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“I’m going now.”


In the first place, there wasn’t much luggage to take care of from Gracie Duchy. According to the narrative Frinel and I created, I just lived in a small cabin and occasionally received help from him. So I didn’t need to pack a lot of luggage. It was enough because I looked at the faces of my family members and told them what was going on.


“Take care of yourself.”


“Yes. I will cherish myself.” I added my words with a subtle joking tone. “Because I have a grandpa who breaks glass if I get hurt.”


Cough…” At my joke, Duke Gracie blushed slightly as if he was embarrassed and let out a vain cough.


Bella then smiled happily and stepped in front of me. “Lobelia!”


“Yes, Bella.”


“Even if you meet me somewhere else, we won’t know each other.”


“Ah, yes. Of course.”


Her eyes looked like she was about to do something, so I smiled awkwardly.


Behind her, the coachman I had seen earlier returned and parked the carriage. Frinel glanced at the carriage and gently wrapped his arms around my shoulders.


“Well, let’s go.”


I raised my head in bewilderment because of such an imposing manner. “Your Royal Highness, why are you following me again? You’re going to sleep here.”


“I’ll take you there.”


“That’s enough.”


“No. I’ll follow you.” Frinel hurriedly climbed onto the carriage and curtly pouted his lips like a child.


“What the? You’re like a child.”


“Just let me take you there.” He stared at me, blinking his eyes sadly.




His blue eyes flashed brightly as if looking at clear sapphires. Is it radiating some kind of energy? The eyes looking at me were so pretty I couldn’t resist any longer.


“Alright. However…”




“It’s nothing. Let’s go.”


Having glanced at the coachman, I soon climbed into the carriage. I waved my hand at Duke Gracie and Bella, who were looking at me out of the window.


Frinel continued to smile until I finally closed the window. I glanced at him and asked vaguely. “What’s so good about it?”


“I like it. I’m happy to see that you have opened your heart to your family.”


Haha, happy…?”


“You’re the person I love.”


Blue eyes, shining like dawn, slowly turned toward me.


“It’s completely natural. I’m just happy to be in the same carriage.”


He wondered if there was anyone he had ever felt so lovely about. The only people who were important to him were Duke Gracie, Bella, and his aide, Alter. They felt like a part of his family, so his feelings towards them were distinctly different.


Frinel smiled softly and stared at me. I slowly blinked my eyes and met his eyes. Anyone could tell he was in love. Despite my embarrassment, I couldn’t completely ignore him like before for some reason.


An indescribable emotion swirled in my mind. My situation couldn’t let me accept his feelings right away, and my feelings were so clearly shaken by him. I felt sorry and thankful.


“While saying those words… Your Royal Highness really doesn’t change a single expression.”


In the end, all I could do was pass it over like a joke.


I turned his words around with a smile. Despite my reaction, Frinel naturally responded back to my words.


“If you’re going to do that, why don’t you just talk informally to me?”


Um, should I?”


“Yes. I like it.” He joked and raised his thumb.


I smiled lightly and shook my head. “It’s a joke. Your Royal Highness won’t punish me for insulting the imperial family, right?”


“No way. I like it so much when you talk informally to me.”


“Your taste is very unique too.”


“Like now.” Seriousness slowly seeped into his smile. “The relationship between us… It makes me feel closer.”


At that moment, my eyelashes, which had curled upward, fluttered. I cleared my throat and spoke awkwardly. “…Cough, you’re flirting again whenever you get the chance.”


“Not this time. I think I keep getting misunderstood because my appearance is so flashy.”


“It’s bad luck if you keep doing that.”


“What’s wrong with a little bad luck? Especially when I’m this handsome.”


Frinel, who had returned to his former self, wrapped his palms around his cheek, making a flower-like gesture. At his childlike appearance, I eventually burst into laughter.


“Yes, I admit it. When it comes to pretty things, you’re probably the best in the empire.”


“As expected, right? Ah, we’re already arrived.”


As we chatted, the carriage was already in front of Hamilton March. Soon, the sound of horses hoof stopped slowly, and the carriage stopped in front of the main building.  In front of us, several servants were lined up, waiting for me.


“They’ve already got themselves together.”


“That’s right.”


“I might not be able to come for a few days. Because of the work joining hands with Duke Gracie.” As he folded and unfolded his palm, he closed one eye cutely.


“I see. Don’t worry.”


Frinel, who had dropped off Lobelia from the carriage, looked at her intently as if regretting the parting. He wanted to hug her at least, but it was better to endure it than to incur Lobelia’s hatred. He ended his speech with a cute tone that did not match his splendid appearance. “Can you hold back even if you miss me?”


“That won’t happen.”


“Yes, yes.”


In the end, Frinel expressed his regret by encouragingly patting her on the shoulder. Then, he immediately left to find his horse.


It seemed as if the warmth remained over the shoulder that his fingertips had touched, so I pressed my lips. My eyes didn’t leave from Frinel, who was leaving, with some unknown lingering sensation. Only after his appearance had completely disappeared did I turn to the servants carrying my luggage.


At the end of my sight was a coachman tidying up the carriage. I soon concentrated my mana on my eyes. Blue light.


Thanks to the mana attached to the coachman, I could see blue footprints sparkling like stars here and there. And the path made by those footprints was heading toward the annex.


I knew it. I was already expecting this, so I didn’t even laugh at it.  He must have heard Sera called me ‘Princess,’ so he must have been puzzled, and of course, he would have conveyed that to Magorit. But that wouldn’t change anything.


Magorit’s image within this mansion had already plummeted. Abusing her child and trying to kill the concubine, she was eventually driven out to the annex. No one here would trust her without questioning her words.


That’s why you should have life properly.


I shook my head and walked toward the coachman, who was organizing the carriage. “Hello.”




His busy hands stopped in shock. He jerked his head away and stammered like someone who had been caught doing something bad. “G-greetings.”


“What’s your name?”


“Ah, you can call me Jack… little Madam.”


“You must be having a hard time crossing the Mana Tunnel and going back and forth to the Gracie Duchy,” I said as if it was nothing to hide and took out a silver coin from my clutch.




“Originally, I lived close enough that we didn’t have to cross the tunnel. But Frinel brought my luggage there. So I couldn’t help it.”


“Ah, I-I see…”


“This is a tip. Please continue to take good care of me, Jack.”


“Yes, yes, little Madam…”


Although she had the same soft voice as Magorit, the atmosphere they gave off was completely different. It was like seeing a saintess and a villainess.


He thought he shouldn’t have followed Magorit’s orders. Jack’s eyes fluttered in the wind.


“Little Madam, you’re here.”


“Yes. Is your cheek okay?”


“Thank you for your concern, little Madam. I’m okay.”


“I have good medicine. Come to my room later.”


“…Thank you.”


The servants’ eyes looking at Lobelia were filled with emotion. They now didn’t care whether she was a concubine or a commoner.


Although they had no choice but to stay still and watch Magorit abuse Merilly, she didn’t punish them to crawl around until their knees got worn out or say words about that. She just lets them stay in the mansion. In addition, she was even kinder to the servants. So how could they not to follow her? Now, everyone who lived in this mansion was trying hard to please her.


Looking at Lobelia and them affectionately entering the mansion, Jack gently put his hand into his pocket. The gold coin that Magorit had given him and the silver coin that Lobelia had given him were shaking against each other, tickling his fingertips. 


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