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[More than anything, I can’t endure such a miserable future for the people who say I’m useless… Huh, what?]


[I didn’t say anything]


[No, shut up! Because of you, I couldn’t hear what the wind said!]


The outer wall was very irritated, and it seemed like it was because it had not properly heard the story of the fast-flowing wind.


[You are annoying! Since you keep getting so angry, even humans hate the outer wall!]


[Can’t you be quiet? The wind has something to say! Even if it weren’t for that, it would be so noisy because of the rain, so why are you disturbing my ears?]


[Unfortunately, Sir, you have no ears.]


[Shut up!]


The wind carrying news came again in front of the outer wall where he was screaming loudly.


The news was so urgent that the wind’s voice roared loudly throughout the mansion.


[What do you say? Right now, the party downstairs is so loud that I can’t hear it very well.]


[…This is really a big problem.]


[What’s the big problem? How many times do I have to ring the bell?]


The outer wall, which paused for a moment at the words of the inner wall, quickly chased away the chattering winds from around the house.


[No, um… It’s nothing]


[What?! Are you really going to pretend not to notice the crisis in Sheridan? And yet, Sir is…]


[Noisy, I am not a knight! I’m just a pile of rocks that can’t do anything! That bell is a damn fool!]


[It’s cowardly to say that.]


[Yeah, I am a coward.]


The outer wall responded by holding on tightly to the bell, which for some reason kept trying to make a petty sound.


[…So, I won’t care what happens to the Sheridan people.]




North wall.


“This is a big problem.”


Maximilian was standing at the highest point on the northern wall, where the rain was pouring down hard, completely soaked.


Three flames were burning in the beacon in front of it, sending white smoke into the sky.


However, perhaps because of the non-stop rain, all that rose was a thin layer of smoke.


“It looks like the beacon can’t be seen because of the thick fog. News must reach Sheridan Manor by tomorrow morning at the latest for the reinforcements to depart on time… What should we do?”


The knight who stood by him looked anxiously around the dark north in the distance.


The sound of the wind blowing from there somehow sounded like the howling of a monster.


A search party that regularly went beyond the northern castle wall discovered a monster and its eggs in a forest not far from the castle wall.


This was something that only happened once every few decades, and for Sheridan, it was a discovery that was close to a ‘disaster’.


The appetite of a newborn baby monster in the warm summer was truly terrible.


Not only did they eat eggshells, but sometimes they even cut into their mother’s flesh.


Therefore, mothers had to desperately provide food to their cubs to prevent them from going hungry.


In cases like this, wars between monsters only break out in the far north, but if a baby is born this close to the northern castle wall…


The mother monster was bound to choose humans as their food.


Maximilian had already ordered the evacuation of a nearby village, and brought all the soldiers from the north to the wall.


However, the number of baby monsters was greater than expected, so reinforcements were needed just in case.




Noah Sinnet approached him.


There was no other wizard following.


“Why are you here alone?”


Noah shrugged his shoulders lightly when the Duke frowned and asked.


“I said I would stay.”


“Other wizards… hmm, nevermind.”


The Duke didn’t bother to say more.


Maybe they ran away with the villagers.


“Don’t blame them. By the standards the wizards follow, I am a senior, and I have a duty to protect them.”


That said, it’s hard to believe that grown adults can leave behind such a young boy. It was a shame.


“Has the news arrived?”


Maximilian shook his head.


“The visibility near the wall is not good due to the influence of the weather.”


In preparation for such a situation, someone was sent to Sheridan Mansion. However, it seemed difficult to arrive on time due to the bad weather.


“The soldiers on the walls will be enough to fight, but…”


Maximilian hoped that there would be as few sacrifices as possible. Because the wounds from the war are still far from healing.


“Is there any way to spread the news other than by signal fire or by messenger?”


At Noah’s question, Maximilian immediately recalled Sheridan’s bell.


He is the main character of the legend who rang a bell in advance whenever the northern monster’s momentum was abnormal.


“If… the mansion bell rings four times.”


Older knights who have been working in Sheridan for a long time will know the meaning and will immediately dispatch reinforcements here.


“The bell that the soldiers complain about being broken?”


Maximilian laughed bitterly.


Apparently, the bell almost lost its mysterious power over many years.


Perhaps the bell is still not ringing even now.


It was then.


‘Keueeek!’ carried by the wind blowing from the north. An unpleasant sound filled the castle walls.


It was a sign that the eggs had hatched.




Meanwhile, around the Sheridan Mansion, it was raining almost like a flood every day.


Now that the Duke was away, Brielle took responsibility for protecting the villagers near the mansion.


It was her job not only to prevent houses and roads from being flooded, but also to help families who were unable to provide food in an unexpected situation.


She returned to the mansion only when the sun had set behind the mountains and she could no longer wander outside, and the first place she headed to was Clarisse’s room.


“Did her fever go down?”


Entering the room without knocking, a maid was placing a new towel on Clarisse’s forehead.


“Yes, it has fallen little by little, but now it is night again…”


“What about a fever reducer?”


“She ate two hours ago.”


Brielle approached the bed and carefully put her hand on Clarisse’s forehead.


Even though the fever had subsided, the child’s forehead was still hot enough to melt Sheridan’s winter.


“…it’s my fault.”


Brielle sighed.


Even if it was okay to be alone, it was not okay to leave her without a maid in charge.


While everyone in the mansion was busy dealing with the damage caused by the sudden drop in temperature and rain, Clarisse was left alone in this room.


And that too, in a state of fainting, with half of one’s body stretched against the wide open window.


“Even if it’s summer, I should have taught her not to open the window carelessly on rainy days.”


“It’s not Madam’s fault. Clarisse must have known that.”


Despite the comforting words the maid gave her, Brielle gently shook her head.


Maybe the child was looking out the open window, worried about the village. Because she’s a kind kid.


Or maybe she was holding back her loneliness so that she wouldn’t get in the way of too busy adults,


Why didn’t she pay more attention? She felt so much regret.




Clarisse’s dry lips opened slightly and a painful sound came out.




What kind of bad dream is she having?


Brielle gently swept the sweaty child’s hair.


Clarisse, who had been talking earnestly several times as if sleep talking, fell into a deep sleep again.




It was after it was completely dark that Clarisse came to her senses a little.




Judging by the way the shutters covering the windows were shaking frantically, there was no doubt that a very strong wind was blowing along with the rain.




Then, Clarisse suddenly came to her senses and quickly stood up.


When she looked around, she saw things like medicine and towels hanging out.


“Did I… sick?”


She touched her face here and there. There didn’t seem to be any particular fever or problem.


“How long have I been asleep?”


She was worried about the outer wall by the window.


Clarisse quickly took out Mallang she had put on the bedside and kissed it.


Mallang, who quickly became one, immediately screamed.




“Something big happened?!”


Clarisse, who felt anxious for a moment, raised Mallang high and asked.


“Don’t tell me, did they take the bell already?”




“It’s a relief. Huh? It’s not a relief?”






Clarisse looked at Mallang quietly. She wondered if she had heard it wrong.




“I, it… can’t be.”


Clarisse put Mallang on her shoulder and immediately ran to the inner wall and stretched out her hand.


“Is it true?!”


There was no answer to the urgent question.


Clarisse kissed the wall without asking for permission. It wasn’t the time for him to hide the situation.


But no matter how much she kissed, the inner wall didn’t respond.


As if completely absorbed in a deep sleep.


Clarisse kissed the inner walls a few more times, but soon realized that there was no point in trying any harder.


She had to go to the outer wall.


A little while ago, Mallang told her the story of the passing wind.


It was said that monsters had begun to move beyond the northern castle wall, and the Duke was waiting, requesting reinforcements.


Moreover, the beacon is not functioning properly due to the weather.


‘I must ring the bell immediately! I must help the Duke!’


Clariss pulled the shawl that was hanging on the wall, wrapped it around her shoulders, and left her room.


“Phew, I shouldn’t come out like this!”


However, she immediately ran into Benson, who was guarding the hallway.


“Excuse me!”


Clarisse, who was desperate, tried to tell him about the northern monster.


‘But, if he asked me how I knew…?’


There was nothing to answer.


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