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“My personal wealth?” Endimion’s movement stopped for a moment.


Usually, nobles have their own personal wealth, which they earn during major family events or sudden occasions of celebration or mourning.


“Yes. You just said… you loved me, but didn’t give me anything, right?”


Hmm, that’s right…” He swept his chin slowly.


Naturally, personal wealth was mainly used for scandalous purposes. This meant conducting illegal business or giving their secret concubines or lovers gifts. So, it wouldn’t be unusual for him to use his personal wealth to buy Lobelia jewelry or dresses.


Endimion immediately smiled brightly and then opened his mouth. “Okay. What do you want me to do?”


“I want to go shopping. Together with Merilly and Roseni.”




“Can I buy whatever I want?”


“Of course. Take my seal here.”


He rummaged through his coat pocket and quickly pulled out a seal made of crystal. It wasn’t the family seal but Endimion’s personal seal.


“Thank you. I think the children will like it too.”


“Yes. I have to go to the capital today. There is a noble meeting.”


“That’s great.”




“I think I can get closer to the children in the meantime.”


Lobelia looked at him and smiled. It was a clear smile that made it hard to believe that she was hiding a shady plan.


Endimion gently brushed her hair. “As expected, you’re a good woman.” Then he left to prepare to go to the capital.


As he disappeared from sight, I stared at my palm. There was a golden key and Endimion’s seal. With these two things in my hands, the Hamilton family was practically ruined.


“Alright, let’s get started.”


I raised the corners of my mouth and called for Merilly and Roseni. Then, I immediately got ready and left the mansion with the children. The place we went to was full of flower decorations and had a different beauty from Gracie Street.


“It’s been a while since I’ve been out!”


The children who got out of the carriage burst into laughter. This was because they didn’t go out often due to their status as high-ranking nobles.




“Yes. What are we going to buy today?” Merilly asked with a look of high expectation.


Her round eyes were cute, so I replied while stroking the children’s hair. “We’re going to buy a lot of jewelry and dresses.”


“Is that really okay?”


“Of course. The marquis even gave us his personal seal to buy our pretty ladies lots of pretty things.”




Merilly and Roseni looked at each other and burst out in admiration.


Following the advice of the maids who followed us, I immediately entered the most famous jewelry store in the downtown area.


“From here to here.”


Then, like a scene from a romance novel I read a long time ago,


“I will purchase all of them.”


I demonstrated the lines of the male protagonist.


The children opened their mouths in amazement.


“A-are you sure you’re going to buy all of this?”


“Of course. Please adjust it to suit the children. What’s on the second floor?” I smiled softly and raised my voice toward the staff.


They looked surprised but couldn’t hold back their mouths rising.


Cough, cough. It’s for brooches, Madam.”


“Please give me all the brooches. I’m giving them as a gift, so please wrap them up nicely.”


Feeling a little proud, I handed Endimion’s seal to the staff. They excitedly loaded the packed items onto the carriage.


“Who are you giving the brooches to?”


Ah, I received help from Princess Gracie and the ladies last time. I’m thinking of inviting them sometime.”


I continued, gleefully looking at the gift boxes being loaded into the carriage. “And I’d like to give a gift to the servants who work for our mansion.”


Ah… I think it’s a good idea.” Roseni agreed in a slightly lowered voice. “Can I help you too?”


“Of course.”


My eyes glanced at Roseni’s darkened complexion. It seemed like she wanted to atone, at least a little, for her mother’s sins.


I glanced at Merilly, who was looking at the jewelry, and lowered my body. “Roseni.”




“There’s no need for Roseni to carry that burden.”


A gentle whisper softly rang in Roseni’s ear, along with the warmth of Lobelia’s hand wrapping around her shoulder.


“It’s the adult’s job.”


Roseni slowly raised her head and looked at me.


“I don’t want Roseni to feel guilty about that.”




It was just words and a smile. But strangely, after that day, her heavy heart seemed to have become slightly lighter.


“Thank you, Lobelia.”


“Now, shall we go buy the dress?”




We made our way to the boutique. After shopping for hours, spending a lot of money, visiting an orphanage to donate, and even signing a contract for land, we returned to the Hamilton March.


“Leave the gifts to me and Roseni!”


“Thank you, Ladies.”


Merilly and Roseni disappeared with their arms full of gifts for the servants.


The joy of giving to someone. The children already knew that.


I smiled until the children disappeared and picked up an empty gift box. “We give gifts to everyone, but we can’t forget about Mari.”


I packed up something, put it in the box, decorated it more extravagantly than the rest, and headed to the annex. The Hamilton family’s knights were guarding the front.


“Thank you for your hard work. I brought you a gift so you can return to the main house.”


“D-did you buy for us too?”


“Of course. Feeling gratitude to everyone, the children chose various things.”


In addition to jewelry and dresses, I also stopped by the weapon shop and picked up all the famous swords. Since I had bought everything that looked expensive, including shields and armor, I probably spent at least one month’s worth of the Marquis’s budget.


“Thank you, Madam.”


Kriella was kicked out to the villa, and before I knew it, the title they called me had changed from Little Madam to Madam. I was only a little nicer to them, but my title had become madam rather than concubine. This was no different from representing how much they were despised and ignored by the nobles of this family.


It’s not a bad thing for me. Later, they will all become my witnesses.


I entered the annex with a smile. It wasn’t cold, but it was very cold inside the annex, probably because there was no one to light the fire. I hummed and flung open the door, holding the gift box.


“…What is it?”


Magorit was sitting at the table, scribbling with the quill pen as if she was writing some kind of letter.


“Who are you going to ask for help?”


“Shut up. How dare someone lowly like you speak to me?”


Pfft. Yes, yes, Marchioness Hamilton.” I deliberately reacted exaggeratedly, bending down my knees to show her courtesy.


“I’m going to reveal your true identity.”


“Yes, yes. Go ahead. Here’s your gift.”


Then, I held out the gift box that I brought to her. Magorit did not receive the gift. So, I put the gift down on the table.


“What are you planning?”


“Open it.”


At the table, Magorit placed the gift box on top of the letter she had been writing. She then pretended as if she had no choice but to open it.


“…What is this?’


The moment she looked inside the box, her expression suddenly distorted.


“It’s trash…!”


There was a lot of trash in it. The fruit peel that someone ate and threw away, the broken piece of glass, the crumpled paper, even the canned can that doesn’t know who ate it.


Magorit felt a surge of anger, and she immediately stood up. “You…!”


“I think collecting trash is your hobby.”




Her green eyes shook endlessly.


“I feel sorry for your life, clinging to a piece of trash like Endimion as your husband. That’s why I prepared something special for you.”


Didn’t she love Endimion? Only then did Magorit realize. Lobelia didn’t come to take Endimion away from her.




“I told you.”


She didn’t love Endimion.


Lobelia whispered in a small voice. “If your anger hadn’t been foolishly directed at me, this moment we have right now might have been different.”


She came back for revenge.


“Madam Marchioness Hamilton.”


To take revenge on the Hamilton family.


Feeling goosebumps all over her body, Magorit simply bit her own lips. 


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