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“Your daughter…? That Lady Hamilton?”


“What happened?”


“Come to think of it, Marchioness, who was said to have become pregnant before her marriage, didn’t appear in society after a long time, even after giving birth.”


“Well, it happened… to be about 2 years, right?”


The bewildered ladies said their words one by one.


Bella pursed her lips and looked at Lobelia and Magorit. Magorit’s face turned pale as if she was on the verge of fainting. With a face like that, it felt like she would be out of breath even without having her strangled.


Bella asked, pretending to know nothing, hiding her sneer inside. “What does that mean? Lady Hamilton is your daughter?”


“It’s going to be revealed soon anyway, so it’s okay to say this much.”


The only person who was okay here was Lobelia. She smiled and spoke calmly.


“Marquis and I got married first. When I had already given birth to Merilly and was raising her, I found out too late that he’s a marquis.”


“That kind of thing…”


Eyes full of astonishment glanced alternately between Lobelia and Magorit.


“Then, given the timing…”


“Yes. He lives in two houses.”


At that moment, one thought came to their mind. Then the real trash is Marquis Endimion de Hamilton.


“There was nothing a commoner like me could do. I just wanted to get along well with my child…”


Her platinum eyelashes fluttered sadly.


“I don’t know why things ended up like this…”


Tears dripped from Lobelia’s eyes. Their eyes, which had become fierce because she was a concubine, were now looking at her pitifully again.


“You’re not going to believe that stupid story, are you?” Magorit, who was examining the situation, smiled awkwardly and spoke to them. “There is no need to listen to what a crazy person says…”


But Bella ignored the words lightly and opened her mouth. “Well, come to think of it… the eyes of the daughter of Marquis Hamilton, the eldest daughter of this family… it’s definitely a clearer emerald color.”


In fact, she had never seen her since she was sick, but she spoke as if she had seen it before.


“Anyone can see that she looks just like Lady Lobelia.”


“I remember too. Her eyes were so clear and beautiful, unlike the Marchioness, that’s why I remembered it.”


“That’s right. Really, just like her.”


The eyes of the ladies suddenly turned toward Lobelia’s eyes. Those clear eyes, as if looking at transparent emeralds, were as beautiful as a lake.


“…Everyone, Lobelia is not in a good state of mind right now. Her memories also go back and forth…”


“You have no explanation for the case, Marchioness Hamilton?” Bella cut her off coldly. “Even if it was true Lady Lobelia’s mental health wasn’t good, a rebuttal would have come out if it weren’t true.”


She smiled and spoke logically. “Besides, if everything we heard is true, shouldn’t you start slapping your husband?”


Blue eyes that seemed to contain a chill slowly turned to Magorit.


“Or… is this a surprise show you put on to make fun of me while I was sick?”


The two eyes met face to face. Even though she was still only a young lady, it felt exactly the same when she met Lobelia. Magorit slightly averted her eyes and parted her lips. She had to come up with some excuse to settle the situation.


“…Princess Gracie, you all misunderstood. Why don’t you listen to me?”


“Did I misunderstand something?”


“Of course, I apologize for my slip of the tongue and my violent behavior.” She bent herself overboard on purpose. “But Lobelia has been insulting me all along.”




“Not only did she not show good manners because she’s a commoner, she also bewitched my husband and took away all of my authority.”


The young ladies began to murmur at Magorit’s words. She continued, pretending to be pitiful, with a small hope that the tide might change.


“I’m living in a separate house, away from my daughter…! If things continue like this, I might get kicked out. I was pushed out by the concubine.”


“Oh goodness…”


“So, how can I say nice things?”


Magorit also turned to acting.


Who is more pitiful? It seemed like the two people were competing.


Lobelia looked at her like that and smiled inwardly. That’s so stupid. I would have risen from my seat and run away if I were here.


If Magorit had let Merilly and her go five years ago, she wouldn’t have had to face this.


It’s all your karma. If only you had asked for forgiveness and prayed for it, I might not have done this.


She opened her mouth again with her eyes flashing. “Your authority was taken away…”


All eyes turned to Lobelia.


“Because you abused my daughter.”


The noble ladies’ mouths opened the widest they had ever been.


“…What kind of nonsense are you saying now?”


“You know Virtual syncretism religion, right? Pretending to believe that heresy, she fed my child sand to hurt her.”




“Isn’t it a relief that you didn’t get kicked out?” She made a strong argument as if she were giving a lecture.


The atmosphere in the garden froze cold in an instant.


Lobelia continued. “You don’t admit your mistake until the end, and you force me to open my mouth, which I had been keeping tightly shut.”


A small whisper disguised as a lament rang out.


“No matter how commoner I am… How can I speak kindly to a woman who abused my child, whom I was pregnant with for nine months?”


As if she was in sorrow, her words gradually became more and more teary. The noble ladies quietly moved their seats next to Lobelia. Before they knew it, they were surrounding Lobelia like knights protecting her.


“That’s too much, Marchioness Hamilton.”


“Just like Princess Gracie said, the arrow of condemnation should have been directed at your husband. Besides, how can you do that to a child…!”


“…W-wait. How can you believe that woman’s words more than mine…”


“Enough,” Bella spoke firmly to Magorit, who was taken aback. “I don’t want to be in one place with Marchioness. Let’s go home for today.”


“Yes, Princess.”


“Society will become more interesting in the future.”


“That’s what I’m saying. How can a high-ranking noble abuse a child?”


They rumbled away from the garden with their own accusations in their mouths.


The garden soon came to a serenity. But in the aftermath left by the nobles, Magorit could not even speak and was exhaling a harsh breath.


“So why didn’t you live your life straight?”




“Rather, when you first met me, you should have said you were sorry for killing me… and that you lost your temper.”


Lobelia said in a whisper and walked closer to her. “‘I’m sorry for bothering your daughter,’ and said you did it because you hated me so much.”


A low voice rang. “If only you had admitted everything and prayed. No, if only you said an apology.”


Trembling eyes fell on Magorit as if she felt sorry for this whole situation.


“Maybe I wouldn’t have gone this far.”


She really meant it. Of course, she would make her pay for all the sins of abusing her daughter, but she might not have buried her completely to prevent her from making a comeback.


Hating and bullying someone was not a pleasant thing to do. So, if she had only shown herself differently than she did now, Lobelia would have shown her at least a little mercy.


Magorit is both a victim and a perpetrator. But she didn’t ask for a single word of forgiveness from Lobelia. So now, Lobelia also had no intention of showing Magorit mercy, even if it was as small as her fingernails.


“You, to me…?” She smiled with a big smile on her lips and giggled. “Will you really forgive me?”


“I didn’t say I would forgive you.”


“Do you think it would have touched my conscience if a noble killed a commoner?”


Despite having nightmares and not being able to sleep properly, Magorit pretended to be okay all the time.


Do you think I would have any remorse for torturing an illegitimate child with commoner blood?”


Her eyes gradually turned red.


“Were you planning on doing this from the beginning…?”


Now, it only took a moment for the rumors to spread in society. If it was the ladies from the small family, she would be able to do some behind-the-scenes work. Still, she couldn’t control Princess Gracie, who had recently been regaining her power.


“To reveal everything in front of the nobles. To tarnish my reputation!”


“That…” Lobelia looked straight at Magorit and sneered coldly. “Do you just get it now?” Then she passed her with a chill.


Magorit’s body trembled, and she bit her lips so hard that they bled.


However, they didn’t know. Behind the three,




Roseni was there, listening to all their conversation.


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