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“How dare you defy my order?!”


“I’m sorry. This is the order of the marquis.”




Kriella broke everything on the table. They couldn’t do this to me. She just asked them to bring her stationery and a quill pen, but no one listened to her.


“If you don’t listen, then I’ll just take it myself! Try and stop me if you can!” She huffed and left the door.


She hadn’t been in the villa for quite some time, so she couldn’t know where it was without the servants. But she also has eyes, hands, and feet. If she could find the quill pen, she would report this to the empress and punish her son and all of those insolent servants.


Her angry steps thumped. Kriella headed straight to her study. She would be able to find a quill pen and paper in her study.


“Do you think I can’t do anything without them?”


Entering her study, she rummaged through the drawers on the desk. Finally, she found an old quill pen with hardening ink that hadn’t been used for a long time. Seeing that there was dust everywhere, it seemed that the servants hadn’t even worked properly.


“Don’t they even clean properly?”


Kriella’s brow crumpled as she shook her dusty hand. Only after finding the faded parchment did she slowly catch her breath. Then she sat on the chair, which was dirty because no one cleaned it. This shame would disappear quickly if her letter reached the empress.


“Dear Empress, I have now suffered the most embarrassing humiliation from my son and his commoner concubine…”


Kriella gritted her teeth and pressed down the pen to begin writing the letter. The quill’s tip, filled with anger, moved violently from side to side. After some time had passed, she finally put a final stop to her letter.


“It’s done.”


With a smile, Kriella jumped out of her seat. Even though the servants didn’t listen to her, they would have no choice but to move if she gave them a few silver coins.


Hmph, if a child doesn’t listen, discipline them is necessary, no matter how much you love them.”


She walked out of the door with her letter full of his child’s faults. Then, it was when she looked around to find a servant to send her a letter.


“I didn’t expect such luck to come to me.”


A strange man’s voice came from behind. Sensing strange goosebumps, Kriella slowly turned her head. And at that moment,




With a dull sound, as if being hit by something, she fell down on the spot.


⚜ ⚜ ⚜

“That’s why don’t touch Merilly.”


At a time when my holy power was unstable, I had to keep a close eye on Magorit. I continued my words, glaring directly at her. “I will take care of your trashy husband and give him back to you.”


I had to pressure her down so that she wouldn’t even dare to touch Merilly. Then I turned around, raising one corner of my mouth.


“…Then give him back now.”


At that moment, a small voice came out from behind.


“Take Merilly. And return Endimion to me.” Magorit let out a shaky voice.


“No way, you still love him?” My eyes, filled with astonishment, reached her.


Magorit swallowed her dry saliva and added her words. “Yes. I know that he’s a pathetic bastard. Still, I…”


Memories of her younger days with him shimmered through her tears. She had thought she was different from other nobles. It was only because she had Endimion’s love by her side. In this way, her life was no different from that of other unhappy young ladies.


“I need Endimion. I love him. Therefore…”


“Yes, yes. Keep loving that trash.” I smiled lightly and nodded. “You can have him.”


But that smile disappeared in an instant. With a frosty expression, I turned again.


Is it because of her pride as a noble? Or does she really love him so much? Why did Magorit have no choice but to live such an ugly life?


Feeling slightly uncomfortable, I entered my room. Before I knew it, my room had completely transformed with newly selected furniture. Of course, these fancy things weren’t my cup of tea, but I only chose the most expensive items in the store as much as possible. I hope that rumors about me will spread widely in society.


“Maybe it’s because it’s expensive, but the quality is truly amazing.”


Perhaps because it was all luxurious furniture, a sense of elegance flowed through the room. In any case, there were things that didn’t suit me, and my plan was to leave them in the room for a while before donating everything to the less fortunate commoners.


I, who had been slowly running my fingers over the furniture, slumped on the bed as if collapsing.


“Little Madam, this is Chelsea.” Chelsea came into the room with a knock just in time. “I received a message that big madam has arrived safely in the villa.”


“What about the servants there?”


“I have ordered everyone, except those who are absolutely essential, to return to the main building.”


“Thank you, Chelsea.” I smiled slightly at her.


I deliberately checked all the lists of Marquis Hamilton’s villas and sent her to the least maintained one. Though it’s only the beginning stage of my revenge, Kriella deserves to suffer a bit for the trouble she has caused to the servants all this time. Imagining her screaming and fussing, I couldn’t help but let out a snicker.


“That, Little Madam.” Chelsea, who had been staring at me, hesitated and opened her mouth.




“There’s something that bothers me a little bit.”


“What is it?”


“As I told the marquis… big madam has always been abusive to the servants, and although it wasn’t frequent… there were a few incidents where the punishment was so severe that it led to loss of life.”


It was a fact that I already knew very well. I asked back with a face that asked why she reminded me of that. “Yes. And then?”


“…Among the servants who died that way, there was a child who had lost his father. And now that child has become a young man and working at the villa.”


“You mean the villa where Kriella went to?”






Fate really amazed me. I had merely sent her to the most neglected villa, yet there was the son of the servant killed by Kriella there? How ironic and ludicrous was this?


Unintentionally, I let out a scoff and continued speaking. “Just let it be.”


“Can they really keep their mouths shut?”


“They’re people too. Everyone reaps what they sow. That’s why one shouldn’t live in shin.”


“Yes, that’s right…” Chelsea’s head dropped sharply after being stabbed by conscience.


“I didn’t say that to Chelsea. Everyone has a chance to be forgiven. It depends on how hard they try.”


Chelsea was doing better than anyone else in this mansion right now. She reported everything she knew about Endimion, even creating a great opportunity to kick Kriella out. She was also doing her best with all her heart to the children. Those who tried like that deserve to be given a chance to be forgiven.


“I’m rather grateful to Chelsea. I didn’t expect you to help me this much.”


“No, Little Madam. I’m always sorry. I’ll do my best until the day I die.”


Haha, that’s enough. Get a rest now. You must have been tired.”


“Yes. Thank you. Ah, I have one more thing to convey.” Chelsea smiled softly and turned her body again. “His Royal Highness has arrived.”


“Right now?”


A color appeared on my cold face without realizing it.


“Yes, He has something to give…”


“Is he in the parlor?”


“No. He’s having a snack with Lady Merilly.”




Even though he didn’t like sweets? I pouted my lips and stood up.


“Since His Royal Highness has arrived, I must welcome him.”


“Yes, Little Madam. I’ll prepare the tea.”


“Thank you.”


I made my way to the second floor with a quick step. It hadn’t been long since we’d seen each other, but my heart was pounding for some reason. Before I knew it, the thought of wanting to see him seemed to settle into my heart.


It’s not that I want to see him. I just welcome him. I, assigning different meanings to my quickened pace, finally stood in front of Merilly’s room. Feeling inexplicably nervous, I swallowed hard.


It was just at the moment I was about to grasp the doorknob.




“Your Royal Highness!”


Through the slightly open door, Frinel’s groan and Merilly’s urgent voice could be heard. I quickly opened the door. As soon as I opened the door, what I saw within my sight was,




Frinel, who was coughing up blood. 


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