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Through Magorit’s lips, a smile that eventually seemed resigned popped out.


Right, she forgot for a moment. That this woman is just a commoner who hasn’t learned anything. It was impossible to admonish tones rolling on the side of the road to be polite. Moreover, since she’s a person who will soon die or disappear from here, it would have hurt her mouth if she tried to talk more.


Tsk. Yes, just call me like that.”


She clicked her tongue and turned her disapproving gaze towards Lobelia. Shamelessly, she sat down again and ate some bread casually. Even though she lost her memories, she seemed like a completely different person.


It was because of the strange atmosphere emanating from Lobelia. Even with such a rude appearance, grace and elegance flowed out of her. As if she was a noble.


However, Magorit immediately denied the thoughts that crossed her mind. She thought it was ridiculous. The way she called Marchioness as ‘Mari’ at the end of every word and just looking at her eating bread alone in front of other people was behavior that only commoners would do.


Swallowing her sigh, Magorit spoke as calmly as possible. “You… You will be staying here as a maid for a while. Starting tomorrow, your room will be moved to the maid’s room.”


At those words, her hands immediately stopped tearing the white bread. Lobelia slowly turned her gaze. Her overwhelming eyes shone strongly as if they could engulf Magorit at any moment.


“A maid?”


Then Lobelia smirked and laughed.


“Why me?”


Kriella and Magorit faced each other. No commoner laughed so openly at the noble. No, there should have been none. At that moment, only one word crossed their minds. Destruction.


They were shaken by her anger as she seemed ready to destroy everything they had, but they couldn’t refute her for some reason.


“I heard that I’m the Marquis’s mistress. How does a mistress become a maid?”


Lobelia continued, caressing her nails gracefully. “No, I don’t want to. I don’t want to be here like that. I’d rather go back to where I used to live.”


“What?” Kriella’s mouth opened as if it were ridiculous. It was completely unexpected that she would easily say she would leave the mansion.


“Wait a minute…”


She was lost in thought for a moment with her eyes tightly closed. If Lobelia leaves, her plan to keep her in the mansion and use her as Magorit’s opponent will be shattered.


“Wait a minute. Okay. For now—”


“But I have to tell the Marquis. The reason I want to leave this mansion.” Lobelia immediately cut off Kriella’s words and then spat out a retort.


“Being a maid is just formality…! How dare you to retort…”


“Some grandma and Mari came in from the morning and scared me… Ah! And Grandma even tried to slap me, right?” She stared straight at Kriella without backing down.


“This… Where did you learn to open your eyes round wide like that…”


“Ha, then shall I open them square?”


Laughing at her own joke, she slowly rose from her seat. “I have nothing to regret because I lost my memory, but… it must be very sad for the Marquis to lose his mistress again after five years.”


Lobelia’s eyes rolled slowly. “Don’t you think so?” Her eyes curled gracefully, looking slowly alternately at Kriella and Magorit, who were shivering with anger.


Magorit gritted her teeth. But now was time for her to back down for a while in order to take a leap forward.


At the time when Endimion’s longing for Lobelia was at its peak, if she made a hasty move, she might be the one who suffered the consequences. She calmed down and exhaled deeply. Then she quickly added a calm expression on her face again.




In a faster acceptance than Lobelia’s thought, one of her eyebrows lifted.


“I will clarify your identity to the servants as Endimion’s mistress. However, you cannot help but be known as a maid. But you don’t have to do the work of a real maid. You just have to pretend to be a maid in front of the kids. Just for the time being.”


Magorit deliberately emphasized the word ‘for the time being’ on purpose. Naturally, when that time was over, Lobelia would no longer exist in this mansion in any form. She smiled softly, hiding her dark inner thoughts.


Aah. Just be the maid for the sake of it?”


Lobelia tilted her head and asked again. Her strangely shortened tone was annoying, but Magorit nodded her head slightly.


“That’s right.”


“Well, I see. I won’t even move to the maid’s quarters. I didn’t come to this house to become a maid.”




A thousand fires rose from inside. Lobelia was so confident that you couldn’t tell who the wife was and who was the mistress. If she hadn’t lost her memory, she must have gone crazy.


Magorit’s dark green eyes flashed, but she did her best to hide her anger. Then, she gave her a piece of cake that she had prepared by ordering a maid in advance.


My gaze slowly moved towards the cake. White sand. There was also unidentified white powder sprinkled on the top of the cake.


“You said you wanted to meet your daughter, right? I think you can take this to Merilly and come see your daughter.” Magorit smiled graciously and handed me a plate of cake.


My eyes were unknowingly fixed on the white sand sprinkled on the cake. How could a human being do something like this?


It was obvious what she was up to. She was going to feed Merilly food containing sand using my hand as Merilly’s mother. It was truly vicious and terrible. I can’t call her a human, no, she can’t be called a human…




I smiled and accepted the cake plate. “Alright, Mari. Sure.”


I wanted to throw the cake over that smiling face right now, but I had to hold back. There’s no way my mind can be relieved by just putting cream on her face.


“Then, I’ll be back.”


I left the room with a plate. Although I was already familiar with the interior of this mansion, my steps were directed toward the end room of the first floor, not the second floor where Merilly was located.


It’s definitely that room…


My sharp gaze reached Roseni’s room.


It’s Magorit’s daughter’s room.


I didn’t want to do the same things as Magorit. But I had to test it. How will Roseni respond to her own mother’s evil deeds? This child may or may not have inherited Magorit’s evilness. Only then could I control my revenge so that it wouldn’t hurt the child, and only then…


Magorit too… You can see how great the pain is when you’re criticized by your own child.


My subdued emerald glowed darkly.


At last, My feet stopped in front of Roseni’s door. All I had to do was knock on the door, grab the doorknob, and open it. But contrary to my reasoning, my heart began to beat faster than ever. My trembling eyes turned to the doorknob. Knowing how much pain Merilly suffered, is it really right for me to do the same thing to another child?


…Right. As expected, this isn’t it.


At least I shouldn’t be a shameful mother to Merilly.


I turned around with the plate in my hand. I just had to handle the cake somehow. But at that moment, I heard the door open behind me. A cute face stuck out from between them.


“Who are you?”


Perhaps because she resembled half Magorit and half Endimion, her light lemon-colored hair, and eyes were a mysterious purple and green, giving off a subtle color. She was very bright and cute, like looking at Merilly.


I felt like my heart was pounding because of the eyes that looked exactly like Magorit’s, but I didn’t show it and just smiled and said, “I’m a new maid. The Marchioness… asked me to deliver this cake to Lady Merilly.”




Is she wary of an unfamiliar maid? For some reason, Roseni’s face as she looked at the cake was full of doubt.


“I’m Roseni.”


“Ah, I see. Well then, to Lady Merilly…”


“Come in.”




“Please come in.”


“Ah, yes, Lady.”


Feeling a little embarrassed, I slowly entered Roseni’s room. Unlike Merilly’s room, everything in her room was made of the highest quality.


I glanced over at the dressing table. Unlike Merilly’s desolate dressing table, which had nothing on it, all kinds of precious jewels shone in the natural light on Roseni’s dressing table.


Different things, different dresses, different jewels than her sister.


I pressed my lips together.


Even though she’s still young, she’s old enough to recognize the difference in their environment.


Bitterness flooded into my heart like a wave. I looked around and then looked at Roseni, who was sitting at the table.


That child said with a slight wink. “That cake, please give it to me.”


“…Pardon?” I was embarrassed and asked back without realizing it.


“I want to eat it. You can give Merilly another cake.”


“But Marchioness told me to deliver it to Lady Merilly…”


“At Hamilton March, there are no servants who lash out their master’s words,” Roseni replied so firmly that it was almost unbelievable that she was a child.


What should I do? Again, I didn’t want to come into this situation. But the water had already spilled. As Roseni said, with my status as a maid, I couldn’t dare to disobey that little child.


“…Will it really be okay?”


“There won’t be any problems,” Roseni answered coyly and picked up a fork.


I was forced to put the plate of cake in front of the child. My guilt and curiosity about Roseni were confusingly intertwined.




My gaze narrowed to the side as I watched the child cut the cake and put it in her mouth.


Is she just a child who hasn’t lost her innocence yet, or…


The fork that picked up the cake slowly headed into Roseni’s mouth.


Like her parents… is she just an arrogant noble…?


I squeezed my eyes shut in pain, looking vaguely at the child putting the sand-sprinkled cake into her mouth. 

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  1. It’d be a pleasant plot twist of Roseni actually realises that abuse her half-sister is getting and she purposely wants to know how it felt like to eat a the sanded cake