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Author: alyalia

Raindrops fell relentlessly on the stained glass engraved with divine water, once a symbol of the empire. The dark clouds that filled the sky swelled up as if they were angry, and the rain hit with a chilling force.


However, unlike the unpleasantly damp weather, colorful lights were shining in the banquet hall. The nobles gracefully titled their crystals-like wine glasses without even imagining what would soon happen to them.


Just in time, as if there was a crack in the sky, flash, and lightning struck. At the same time, a loud roar hit their eyes, enough to make them frown.






Eyes mixed with fear, along with screams, turned toward the lightning-struck entrance. It was when the nobles opened their mouths like frightened carp.


As if it had been set in advance, the silence where everyone was silent, the sound of someone’s shoes echoed quietly. Everyone’s eyes turned towards it. In the midst of fog-like dust of broken marble, someone was walking confidently. And when her face was fully revealed.




“How can you…!”




Different emotions were fiercely shown. Some were surprised as if they had seen a dead person, while others were as if they were seeing their first love. The imposing gait stopped slowly in front of them, who were so surprised that their mouths were pouting stupidly.


“Lobelia, Honey, what happened? Huh?” Endimion approached Lobelia with a surprised face.


“All of a sudden, how can…” Despite being surprised, his eyes were desperate, as if he was looking at his beloved lover.


“Ha…” A cold sneer flowed from Lobelia’s lips at the sight of his attitude of unknowing the shame.




One of her eyebrows twitched slowly as if this situation was ridiculous. No matter how much she thought over and over again at this moment, she never thought he would call her ‘honey’ like that in such a crowded place with his wife next to him. What do you mean by Honey? It wasn’t even funny.


“No way, did you can’t remember again? What happened, Lia? Please explain it to me.”


His voice towards Lobelia was so sweet. Still, it was heinous enough, which made her almost vomit. From the tip of her neck, a harsh curse tickled her neck as if to let it come out. Lobelia swallowed the curse and looked emotionlessly at Endimion, who grabbed her wrist as if pleading.


When no answer came back from her, he hurried on. “Why did you come here all of a sudden… Ah, don’t tell me, it’s because of Merilly? Merilly… Merilly is fine.”


Her pupils shrank like a beast at the mention of the name ‘Merilly.’




In the warm emerald eyes, there was a chill that didn’t suit being there. Clenched her teeth tightly, Lobelia growled as if she would grab Endimion by the collar.


“Did you just stand and watch by the side again?”


“What? What do you mean, Lia? There’s no way I’d only stand by side when it’s about my daughter, whom I love.”


At his words, his head slowly looked around. Where else did Merilly go? She was nowhere to be seen in the banquet hall.


“I see. You didn’t know anything. What food that kid eats? What dress she wears!”


“I don’t know what you’re talking about…” Endimion blinked his eyes stupidly.


Once upon a time, she loved a man like that. Under the name of love, she thought he was sweet, kind, and loved her. But now, she wanted to erase all of her past that she had foolishly been tricked into.


Lobelia held his chin softly as if she was about to kiss him. “Not knowing that,” and she finished her words as she roughly let go of his chin. “Is your fault, Endimion.”


“How dare you say it in this place!”


After passing Endimion, who was frozen as if he had been slapped on the cheek, she made her way to his mother, Kriella, who was screaming.


“Without dignity. Keep your voice down. Anyone who sees it will think you hosted this.”


“You! How dare a commoner…”


“A commoner!” Like a tiger’s roar, a loud shout instantly shook the chaotic venue. It was none other than Duke Gracie, the banquet host, and Friniel, the emperor of the Tiazen Empire. 


Friniel stepped into the hall with Duke Gracie, fluttering his splendid golden hair. The sound of their angry footsteps headed toward the commotion. Every time the emperor and duke walked, everyone’s heads bowed.


Duke Gracie, who finally arrived at the epicenter of the commotion, asked in a threatening low voice. “Since when did Marquis Hamilton be able to ignore the Gracie family?”


“D-Duke. I’m just… to that commoner woman…!”


“You dare.” Instantly, Frinel’s eyes changed. “To my sweetheart.” His face, which had been full of laughter, crumpled coldly.


“What did he just say…?”


“H-His Majesty’s lover…? That commoner woman…!”


“The lost granddaughter of the Duke of Gracie.”


“Let me introduce you to my sweetheart… Princess Lobelia Elland Gracie.” In line with Frinel’s introduction, Lobelia stepped forward with a confident smile. Their eyes, mixed with doubts, were hidden for a moment, and thunderous applause poured toward her.


Frinel reached out to Lobelia with a radiant smile. Amidst the storm of the majestic sound, she gently placed her hand in his and raised the corners of her mouth in satisfaction.


Now was the time to punish those scumbags completely. Endimion En Hamilton, the scum who lived in two houses, and Kriella, who took her child from her. Then… Lobelia’s gaze turned to the woman staring at her from the side of Kriella.


“How… How can you…”


Marchioness Hamilton, Magorit, brutally abused her daughter, who was precious like a treasure, as if it wasn’t enough to trample on her plea and kill her.


With a crackling sound like a spark, blue demonic energy flashed around Lobelia’s body. “Right now…” She took a step forward to Magorit, who was trembling.


“Bring my daughter, Magorit…!” Her angry voice poured out her resentment as if she would eat her at any moment. At the same time, all the windows surrounding the banquet hall were shattered.




Ignoring the people’s screams, Lobelia breathed heavily and glared at them as if she was going to kill them. All that was left in her was sheer evil.


⚜ ⚜ ⚜

It was five years ago.


“Lia, honey.”


In a low but kind voice, my eyes slowly opened. The sun’s rays peeking through my eyes made my brow furrow involuntarily.


“Uumm…” My lips, not yet out from my sleep, murmured a cute sleep talk.


Endrew looked at me lovingly and gently swept my pearl-like shiny hair. “Have breakfast. I’ve set it up for you.”




“Yes. Wake up.”


He took my hand and slowly raised me up. I smiled bashfully at his kind touch as if he were handling a precious treasure.


“Let’s see… how delicious it is.”


I headed to the table, feeling Endrew’s warm hand wrapped around me. Thick yogurt with crushed blueberries, raspberries and herbs, and toast topped with cream cheese were prepared on the table.


“It looks pretty, Endrew.”


“It must taste pretty good too. Now, sit down.”


Endrew personally pulled out to the chair and pushed the yogurt-filled bowl all the way like a bartender. I scooped up the white yogurt full of berries with a wooden spoon. Sweet and sour taste exploded like fireworks in my mouth, creating a feast. Her cheeks blushed, and she exclaimed. “Hmm! It’s so delicious.”




Watching me popping berries in her mouth, Endrew raised the corners of his mouth in satisfaction. Then, as if he remembered something, he opened his mouth. “By the way.”




“Three years ago, how did you save my life?”


“…You mean the day we first met?” For some reason, my voice sank.


In the deep forest, I found Endrew lying on the ground, bleeding, and I treated his wound with all my heart while he fainted. And as if it was fate, we fell in love and even had a wedding in a small church. That was already three years ago.


“I told you. How I lived before that.”


“Um… that’s right. You said you studied herbalism, right?”


I touched the pendant with a blue jewel around her neck and replied as if I didn’t care. “Yes. My deceased mother taught me. I wouldn’t have saved you if I hadn’t even studied herbalism.”


“I see. It’s all thanks to you. If it wasn’t for you, I’d definitely be dead.”


Endrew folded his eyes and smiled, pushing a piece of toast to my mouth.


“I’m not even a baby. I can eat by myself.”


“Why are you so lovely when you’re not a baby?”


“Endrew too.”


“Come on, say ah, Honey.”


How could I fall in love with such a man like a miracle? I bit off the toast he held out while laughing. With a crunch, the cream cheese gently wrapped around my tongue.


“Hmm?” At that moment, my head tilted curiously.


“Why? Does it taste bad?”


“No, it’s not like that…”


It tasted so perfect that I could definitely feel the ecstasy. Even if the sweet and soft cheese taste was second to none, the refreshing lemon scent neatly captured the tip of her tongue. I took a closer look at the cream cheese on the toast. Sure enough, the cream cheese had lemon zest twinkling like a star.


“There’s lemon mixed in the cheese.”


What’s wrong with lemon zest mixed in cream cheese? My concern was because of the current price of lemon.


Last summer, a series of natural disasters in the South made headlines. Unfortunately, the South was an area where various crops were evenly grown. As a result, prices of vegetables, fruits, milk, and meat skyrocketed, making commoners’ lives deteriorate more and more.




The price of fruit went up like that, and cream cheese with lemon must have been expensive.


At my words, Endrew’s complexion also gradually darkened.


As expected, he’s overdoing it again. I lowered my eyebrows, rose from my seat, and cupped his cheek.


“I told you, Endrew. Don’t overdo it.”


Cream cheese or yogurt alone was pretty good for commoners to eat. However, all of this was gained through Endrew’s sacrifice.


“You still work all night almost twice every three days.”


It was insanely heartbreaking for my loving husband to work two nights out of three days. However, Endrew answered calmly without losing his smile.


“This is fine. For you, Lobelia and Merilly…”




“Oh, Merilly.”


Just in time, Merilly, who had just begun to walk after a year had just passed, toddled toward us. Endrew lifted the baby up in his arms with eyes full of love.


“Did you sleep well, Merilly?”




Merilly, who had just begun to babble words she didn’t understand, was like a crystallization of loveliness. Her silver hair, which perfectly resembled Endrew, fluttered gently like a melted moonlight. Her eyes glistened like emeralds, just like mine.


I looked alternately at Endrew and Merilly, then smiled. Throughout my life so far, I can confidently say that I am happiest right now.


I wandered from place to place with my mother during my childhood for some reason. Because of that, my dream was simply to make a family and settle down in one place.


A sweet and kind husband that I wonder if there was any husband like this, and a lovely baby. What more could I want and need? Except for worrying that Endrew overdoing it, I was perfectly happy. Looking at him and Merilly made me smile brightly.


It seemed that this happiness would last forever until the moment I returned to heaven. Yes, I thought so. Until I realized the truth of happiness around her was a coincidence, just like the day I first met him. 


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