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The trash of the Marquis Hamilton family. In the hell they created, only the children were suffering in agony. What to do about their already wounded little hearts?


Feeling like tears would come, I carelessly picked up a glass of water. Cool water poured down my throat in gulps. I put the glass down with a clang and looked at Roseni. The child’s large eyes were gauging my reaction.


She’s afraid of being abandoned by me…!


My eyes, filled with shock, froze. I was at a loss for words, never having the intention to disregard Roseni. Though not related by blood, Roseni was unmistakably Merilly’s sister. Their relationship was similar to me with Bella.


We will definitely be a good family.


I glanced at Merilly, who seemed oblivious to everything. At that moment, Merilly firmly held Roseni’s hand.


“What are you talking about, Roseni? Lobelia is right here in front of us.”


Tears quickly filled her emerald eyes. Merilly struggled to swallow her tears and slightly shook her head. “Don’t say such things. It’s sad.”




“We will always be together. We are sisters. And Lobelia is…” Her eyes rolled like marbles. “Our friend, right?”


A bitterness briefly crossed my face. To Merilly, I was still just a ‘friend,’ nothing more.


“…Yes. Of course.” I quickly hid the emotions that had surfaced on my face and smiled sweetly. “Don’t worry, Roseni.”




“If Roseni wishes, I will take you anywhere.”


I stared intently at Roseni, giving a slight nod.


“You understand what I mean, right?”




Roseni, unusually perceptive for a child, immediately grasped my meaning and nodded. A wide smile briefly crossed her previously sorrowful face. It seemed my words reassured her.


“Same goes for Merilly.”


“Yes. Lobelia.”


Seeing Roseni’s expression improve, Merilly also smiled brightly.


I suppressed the bitter feeling as I watched the two children. One child knew too much, while the other was unaware of what she needed to know.  I almost wished I could transfer both children’s wounds to my heart.


A bitter taste lingered on my tongue. I took a strawberry and slowly rolled it in her mouth.


I need to hurry up with my plans. I had intended to inflict more pain on the trash, but it seemed I was only causing more harm to the children.


As I was about to get up,


“Little Madam.”


Chelsea entered the dining room just in time.




She held two letters in her hand, both looking very fancy at first glance, shimmering with a luxurious sheen.


“Letters have arrived.”


I tilted my head slightly. Chelsea wouldn’t have disturbed the meal if it were an unimportant letter.


“Well then, make sure you’ve eaten enough. My Little Ladies.”




The children’s cheerful voices followed, and then I headed to my room. Chelsea followed behind me. Only after entering her room and closing the door did I ask.


“What kind of letters are these?”


“They’re from the palace. They seem to be invitations…”




My eyes scrutinized the envelopes. Judging by the golden glow, they were undoubtedly sealed by the imperial emblem.


“Are they for Magorit?”


“No, Madam. If you look here…”


Chelsea pointed to the recipient’s name with her fingertip. One was for Magorit de Hamilton, and the other was…


“For me?”


My name was written there.


I took out a letter opener and smoothly sliced open the envelope. Inside was an invitation to a tea party at the palace.


“A tea party?”


My gaze slowly scanned the contents of the invitation. The tea party was scheduled for today at noon. I let out a snort of disbelief. Even for a small tea party, it was unprecedented to send invitations on the day itself.


“There are no cases where commoners are invited, but it feels strange, Madam.”


Other nobles probably received invitations in advance. It was clear that they had sent me today on purpose to see how I would fare. I just sneered.


“If I’m invited, I should go.”




Surprised by my response, Chelsea was met with a bright smile from me, who sat down at my desk and picked up a quill.


“Please pass this invitation to Magorit as well.”




“Magorit received one too. We should deliver it.”




“I’m sure Magorit will want to attend. Let her be and inform the knights as well.”


“Yes… understood, Madam.”


I elegantly penned a reply filled with courtesy. After dotting the final period, I handed the letter to Chelsea.


“Here, this is the reply.”


“I’ll send it immediately.” After taking the letter, Chelsea bowed and left the room.


I rested my chin on my hand, lightly biting the tip of the quill.


Kriella frequently visited the palace before being kicked out. By now, rumors that Endimion had taken a concubine must have spread, so it wasn’t strange for the empress to be interested in me. But a tea party invitation.


Suppressing a laugh, I pressed down on my lips. It was too obvious a ploy. It was undoubtedly their plan to seat the nobles and Magorit and then humiliate me in front of them.


But will things go as Her Majesty wishes?


Magorit’s heart was already set ablaze by Frinel. Whether she betrays the empress or not, the spectacle of her inner turmoil would be quite entertaining.


Good, it worked out better.


After all, the empress was part of the same faction that brought misery to my family, just like Kriella. And she was the trash who cruelly abused my beloved, Frinel. It was inevitable we would clash someday. His enemy was my enemy.


Let’s show these arrogant nobles how far a despised commoner can go.


I stood up immediately. Then, I selected the most beautiful dresses and jewelry I had purchased with Endimion’s seal, extravagantly adorning myself.


“Which jewelry would you like to wear, Madam?”


“Let’s go with the ones set with rubies.”


I chose a necklace and earrings, each studded with rubies thicker than my thumb, shining brilliantly.


Gasp. Madam… are you sure about this?” Chelsea, who had returned after sending the reply, looked at my outfit in astonishment.


“Of course.”




“Is the carriage ready?”


“Yes. It’s prepared. Since you’re going to the palace, we chose the best one.”


As she stepped out, I asked again, “What about Magorit?”


“She’s getting ready.”


“I’ll ride with Magorit.”


“Pardon? Isn’t that too dangerous…? If she’s hiding a weapon to harm you on the way to the palace…”


At Chelsea’s worried words, I laughed brightly, lifting my tone. “Haha, Magorit has her own head on her shoulders. She wouldn’t do something as foolish as killing me with a knife in a carriage where it’s just the two of us. Who would the culprit be?”


Ah… you’re right, Madam. Your words make sense.”


“Thanks for worrying, Chelsea. And for a while, please prepare the children’s meals. Everything from one to ten.”


“Of course, I will do it.”


“You’re very reliable. Someone might still be up to no good in this mansion.”


As I opened the large door and stepped out, the best carriage of the Hamilton family was in sight. In the distance, Magorit was walking towards the carriage in a simple dress.


“If anyone catches such a person, I’ll give a generous reward.”


It was, in essence, encouraging them to inform each other.


Sorry, but after being thoroughly deceived, I couldn’t trust anyone. With my protective shield, the children wouldn’t come to harm, but saying this would ease my mind a bit.


My gaze slowly turned towards her. When the two of us faced each other,


“For catching such a villain,” I continued loudly enough for her to hear. “Perhaps they might be very close. Such…”


In an atmosphere colder than winter, I trailed off. “A villainess worse than trash.”


Despite trembling facial muscles, Magorit could only press her lips together tightly. 


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