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Upon hearing the news, Kriella opened the door to Lobelia’s room. Absurdly, Lobelia sat elegantly enjoying breakfast as if this mansion was her home. Her eyes opened wide as she looked at her like that.


“How can you…!”


Tsk. She clicked her tongue, and her eyes trembled as if she had seen a ghost.


Magorit and her were the ones who knew that Lobelia was dead. But how can she still survive? Besides, how could she just leisurely eat soup after entering the mansion where the woman who killed her was?


However, it wasn’t time to be surprised to understand the situation. Hastily hiding her stock, she looked Lobelia up and down with a scowling gaze that made her feel unpleasant.


“You don’t… remember?”


She looked at her face carefully because she was suspicious of her. As she was looking at her for a long time, someone suddenly came to her mind.




A very elegant woman who smiled brightly at her. Although she wasn’t a noble lady, Kriella hated that carefree smile so much that she worked hard with Patricia to hide a doll with jewels in that woman’s pocket.


She had never once thought of that incident again, so why did she suddenly think of that woman’s eyes now? The unpleasant memories of her childhood, which hadn’t occurred to her since five years ago when she encountered Lobelia, were now clearly emerging.


“Did you really lose your memory?”


What’s more strange is that even though five years had passed, she looked the same as if she had returned from the past.


Lobelia’s head tilted to the side when Kriella suddenly appeared. She spoke brightly with an innocent expression as if she knew nothing. “Who is this grandma?”


“What, grandma?”


Until now, no one has ever called her that. Everyone praised her for being just as beautiful as when she was young, so how dare she call her grandma. Unless she was crazy, she couldn’t have behaved like this towards her.


Kriella trembled with anger at her bold voice and raised her voice. “Where is this!”


“If you’re not grandma, then who are you? Ah, I guess you easily get angry. You have deep wrinkles between your eyebrows.” Lobelia was still smiling brightly and pointed to the corner of her eyes.


They said someone’s personality was revealed on their faces. The raised eyebrows and wrinkles between Kriella’s eyebrows clearly showed how much more vicious Kriella had been.


“You’re rude!”


She could no longer hold back her anger and raised her hand first. However, Kriella’s hand, which was raised violently, couldn’t reach Lobelia.




It was because Lobelia lightly grabbed her wrist. And that too with tremendous grip strength.


Ugh… What kind of power…”


Old Kriella’s wrist was bent weakly.


Lobelia shook off her wrist, which she had held. Then she said, still smiling brightly. “Grandma was the first to commit rudeness. How can you open a lady’s room without knocking?”


“What kind of lady you are!”


Kriella raised her hand again, crumpling her face. But this time, she couldn’t even think of hitting her again. Her wrist, which Lobelia had already grabbed, was swelling red. In this state, if Lobelia had grabbed her wrist again, it might not have just ended in swelling. She cleared her throat and slowly lowered her raised hand.


Starting with how on earth she got out of that river alive and why she came into this mansion after being noticed by her son, her questions continued to linger endlessly. But it turned out that this was actually a good thing. It wasn’t clear yet whether she had lost her memory. Still, in any case, as long as Merilly knew Magorit as her biological mother, Lobelia wouldn’t have hastily come forward. If Kriella just watched her for a while, she would definitely see a gap.


Kriella’s eyes narrowed to the side. It wasn’t long before she exhaled loudly. Right, this is not the time to get carried away. Since she had put in the main building rather than the annex, kicking her out wouldn’t be easy. Rather, she had to find out why that woman entered this mansion and whether she lost her memory.


Sitting in a chair, Kriella changed her attitude. “…Sit down. Finish your meal. I think I’m mistaken a little.”




“I mistook you for someone else’s situation. Yes, you were Endimion’s lover.”


She gave a vague look and raised the corners of her mouth with an effort. Looking at Kriella’s appearance like that, Lobelia burst out laughing.


“Now… Are you laughing?”


One of her eyebrows twitched as that laugh seemed to be mocking her.


Ahaha. That’s just stupid. How can you mistake someone when your hand is raised up first?”




She gritted her teeth with a clattering sound. But Kriella once again held back her anger. She then tried to squeeze out a kind voice. “…Right. Sorry. Anyway, I’ve heard your story roughly. You were found by the prince?”


“Frinel’s status is higher, so is it okay to speak informally like that, Grandma?”


“That damned nagging…! Ha, enough. Yes, His Royal Highness. Satisfied?” She raised the end of her sentence slightly as if resigned.


Lobelia answered lightly, tearing the bread on the table and eating it as if she were satisfied. “Yes. I have no previous memories. I happened to meet Frinel, and he took care of me. Meeting the Marquis was completely coincidence.”


She especially emphasized the word ‘coincidence’.




“Yes. I heard my daughter is here? When can I meet her?”


She rose from her seat immediately. Then she smiled coldly and continued as if she had no maternal affection at all. “Well, I don’t even remember her… Still, she’s my daughter, so I should see her, right?”


“…You don’t remember? About your daughter too?”


“Yes, I am. Should I not?”


Kriella stared at her as if she was dumbfounded. She was the woman who cried out to give her baby back. However, not only did she completely forget about her daughter, but her attitude showed no maternal affection. She must have been crazy.


What should I do about this? Her head was pounding.


“Anyway, I would like to see her. She’s my daughter.”


“That’s right…”


She blinked her eyes. In fact, Kriella had a vague feeling that the atmosphere in the mansion recently was very suspicious. Especially when she and Endimion were away from the mansion for a long time.


When she returned from her long trip to the capital, Merilly’s face was noticeably gaunt. It has been added more these days. That’s why she was wondering if Magorit was doing something strange when Endimion and she weren’t around.


Well, that’s understandable. Magorit was more proud of herself as a noble than anyone else. However, Merilly, a commoner who wasn’t even her daughter, grew up as the legitimate daughter under the Hamilton March. She might be just a child, but if things continued like this, her title would naturally go as a legitimate daughter. Up until now, she had pretended to embrace Merilly with love, but she meant that it was time to move now.


Kriella, who was pondering, soon opened her mouth slowly.


“Hmm, then…”


Of course, Kriella had no intention of officially giving her the position of concubine. Still, if she were placed next to her, she would be a worthy opponent to Magorit.




At that time, Magorit opened the door and came in. She frowned slightly with a face that she did not expect Kriella to be here from this morning.


Looking at Magorit like that, Lobelia spoke softly. “Doesn’t everyone in this mansion know what it means to knock?”


Magorit responded, barely keeping her composure, to her ridiculously imposing remark. “…No noble would knock when entering a commoner’s room.”


“Ah, I see. All right, Mari.”


Lobelia raised her hand very lightly and expressed her affirmation in her reply. She called her ‘Mari’ again, which made Magorit quickly open her mouth.


“…No commoner even calls Marchioness Hamilton that way.”


At her firm tone, Lobelia threw away the bread she was eating.




Because she intentionally threw the dishes and utensils toward where they were, the sound of glass and utensils hitting each other was loud.


“W-what are you doing!”


At her scream, Lobelia immediately rose from her seat. “I’m a commoner, so I don’t know any etiquette nobles should follow.”




“Ah. I may have known it before, but I have no memory of it.”


“Now, what are you saying…!”


“Aren’t you noble? You must be better at understanding than a commoner.”


She then approached Magorit, who was very embarrassed, as if threatening her. Magorit’s shoulder trembled at her blatant sarcasm.


“I haven’t learned anything. I can’t act the way you want me to.” Staring straight at Magorit like that, Lobelia twisted up one corner of her mouth.


“Mari.” Soon, a low voice pronounced her nickname clearly came out like a warning.


Even in this situation, she would create a storm in this place where everyone ignores her as a commoner.


In Lobelia’s eyes, which clearly contained Magorit, cold anger was spreading like a ripple. 

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