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The fact that she was the Golem Master was the seed of war, so it was better not to reveal it.


No matter what moment it is.


“You said you were sick, but it looks like you’ve gotten better. Wait in your room, I’ll find the maid right away. Okay?”


Sir Benson quickly pushed Clarisse into the room and walked down the central stairs.


‘I’m sorry.’


Clarisse apologized to him in her heart and left her room on her own for the first time.


Considering she was a prisoner, this was a serious crime, no different from a prison escape.


‘I know it’s a big mistake. I know, but…’


Because this is something that happened to Duke Maximilian, not anyone else’s.


He was said to be in trouble on the northern wall, and she couldn’t watch the situation comfortably from the comfort of her prison cell.


Even if it meant getting punished later, it was better to try something now.


Clarisse ran in the opposite direction from Benson and went down to the first floor through the stairs used by the employees.


It was usually a crowded space with people taking care of the mansion, but it was quiet in the early morning hours, so there was no one around.




The voice of Mallang in her ear warned her, so Clarisse hid for a moment in the shadows of the wall.


At that moment, a maid who had come to fetch water passed near the stairs and entered the kitchen.




Clarisse let out a small sigh and immediately went out through the back door connected to the stairs.


She only now realized that her feet were bare and she wasn’t wearing anything because she was rushing out, but she didn’t have time to go back to her room.


The maid would soon arrive at Clarisse’s room, and a search order would be issued at any moment.


She ran barefoot on the wet, cold ground.


With the heavy rain still falling, her entire body was soon soaked, and she felt extremely cold.


For some reason, she felt like she was gradually losing feeling in her hands and feet.


However, as her senses dulled, Clarisse’s mind became clearer than ever.


‘I have to think of it. What was my declaration like?’


Clarisse thought back several times to the moment she first made Mallang her first friend.


There was clearly some secret hidden in that moment.


In fact, until now, she had vaguely thought that Mallang and Clarisse’s feelings must have come together to make it happen.


But now she knows that’s not enough.


Come to think about it, Clarisse had already given her magical power to the inner wall several times.


Even though she was quite on the same page with the inner wall. The inner wall and Clarisse could not establish a special relationship, that is, the relationship between the owner and the golem.


So, there must have been something other than ‘heart’.


‘If I knew this would happen, I would have known about the Golem Master no matter what Noah said…’


Clarisse finally arrived in front of the outer wall, blaming herself for not knowing anything.


The mansion was still quiet.


It seemed as if Clarisse had gone unnoticed.


She stood firmly on her feet on the cold ground and looked up at the tall bell tower.


Now this huge thing had to be put under Clarisse’s influence.


‘What should I do…’


Then something came to mind.


「Did you hear that, since ancient times, when chasing away evil beings, you throw stones?」


What happened when she got the pebbles back from that girl.




Clarisse raised one hand in the air.


After that, she drew with all her strength the back of her hand, which she could barely feel, on the rough outer wall.




Along with the sound of skin being torn, a lot of red blood flowed from the back of the hand, which quickly became hot, staining the outer wall dark red.


She felt pain, but there was no time to feel pain now.


‘Now… I don’t know any other way, Sir Outer Wall.’


Clarisse tilted her lips over the stone, where her blood mixed with the rain.


‘·…I’m sorry if I’m wrong. But this is my best plan.’


Clarisse clenched her fists and tapped the outer wall with her hand.


“Please help me.”


The outer wall was the only solution that could help the Duke.


“Sir Outer Wall!”


Clarisse’s voice gradually rose because there was no answer.


“Help the Duke and Sheridan! That’s what you do best!”


The urgency now led to tears and begging.


“It must be done, Sir!”


But there was no response.


Just… like an ordinary stone that doesn’t know what to say.


“…it’s okay if you don’t necessarily think of me as the master, but.”


Clarisse quietly leaned her forehead against the cold wall.


“The people of Sheridan… Please become friends with them again.”


In the midst of the swirling rainstorm, Clarisse called out to him again and pounded on the wall with her fist.


At that time, Clarisse felt as if the entire wall she was leaning against was shaking.




No way, it’s not going to collapse, right? The moment she raises her head and says that,


A heavy and loud bell began to ring, as if the entire Sheridan was startled and turned upside down.




The reaction of the people who heard the magnificent bell ring four times was divided in half.


‘Is it broken again?’


‘The north wall is in danger.’


Currently, the decision to move the Duke’s troops rests with Brielle, who acts as the Duke’s representative.


The knights immediately reported the situation to her and waited for her decision.


Brielle concluded that when opinions are divided between optimism and pessimism, pessimism should be given strength.


“Madam, please reconsider! You have to be very careful about moving the troops. Wouldn’t it be better to send an advance party and then make a decision? Yes?”


Even though Quentin almost cried, Brielle didn’t change her decision.


Above all, as another owner of Sheridan, she knew very well how many years the servants of the mansion had protected it.


“The Duke is someone who always thinks of the rules first. I believe that if he had heard the bell ring four times, he would have made the same decision. Don’t you think so?”


At her question, Quentin recalled the past.


A long time ago, the bell rang twice in the bell tower.


Even though most people ignored this, Maximilian responded by clearly recalling the warning given by the bell.


‘Even though nothing much happened in the end… But that doesn’t mean our Duke is someone who changes his behavior.’


Quentin was forced to nod.


“That’s right… the Duke is a tight-knit person, so it’s probably true, but there’s no need for even madam to follow his decision. If nothing happened, what would happen to madam’s reputation… Hmm, who will it be?”


Brielle responded firmly to the story he carefully told her.


“Even if that happens, I will accept the criticism as it should be. It’s my own judgment. Oh, and Sir Benson.”


Ahead of his sudden expedition, Benson was covered in animal skin from head to toe.


Without the ducal family’s flag, he would have looked like bandits, but expensive leather clothes that were treated to prevent them from getting wet from the rain were the most suitable clothing for going out in this terrible weather.


“I’m ready, madam.”


“Thank you for listening to my stubbornness. Because it’s so sudden, I can’t give you a proper official appearance, but…”


“That’s not true.” 


Benson smiled and pointed to the window.


“If you just wave your hand out the window, everyone will be happy. Everyone is excited about the fact that they are going out to war with the honor of the Snow Flower Queen on their back.”


“I can’t do that. I will go out and see the knights off until the end.”


Quentin, who had finally given up everything, spoke droopingly.


“Yes, just like Sheridan’s old tradition.”


“That’s right.”


“…I think Madam is becoming more and more like the Duke.”


“And please light the beacon beyond the village. We need to let the Duke know that we are going out.”


“Yes, I understand.”


Quentin hurried forward, and the maid brought Brielle’s raincoat. She tied up her long silver hair herself.


After a while, Sheridan Manor was engulfed in loud cheers from the knights, who were excited by the Duchess’s personal declaration.


Now, a quick march to the north has begun.




[You damn prisoner! You said something so ridiculous that I didn’t have to treat you as my master, so I was so shocked that the bell rang!]


The bell rang four times, and the outer wall screamed.


[Magic power is very precious.]


He didn’t know much about the reasons or principles by which wizards produce magical power.


However, there was a little bit of knowledge that he had vaguely heard over the years of living.


[It accumulates in your heart through a certain organ in your body… What on earth am I explaining?]


He stopped his long story and shouted at Clarisse, who was still leaning her face towards him.


[A, anyway, stop being a fool and go to your room now!]


Just as a cold wind passed by them.


[Without using an umbrella in this weather! And walking around outside without even wearing shoes, there are levels of stupidity!]


But for some reason, Clarisse didn’t move.


[…Hey, prisoner]


Worried, the outer wall called Clarice carefully.


There was no answer.


[N, no way! Hey, inner wall! Wake up! How long are you going to sleep in? Our master is in danger!]


[…What? A snowman melted?]


[How long has it been since it melted! What kind of nonsense are you talking about? Our precious master got swept away by the rain! Do something about it!]


[Whaaat?! Did the snowman get swept away by the rain?]


But the inner wall, who had just woken up, seemed to hardly understand what he was saying.


[I’m going crazy! You just go back to sleep!]




Clarisse finally answered after a long time. However, he was unable to get up from leaning against the wall.


[O, oh. Yeah, have you come to your senses?]




[Is it painful? Yes, it would be because the magic power was lost all at once. Although I am not sure.]






“…I mean it.”


A blood-covered palm slowly stroked his rough surface.


“Now everyone… knows how great the Outer Wall is…”


Clarisse collapsed on the muddy ground without finishing her words.


[Ah really! Are you planning to make me lose my master again?]


Even in such an urgent situation, a bright smile appeared on Clarisse’s lips, as if she had heard the outer wall desperately crying out for her.


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