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“Aha, is it the gravel of the royal capital?”


“No, does Noah think my friend is only gravel?”


“There must be rocks.”


“Yes, rocks are attractive too! But…”


Just then, the meat went up onto the pan with a ‘chiik’ sound.


A fragrant smell wafted through the air, and only after Clarisse swallowed her saliva was she able to reveal the identity of her ‘friend’.


“Prince Valentine has become my friend. Would you like to see him?”


Clarisse took out a piece of paper from her pocket. It looked like she was carrying it in her arms every day.


[If you want to claim that we are friends, I won’t stop you.]


Noah glanced at the letter, which contained a vicious sentence in needlessly elegant handwriting.


“…what on earth is this?”


“When I said I had a cold, the prince sent me a consolation letter.”


“I don’t know where in this letter the intention of consolation is mixed.”


Noah read other sentences as well.


[If you want to be smart like me, you had better pay attention to what you eat. 


Excellent nutrients help brain development, so even that dull brain will become a little smarter and learn at least the common sense of holding an umbrella on a rainy day.]


As expected, there were no words of consolation anywhere.


“He’s a good person, right?”


Noah opened his mouth wide at what Clarisse said with a smile.


To the point where the mask is shaking.


“The prince called me a friend, and even cared about my health and food.”


“T, that’s ridiculous. How can you worry about your friend like this?”


“Then how do you do it?”


Just then, the chef brought us perfectly cooked meat and salad on a warm plate.


One was placed in front of each of the two children, and Noah brought the meal that had been placed in front of Clarisse to him.


“…my meat.”


As Clarisse looked at her plate with a sad face, Noah picked up a fork and knife and quickly cut the meat into bite-size pieces.


“Do you understand? Worrying is like cutting up meat for a friend with an injured hand. Such a bizarre letter is nothing.”


Noah quickly finished cutting the meat and handed the plate back to Clarisse.


“Thank you. But, Noah.”


This time, Clarisse brought Noah’s plate to her.


“I’ve recovered from my pain, so I can do it by myself like this.”


Clarisse cut the meat as skillfully as Noah.


“Look, it’s totally fine, isn’t it?”


She returned the plate to Noah and smiled.


“Good job, anyway.”


Noah answered, glaring slightly at the letter next to Clarisse.


“There is no reason for a girl to cherish that terrible letter. You have a lifelong friend named Noah Sinnet.”


As a token, Noah chose a tasty-looking piece of meat and gave it to Clarisse. 


Sharing delicious meat was a noble act, symbolizing lifelong friendship.


“…I think the prince will also be a lifelong friend.”


“Do you think that guy would cut up meat and share it with his sick friend?”


“That’s right… I don’t think so, for some reason.”


“He’s a terrible person. He is a person who is shameful to have as an enemy rather than a friend.”


Clarisse looked at Noah curiously.


Because it was the first time she had seen him care so much about another person.


He doesn’t usually care much about what other people do, but she’s not sure if he’s interested in Prince Valentine.


“You know…”


Clarisse saw through Noah’s true feelings in this amazing phenomenon.


“Is Noah doing this because you want to be friends with the prince?”


She doesn’t know why, but Noah’s eyes, visible through the mask, were extremely crumpled.


Is he surprised that his heart is revealed?


Or maybe he’s shy.


“Of course the prince will be a great friend to Noah.”


“…There is no need.”


‘I wish we could all become friends. It will be fun,’ Unlike Clarisse, who chewed the meat and said something, Noah didn’t say anything.


* * *


And the next morning.


Clarisse, who woke up early, didn’t wash her face, barely changed her clothes, and raised her hands across the hallway.


Then soon, Sir Benson came before her. 


“You’ll be late. Go ahead.”


He didn’t even ask where Clarisse was going.


It must be because Noah knows that he is leaving at dawn today.


Usually, Noah used to stay at the mansion for three days, but this time, he went back in a day, saying that he was busy with research.


At least he was planning to end it with a written report to the Duke, but he seemed to have deliberately taken the time to come here after hearing that Clarisse was sick. 


“Thank you, Sir.”


Clarisse came down the stairs, the hems of her clothes fluttering.


Of course, the central staircase.


Fortunately, Noah had not left yet and was directly supervising the workers loading the luggage.


“Please put that bag in the carriage. Something inside might break.”




Clarisse opened her arms and hugged him tightly.


“I thought the girl couldn’t get up. Is it okay?”


“I have more energy than any other day.”


Following Noah’s advice, Clarisse decided to drastically reduce the number of times she supplied magical power to the mansion.


Just by doing that, Clarisse seemed to gain more strength than usual.


“And most of all, today… I really wanted to meet Noah today.”


“You’re especially focused today.”


When he pointed out that part, Clarisse was startled and quickly released the arm that held him.


“No, I mean… You came this far because of me. That means I have to see you off!” 


“The girl is lying.”


Noah quickly realized that Clarisse was talking around things.


“That’s not a lie!”


However, Clarisse quickly snatched the situation away because she should never be caught.


“I’m still suspicious, but thank you for coming out like this. I prefer the girl to see me off, too.”


“You know.”


Clarisse smiled and hid her hands behind her back.


“I have a favor to ask Noah.”


“Tell me. I have to leave soon, so I hope it’s not complicated.” 


“It’s not complicated, just call me ‘Clarisse’ and give me a hug.” 




“Very tight.”


“….Why, such a thing.”


“Just because.”


Clarisse shrugged one of her shoulders as if it didn’t mean anything. 


“I just thought it would be nice if Noah did that. As you said yesterday, we are lifelong friends.” 


“It seems like there’s a reason why that hug needs to happen today. Right?”


Noah again asked about ‘today’, and Clarisse flinched without realizing it.


“I, it’s not like that!”


“What day is today?”


“W, what do you mean what day…!”


Clarisse shook her head quickly. 


“Not any day. Absolutely not.”


“I’m sure what special day it is.”


“It’s not! Never mind, Noah doesn’t have to hug me.”


She sulked slightly and turned her head, and Noah came closer and hugged Clarisse tightly.


“…You don’t have to.”


Clarisse mumbled for no reason and held on to the hem of his robe. 


Soon Noah patted her on the back.


For some reason, Clarisse liked the comforting touch, so she quietly rested her face on his soft robe.


“I hope you enjoy your day, Clarisse.”




“Even though it’s not just any special day.”


She nodded her head slightly.


“Thank you, really…I’m happy. I, it’s not just any special day.”




Noah, who was contemplating for a moment, pushed Clarisse’s shoulders slightly, and asked the question again.


“It seems like it’s a special day”


“No way!”


Clarisse screamed and quickly pushed him into the carriage.


“What day is it? Ah… Don’t push people into a carriage! It hurts! Oh, even if I told you not to push me! Be kind to your friends! What day is it today?”


“Really, I told you it’s not like that. Bye, take care! I’ll close the door for you! Yes, go quickly! Bye! See you next month!”


Clarisse showed kindness by forcing Noah into the carriage and then closing the carriage door herself.


Beyond the cat’s mask, she could feel Noah giving her a very suspicious look.


But Clarisse only smiled and waved one hand.


* * *


After Noah left, the sun began to rise, emitting strong sunlight.


On such a day, Rosalie and the maids had to wash the blankets, so they put off arranging the dishes and stamped on the white blankets.


Clarisse also stepped on the blanket.


But she couldn’t do it a few times and had to be lifted out of a huge laundry bin.


“There’s nothing good about the detergent touching a child’s feet.”


Rosalie even washed Clarice’s feet clean so that there was no detergent foam left.


After that, she ate lunch and studied with her tutor. 


It was an ambiguous time around 4 p.m. when the class ended.


Clarisse usually stayed quiet in her room during these times.


The Duke, Duchess, and the officials were busy with work, and the employees were busy preparing dinner, so she decided not to bother them.


But today, for some reason, the Duchess came to see Clarisse.


She’s also wearing light clothes with leather pants and a shirt.


She made Clarisse wear some simple clothes, and they went out into the garden together.  


“Madam, is there anything I can do for you?”


When Clarisse looked up and asked, the Duchess smiled and shook her head. 


“No, but we will have very strict classes from now on.”


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