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It wasn’t even funny. The lies of the young ladies were the cause of the annihilation of the great Shinsu clan. I smiled and turned the pages of the diary.


[They framed a woman of the Shinsu clan as a thief because the woman of the Shinsu clan was treated better than them. The foolish young emperor, who was afraid of the power of the Shinsu, took advantage of the incident to take the Shinsu clan hostage.]


“…He fed them the poison, which they had to take antidotes daily to stay alive.”


Reading the last paragraph aloud, I covered the diary with a bang. After all, I could tell without even reading it. Not all members of the Shinsu clan have strong powers, so it would have been easy to kill them if they had been poisoned. Perhaps that’s why Frinel’s expression darkened when he heard that I belonged to the Shinsu clan. Although he wasn’t involved, he is from the same imperial family, so he would have known about the real situation.


How did my mother survive? Did she know how to make an antidote? No, in that case, she would have saved everyone and attacked the emperor. I got up from the desk and wandered around the room.


When I was young, my mother didn’t tell me much about her past; she just wandered around with me in the forest. All I knew was that my mother had a loved one, my father, and she was a descendant of the ‘Shinsu clan.’


If by chance, only my mother didn’t eat the poison and ran away on the day the Shinsu clan all died… Then I could sort things out roughly.


Anyway… My emerald eyes glistened. In any case, I had one more reason to take revenge on Kriella. Moreover, my target had increased. The current empress, Patricia, and the emperor.


I had already learned the truth, but the situation didn’t change. Even if I am still consumed in anger, I’m still powerless. I was proud of my magical powers, but I could be beaten like the annihilated clan members if I didn’t get myself together.


I will never lose.


Just by looking at the diary, I could feel how much the Shinsu clan loved humans. They loved the empire and considered it an honor to defend it. Even though they were poisoned, they didn’t even think of attacking the emperor. They were extremely good beings. But I was different.


My gaze turned to the rising moon. I won’t hit them like they did. Rather…


Looking at the cold moonlight, I pressed down my lips.


I will become eviler than them.  


I was trying to press this desire as I thought about Merilly, but the only last fragment of my pure kindness was shining weakly in my heart.


⚜ ⚜ ⚜

After hearing about Lobelia’s past, several days have passed. Frinel, who returned to the capital for a while because he had something to organize, stared blankly out of the window.


She has been married once… She also has a daughter.


Deep in thought, he rested his chin and ticked the quill in his hand.


Fearless, audacious, and good at disregarding others.


Just in time, Alter knocked and came inside.


And even strict.


He seemed to be greeting him and making a report, but unfortunately, his words didn’t reach Frinel, who was lost in thought.


But even with those characters, all of them looked great. Maybe she’s different from me.


At that moment, the images of her holding back her sound and crying came to his mind one after another. Suddenly, his heart started beating like crazy.


“…Now, Your Royal Highness.”


Someone’s voice echoed in his ears.


Sigh…” Frinel let out a big sigh.


“Your Royal Highness!”


“Ah, you scared me!”


Frinel’s shoulders shook greatly. Alter put a bunch of papers on his desk before he knew it and was huffing.


“Did you come without knocking?”


“…I knocked, said my greetings, and even reported!”


“Aaah, sorry. I was thinking about something for a while.”


“I didn’t expect Your Royal Highness to know how to think.” He pursed his lips and spoke bluntly.


Despite his aide’s unfaithful attitude, Frinel spoke completely unconcerned. “…Hmm. I don’t think you know, but… I’m asking just in case.”


“I already have bad feelings.”


“What do women like?”


Alter’s mouth opened wide at the unexpected question. “Your Royal Highness is asking me that?” As if it was absurd, he shook his head and looked at Frinel in surprise.


“Ah, don’t tell me… Is it ‘real’ this time?”




“Because you only seduced women every day and didn’t meet them separately, love letters rained down on you every day in the imperial palace.”


Due to the seductions that Frinel did, the imperial palace was flooded with love letters every day. Frinel’s handsome appearance also played a part. Just by breathing, a number of young ladies fell in love with him.


“I didn’t know that.”


He just made meaningless gestures externally, like a greeting. Frinel was already well-known as a playboy, but it was completely unexpected that such letters would come.


“What do you mean you don’t know that? It’s been a long time since I said that!”


Seeing him blinking his eyes as if he really didn’t know, Alter screamed with an annoyed expression.


“Even if you just stay still, there will be an uproar, but since you wink and even wave your hand, everyone is—!”


“Are you saying… love letters rained down just because of my presence?”


“…Do you live without looking in the mirror?” Alter shook his head annoyedly and brushed back his brown hair.


Frinel thought he should get rid of his playboy image, but he kept his mouth shut as if he wasn’t offended. “Alter, I didn’t expect you to appreciate my appearance like this.”


“Because it’s true. I’m a little annoyed though.”


“Hmm, so… No matter what, my appearance alone is enough for women, is that what you’re trying to say?”


“Well, yes.”


If Alter, who doesn’t usually say empty words, said so, it meant that his appearance was outstanding.


Frinel glanced at the mirror on the desk. His golden hair was radiant, and his blue eyes could be believed if you said they were made from a very high-quality sapphire. He then nodded slightly.


“Hmm, then I’ll have to use this handsomeness—”


Frinel was about to say more, but someone knocked on the door. A question flashed in his eyes. He had just come to finish his work for a while, so there was probably no one who would visit him.




However, Frinel soon found out the identity of the person who visited him.


“…Lawrence.” His voice fell low.


“I don’t know why it’s so hard to see your face, Brother.” Lawrence sat on the sofa with a sly smile.


Looking at him like that, Frinel said to Alter. “Alter.”


“Yes, Your Royal Highness.”


“Bring the tea. I need to talk to my brother, whom I haven’t seen in a while.”


“I understand, Your Royal Highness.”


As Alter walked out, bowing his head, Frinel put on a fake smile on his face.


“I didn’t know you would miss me so much, Lawrence.”


“Isn’t it natural for a younger brother to miss his older brother?”


A smile slowly spread across his face, just like a croissant generously spread with butter. Frinel smiled along with Lawrence and sat across from him. Soon, a servant under Alter’s order served the tea with simple refreshments.


“It was a shame. It’s been a while since Brother came to the capital, but I haven’t seen your face.”


“Is that your idea, or did Her Majesty tell you to say so?”




“Since the empress doesn’t even accept my greetings, she could order my brother to do so. To play off the good relationship between the imperial family.” He tilted his head exaggeratedly.


“Brother, I—”


“If not…” Then he added slowly. “Someone is being two-faced because they want to speak ill of me.”


Frinel’s words pointed directly to the empress.


Lawrence’s facial muscles trembled very slightly while maintaining a smile. But he soon softened his expression and opened his mouth. “… Who would dare to do such a thing?”


“I don’t know. Wouldn’t it be possible… for a person with the highest authority in the empire on their back?”


The highest authority in the empire usually referred to the two dukes. Duke Gracie, and… The empress’s family, Duke Bonitare.




Lawrence’s eyes twinkled. Frinel obviously gave a provocative remark. Although he was originally a sly person, Frinel had never attacked him so blatantly before. Lawrence raised one eyebrow in wonder.


“Somehow, Brother has changed?”


“Me? No way. Where else can you find someone as consistent as I am?”


“I heard that Brother is staying at the Gracie Duchy these days.” Lawrence continued, slowly lifting his teacup. “Did you hide any treasure?”


Unlike Frinel’s eyes, which had a deep blue light, the light sky-colored eyes, as if they had scooped up from the sky, turned to Frinel. He let go of his pretense and put a small cookie into his mouth.


“What do you mean treasure? I was just doing my duty as a cousin to take care of Bella’s illness.”


“According to the family tree, you are distantly related, so why emphasize the cousin part? There are even rumors spreading in society.”


“Rumors, you say?  How disgusting. It’s really gross. Bella is not my cup of tea.”




Lawrence’s eyes, which had been smiling softly, slowly opened.


“Do you like the new princess that Duke Gracie is adopting?”


In his eyes, which had a warm skylight, only sharpness like a blade remained before he knew it. 


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