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In a slightly awkward atmosphere, our carriage soon arrived in front of Gracie Duchy. Frinel got off the carriage first, and then I got off holding his hand. At that moment, I felt a strange gaze from behind. I frowned slightly and jerked my head back.




“What’s wrong?” Frinel looked at me in wonder.


I squinted my eyes and looked around. However, in front of the duchy, only the coachman who pulled the carriage and a few duke’s employees were tidying up the carriage’s interior.


“It’s nothing.”


I definitely felt like someone was watching me, but there was no one within the Gracie who would look at me like that.


“I guess I was being sensitive.”


Except for one person. My eyes slowly passed by the coachman of the carriage. He’s someone from outside.


The first thing I tried when I came to the Gracie duchy was to learn the faces and names of the employees. It was because I needed to find out the rumors about Merilly and the Hamilton family.


Even though it may seem like the nobles are shining like the sun, and they’re like shadows, it wasn’t the case. In fact, they had faster information than anyone else. Moreover, it was obvious that the coachman who went to and from the mansion would be especially interested in knowing information about various families.


Of course, the first thing to be suspicious is.,


Strange gaze directed at oneself. This fact alone was enough to make me suspect it was the coachman.


Even if you fly and crawl, you’re still within the palm of my hand, Magorit.


Kriella was vicious and simple-minded, so she wasn’t the type of woman to do things secretly like this. In other words, Magorit has an insidious personality who will attach people to me.


There was a reason why I quietly stepped back. It wouldn’t have changed anything even if she knew I stopped by the duchy.


I secretly released my mana and attached it to the coachman’s back. Now, as time passed, I would be able to find out where he was headed through the traces of my mana.




“Ah, Sera.”


Having successfully attached my mana, I gracefully turned my body and waved towards Sera.


Fufu, did you have a good time?”


The servants here knew that I was training to broaden my horizons in order to make my perfect debut in society. However, Sera had a different misunderstanding than others.


“Are you happy or even joyful?” Her slightly mischievous eyes turned to Frinel.




Seeing the clear intent in her eyes, I shook my shoulders and awkwardly raised the corners of my mouth. “Sera. I don’t know what you’re thinking…”


Fufu, it’s nothing. Don’t mind me.”


“…It doesn’t seem like it’s nothing, Sera.”


“Oh my, that’s embarrassing.”


“What on earth are you embarrassed—”


Gasp, look at my mind! I’ll move some things and come back!”


Starting with Bella and ending with Sera. They were very similar in not listening to people and misunderstanding them. As if I couldn’t win, I just smiled and went to the duke’s office with Frinel.


“You’re here. You’re here too, Your Royal Highness.”


“Yes, Grandpa.”


My gaze landed on the table as I bowed in greeting. There was a pile of delicious-looking eclairs on the table.


Bella said with a grin as my eyes widened in surprise. “When I said Lobelia like it, Grandpa stood in line and bought it himself.”


“Grandpa stood in line in person?” I asked again, wondering if I had heard wrong.




My mouth slowly opened at Bella’s firm answer. Even though I heard the answer clearly, I still couldn’t believe it.


Usually, young nobles of lower status or servants of high-ranking nobles would line up in front of Chandrine Bakery. It was hard to imagine the elderly Duke Gracie, whose face was already well-known, was standing in line in front of a sweet-smelling bakery.


“You can order the employees to do it,” said me, blinking my eyes quickly.


Duke Gracie cleared his throat as if he was embarrassed. “Cough, I just heard that my granddaughters liked it, so I just did something.”


Because Bella was sick, all of his attention was focused on her health until recently. Because of that, he couldn’t pay attention to those details.


Both Bella and Lobelia liked it, so he wanted to buy it himself. It was just his simple heart as a grandfather. Although he already has enough wealth to spoil them, he feels sorry for not being able to do something more.


“…Thank you. I really like this. Bella bought it for me, and I found it surprisingly delicious.”


“I like it too.”


“…Your Royal Highness doesn’t like it.”


“No. Didn’t you see me last time? I ate it all in one bite.”


“Yes, yes. Let’s say that’s the case.”


We sat in front of the sofa, chatting cheerfully. Contrary to what he said about how much he loved eclairs, Frinel didn’t pick up a single one but lifted the cup filled with hot tea.


Seeing him like that, I asked quietly. “Why aren’t you eating? You said you liked it.”


He answered skillfully without changing his expression. “It’s what my beloved Bella and Lady Lobelia like, so please eat it a lot. I’m giving up my portion.”


“Yes, yes.”


“I really mean it. I’m a man who doesn’t lie, Lady Lobelia.”


“Yes, yes. I see. Let’s say so.”


“Why do you keep saying that? Oh gosh.”


“Don’t copy my speaking style.”


Suddenly, the two seemed to be really comfortable with each other. Bella looked at the two happily, and soon she realized what she had to ask and opened her mouth. “Are you feeling okay? Didn’t you do it? How is it going?”


As soon as she opened her mouth, a storm of anxious questions came rushing out of her. I smiled lightly and lifted up an eclair.


“Do you think I’ll be beaten?”


“Of course not!” She raised her voice. “There is no way our Lobelia would be defeated by those bastards! I believe it!”


Bella hit her own chest, showing how much she trusted me. Seeing her like that was so cute, so I burst into laughter.


“Nothing happened.”


“Really? Phew, that’s a relief.”


“You said you believed me, Bella.”


“I believe in you, but I still feel bad. How dare they touch our Lobelia?”


Even though we’re technically half-sisters, Bella spoke in a worried tone, as if we were really sisters.


“I didn’t get hit. Don’t wor—”


Something had happened, but she would have been worried if I had gone into more detail. So I opened my mouth again, intending to hide what had happened recently and only tell the rough truth.


“You got it right.”


But it was none other than Frinel who beat me first.


“…Your Royal Highness?”


I glanced at him, hoping he wouldn’t say anything. But Frinel shrugged his shoulders lightly and spoke again.


“You got hit. Lady Lobelia.”


“Yes? What happened?”


“What do you mean by that? She got hit?”


At his words, fierce eyes were instantly drawn to me.


“Hiding something that doesn’t need to be hidden makes your family worry more, Lady Lobelia.”


When I sighed deeply, Frinel looked at me and nodded slightly. He wasn’t wrong. Still, I might get a little tired, though.


Eventually, I slowly parted my lips. “…It feels the same as if I didn’t get hit.”


“Tell me in more detail…!” Bella held me in frustration.


My rough explanation didn’t seem to work. So, I slowly revealed what happened in Hamilton March. From Magorit’s daughter knowing about Merilly’s abuse to the story of her strangling me and eventually taking away all of Magorit’s power and becoming the official concubine. The whole story was surprising, but what surprised them the most was that I almost died again.


“She already killed me once, and she tried to kill me again.”


“How could she…!”


Despite Bella’s lament, I continued speaking as calmly as possible, as if nothing had happened.


“But my body has a protective shield made of mana—”


But I couldn’t finish my words.


“So now, the trash in Hamilton March…”


With a crushing sound, the glass cup in Duke Gracie’s hand was shattered by his grip.




“Grandfather, your hands…!”




Even while blood was dripping, the fierce look in his eyes didn’t change. His facial muscles flinched with anger, and his anger fluttered.


At one time, he was one of the most famous knights in the Tiazen Empire. Because he possessed tremendous strength beyond that of a human being, the knights who dueled him were sent to the hospital one after another.


“Lobelia, are you saying… they touched you…?”


His blue eyes flashed coolly. The trash of the Hamilton family made Duke Gracie angry without my knowledge.


Duke Gracie had bent over to live despite being powerful. It wasn’t because he was weak but because he had endured and sacrificed everything to protect them completely.


“How dare they…!”


But he went back to his former self completely. 


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