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「T, thank you for your generous words. What are you doing? Go ahead and thank Your Highness!」 


The noble man forced his daughter’s head down.


「T, thank you… P, Prince…」


「No, I’m just worried.」


The prince began to ponder for a moment, fiddling with his chin.


「Baron, your daughter seems to want to make friends with that thing.」 


「It can’t be! It’s not, right?」


「Then that’s a relief.」 


The prince smiled and looked back at the girl.


「Since ancient times, has it been said that you throw stones when you chase an ominous being?」




「If you will, we may have tea again tomorrow.」


The baron, the girl’s father, acted very urgently at the words he gave.


「I, is that true? Oh, it’s an honor.」


However, unlike him, who was delighted, the expression of the girl holding the stone with care turned pale.


「Ah, ah… I.」


「If you don’t like it, I’d like you to go back to your territory right away.」


「What are you doing?! Why don’t you just do what the prince said?」


The hardened girl couldn’t budge at her father’s request.


「…I will go back.」


But when the prince is about to take a step.


A stone was thrown from the girl’s hand with her eyes tightly closed.




A hot and bitter feeling brushed Clarisse’s cheek.  It seemed to bleed from scratches on the rough side of the stone.


It hurt. It hurt, but it didn’t seem like her cheek was hurting. 


Clarisse barely raised her head to look at the girl. 


Feeling so sorry for her teary eyes and trembling shoulders, Clarisse wished that someone would give her a warm hug.


「…I, I’m sorr….」


The girl tried to say sorry with her lips trembling. But that wouldn’t be a very good idea.


It would only make her brother angry. 


Clarisse grinned. 




Surprised by the laugh, the girl quickly shut her mouth.


「…Stupid thing.」


The prince clicked his tongue, turned around, and headed the other way.


The baron quickly followed him.


However, the girl just stood there and looked at Clarisse.


Wouldn’t the girl be more scolded if it continued like this?


Clarisse quickly picked up the precious pebble that had fallen on the ground and started running recklessly in the opposite direction. 


‘I don’t cry. It doesn’t hurt at all.’


The reason why such a thought immediately came to her mind was probably to somehow suppress the crying that was about to leak out.


When she returned to the palace room, the palace was empty.


The maid seemed to have gone back first after finishing her cleaning and tidying up.


Clarisse curled up under the covers.


When she felt warm from head to toe, her trembling breath came out slowly.


‘It’s embarrassing…’


When she imagined how the girl would have looked at Clarisse because of what had happened just a moment ago, she felt so ashamed.


‘Mmhm, let’s not think about it.’


She squeezed the hand that held the stone, pushing her rushing feelings into the dark box.


The more she thought about it, the more she felt like she was being stabbed in the heart with something sharp.


Clarisse took the stone from her pocket and placed it in the palm of her hand.


After stroking the familiar texture and temperature several times, she gradually felt at ease.


「…Thank you.」 


Clarisse leaned her lips over the pebbles. 


It happened to be a place where there was a little blood on it.


「You are my…  My precious friend.」


When she held the pebbles over her chest again and whispered so quietly, it drained her whole body and made her eyes feel heavy. 


Is it because of the tension?


Clarisse thought there was something wrong with her body, but she soon lost consciousness and fell into a deep sleep. 




Without even thinking about what the cute voice she heard in her sleep was.


* * *


Recalling her old memories, Clarisse whispered to the inner wall with a determined face. 


“You…… You’re my precious friend.”


Obviously, after talking like this, Mallang has become a being that can move freely.


So, maybe this is the ‘declaration’ that the inner wall said? 


Clarisse waited for the inner wall’s answer with a look of great anticipation.


…However, nothing happened.


It was strange.


She obviously did the same thing to Mallang, but why doesn’t it work?


Concerned, Clarisse noticed one difference between then and now.


‘I see, Sir outer wall…’


The outer wall and the inner wall have different personalities, so it is easy to think of them as separate, but in fact, the two of them formed a single mansion.


If Clarisse was going to get really close to the mansion, she needed permission from all of them.


No matter how much the inner wall wants it, Clarisse wouldn’t be able to become the master of the mansion unless the outer wall wanted her help. 


“What should I do?”


[Please persuade him. At this rate, the outer wall will turn into an ordinary stone while retaining the scars it received from humans.]


“Turn into an ordinary stone?!”


[This means that he will never be able to hear human words again, nor will you be able to communicate.]


Clarisse was crying.


“…I don’t want that.”


Even if he wanted to be an ordinary stone and find rest, she wished there were no wounds to humans at that moment.


It felt like the scars left on the outer wall would never be erased for the rest of his life. 


“I’ll try to convince Sir Outer Wall somehow. I will go out every day and meet him.” 


[Don’t forget to remember how you declared it. No matter how I look at it, it didn’t seem like the way it was a while ago.]




It’s not? 


Clarisse was puzzled, but the inner wall didn’t answer, as if he had fallen asleep. 


* * *


She has to go to see the outer wall every day.


Clarisse made that decision.


Unfortunately, the weather was very bad the next day.


It was a heavy rain that fell non-stop with a terrifying momentum to sweep the world away.


The Duchess told Clarisse she couldn’t go outside because it was too dangerous to wander around carelessly in this weather.


Clarisse, who had a mountain of things to say when she met the outer wall immediately, agonized over whether there was a way to get out, even for a moment, but she couldn’t bear to disobey the Duchess’s order.


Clarisse placed a footrest by the window in her room. Just as she did long ago whenever he looked outside in Grezekaia. 


As she stretched her body forward as far as she could, her fingertips touched the cool outer wall. 


It wasn’t a stone she could have a conversation with, but at least it formed the outer wall, so Clarisse hoped that her feelings would be conveyed at least a little. 


“Sir Outer Wall.” 


Clarisse gently stroked the outside of the wall with her hand, which was growing cold from the rain.


However, she couldn’t easily say anything casually.


The problem that had come up couldn’t be solved by Clarisse giving up her magic power and ringing the bell hard.


His pride was wounded.


Perhaps he is regretting his long years of service to Sheridan.


“…I’m sorry.” 


Clarisse apologized on behalf of everyone. Although it is insignificant compared to the wounds he suffered.


“I’m sorry, really.”


Clarisse stroked the stone that touched her fingers again, with her head bowed over the window frame. 


It was cold, with raindrops dripping down on her hands and head, but she thought that the outer wall that blocked this ruthless weather with his whole body would be even more painful. 


And the next day.


Clarisse heard Quentin say, ‘Finally, the Capital Museum gave me a definite answer to take that useless bell!’


Until this time, the outer wall had given no answer.


* * *


[Sir Outer Wall! I can’t stand it any longer. How long are you going to leave Clarisse like this? Don’t you feel sorry for her?] 


[You’re the one who won’t leave the child alone, you fool.]


The night when Clarisse fell asleep completely.


The outer wall responded stubbornly to the story shouted by the inner wall.


[If I turn into a stone, you will soon find yourself in the same situation. Because the outer and inner walls are tied together in the name of Sheridan Mansion.]


[What’s wrong with wanting to live? I enjoy observing humans.]


[If that child becomes the owner for a while, it will be excited right now.]


The outer and inner walls will be able to live without feeling the lack of magic for the next 10 years or so.


[But what are you going to do after that?]


Even to this day, the wind is telling the story that there is no Golem Master in sight in this world.


He also said that he may have completely lost his life.


[More… I don’t want to wait anymore.]


When he saw Clarisse for the first time, the outer wall was also briefly moved.


A young and talented Golem Master will make him even more useful.


But the life of a child is only for a few years.


What is he supposed to do after that moment?


[I don’t want to wait without a promise again. Rather.]


He answered thoughtfully, feeling the weight of the old bell sway slightly in the strong wind.


[…I’d rather choose the last one.]


[Another Golem Master may appear in the future! Why are you giving up hope on your own?]


[Yeah, it’s better than disappearing miserably with no hope of throwing it away!]

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