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Then the answer came back, as if she were surprised.


Clarisse didn’t seem to expect him to be outside. 


“What should I do if you’re outside when it’s snowing? What are you going to do if you catch a cold?”


“Don’t you know I don’t catch a cold?”


“But I’m still worried.”


“I couldn’t stay still in the room.”


Noah reached out again.


Soon Clarisse’s hand came up above it…


Compared to his hands, it was so small and thin that it looked amazing.


He can’t believe she studies and sweeps with those little hands. 


No, it was more lovely than anything.




Clarisse got out of the carriage while holding him and looked around at him under the same umbrella.


The wind blew, and her long hair swayed.


For some reason, it made him think of the time he held Clarisse’s waist in his hands, and his heart sank again. 


It’s so intense that the herbs he has eaten so much are overshadowed. 


“It was Noah who sent the light to the side of the wagon, right?”


He barely nodded because he couldn’t speak.


“Thank you; it was actually a little dark because the lamp was broken. But suddenly, the surroundings became brighter, and everyone was surprised. Everyone seemed confused, so I told them.”


Clarisse, who had swept away her hair, a little tangled by the wind, continued.


“Noah is protecting us.”




“Am I right?”


Noah couldn’t help but nod as she smiled brightly while still holding his hand.


When he thought about it, the only person he wanted to protect by sending light was Clarisse.


Indeed, he couldn’t think of anyone but her.


“Thank you, Noah.”


“No. I.”


Noah somehow felt sorry to receive that pretty thank you.


He sent a light because—.


“I just wanted to meet Girl sooner.”


It was because of his greed.


He desperately…wants Clarisse.




Noah was thoughtlessly surprised at the words ‘want’.


He felt embarrassed, as if he had discovered something embarrassing that had been hidden for a long time.


Because this ‘want’ of his must have been mixed with a vulgar desire that couldn’t even be imagined between friends.


He quickly tried to forget this terrible ‘want’.


Because he didn’t want to betray his friend, who had first accepted him wholeheartedly in this way.


Above all, there would be no human anywhere who would want to become the object of this monster’s desire.




But as soon as he heard her clear voice calling him….




He couldn’t contain my unresolved feelings, and they suddenly swelled up on their own. Now it’s so big that he can’t hide it anywhere. 


So now he couldn’t help but admit it.


That he himself was full of deep sin.


When Noah lowered his head in gloom, Valentine jumped out of the carriage and came under Noah’s umbrella.


“Oh really, why is there so much snow? It’s disgusting, really.”


In an instant, the umbrella cramped underneath.


“…It’s uncomfortable, Valentine.”


In response to what Noah said while glaring, Valentine lifted his chin and answered shamelessly. 


“You should have brought a bigger umbrella. It’s uncomfortable for me too, hey.”


Even though he said so, he did not accept the servant’s kindness in handing him a new umbrella and ordered him to go back.


Judging by the way they were grinning, it seemed like the three of them were having fun together like this.


When the carriage left, Noah replied with a sigh.


“Before you complain about the umbrella, how about thanking the person who came to pick you up?”


“You didn’t come here thinking of me?”


In contrast to his mischievous voice, Valentine’s eyes, looking back at Noah, were filled with deep caution.


The meaning mixed with this…


Noah couldn’t easily give an answer because he understood it to the point that his heart ached.


Valentine must have known the feeling of silence. His gaze deepened.


As expected, would it have been better for Noah and Valentine not to have met?


They think the reason he realized these feelings was probably because of each other’s presence.




A faint coughing sound was heard among them.


Surprised, their eyes were all down.


Clarisse, who was taking turns looking at them in the middle, was coughing with her mouth covered.


“Hey, hey! Get in there. Huh?”


Noah quickly turned Clarisse’s shoulder around and headed towards the entrance of the monastery.


“Good idea, hurry up.”


They gathered together and quickly drove Clarisse to the monastery. They were all crammed together under the narrow umbrella.


Perhaps because it was uncomfortable to walk because their bodies were so close to each other, Clarisse looked tearful.


“…I think it would be more convenient for me to just go without an umbrella.”


“How can you say that when you cough?”


“But it’s still uncomfortable to walk.”


“Forming in groups is the wisdom of animals avoiding the cold.”


“That’s, it’s warm when we’re all together like this, but.”


Clarisse still turned her head back and looked at them as if she were uncomfortable.


“Well, even if it’s uncomfortable, I just have to endure it for a little while, so I guess it’ll be okay?”


“Is this okay? I mean, be thankful for our friendship that blocks the wind for you, who are the size of a pebble!”


But at that moment, the wind seemed to have listened to Valentine’s words and blew strongly, completely overturning Noah’s umbrella.








The three people, who were hit by the wind all over their bodies, screamed, and each started running towards the entrance of the monastery.


Now that it has happened, the only way left is to go separately.


In front of the front door, where he arrived frantically, Noah gasped and looked back at the snowy landscape.


The footprints of three people were heading in the same direction along the white-covered road.


No one went anywhere else, and no one went alone.


They all came all the way here together.


“Isn’t it pretty?”


Was he looking at something like that?


Noah nodded softly when Clarisse approached him.


The scenery, where no one was lonely, felt quite beautiful.


“Hey, I’m freezing to death. Close the door!”


Valentine, who had already entered the entrance, made an urgent sound.


“Let’s go in, Noah.”


At that moment, Clarisse grabbed his wrist and led him into the monastery.


Noah looked at the small hand holding him in surprise, then smiled and followed her quietly.


It was itchy for some reason.




The priests at the monastery have only just begun to sweep the snow that has suddenly fallen.


Noah and Valentine offered to help them, so Clarisse headed to the study room alone. (Actually, Clarisse also wanted to help the priests, but she coughed a few times and was forced to return to her room.) 


This is because when returning from a weekend outing or a night out, one had to write down the time and name in the entry book. 


The entry list was usually placed near the entrance to the study room from early Saturday morning, so anyone could write it down freely.


‘Oh, it’s cold.’ Clarisse said, shivering as she opened the door to the study room with hesitant steps.


There were test takers who stayed in their seats and studied even on Sunday evening.


Eugenie was among them, so Clarisse quickly waved one of her hands.


She nodded appropriately and responded to the greeting. Thankfully.


If things continue like this, won’t she really be able to make friends of the same gender?


Clarisse stood in front of the table where the entry register was kept, her heart pounding.


“A, are you here now?”


Then Abington, who was sitting right next to the list, said something that was similar to a greeting.


“Oh… yes. It took a while because it snowed.”


First of all, Clarisse kindly gave the answer. There’s no reason to fight him. 


“Uh… Well, I’m glad you arrived safely. Miss Grezekaia’s name is… Ah, you can sign on this side. The time is this way.” 


He kindly found Clarisse’s name and took out his pocket watch to show her the current time. 


Clarisse was very grateful for his kindness.


She’s thankful, but…


‘It looks like he’s enduring humiliation again.’


Moreover, it now seemed as if a pitch-black aura was emitting from above his head.


After writing down her name in the place he indicated, Clarisse put down the pen and asked Abington a question in a low voice. 


“Mr. Belleville, if you were being threatened, would you please slightly raise your right hand?”


“W, what are you…! A, am I supposed to be that shameless to be friends with you under someone’s orders?”


She thought so. 


But when she saw Abington denying it with a pale face, she didn’t feel like asking anything more.


“Okay, okay. See you tomorrow then?”




He nodded, feeling a little proud at the ordinary greeting Clarisse gave him. 


He seemed to think his efforts had paid off.


“See you again tomorrow.”


Clarisse nodded moderately and left the study room.


Abington, who was looking at Clarisse’s back, let out a sigh of relief and slumped down on the desk.


“Oh, really, I thought I was caught…”


After lying on his stomach for a long time, he jumped to his feet.


“This is not the time.”


He took out a white piece of paper from his bag and quickly started using the pen.


[Your Majesty Queen that I respect, I have finally begun to share a true friendship with Miss Grezekaia.]


He had to tell her this good news quickly.




The star of the Count of Bexley, a woman born to become the perfect queen.


Devina Saphers.


As the eldest daughter of the Count of Bexley, she took on the family’s mission as soon as she was born.


She’s the child who will become queen in the future.


The Count and Countess made all the sacrifices to make her queen.


And as expected, it was the same for Devina.


She had to learn a lot of different kinds of culture and knowledge from a very young age because she was going to be a queen.


Even on days when she cried and said she didn’t want to study, she was beaten until her butt was swollen, and she had to persevere in completing the assigned amount.


At the same time, efforts were needed to create an appearance suitable for the position of queen.


Sometimes the Countess even placed a needle under her chin. She said she needed to practice lifting her chin straight.


There were times when she had to stand upright with a board tied to her back to prevent it from bending.


Was it thanks to this great effort? Even the sky must be on her side.


Despite all her efforts, she was unable to obtain the position of fiancée of the royal eldest son, as the late king gave it to the Marquis of Curno.


Unfortunately, that child happened to go missing.



(t/n : Our cute Clarisse.)

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