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It rained endlessly to the point it felt eerie. But what was even more terrifying than the rain was Lobelia’s eyes. Endimion blinked slowly, feeling a chill on his back for some reason.


It was amazing that she was exactly the same as she was five years ago until they met again at the hunting grounds a little while ago, but not now. The warmth that had been warm like spring disappeared before he knew it, and her eyes were colder than winter.




Moistened eyes turned to Lobelia.


“Who on earth did something to you…”


His wife always looked at him and smiled like an angel. Those jewel-like eyes twinkled and smiled brighter than the sunlight. But why did it change like this?


Endimion pressed his lips together. A faint trace of malice ran over his innocent face. A dark and deep glint passed through his clear eyes that were like dark amethyst. There must be one reason why she changed. His gaze slowly turned to Frinel.


I stared at him. He didn’t open his mouth, but it was clear what Endimion was thinking. It’s not even funny. Who’s glaring at who? My lips pouted involuntarily. Seeing him blaming the situation on others when he was only a bystander was incredibly laughable.  


“…Alright, I understand.”


In a strange atmosphere where there seemed to be no one on his side, Endimion nodded. Only then did Lobelia smile as broadly as he remembered from five years ago.


“Thank you for your understanding, Marquis.”


Endimion lifted the corners of his mouth slightly as if feeling relieved. “However, from the day I introduced you to the main mansion, you can’t do that anymore, get it?”


“Of course. With the help of Frinel and Marquis here, I believe my memories will return.”




“I know.” She cut him off firmly and replied instead. “You must be telling me not to go around, right?”


She sounded strangely sarcastic, but Endimion firmly believed Lobelia wouldn’t do such a thing. He sighed deeply, ignoring her tone.


“…Yes. It’s a pity, but please bear with it until I can explain.”


“Yes, I understand.”


Lobelia answered lightly, looking over the annex, and said, “Then, I want to rest a little.”


“Ah, yes. You must be tired. We’d better leave for now.”




Endimion tried to hold her hand but soon remembered what Lobelia had said and laughed awkwardly. “I’ll send a servant tomorrow. They will take care of your meals and cleaning.”


“Yes, please do.”


“Then… I’ll come back tomorrow.”


“I’ll also come back.”


The two men took the lead in speaking as if they were competing. But Lobelia only smiled and waved her hand, pretending not to know anything.


“Yes. See you all tomorrow.”


Endimion kept looking back as if he felt sorry, but Frinel caught him and led him.


As the two figures disappeared into the distance, I, who was finally alone, stared into the endless rain. My empty gaze soon slowly scanned the annex. It was so luxurious that it couldn’t compare to the cabin I lived in five years ago.


If I hadn’t followed Kriella foolishly, would I have lived as a concubine in a place like this?


My emerald eyes darkened.


No, they would never have let that happen. Magorit and Kriella. They would have killed me by any means, and it was clear that I would have been thrown out of this mansion as a corpse. The same was true of Merilly. After I died, she would continue to suffer.


What would have happened if I hadn’t been revived from that cold river? Just thinking about it was terrifying.


I closed my eyes tightly. Whenever I thought of my child, my insides crumbled. No matter how much I thought about how to heal the wounds in Merilly’s heart, how to explain so that her wounds wouldn’t hurt even more, I couldn’t come up with an answer. My mind was only filled with confusion.


I clenched my teeth and raised my head. Should I just stay quiet?


My clouded eyes slowly rolled toward the main mansion. Then I glared sharply to the Magorit’s room. I came all the way here to stay quiet?


One corner of my mouth drew a fishy, slanted line. No, I’m going to kill you all and save my daughter.


Soon I walked proudly into the stormy rain. Ignoring the rain dripping into my dress.


⚜ ⚜ ⚜

“Die, die more painfully than anyone else…!”


“Ah, aargh!”


Feeling a chill run down her back, Magorit jumped up from her bed. She caressed the bandage around her neck.  Several days had passed since that day, but her blue wound hadn’t healed yet. Rather, it throbbed even more, as if tightening around her neck.


Gasp, gasp…


Slowly raising her body, Magorit gulped down the cold water. Before she knew it, her whole body was wet from the cold sweat.


She then shouted, “I’m not afraid of ghosts,” and “Come if you can.” However, unlike her resolution, she continued to suffer from nightmares from that day on. That murderous eyes, voice full of malice, and even the unexplained strong grip and strange power.


“…It’s annoying.”


Wrinkling her brow, she looked out of the window. It wasn’t evening, but maybe because it rained, it was dark as if it had been night. In addition,




Lightning and thunder were beating like crazy. As if the sky was angry.  Magorit shuddered and covered her ears.  In the midst of it all, she accidentally knocked over the glass she was sipping. Shatter! The sound echoed loudly.


“I didn’t do anything wrong!”


Magorit shouted in the empty room, even though no one was interrogating her.


Then why do you have the perfect resemblance to that woman’s eyes!”


Even though that child was an illegitimate child, she had no intention of abusing her. At first, she thought she shouldn’t have gotten her hands dirty. Kriella cared so much about the bloodlines, so it was enough for her to respond appropriately only in front of Kriella and Endimion, leaving that child to the nanny. However, those eyes.


“If you want, I will live in a very deep forest. Please help me…!”


She didn’t want to remember her name nor recall her face.


“W-wait a minute. I’m not the one you should kill…!”


She then threw her into the river with her own hands.


“Sigh… Lobelia’s eyes weren’t this dark. Mari, can’t you change the color of your eyes? I don’t like dull colors like this.”


The eyes of the woman, which Endimion had a relationship with five years ago, were brought up to her ears.


The moment she looked into her eyes, her mind went blank. As if possessed, her hands moved on their own. Anger surged whenever that child looked at her. Those jewel-like eyes shimmered in light mint color. Those eyes seemed to point her finger at Magorit, calling her a murderer.


“Chelsea, Chelsea!”


The moment she recalled that child’s eyes, Magorit screamed like a madman, as if she had a seizure.


“Yes, yes, little Madam!” Chelsea gasped into the room.


After the maid who had come in before did something that wasn’t even funny, Magorit developed nervous spasms.


Chelsea bowed her head, glancing at Magorit’s expression.


“Bring Merilly!”




“Can’t you hear me tell you to bring her? Bring her right now!”


At her shout, Chelsea’s eyes fluttered.


Everyone who worked in this mansion for a long time knew. That Magorit abused Merilly. But they desperately pretended not to know. No one ever said it out of their mouth.


Their master’s order is absolute. They had no right to disobey Magorit’s orders on the subject of being a mere servant. However, if she brought Merilly here now, she might punish her with a different punishment than usual. Even though it was punishment in name, it was obviously abuse and tyranny.


Chelsea’s hands trembled.


“What are you doing? Can’t you hear? Are your ears just for decoration!”


“M-Madam… Big Madam will be here soon… Marquis also just came back earlier…”


“Shut up!”


Before Chelsea could say anything back, a sharp slap slapped Chelsea at her cheek.


“Bring her—”


Regardless of her red cheeks, Magorit was about to slap her once more.




With a huge thunderstorm, an intense flash flashed. And at that moment,




A woman passed by the window. Her eyes fluttered mercilessly. It was raining hard outside, but Magorit could see clearly. That woman had the same clear eyes she had seen five years ago. 


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