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When the woman who was reading a book raised her head and called out, Clarisse took a step toward her. 


She had many things to say.


Not only did she want to talk about what had happened at the monastery, but she also wanted to talk about her encounter with the strange Abington a little while ago.


‘And most of all.’


Also about the Marchioness, who said she was from Grezekaia.


“Did you have a good time?” 


When there were about ten steps left, Brielle asked a question first.


Clarisse smiled happily and tried to answer, ‘Yes!’


She was really going to do that…


[It’s Cici! As expected, Clari does Cici’s expedition! We found Cici! Take off the sound, gather moss!]


The brooch I was holding in my hand suddenly screamed with excitement, causing me to freeze in my spot for a moment. 


‘What are you talking about all of a sudden…’


Even as she looked down at her hands in embarrassment, Jewel’s happy cries continued. 


[Cici, you grew up a lot, didn’t you? Did you eat a lot of meat? Well done, well done!]




Clarisse had forgotten that Brielle was in front of her and she was trying to say, ‘She’s not Madam’s Cici.’ 


“What do you mean by no?! Clarisse, what happened?”


“…I, it’s not like that!” 


Clarisse quickly hid the hand holding the jewel brooch behind her back and quickly shook her head.


“Only good things happened today.”


Taking a moment to pause, Clarisse thought about what the jewel said a moment ago…


[Clari, don’t hold on too tightly! I can’t see Cici. I want to see Cici! Cici, Cici!]


…she wanted to, but it was too noisy.


[Cici, Cici!]


To the point where she can’t even understand the situation. 


“Clarisse, are you sure you’re okay?” 


Because the Duchess was worried again, Clarisse quickly answered. 


“Of course! The Marchioness was very kind to me. She told me that she was also from Grezekaia and that she wanted to be close to me from now on.” 


It was an exciting story that should have been explained in about five minutes…


Clarisse felt hopeless in this situation, where she had no choice but to explain today’s wonderful meeting. 


“I see. Next time I will visit the Marchioness and formally greet her…”


[Clari! I can’t see! Hwaaa! Cici, Cici!]


“M, Madam! I forgot I had an assignment!”


“Yes? Do you have assignments at the monastery?” 


“Ah… Yes, this is self-tasking. Is it okay if I do my homework first before dinner?” 


Clarisse took a step back and smiled awkwardly.


“It’s fine, but… Clarisse, you don’t look good. You’re not sick anywhere, are you?”


“There’s no way! It’s just too loud…no.” 


“Is it loud? Here?”


“No! My heart is screaming that I can’t wait to do my homework! I, I’m going to do a homework expedition! No…!” 




“Ah, really. Excuse me. I’m really sorry!” 


Clarisse ran out of the study without even saying a proper greeting.


‘This is why I sometimes get in trouble when I wear clothes without pockets.’


Since there was no other place to put the brooch, Clarisse had to listen to Jewel’s passionate cries for Cici.


Clarisse ran into the room, and as soon as she arrived, she placed the brooch down on the bed. 




Her mind finally became quiet.


It’s been a long time since she has seen a stone roll this loudly. 


Clarisse rubbed her head with her fingers because she had a headache. She then sat down in front of her luggage, took out the Mallang, and kissed it. 


She had something to ask.


“You know, Mallang.”




However, Mallang’s priority was to look at the brooch grimly rather than Clarisse’s call.


It seems like he heard that loud noise that Clarisse heard a little while ago.


“Sorry, it’s… a little noisy friend, right?” 


“Coh? (Friends?)”




“Coh! (Where did you pick up that nasty thing again!)”


Mallang jumped, lifted the brooch, threw it into Clarisse’s luggage, and locked it tightly. 


“Coh! (Be quiet; I don’t do expeditions! There’s no moss!) ” 


Mallang jumped up and down on the luggage bag a few times, then shook its hands and came back in front of Clarisse.




“T, the circumstances…” 


Clarisse glanced at her bag with an anxious look on her face.




“Ah, it means you fell asleep. Actually, if you scream like that, no gem will be able to stay awake for long.”


Mallang, who had climbed on the back of Clarisse’s hand through the knee, gave her a pouting face.


It is asking for an explanation.


Clarisse had no choice but to explain the events leading up to meeting the brooch.




“I can’t give it back. Madam gave it to me with all her heart.” 


Although she didn’t know that that warm feeling would spread into ‘noise.’ 


Clarisse looked at the tightly closed bag for a moment, then got up from her seat holding Mallang and flopped onto the bed.


At the same time, Mallang, who had fallen from her hand, raised its head snugly among her pink hair.






“You know, this is just in case.”


Mallang nodded. Mallang is telling her to say it quickly.


“If you were to meet me again after being separated for a very long time, would you recognize me?”




Unlike Clarisse, who asked the question very carefully, Mallang gave the answer ‘Of course.’ so simply that it seemed pointless.


“But what if… we parted ways when I was very young, around 4 years old? And what if I didn’t meet you until I was an adult?”




“What do you mean no problem? How can that be? I must have looked very different.”


Mallang ran over and bumped its hard head into Clarisse’s nose.






“It’s not that I don’t believe it…That’s, you know. As you get older, not only your height but also your facial features and voice change. But you still.. think you can recognize me at a glance?”




Mallang nodded again.




When asked again, Mallang thought for a moment and then answered while looking straight into her eyes. 


“Coh. (Because Clarisse is the most adorable human in the world.)”




The sudden, embarrassing praise made Clarisse’s cheeks turn bright red right away.


“Coh! (Don’t be embarrassed by something obvious!)”


However, even Mallang, who said that, was struggling with his whole body buried in the bedding.


“…You are probably the only person in this world who thinks of me like that.”


Clarisse smiled slightly, stroking the shy Mallang. 


“Thank you.”




Clarisse laid down, looking up at the ceiling once more.


In fact, when Brooch first called the Duchess “Cici,” Clarisse was just surprised.


But after she left the study and thought about it, she realized that there might be some possibility. 


There were some things they had in common, like the fact that they both had beautiful silver hair and soft eyes.


‘If that’s true, wouldn’t this be a problem that would be solved naturally without me having to step forward?’


Those two people have both requested blood relatives testing from the Wizards to find their families.


So, there was only one problem.


Will the results arrive within a week?


* * *


That evening.


Maximilian returned home just before dinner, so Clarisse went out to meet him.


“Welcome back, Duke.”




He then began to look at her with his observing eyes.


“Did you eat every day? Do you get hurt somewhere? I think the monastery’s awful chairs must have been uncomfortable.”


As someone with the responsibility of a prison guardian, it was natural for him to be curious about Clarisse’s life.


So Clarisse faithfully reported the questions he asked.


“I always ate meals on time. Fortunately, there was no pain or injury. And I got used to the chairs in the monastery.”


“That damn chair…”


It seemed like he was worried that Clarisse’s back health would be threatened.


‘Right… They say the waist is the pillar of the body.’


Clarisse didn’t want to go up to the execution site with her body broken by the pillar, so she decided to reassure him.


“Please don’t worry. I’m also exercising hard.”


However, Maximilian did not look relieved.


Clarisse felt like she needed to work harder at her workouts.


“Ah, that’s right! You know.” 


Clarisse was planning to tell the Duke about the special meeting that happened today.


Above all, she met someone related to Grezekaia, so she was obliged to report it.


But before she could start telling her story, a servant came to visit.


She placed one of her letters on a silver tray.


When Maximilian accepted the letter, the servant withdrew.




Once more, they were left alone, and Clarisse was unable to continue telling the story of the Marchioness.


This is because Maximilian’s expression as he looked at the letter was very serious. 


Is it a bad letter?


While Clarisse was worried, he raised his head and spoke calmly.


“The Wizards sent us the blood test results.”

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