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After hesitating, he finally muttered, ‘Okay.’




Clarisse quickly raised her hands.


“But for now, I’d better get on with what I was going to say. What do you have to say to me?”




Clarisse secretly hid her hands behind her back.


Actually, she was planning to tell him about the death penalty… but after seeing Noah’s face, all the resolve she had built for a long time disappeared, so she ended up talking about something else.


“You know… I met Alstair Astor a little while ago.”


Noah looked at Clarisse a little suspiciously.


He doesn’t think that’s really what she’s going to say.


But Clarisse didn’t care and continued talking.


“He was a very nice person. He smiled even when I was rude.”


“The girl is rude?”


“That’s… I called him leader.”


“Well, there are already some wizards who call him that, so I wouldn’t say it’s a really rude thing.”


“Then is he really going to be the leader in the future?”


“If the wizard’s jewels choose him.”


“I heard that story too. What on earth is the wizard’s jewel?”


“It’s a magical gem that maintains the castle on top of this cliff. The gem’s main task is to choose who will become the master of this castle… girl.”


Noah, who was explaining, suddenly opened his eyes wide and glared at Clarisse.


“No way, the meaning of that expression,I hope you’re not planning on asking me to help you meet the wizard’s jewel.”


Clarisse flinched and laughed awkwardly.


Gemstones are minerals after all, and if it were a substance that could do such amazing things, it would definitely be able to talk to Clarisse.


“…No, that’s.”


Clarisse quickly explained.


“If we ask the jewel, we will know when it will announce Sir Alstair as the leader.”


“At the same time, the girl’s talent will be widely announced.”


“If we ask very secretly…”


As Noah’s expression became more grim, Clarisse became less stubborn.


“I just…wanted Sir Alstair to be the leader as soon as possible.”


For Noah’s sake.


A little while ago, the rude gray-robed wizard said that it was all thanks to Alstair that Noah stayed here.


So, if he officially becomes the leader and has a stronger influence, wouldn’t he give orders to prevent other wizards from being rude to Noah?


“I hope so too.”


“Uhm, or it would be cool if Noah became the leader. Right?”


Teck. Don’t say that.”




“The wizard leader is the representative of this castle. It requires not only leadership skills but also political sense. This is not a position that a cursed person like me can handle.”


“Maybe there is a solution to what Noah calls a curse if I go to the collapsed golem and talk to the mother’s stone.” 


“That might be possible. But before that, the wizards will want a girl.”


Clarisse paused.


That means war.


“Girl, I like it now.”


Noah played with the white ribbon hanging near her shoulder.


His flowing robes revealed wrists wrapped with the same ribbon.


“I just hope you can live quietly like you do now.”


“But other people to Noah…  It’s upsetting to be treated like that. Maybe I can solve that problem.”


“Obviously, in the past, I thought this curse was terrible.”




“There is still that aspect, but just a little bit… I accepted it.”




“This place is closed, and there are people who are jealous of each other. It’s not a place for someone like a girl.”


Still, she thinks it would be okay if Noah was with her. 


Clarisse thought that way without realizing it, then shook her head gently.


That was an assumption that would be tantamount to betraying Duke Maximilian, who had extended her life until she was eighteen.


She had to be under Sheridan’s protection.


Even if it’s just to keep a promise that is due three years from now.




Clarisse barely answered and smiled at him.


“Ah. And.”


It was fortunate that she had something to report to him.


“I am going to a monastery this winter.”


“Does that mean you’re going to study?”


“Mhm, that’s right. I think it’s an opportunity to get used to the exam.”


“It’s the perfect place for the impatient girl.”


“What do you mean impatient?”


“Am I wrong? The Girl always in a hurry, like there’s no tomorrow.”






“Mhm, well… I’m a bit impatient. Anyway, the situation is like that, so it can be difficult to send and receive letters in the winter.”


Contact is restricted during a stay in the monastery. Mail wagons didn’t come often, and letters were rarely permitted to be exchanged except for the contact of a designated guardian.


It was intended to provide an environment to focus on studying.


“Although I live out of the monastery on the weekends, I think I’ll be staying at Heyden’s villa.”


It was more difficult to send and receive letters at Heyden’s villa than at the monastery.


It’s unknown to her if things would be the same if Noah were an ordinary boy, but he was a wizard.


Since the official relationship between the royal family and the wizards was still strained, it was better to avoid exchanging letters with wizards within the palace.


They might raise suspicions against the wizards because of Noah.


“…I see.”


Noah had a sullen expression, perhaps due to the fact that it was difficult to communicate no matter what.


“How long will you stay in the monastery?”


“I wonder if it will be until summer.”


“Are you not afraid?”


“About what?”


“The Girl hasn’t spent much time with people your own age.”


“That’s true, but…”


Clarisse replied with a big smile.


“Luckily Prince Valentine will come with me.”




Noah looked very surprised.


In fact, such a reaction was natural since it is rare for the Prince of the country to study at a monastery.


“It was the Prince who first suggested that I stay and study at the monastery. It’s surprising, right?”


“Is there no suitable teacher in the royal family?”


“But the prince also wants to get used to the exam atmosphere. More than that.”


Clarisse continued her explanation without noticing Noah’s expression becoming increasingly hard.


“The Prince will also need the experience of living with his peers.”


“I don’t think the Prince would be interested in that.”


“How does Noah know that? Every time I want to introduce him, you just refuse.”




“I’m sure you two will get along well.”


“I’m sorry, but I don’t want to get along with that guy. Girl is enough for me as a friend.”


Clarisse laughed a little because the same answer came back again this time.


She thought they would get along really well.


Clarisse was thinking about how she could make them meet.




After providing Brielle’s blood as a clue to the wizard’s castle, the Duke, Duchess and Clarisse returned to Sheridan.


The wizards told the Duke and Duchess, ‘If you’re lucky, the results will come out soon,’ but since then, there has rarely been any news from the wizard’s castle.


A little more time passed, and one morning, the wind became slightly sharper.


The day came when Clarisse left for the monastery and the Duke and Duchess left for the capital again.


Clarisse woke up early in the morning and the first thing she did was kiss the pebbles.




“Mhm, I slept well. Mallang, too?


After briefly exchanging greetings, Clarisse took off her pajamas and took out the casual clothes that were hanging on the other side of the screen and put them on.


Perhaps because the morning air became cold, the hands of finding and wearing thick clothes became busy.


[Do you sleep well, Clarisse.]


In response to the greeting that came from the inner wall first, Clarisse stretched out one hand and waved beyond the screen.


“Hello! Did anything happen at the mansion last night?”


[Report, it looks like the maid Rosalie’s back has improved a lot. She slept well yesterday without any complaints.]


“The medicine I got from Noah seems to work well. That’s a relief. And what else?”


[Quentin wrote a love letter again. I don’t know who the other person is, but it looks like the mail is going all the way to the capital.]


“I hope he gets a reply this time. Uncle Quentin is a really nice guy, but it’s surprising that he doesn’t find a lover.”


His loneliness has reached the point where he doesn’t even open the window on wedding days in town.


Clarisse, who had finished changing, came out of the screen and opened the window.


“Is there anything going on outside the northern wall or in the village?”


Now the outer wall told her the answer.


[It seems that monsters are also staying far away from the castle walls this year. There are two reports about the village. One is that the murals in front of the general store building were finally cleaned last night!]


The outer wall was a little flattered.


Buildings took great pride in having children’s drawings on their walls, so the outer walls were always envious of the general store building that boasted beautiful drawings.


However, it seems that adults have finally stepped up and erased all of the children’s paintings.


Even though the village children might be sad, the outer wall was enjoying it with a grumpy laugh.


[Speaking of buildings with roofs, they should be ashamed of themselves for not being able to protect their child’s cute drawings!]


At this point, Clarisse felt somewhat sorry for the village children and the general store, so she decided to move on to the next story.


“And what about the second report?”


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