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My eyes widened like rabbits. I blinked my eyes quickly, wondering if I had heard it wrong.


“I’m going to seduce you. To my heart’s content.” Frinel continued his words languidly, flipping his golden hair behind. “In a situation where I’m being used, I can do that much, right?”


“…Your Royal Highness.”


“We both want something from each other. Let’s go our separate ways.”




“Lady Lobelia takes advantage of me.”


He cut off my interruption and stood up from his seat, clapping his hands loudly.


“I will seduce you by pretending to help.”

  Frinel then kneeled one of his long legs.


“Well, then, Lady.”


He gently raised his hand and held my hand up.


“What can I do?”


Then he politely finished his words in an overly polite manner.


Really… I stood up from the sofa, holding tightly to the hand he had held. He’s so mean. A confident smile spread around her mouth as if she had a good idea.


Right. I couldn’t sit around like this any longer. Even now, my daughter is suffering.


“I have an idea.”


“Please give me your command.”


“Please go to the capital,” I spoke firmly, flashing my emerald eyes, which had regained their light. “Can you go and meet Marquis Hamilton?”


“What about the scenario?”


“I’m going to make him feel the same sense of betrayal I felt.”


“Ah, I guess I get it.” Frinel nodded his head in agreement and slowly raised his hand.


“Everything,” Then, he kissed the back of my hand. “As you wish.” The corners of his lips drew an arc softly.


That kiss felt like a blessing to me. I blushed slightly and let out a small sigh. Then I turned my head to the side and looked out the window. My eyes staring into the space were sharpened as if I was facing the three of them.


I won’t put up with it, I won’t let them go, and I won’t run away anymore.


The emerald eyes that were overcome with evil were completely ablaze.


⚜ ⚜ ⚜

The sun was warm, and the wind was blowing cool. It was perfect weather to go hunting. Feeling the cool breeze, Endimion’s mouth naturally drew an arc.




His drooping eyes turned to the sun in the distance.


“I felt like I’m going to meet someone I miss.” He muttered quietly. His slightly sunken face darkened.


Five years ago, after the sudden disappearance of his beloved Lobelia, his heart felt empty, as if there had been a huge hole in his heart. He would never have overcome his sorrow if it hadn’t been for his beloved Magorit standing by his side.




Endimion swept back his silver hair, which gleamed prettily in the sun. He could feel the gazes of the passing young ladies looking at him. There was tea time at the imperial palace today, and the young ladies seemed to be participating in it. He smiled slightly at them. The young ladies blushed at that pretty smile.




With so many women around, where could his destiny possibly lie? Although he had Magorit, his heart was broad enough to embrace multiple destinies. Unaware there was something wrong with his thought, Endimion let out a deep sigh and turned around.


At that moment, someone rushed toward him.


“Marquis Hamilton.”


“Ah, Your Royal Highness.”


Surprised, Endimion bowed slightly to greet. The one who approached him was none other than Prince Frinel.


“Are you looking for me?”


Surprised eyes turned to him. Even though they exchanged greetings, the first prince himself rarely appeared in the society. In addition, there weren’t many nobles who interacted with him. It had been a well-known fact among the nobles that Frinel was being shunned by the empress and the second prince.  


“I can see you sighing. I was wondering if you were worried about something.”


“Ah… thank you for your concern. It’s just…” Endimion smiled awkwardly and blurted out the end of his words.




“Because I miss someone.”


“…You miss someone?” One of his eyebrows was raised slowly.


“Yes. That person is someone I miss so much that my heart throbs.”


Endimion looked up faintly in the sky. Frinel could guess who he missed without having to listen more.


Frinel suppressed his astonishment. He had heard it before, but the man in front of him now wasn’t just an ordinary madman but truly insane. Even though he had a wife, he missed his other wife.


Seeing his furrowed brow, Frinel let out a small sigh. His narrowed eyes seemed to pierce through Endimion’s hazy expression. His crazy words of loving both of them seemed sincere, making Frinel get goosebumps on his arms.


“…Then how about we go hunting?” Frinel asked softly, trying to refine his mind.


The round eyes soon turned to Frinel. “Hunting?”


Hunting was the most basic social activity among male nobles. Except for official occasions, it was usually done between close friends.


“Yes. I too. I feel a little down.”


“Why, Your Highness?”


“I have a woman I care about.”


Gasp, is that true?”


Regardless of gender, it was fun to hear someone’s love story. Endimion’s eyes twinkled involuntarily.


“Yes, but…”


Frinel slowly met his eyes.


“That woman has something to do.”


“Something to do?”




Frinel, who concealed his experienced life, let out a hollow laugh.


“If she has something to do, is Your Highness saying she’s rejecting you?”


“I don’t know. Maybe.”


Having never heard of Lobelia’s honest feelings, he couldn’t be sure. But at least he could be sure of one thing. That she doesn’t hate him.


“Now, let’s talk on our way.”


He put aside his complicated mind for a moment and pushed Endimion on the back.


“Y-Your Highness means hunting?”


“Yes. Are you busy? The meeting is over today.”


“That’s true, but…” He blurted out the end of his speech in perplexity. However, before he knew it, they had already arrived in front of the two horses prepared by Frinel.


“Let’s go.”


“Ah, yes…”


Endimion eventually climbed onto the horse. Then he followed Frinel. Fortunately, Frinel didn’t seem to have a political purpose. Even if he had, he couldn’t get anything. There was no way Frinel didn’t know that Endimion’s mother and the empress were close friends.


After a long run, they crossed the Mana Tunnel and headed for a hunting ground in the west. It was a perfect place for the imperial family and nobles to drink and hunt because there were only a few monsters and small animals.


“Do you enjoy hunting?” Frinel asked as he got off his horse.


“Yes. I like it.”


At the entrance to the hunting ground were all ready for the hunt. Endimion nodded as he raised a bow.


Come to think of it, it was also during the hunt that I met Lobelia. Why did he think of her so much today? Was it because he came to the west, where he used to live with her?


Lobelia had already left him. Even thinking about it now, he couldn’t figure out why on earth she left him. His mother brought her child first and said that Lobelia simply packed her things and would follow soon. But then, she just disappeared.


“What are you thinking about?”


“I-it’s nothing. Why do I keep thinking of that person today?”


“Could it be your first love?”


“No. My first love is Mari, ah, Marchioness Hamilton, Your Highness.”


Frinel’s facial muscles trembled unconsciously. “Then who on earth is that person who made you make that expression earlier?”


“Um… she’s a very important person to me. The one who saved my life… and I loved so much…”


“Ah, could it be your lover?”


“Not my lover. She’s my wife.”


“…Your wife is Marchioness Hamilton.”


“Ah, yes. That’s right. Um, it’s a personal story, so it’s going to take a long time to tell.”


He tried to talk more but soon closed his mouth. It was because of Kriella’s order not to talk about Lobelia to outsiders.


“I see. That was an interesting story.”


“Yes. Then hunting…”


“Oh my!”




“I left something behind, so I need to return to the imperial palace for a while.”


“Ah, yes, I see…” Endimion, who was holding a bow, answered calmly.


Frinel gave him a strong pat on the shoulder and then quickly rode away. Left alone in the hunting ground, he sat down on a stump. A refreshing wind blew through the dense trees.


Endimion slowly raised his head and looked at the trees. The cabin where Lobelia lived before was also in a forest like this. He felt as if she would appear through the trees, calling his name.




“…I miss you, Lia.”


It was when the longing that had been boiling in his heart came out of his mouth. With a rustling sound, someone walked out through the trees.


His eyes slowly widened as if he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Are my eyes seeing an illusion? Before his eyes,


“Excuse me, where is this…?”


Beautiful platinum hair fluttering and sparkling emerald eyes,




Lobelia was standing there. 


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