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I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was screwed. When was the scariest time for a schemer like Yoo Yi-seo? It was a moment like that where the other person laughed so frighteningly that they thought to themselves, ‘Fuck, I guess I’m screwed.’ I felt like that was me right now. Was I in danger of being buried alive?


“It’s, it’s not a provocation.”


“That’s right.”


“No, it’s not. Hey! Yoo Yi-seo!”


“Take a rest. There will be an interesting competition starting tomorrow.”


What was he talking about? I just opened my mouth like a goldfish. Yoo Yiseo squinted his eyes, quietly closed the door and left.


“……What is going to happen tomorrow?”


This was the reason I was worried about opening my eyes. The faint remaining pheromones felt awkward, so I waved my hand to try to dispel the scent.


Five pheromones remained as lightly as a feather resting on a baby’s soft cheek. The deep red feeling that came from that scent was overwhelming.


The craziest thing was that my cheeks were getting warm too.


“I must be really crazy…”


Unable to face the reality, I rolled on the bed with a fluffy blanket all over my head.


“Noona, what do I do?”


Romance, rather than farming, was about to enter my life. And it was a romance with the guys I’m trying to run away from. 


I was screwed at this point because I did not think it was too bad.


“Argh! Argh!”


Due to the painful realization, I hit the bed and rolled like a gimbap countless times. The reason why the completely unhelpful act stopped was due to General’s whining to go to sleep.


“Whines. Whines.”


“I’m sorry, General. Dad will be quiet.”




General was satisfied with my answer and went to sleep on a soft cushion. As soon as I stayed quiet, I fell asleep quickly, which seemed to be due to fatigue.


“General, what should dad do now..…”


A chaotic day full of convoluted thoughts went by. Even if I tried to think about it more, my mind became disturbed and I fell asleep.


This time, I didn’t have nightmares about the dark hands. Instead, I had nightmares of a different meaning.


It was a dream of kissing someone. I didn’t know who the other person was, but it was deeply conveyed that he loved me from the warmth of his lips, in his arms that embraced me.


Who would that be? And what will happen to me in the future?


⚝ ⚝ ⚝


Even if I had a disturbing dream, the morning was bright, and the time comes when I had to feed my dog.


“Woof! Woof!”


“My dear general…… You woke your dad from his dream again. Thank you, too.”




It was when I stroked General’s white fur and was about to go out for a walk, faithfully carrying out the routine of feeding General.


Boom. The opening of the door sounded tremendously loud.


“Oh my gosh.”


I was so surprised that I heard something, but was that Secretary Choi running to me with a plae face?


“Young masterrrrrrrrrrrr!”


“Huh, wait a minute. Secretary Choi? What? How did you get here this morning?”


Cough. Cough. I was drinking water when Secretary Choi appeared out of nowhere like a bolt of lightning. Secretary Choi’s face went blue, as if he had just witnessed the afterlife, as I continued to cough.


“Why is young master being…! I heard a sudden announcement that you were sick, so how could I not come? I’ve been driving since dawn.”


Secretary Choi couldn’t bring the heat cycle to his mouth and looked at my condition. He also looked around.


“You must be sleepy if you’ve been driving since dawn.”


“It’s all right. I’ve been trained to work overtime.”


No wonder he looked tired. I felt sorry for Secretary Choi. No matter how much money he’s getting, it didn’t make sense to make a busy worker wake up early in the morning to come running. Work-life balance was not a word that came up for no reason.


“I’m sorry, Secretary Choi. You’re in trouble because of me, aren’t you?”


“What are you talking about? I’m working with money from the chairman now.”


“Uh… yes.”

It appeared as though work-life balance had been traded for cash for Secretary Choi. Thanks to this, I put the guilt of calling a busy person aside.


“Are you okay? I was so surprised when I received the call….. I should have been more careful when selecting employees, and I’m sorry.”


“It’s okay. Secretary Choi wouldn’t have known. I didn’t expect Mrs. Kim to do that.”


“….. I will take that person away and make sure she gets what she deserves.”


“Yes, yes. I beg of you.”


I was not a person who was generous enough to forgive a person who tried to harm me. Kim’s wife will be punished by the people Secretary Choi brought in.


“I’ll ask you as soon as possible. At home… …well, because there are a bunch of baby beasts grinding their teeth.”


“What is it? Do you have a new pet other than the general?”


“It’s not like that, but I’m afraid I’m going to get in trouble.”


The problem was the five alphas staying at my house. I was fortunate that Secretary Choi came early because I thought that those who had a good feeling for me and found out that my identity was a recessive omega would not leave Mrs. Kim alone.


“I don’t know what it is, but I understand. By the way… Are you sure you’re okay? Well, you’ve been through a lot.”


“Oh, that.”


Secretary Choi was confused when he saw my condition being too fine.


“Was there any emergency medicine left?”


“No. There was no medicine left, but others found it for me.”




We found it for him, secretary.”


Joo Tae-kang stood on the upstairs stairs and answered instead of me. Secretary Choi was greatly surprised by his answer.


“What, what do you mean?”


“Stop trying to hide it because you’ve all been caught. It was revealed that Seong Chan-young is a recessive omega when all the inhibitors were stolen.”




Secretary Choi’s expression disappeared from his face. I felt anxiety on my stiff shoulders. Actually, I was at peace because everything had already been revealed.


“Do you mean…..everyone in this house?”


“Yes. We could’t help it. You probably expected that too after receiving the call.”


“I see…”


Secretary Choi’s voice became increasingly depressed. I approached Secretary Choi and patted his shoulder.


“Don’t worry too much, Secretary Choi. Everyone who found out that I was a recessive omega has decided to keep a secret.”


Yoo Yi-seo made a promise to me, who was anxious in a situation where the identity was revealed.


—I don’t have a hobby of exploiting people’s weaknesses and pulling their leashes like this.


They decided to keep this matter secret without me asking for it. I was just stunned by the unexpected favor.


Even though things went well, Secretary Choi’s face was as dim as a dark cloud.


“That’s not the problem. It was such an emergency that, of course, it was reported to the chairman…”


“What? To Chairman Seong?”


“When I was hired as Secretary Choi, it was specified it in the contract.”


Oh, that’s weird. Why do we hear Chairman Sung’s solemn voice?


“Chan-young, if you have any problems related to your traits, be sure to report them to me. I don’t know anything else, but didn’t I tell you that I will protect at least that?”


“Gra, grand, grandfather…?”


“Chairman Seong…..?”


It was neither a dream nor a welcome. The real Chairman Seong came down to my house with Secretary Choi at dawn.


“I’m sorry, sir. It was my mistake.”


“That’s enough, Secretary Choi. It was for Chan-young’s assistance, not for him to deal with dangerous situations. There’s no one else who did the wrong thing. I’ll just leave it.”




Chairman Seong lifted Secretary Choi’s bowed head and walked toward me.


“It’s been a while, Chan-young.”


“……It’s been a while, Grandpa.”


“I didn’t expect to come down suddenly like this, but how are you feeling?”


“I’m fine. I’m not sick. I’m alright.”


“That’s enough.”


There was no rebuke or scolding. I couldn’t help but be unaware of the affection that permeated the plain greetings.


“Woof! Woof!”


“You’ve grown up quite a bit, man.”




General also acted cute, perhaps sensing Chairman Seong’s tenderness, by flirting his tail and putting his front foot on Chairman Seong’s hand.


“……I’m sorry.”


“What do you mean?”


General licked Chairman Seong’s face. Even though his face was full of saliva, Chairman Seong didn’t mind and scratched the general’s chin.


“That I’m an recessive omega… It was a secret to hide.”


“I know it’s not your fault. No one knew this was not going to happen.”


A heavy palm settled over my head, and stroked me carefully.


“The only thing I’m worried about is your health. Are you okay? I heard you had abnormal symptoms like the last time you went to the hospital.”


“…I did, but I don’t anymore. I’m all better.”


Chairman Seong did not blame me for anything wrong. He was just concerned about my safety. My eyes became humid because it was so warm that I couldn’t stand it.


“Oh, no. Why are you crying? Did those alphas do anything? Huh?”


Chairman Seong, who had been infinitely soft to me, suddenly narrowed his axed eyes to Joo Tae-kang. Joo Tae-kang immediately pleaded not guilty because he had a violent spirit to change people with just his eyes.


“No! Chairman Seong! We never lay a finger on the body of Seong Chan-young.”


“How can I believe you? If it’s an Omega who’s in a heat cycle, it’s an Alpha who’s going crazy.”


‘But Grandpa himself is a dominant alpha…’


It was like spitting in his own face, but Chairman Seong called Joo Tae-gang a shameless idiot, saying that all alphas in the world were wolves.


“I didn’t like it from the beginning. Why are the alpha cubs from god knows where flocking to my grandson’s house to stay as guests?”


“……The chairman’s grandson is destroying us.”


“Oh ho, look at him talking back.”


Chairman Seong’s alpha power was being mobilized to act like a pure boomer. When he couldn’t communicate, Joo Tae-kang, who was pounding his chest, called the other alphas who were still in the dreamland.


“Hey! Guys! Wake up! Chairman Seong is here, but are you going to be so merciless and leave me here alone?”


“Yes, an adult is here, but you are still sleeping? Tsk tsk. I guess I’ll have to kick everyone out. Secretary Choi, beat the gong to wake everyone up.”


“Yes, sir.”


Secretary Choi got a gong from somewhere faster than wind. Was that in the warehouse, too? Is Secretary Choi a human version of Doraemon? How did he find that?


“Wake up! Wake up!”




I pinched my cheek with a soulless smile. It hurt. It wasn’t a dream.


“What kind of romance is…”


Yoo Yi-seo’s provocation was really meaningless in front of Chairman Seong.

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