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Chae Yoon-chan, Joo Tae-kang, Yoo Yi-seo, and Seo Eun-soo were silent. Even Baek Do-jun, who knew that Chan-young tried to end his life by making an extreme choice, could not raise his head with his face twisted.


‘He just wanted to be happy.’


It was a pity that Chan-young, who spoke with a bright smile, looked very lonely. At the same time, they felt sorry, thinking about Chan-young feeling very uncomfortable after he was forced to live with them.


They had not forgotten that they had previously been bothered by the presence of Seong Chan-young. There was a time when they wished Sung Chan-young would disappear.


‘But I never thought it would really come true…..’


It was Seong Chan-young who left after clearing up all the karma he had committed against Baek Do-jun, Yoo Yi-seo, Chae Yoon-chan, and Joo Tae-kang. They were the ones who persistently followed him and bothered him.


Guilt and shame poured in at the thought that they had copied the same actions Seong Chan-young had made towards them.


Up until just now, the alphas thought they had saved Chan-young, who was weighed down by heat cycles and strange forces. But when they heard the story, they felt like their worlds have been flipped.


They wonder if Seong Chan-young was in danger because they were staying here.


“……we didn’t know that.”


“It’s all right. Well……It was true that it was annoying, but thanks to you, I had the opportunity to talk about it in a good way.”


‘He said we are annoying…’


Their minds were so full of guilt that they only heard the word ‘annoyance’ and not the entire sentence.


Joo Tae-kang coughed and Chae Yoon-chan buried his face in his hands since there was no hole for him to hide. Seo Eun-soo, who always asked, ‘Not me, right?’ while he stayed by Chan-young’s side, using the excuse of the alphas not leaving, also bit his red lips tightly.


Chan-young smiled brightly after noticing their subdued atmosphere.


“It was really annoying. Even if I ordered you to do hard farming, even if General barked at you to go away, even if I forced you to cook and eat on his own, you all persisted.”


“……I’m so sorry.”


Baek Do-jun apologized on behalf of other alphas who couldn’t say anything. Chan-young shook his head after hearing him.


“No. You don’t have to apologize. When I lost my mind earlier, I realized that I was… very lonely.”


“You did?”


“I wanted to be alone, but I thought it was okay because I was doing what I wanted to do. I had a regret that I thought I left everything behind. I wanted to be loved.”


“I wanted to be alone. At first, I thought I was doing great because I was doing what I wanted to do….. But I had this lingering regret when I realized I would be leaving everything behind. I wanted to be loved.”


To be loved. They felt heartbroken by the word.


In the story that Seong Chan-young revealed, he was in a situation where he had no choice but to starve for affection. As they learned where his twisted jealousy and greed came from, new feelings of pity and sympathy were added to the unpleasant memories of the past.


The affection they had accumulated for Seong Chan-young after coming down here became an ignition and made them say what they really wanted to say.


It started with Joo Tae-kang.


“That… I can give it to you.”




“If you still want to be loved, choose me. I will remain by your side.”


“Huh? No, I didn’t mean that…”


Seong Chan-young’s embarrassed cheeks were red. Joo Tae-kang was smirking as he looked surprised rather than disgusted.


“Please consider it.”


As a result, Chae Yoon-chan also courageously opened his mouth.


“Me, too! I’m here all the time because I want to stay with you. You changed… I don’t hate you. No, I like you now.”


“What kind of confession day is it today?”


Beyond being confused, Chae Yoon-chan was moved to tears by Chan-young’s reaction, wondering if this was reality.


“Like Joo Tae-kang said, please consider me too.”


“No, what’s going on?”


The remaining three, Yoo Yi-seo, Baek Do-jun, and Seo Eun-soo, looked aghast as they watched the confession rush.


“Stop it. What are you doing? Throwing a candle in the middle of a serious conversation.”


“Seo Eun-soo, Yoo Yi-seo, Baek Do-jun. You guys should be honest now. You guys are the same as us. You know better what it means to postpone what you have to do and to stay by Seong Chan-young in this countryside.”




“I’ve recognized you three since there was a useless rice planting competition in the rice fields. My mouth is itching to say, I like you who knows?”


“I’ve known you three ever since you got into a useless rice-planting competition in the rice fields. Do you really think that nobody is aware of how eager you three have been to tell him, “I like you”?”


“What are you going to do if I say that’s true?”


Yoo Yi-seo eventually responded to Joo Tae-kang’s gambling with a smile. Joo Tae-kang whistled. Seong Chan-young was in even more trouble.


“…Is today really Confession Day? What’s going on? Has the genre shifted to romantic comedy…?”


The face of Chan-young who was listening, went beyond the reddish level and was red as if it were going to explode. It resembled the ripe tomatoes that Chan-young usually wanted to plant because they looked appetizing.


“I want to bite you.”


The five alphas’ senses were stimulated by the still insignificant pheromones. It was unfortunate that they were only going to smell the fragrant pheromones of their favorite partner, even though the concentration was thick and not enough to lose their mind.


The five wolf-like guys just engraved the red-faced Chanyoung in their hearts. It was because they didn’t want to give a ruthless image to Chan-young, who seemed at a loss.


“Um. that. Let’s tal, talk about this later. Please.”


“That…..Please stop saying that you like me.”


“If you don’t like it, fine.”


Seong Chan-young said that pheromones do not come out when it is not a heat cycle. The five alphas were very disappointed about that.


“…..We also harvest pheromones. It’s too….obvious.”


“I got it.”


Not being able to smell the pheromones of the omega they have come to like. It felt unfair that they could only express their overflowing heart through pheromones.


“The love confession ends there, and there’s still something important left.”


At Seo Eun-soo’s words, five alphas moved their eyes to Chan-young’s neck all at once. Where the black and blue bruises stood out.


“What’s this bruise? Chan-young knows what is causing you to suffer so much that you can’t wake up, right?”


“It’s… I don’t think you can believe it even if I tell you.”


“I’ll believe everything you say, so if you have any hunch, can you let me know?”


Seong Chan-young was shaken by Seo Eun-soo’s earnest words. Other alphas thought it was good for Seong Chan-young but felt jealous when they saw this scene.


‘That bastard Seo Eun-soo, you are such a fox.’


Yoo Yi-seo and Baek Do-joon, in particular, felt like they lost because Seo Eun-soo woke Chan-young up when he was in pain and unable to wake up.


‘Why do I have to feel this way?’


Even though Yoo Yi-seo fell for Joo Tae-gang’s provocation earlier, he was quite displeased when her mind, which he thought was merely an interest, fluctuated. He didn’t like things that weren’t controlled the way he wanted. 


Baek Do-jun stared at Yoo Yi-seo blankly and thought that he still had a long way to go.


Chanyoung hesitated before answering Seo Eun-soo’s question.


“You can’t make fun of it just because it’s funny.”


Chan-young hesitated and answered Seo Eun-soo’s question.


“You can’t make fun of me just because I’m crying.”


“I won’t.”


“……I think ghosts are bothering me.”




I knew it. Chan-young said it again with a relieved look.


“Ghosts…..seem to be bothering me. I don’t think I’ll ever do it again.”


⚝ ⚝ ⚝


‘Even though I was the one who said it, I would think it’s nonsense.’


I couldn’t tell them that I was having a nightmare because I wasn’t the real Seong Chan-young. So the only excuse I could come up with was a ghost. 


I was suspicious of Moon Kyung-sik, but I was only speculating that it might be a ghost because there was no evidence that he was the real Seong Chan-young. I mentioned something that didn’t exist at all, but what I said made the five alphas look at me with more pity.


“Chan-young, you’ve had a hard time since then. I think you should stop by the hospital if you have time.”


“Baek Do-jun, what are you talking about so straightforwardly? Chan-young, ignore what Baek Do-jun said and take a rest. If it’s a real ghost… We need to find a way to drive him out.”


The alphas were dubious when I said that it seemed like the work of a ghost. Somehow, it seemed like they felt some sort of mission to take good care of me, feeling pity for me. I was grateful, but at the same time, it was uncomfortable.


‘I want to tell you about it one day.’


The fact that I’m not the real Seong Chan-young and that I transmigrated into this body somehow.


Everyone left for me to take a rest. However, Yoo Yi-seo stayed behind and kept looking at me.


“…What’s wrong with you? Do you have anything to tell me?”


“No matter how much I think about it, it’s a crude excuse to say that it’s a ghost. I think there’s a reason why you couldn’t reveal it to us.”


I was suprised. Yoo Yi-seo was a very tiring person due to his great senses. I felt uneasy as the most untrustworthy, ominous person stared at me.


“Now that I don’t know what it is, I’m getting more curious. Besides, I was suspecting that the main culprit of this was Moon Kyung-sik who stole your inhibitor.”


Again, this was a statement that hit the nail on the head. Even though he said there was no evidence, I had a feeling of disbelief.


‘There is no reason for Moon Kyung-sik, who did not even appear in the original work, to steal my inhibitors, even with a different packaging.’


If he is really Moon Kyung-sik. But with Choi’s report, the abnormal behavior pointed to only one thing.


I think Moon Kyung-sik is the real Seong Chan-young.


“I don’t think Seong Chan-young will try to defend the person who stole his inhibitors, so I think there’s something hidden inside. I can’t catch that.”


Of course, you won’t be able to catch it. It was an area that could not be thought of by a rational person who never believed in unscientific superstitions.


I tipped off one thing for Yoo Yi-seo, who was too quick to notice.


“I’ll let you know when everything’s settled.”


“Are you sure?”


If I became close enough to reveal my inner situation with Yoo Yi-seo.”


This was to make up for what Yoo Yi-seo had teased me about the entire time, treating me as an interesting toy. I hope the cold person I don’t want to stay with will stop paying attention to me.


“Is that a provocation?”


But Yoo Yi-seo laughed. Very brightly, in fact. This was not what I wanted.

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