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I couldn’t believe it when I saw it with my own eyes. It was like a dream. As if someone had poured cold water on me, I couldn’t move.


I rubbed my eyes with my trembling hands. My eyes, rubbed if I saw the wrong things, turned to them again. But no matter how much I blinked and rubbed my eyes, the reality didn’t change.


The one in front of me was Endrew. He was Endrew for sure. Silver hair, and even a birthmark next to his eye. No matter how stupid I was, there was no way I couldn’t fail to recognize my husband, who had been with me for three years.


“Ha…” A fake laugh escaped from my lips.


As if I was trying to escape this unbelievable reality, I took a small step behind and finally stumbled greatly. Surprised, Selli approached and grabbed me by the shoulder.


“Lobelia!” Her voice echoed like a distant sound. “Are you not feeling well? Huh?”


But I couldn’t fall down here. Think, think… What am I supposed to do… The headaches came like waves. I pressed my temples and closed my eyes tightly. At that moment, the high priest’s voice came into my ears again.




I slowly raised my head.


“I hereby declare that blessing has come to this couple.”


Blessing…! It meant that Magorit, who had become the Marchioness, had a baby in her womb.


“And where can you find a noble family that gives you so many jobs? I heard your husband’s face is handsome. No way, did he live in two houses…”


Selli was right. Endrew deceived me and shamelessly whispered love. He was making love with another woman behind me. Moreover, the woman was carrying a baby in her womb.


My eyes, which had been glaring at him as if to kill him, gradually turned to Magorit, who was smiling like a flower beside him. Ah, come to think of it… she really looks like me.


It was funny how everything came like this. Just like Selli said, Magorit had a similar appearance to mine. Light platinum blonde hair was common, but even her eyes were dark green. It was on different brightness from my bright’s emerald color, but I couldn’t deny that we looked similar.


Why on earth!  The anger I couldn’t bear to get out of my mouth was only in my mouth.


If Endrew was really Marquis Hamilton, he would have married such a woman who matched him from the start. Why did he deceive me and pretend to be a happy family? Was it just a game for the noble?


I felt like my head was going to break. The stormy confusion rumbled through my mind.


“No, let’s go back.”


Selli supported my body with a worried glance as my complexion turned pale. 


While going home like that, I couldn’t say a word. My lips were parched like someone abandoned in the middle of a desert, and Endrew’s face came to my mind like a mirage. The way he looked at other women with a face made him so happy.


“Lobelia, we’re almost there.”


“…Thank you, Selli.”


“Come in and get some rest. Your complexion isn’t good.”




I struggled to keep my feet from falling as if they were glued to the ground. When I went inside, I saw Merilly playing with Delphina.










I was going to ask if she is having fun. But the moment I saw Merilly’s face resembling Endrew, my throat was choked with tears I had held back. Soon, tears poured out of my eyes.


“Heuk, huhu…”




Surprised, Dephina hurriedly approached, but my tears didn’t stop. I let out all the tears I had held back for a while, holding Merilly in my arms.


⚜ ⚜ ⚜

I didn’t know how time went. For the three days when Endrew didn’t return, I lived like a machine with no emotions. Once in a while, I just smile helplessly at Merilly. My breath was choked because it felt like an eternity that wouldn’t end, even though it was only for the last three days.


…Okay. I will ask Endrew directly. I looked at my lovely daughter and got myself together. I didn’t know the story from his. There was no need to feel blindly betrayed without even hearing anything.


I kept glancing at the door as I wiped the bowl Merilly had eaten with. Right. I’m sure something was going on. He had no choice but to hide it from me… But even as I thought about that, the high priest’s voice kept coming to my mind.


“I hereby declare that blessing has come to this couple.”


“Why is that…!”


The glass bowl I cleaned mercilessly fell to the floor. The loud sound of breaking glass brought me to my senses.


What have I done… I need to get it cleaned up quickly. Merilly might get hurt. I licked my lips and crouched down to remove the shard of glass. My situation was so pathetic that tears welled up from the tips of my eyes. Just in time, I heard the door open outside.


“Lia, Merilly!” Endrew had returned.


I wiped away my tears quickly. At the same time, I couldn’t get up because I didn’t have the confidence to see him. Soon he came into the kitchen.




“…You’re here.”


“Oh? Did you break the bowl?”


Endrew quickly approached and hugged me like a princess.


“W-what’s wrong with you?”


Surprised, I unconsciously stuttered my words. He took me to the bedroom. Then he gently put me down on the bed and kissed me lightly on the lips.


“It’s dangerous. Honey, rest here. I will clean that up.”


He gave off a strong floral scent. The same flower that filled the wedding hall.


I bit my lip as I watched Endrew’s back as he went to clean up the broken bowl. I then jumped out of bed and headed to him. At any moment, I thought of arguing about what I had seen. I felt like my heart would rot and break if I just kept them inside.




“Why did you come out, Honey? Oh, would you like to eat some of this? I got it from where I work.”


My eyes slowly descended to the wrapping he held out. As soon as Endrew untied the knot, a sneer escaped my lips.


“What’s wrong?”


“…They look, so delicious.”


Inside of it were the desserts I made myself with Selli.


“Yes, cocktail jelly and cupcakes. I had it after the event, and they were so delicious that it reminded me of you, Lia. I got them by begging.”


Endrew’s expression didn’t change, and he shamelessly flirted with me. My face hardened coldly. Pretending to listen to him, I forced myself to raise my mouth and asked leisurely.


“What event was it?”




“What kind of event was it that you couldn’t come home for three days?”


For some reason, Endrew’s lips, who was constantly talking, were choked by my cold words. He seemed to think about something as if perplexed and soon replied calmly again.


“It was a wedding.”


“Whose wedding was it?”


“Uh? Of course, it was a noble wedding. The noble I serve.”


Sensing that Lobelia was strange today, Endrew asked, wrapping his arm around her shoulder. “What’s the matter, Lobelia? Your complexion doesn’t look good. What happened?”


“It’s nothing.”


I shook my head resolutely, loosening his arm on my shoulder. Then I smiled and asked again. “When is your next job?”


“Ah, the day after tomorrow. I wanted to postpone it as long as possible, but I couldn’t.”


“Yes, I see.”


Endrew gently swept my face, still worried. I stared intently at his face. It was the sweetest appearance that I knew. To my surprise, I couldn’t believe he had lied to me.


“Are you sure you’re okay?”


“Yes, of course. I’m worried about you. It must be hard, so go to bed now.”


“Yes, thank you. It’s been a while, so let’s lie down together. Lobelia, I want to sleep while feeling your scent.”


Endrew hugged me and lay down on the bed. Then he whispered sweetly into my ear. “I love you, Lobelia.”




In order to escape from his arms, I deliberately turned my back to pretend to toss and turn.


“Me too.” Responding so, my eyes were colder than the snow that fell in winter.


⚜ ⚜ ⚜

“Why does time fly so fast?”


Two days passed before I knew it, and the day came when he had to go to work again.


“I will be back, Lobelia.”


“Yes. Go carefully.”


I kissed Endrew lightly and waved my hand brightly until I couldn’t see him. When Endrew had completely disappeared, the smile on my lips disappeared in an instant. Just in time, Delphina, who I had been called in advance, was approaching from afar.




“Thank you for coming, Delphina.”


As soon as Delphina came into the cabin, I hurriedly put on my robe.


“What on earth is going on?”


“…When everything becomes clear, I will tell you then. Please take care of Merilly.”


“I see. I don’t know what’s going on,” She clasped my hand with a worried look. “Be careful.”


“…Yes, I’ll be back.”


I bowed my head and headed to the mana tunnel leading to the Hamilton March. I can’t help it if he lies.


I thrust my hand into the robe’s pocket. Inside the pocket, there was a piece of crystal in the shape of a lily of the valley, which made me could pass through the mana tunnel. Because of the trip schedule, Selli sought someone to work as her substitute. Although I refused last time, I lied as I needed a token to pass through the mana tunnel. In the end, I got the token from Selli, giving a fake reason that I needed money.


I have no choice but to attack the scene. There was no longer light in my emerald eyes. They just sank deeper and deeper into a very deep and dark place, like an abyss. 


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