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“Lobelia! Are you okay now?”


Ah, Merilly, Roseni.”


When I was resting for a bit, Merilly and Roseni came to my room. Their arms were full of pretty purple flowers.


“I picked flowers with Roseni. The flower’s name is the same as Lobelia…”


“Wow, really?”


I looked at the two children lovingly and gently stroked their hair.


“Thank you. They’re so pretty.”


The flowers with purple petals and golden flowers were fragrant. I got up from my seat and put the flowers in the vase.


“This one, for Lobelia.”


Merilly handed me the cornbread she brought. As soon as I saw the bright yellow bread, I lowered my eyebrows and felt sorry.


“Ah… I’m sorry. For not being able to finish it together.”


“It’s okay. People were very impressed. I gave this to Roseni too. Chelsea even cried a lot.”


“People must have been moved by Merilly’s heart.”


The food they received from the neglected child was prepared by that child’s precious hands. The type of food didn’t matter. The moment they saw the bread coming from a pure and clean heart, they must have realized what they had done so far.


They weren’t bad people. I smiled slightly and nodded my head. “Let’s do it together with Roseni next time. How about we make a cake?”


“I like cake! Merilly and I like strawberry cake the best, right?”


“That’s right. The one made of raspberries.”


The two children made eye contact and burst into laughter. The cheerful laugh was so pleasant to hear that I laughed along with them, too.


“I don’t think I’ll be able to do it today because I have some work to do… How about doing it next week? I’ll ask Chelse to order some raspberries.”


“Wow, I’m excited! I like it!”


Roseni’s eyes sparkled like jewels. It seemed that child had already completely opened her heart to me.


“Our mother wouldn’t let us do that. Right, Roseni?”




At the word ‘mother,’ Roseni’s complexion instantly hardened. “Yes…”


She smiled awkwardly at Merilly. It looked like her shock that Magorit was a murderer hadn’t yet subsided.


“Then I should prepare in advance.”


“What kind of preparation?”


“Cake making. Can I read the book Lobelia?”


“Sure. I’ll tell Chelsea to find the book and bring it to you.”


“…Thank you. Let’s go, Merilly.”


Her mother never let her read the books she wanted to read. She would only hand out books that befitted her status as a noble after she had confirmed them herself. But Lobelia was different. Roseni bowed her head toward her, saying goodbye, and then took Merilly’s hand in her.


“Yes. Lobelia, then I’ll get going too.”


“Yes. Goodbye.”


The two children left the room in harmony. The noisy room suddenly became quiet.


I took a deep breath and opened the drawer. Inside it was the key to the warehouse that Endimion had given me. Anyway, he’s so stupid. I couldn’t believe I was in love without knowing he was such a man.


I sneered and took out the key made of gold. It was quite heavy, perhaps because it was studded with large rubies. I took the key and went out to the hallway. Outside, Chelsea was wiping the windows.


“Can you lead me to the warehouse?”


Ah, yes, Little Madam.”


She glanced towards Kriella’s room. Just before leaving, Kriella gave orders that no one should ever set foot in the warehouse. Magorit was stripped of her powers, so it was okay for her not to listen to her commands, but Kriella was different. Moreover, how many times she had been beaten by her since she was young? To be honest, Chelsea didn’t want to listen to Kriella’s orders, but she was her servant who would suffer consequences if she didn’t do her orders.  


Chelsea sighed softly. The good news, though, was that Kriella hadn’t returned from the capital yet. Even if she took Lobelia to the warehouse, Kriella would never know.


“Please come this way, Little Madam.”


Observing her for no reason, she led Lobelia to the underground stairs. They went down to the basement for a while and saw a very large wooden door.


“Here it is.”




My eyes slowly swept down the majestic door. Although wizards had disappeared in this empire, two magic stones were embedded around the door, like knights guarding the warehouse. If you don’t have the key, entering won’t be easy, even if you can use magic. But it’s different if the door is open.


I lifted one tail of my mouth slowly and opened my mouth. “Chelsea.”




“It’s okay to report honestly.”


“…Yes? Th-that’s…”


“Watch me, and don’t let me set foot in the warehouse… She must have said something like that, right?”


Chelsea slowly squinted her stunned eyes and then closed her mouth. Even if she was punished here, there was nothing she could say.


“You don’t have to answer. I understand everything. So, just report to her honestly.”


“Yes? A-are you serious?”


“Yes. I’m just here to look around the warehouse. Don’t worry, and you can report ‘as is ‘.”


“…Thank you. But my heart doesn’t feel good…”


She dropped her head in guilt. She couldn’t even eat the bread she received from Merilly yesterday. Chelsea wanted to be loyal to Lobelia and Merilly for giving her a chance. However, her status as a maid and her situation prevented her from doing what she wanted to do.


“It’s okay, Chelsea.”


“Little Madam…”


“I think all the servants must have felt something.” As if to read Chelsea’s mind, I continued in a gentle voice like a saint.


“It’s okay for you to act according to your beliefs. Everyone has that right. As long as you don’t betray me and Merilly….” I trailed off but then quickly finished my words. “I will protect you at all costs.”




Chelsea’s eyes were filled with emotion. She was truly moved by Lobelia, and tears were welling up.


“So, you can report the truth to her. I’m not trying to do anything weird.”


“…Little Madam. Right now, starting today…” She swallowed her dry saliva and spoke with a determined look. “I will follow all your orders. I will also report everything that happens.”


“Do you mean to report big madam’s orders?”




“Chelsea could get hurt.”


“That is… my responsibility.” Chelsea smiled feebly and bobbed her head. “Then, please take a look. I will be waiting on the first floor.”


“Yes. Thank you, Chelsea.”


I stared down the stairs until she disappeared and soon turned around. Then I took out the key and opened the door. With a horrifying squeak, the large door opened its arms as if to welcome me.


Brilliant golden color like Frinel’s hair greeted me. Inside the warehouse, countless gold coins were piled up like a tower.


“Jewelry and famous paintings… They’ve been accumulating so much wealth. It’s not like they’re going to die while holding them.”


In addition, there are marble statues studded with four great jewels, a blue diamond that appears to be at least 100 carats, artwork drawn by artists whose names she had learned in Gracie Duchy and even land documents. Marquis Hamilton was richer than I had imagined. And,


“Found it.”


As I was scanning around, something caught my eye. Although it was well hidden, there was nothing I couldn’t find, my mana allowed me to see through objects. The blue mana in my eyes disappeared, and I approached the far corner of the warehouse. As I sifted through the pile of gold coins, I found a book with an old cover.  




There was a strange novel written in it. I just smiled and buried the book back in the pile of gold coins. Then I took out a coin pouch I had brought from my arms and filled it with gold coins and jewels.


“This is enough to use for the time being.”


After tapping the floor once, I picked it up and went out leisurely.


Ah, are you finished already?”


“Yes. I brought a pouch full of gold coins. I think I’ll have to use it for later.”


Ah, yes…”


“Please report it.”




“Say that Lobelia came out of the warehouse with a pouch of gold coins.”


One corner of my mouth curled up as I had something on my mind, and my eyes were sparkling more brilliantly than anyone else’s. 

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