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Having barely escaped from the mud, Kriella first filled her hunger with the food inside the villa. Then, she went to the bustling area, exchanged her jewelry for a carriage hire, and finally managed to reach the Hamilton March.


“You, because of you…!”


“Because of me?”


Scanning Kriella’s disheveled appearance from top to bottom, I burst into laughter. “If you hadn’t done bad things in the first place, none of this would have happened. Why blame others?”


“Do you even know what I went through!”


“What’s there to know? Idiot.”




“Shut up. The kids are sleeping.” I flashed a fierce look.


Kriella clenched her fists, trembling. Normally, she would have slapped or grabbed Lobelia’s hair right away, but since she had been humiliated by Lobelia before, she hesitated to make a move.


“Daring to speak against a noble…!”


She barely managed to blabber.


“Aren’t you tired of that repertoire? It almost makes me yawn.” I deliberately yawned exaggeratedly, responding with ease.


“Shut up!”


“And go look in the mirror. Anyone can see you don’t look like a high noble, Big Madam.”


At that, Kriella glanced back and forth between her and me, bewildered. “In the name of the Hamilton family, I will expel you right now…”


It didn’t matter anyway. Lobelia was bound to be thrown out of this mansion today.


“I’ll have you thrown out—”




Cutting her off, I called Chelsea with utmost elegance. Chelsea hurried over and bowed beside me.


“Yes, Madam.”


Despite a shudder at the sight of Kriella, Chelsea quickly regained composure and stood firm.


“Who are you calling Madam!”


“This person here is the current hostess of the Hamilton March.” Despite Kriella’s protest, Chelsea did not back down and firmly added. “Grandmother.”






At that, I couldn’t help but burst into laughter. Well, if anyone held a grudge against Kriella, it was Chelsea who had served by her side the longest.




“How dare you call my name!”


“You know you can’t do anything with your power against me.”


I stifle my laughter, looking directly into her eyes. “Since you’ve returned like this, I’ll give you a chance.”


“A chance?”


Kriella’s head perked up, albeit reluctantly knowing her position wasn’t to boast at this moment. No matter what she told Endimion about her ordeal, she couldn’t guarantee her son, crazed for women, would believe her. So, the best course for now was to show submission to Lobelia.


“…Alright, give me that chance.” She suppressed her anger and held her nose high. It was a very confident attitude for someone who asked for a chance, but there was desperation in her eyes.


I openly scoffed at Kriella, still acting high and mighty. “Ha…!”


And slowly parted my lips. “Kneel and beg.”


“…What?” Her eyes fluttered in shock.


I continued calmly. “Kneel, clasp your hands, and earnestly beg, bowing your head.”


“What are you…!”


“Of course, not just to me but in front of all the servants of this mansion.”




It was absurd. How could a lady of a noble house kneel and bow her head in front of commoners?


“Rather, I will ask for your forgiveness.”


“No. The apology isn’t meant for me alone, is it?”




“Then, let me ask Endimion to allow you to attend the Gracie family’s banquet tomorrow in your best shape.”


“There’s a banquet…?”


Kriella’s lips momentarily curved upwards. After all, no matter how high and mighty she was, a commoner was still a commoner. Sending her to the banquet was akin to telling her to bring back her allies.


“Yes. It’s a debutante ball.”


“…I see. I…”


Having been confined for a long time and even buried underground, it was natural for her to lose track of time.




Pretending to be pitiful, she made a sorrowful face and stood in the middle of the lobby. Her teeth clenched involuntarily, but now was the time to appear pitiable. There’s a saying about a strategic retreat, after all.


Kriella exaggeratedly trembled her body and slowly knelt down. “Sorry. Sorry everyone…”


“Who apologizes like that? Do it properly. Use formal language.”


Such a crazy thing. Shock spread across her gaze. But there was nothing she could do about it. She had to follow the instructions.


“I’m sor…”


“Apologize. You should say apologize. Didn’t you learn manners?”


“…I apologize…” Her nails dug into the marble floor as she clung to the ground.


I went further and gathered all the servants in the lobby. Then, as if I was hosting the event, I announced brightly. “Now, everyone. Vent your frustrations as much as you want. Today, it’s allowed. But only to the extent of what you’ve endured. No more than that.”


“…What are you saying now? Enough, Lobelia!”


“This way, the pent-up frustration in your hearts can be relieved.”


I whispered softly into Kriella’s ear. “Do you want to be buried alive again?”


“…You knew?!”


“Of course. I thought you were dead. To think you crawled out from that ground. Truly remarkable, aren’t you?” I smiled brightly.


I had already been informed by Phil and knew everything. I even had planned to visit when it was all over, not expecting her to crawl out from the ground. Her vitality was indeed comparable to that of a cockroach. But it didn’t matter. The ending awaiting them was the same.


A bad ending. My lips curled up in a sinister smile.


“Promise me. The revenge you suffer today will not be retaliated.”


“…Really? If I do as you say, will you send me to tomorrow’s banquet?”


“I keep my promises. Unlike someone, I don’t lie, so don’t worry.”


“…I understand. Whatever they do to me today, I absolutely—”


Kriella was about to continue when someone poured dirty water over her head with a swoosh.




“Three years ago, you did this to me!”


“I don’t remem—”


“Kriella. You should apologize, right?”


As if coaching her, I softly prompted her.


“…Ugh, I apologize.” Eventually, Kriella, with her head bowed low, forced out the words of apology.


Once one person opened the floodgates, the servants began to release their pent-up grievances.


“You hit me with a fist back then!”


“You stepped on my head with your foot!”


“You deliberately crushed my hand!”


“You threw a glass at me!”


The people’s anger exploded towards her.




Watching the powerless Kriella, my expression turned cold. Without her ‘high noble’ status, she was nothing. Stripped of her fancy dresses and jewels, she was no different from a commoner. If only she realized this.  But realizing now wouldn’t change anything.


After watching Kriella get beaten for a while, I gracefully raised my hand. Like well-behaved children, the servants immediately stopped.


“Now, it’s over.”


Gasp, gasp…


“Did everyone feel a bit relieved?”


No answer came back, but their faces seemed refreshed as if they had let go of their bottled-up grievances. Watching the servants, I clapped my hands.


“Then let’s return to normal. Chelsea, please prepare Kriella’s meal and bathwater. She can’t attend tomorrow’s banquet looking like a rag.”


“Who says…! I can stand up right now!” 


Kriella struggled to get up, fighting until the end. But now everything is over. Tomorrow, she would make sure to cut off the heads of Lobelia and those insolent people. With murderous intent barely concealed, she glared like a beast.


“Then you must be tired. Take a rest.”


Pretending not to notice her murderous intent, I waved slightly to Kriella, who was limping towards the bath. This would be her last time enjoying a bath and delicious food in such a large mansion.


Enjoy your last supper.




Finally, it was tomorrow. I watched Kriella’s back disappear, smiling blissfully and beautifully.

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