is approaching the northern wall is the bell of the Sheridan Mansion, not anyone else.”


“Well, it might have been possible only in the days when there was a Golem Master.”


At the word Golem Master, Clarisse flinched for a moment.


“But now they say that it seems unlikely that such a person will appear… More than anything, I’m going to set up a beacon here now.”


“A beacon?”


“Yes, so far we’ve been sending people to the entrance to the wall beyond the Sheridan quarters to light a beacon, but now we’ll be able to light it right here.”


Sheridan would set up beacon fires in each region, and when there was an emergency, they would light them to announce it. 


Even when monsters appeared on the northern wall, Maximilian was immediately informed of the situation by beacon fire, leading the knights to mobilize quickly.


In that regard, it would certainly be better to place a beacon in the mansion, but… 


“In that case, the Duke’s will can signal it to the outside world a little faster. Isn’t that wonderful?”


To the question he asked with twinkling eyes, Clarisse couldn’t bear to give a negative answer, so she just nodded softly.


For some reason, she thought she could hear the outer walls getting angry.


* * *


After parting ways with Quentin and descending the bell tower, Clarisse returned to the outer wall. 


She hesitated and held back from raising her hand. 


‘What should I do…’


No matter how much she thought about it, the outer wall seemed to be very angry. 


Even though she was doing it to match Quentin’s mood, she clapped her hands or nodded to show that it was good. 


‘Even so, Sir Outer Wall doesn’t like me.’


Clarisse was a little scared, so she closed her eyes tight and placed her hands on the outer wall. 


A thunderous roar immediately….




She thought it would pour, but he was silent. 


“Sir… Outer Wall?” 


Clarisse called him cautiously. She thought that maybe he didn’t know she was touching him. 




There was no answer this time either.


‘What happened? Did you fall asleep?’


But a little while ago, he was yelling at her not to touch him…


Clarisse brought her lips to the rough wall just in case.


[…Don’t do that.]


At that moment, a quiet warning from the outer wall was heard. It was a sad voice that she had never heard before.


[I don’t need magic anymore.]


“I, I’m sorry.” 


Clarisse quickly handed over the apology.


“I didn’t mean it when I clapped my hands or nodded a while ago. I…”


[You don’t have to apologize to me. Because it’s all over now.]


“Uncle Quentin probably didn’t mean it either.”


Clarisse stomped hard on the rough wall, and then she looked up as if she had an idea.


“Let me help you! I, I…” 


Because I’m the Golem Master.


Clarisse revealed her powers in a low voice so that no one could hear. The outer wall was so sad that she confessed that without realizing it. 


But, as he already knew, the outer walls weren’t particularly surprised by this fact.


[I don’t care who you are.]




[I’m tired.]


He hesitated a little, but answered in a clear tone.


[I won’t even like humans anymore.]


After that, the outer wall remained silent.


Clarisse stomped her feet and tried to talk to him, but he didn’t answer. 


It was time to return to the room as the sun was tilting, and Clarisse, who had no choice but to return to her room, touched the inner wall without taking off her hat.


[Quentin is an idiot! Idiot!]


As expected, the inner walls were furious with Quentin.


[There’s no such thing as a grain of sand! I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t make any lifelong friends or lovers! No, it must be so! Clarisse thinks so too, right?]


“Ah, uh.” 


Clarisse was a little troubled.


It’s understandable that the inner wall is upset, but she didn’t want to nod to such scary curse words. 


[…Is Clarisse on the side of humans?]


Then, the inner wall asked with a slightly disappointed tone.


“N, no!” 


Clarisse shook her head quickly. 


“No, I know how important the bells are to Sir Outer Wall. However, Uncle Quentin seems to be lonely for some reason…” 


She couldn’t nod when he said he wouldn’t have any lifelong friends or lovers for the rest of his life. 


[It’s too much!]


“I’m sorry. But it’s true that I want to help Sir Outer Wall. Perhaps… is there a way?” 


Clarisse asked in a slightly anticipated voice. 


Because, up until now, the inner walls have been giving appropriate advice to solve big and small problems in the mansion. 


Thanks to that, Clarisse was even repaying the Duke and Duchess little by little.


[There is a way.]


“I thought you’d say that!”


Clarisse leaned her cheek against the rough wall.


“What is it? I’ll do anything I can!”


[It’s simple. Clarisse becomes the master of Sheridan Mansion.]




Clarisse slowly copied the words of the inner wall, and then touched the wall again when she was surprised


“T, that can’t be! The owner of this place is the Duke. But how dare I…” 


[I’m not talking about such worldly possessions, Clarisse. It is to declare that you, the Golem Master, will provide us with magic for the rest of your life.]


“Declaration…? You mean raising my hand and making a promise?” 


[That’s right. Although the actual method differs from golem master to master.]


Mallang, who was still in her pocket, poked its head out. 


“Coo. (Don’t cheat on me, Clarisse.)” 


[Don’t speak vulgarly! Mallang, do you intend to monopolize such a great Golem Master for the rest of your life?]


“Coo! (Clarisse is mine!)”


[You’re embarrassing to dare try to possess the master like that. Anyway… do you know?  Just like when you first gave magic to Mallang, you just need to do it for us. That would be Clarisse’s declaration method.]


“Coo! (I definitely hate it!)” 


Mallang slipped out of the pocket and clung to the inner wall. 


When it knocked on the wall with its little hand, it seemed like it was starting a fight. 


“You can’t act violently!”


Clarisse quickly grabbed Mallang. 


At that moment, Mallang shattered into ordinary pebbles.




Clarisse patted the quiet Mallang affectionately, and carefully placed it in her pocket.


[Clarisse… can you do it?]


“I don’t know… Mallang suddenly appeared in front of me one day.”


[Think carefully. There must have been some kind of “declaration” when you turned Mallang into a golem.]


Was there such a thing?


Clarisse gently touched the inner wall, lost in thought for a moment.


* * *


In Grezekaia, Clarisse’s brother had a reputation as a very good gentleman.


With blonde hair suitable for a royal family and blue eyes resembling the sky, everyone praised him, saying that he seemed to have reincarnated the word ‘Prince’ as a person.


In addition to that beauty, when the future reserved for the seat of the absolute was combined, the aristocrats would rush to present their daughters in front of him.


The goal is to marry a prince, but even if that is not the case, there are also those who just want to stand out for their beauty. 


It was common for kings to have several wives, or concubines, from generation to generation.


When Clarisse was seven years old.


Her older brother was sixteen, and he gave off an aura close to that of a young man.


It was also around the time that the king began to prepare for his abdication, which had lasted for five years due to health problems.


He often met the capital and local nobles according to his father’s order, and the nobles didn’t miss the opportunity to introduce their daughter.


The prince, who was at the height of his interest in women, didn’t dislike the nobles’ behavior.


Or rather, if there was a girl he liked, he would just want to be alone with her without even thinking about etiquette. 


It was only natural that this outrageous behavior fueled the aristocrats’ “showcasing their daughters.”


Even at that time when the Grezekaia royal family was overflowing with people, Clarisse was alone. 


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