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Five young men sat in front of a spacious table, looking groggy from their sleep. In front of them was Chairman Seong, who had a very displeased look on his face.


‘You brought Seo Eun-soo without leaving him out too…..’


I had no idea that Secretary Choi would wake up Seo Eun-soo, who was sleeping in a separate house along with the gongs. Under generous salaries and incentives, Secretary Choi was a good cash cow.


The faces of the five alphas were half nervous and half questioning. They had not expected to meet Chairman Seong this early in the morning.


Chairman Seong, who looked like he was about to tear anyone to death with a serious expression took a shot of honey water and finally opened his mouth.


“I’ve heard that you’ve learned about the true trait of my grandson, Chan-young.”


“Yes, that’s right.”


Everyone was overwhelmed by the momentum and responded politely. I watched the scene with Secretary Choi by my side, pouring honey water into my burning throat.


“So, all five of you have a crush on Chan-young?”




‘What a crazy fact!’


The sweet honey water that was about to enter my stomach spilled out on the floor. Everyone’s eyes were focused on me as I spitted out the honey water.


“What? Have you never seen anyone spit out honey water?”


“I can’t believe there are five alphas bums who crawled all the way here to capture, no, catch a weak child over there…”


“That’s right.”


Secretary Choi responded to Chairman Seong’s concerned remarks. He carefully refilled Chairman Seong’s empty glass of honey water. He brought me another drink, too. All I could do was laugh at his professionalism.


“Did I learn less Korean? I don’t think the word weak is suitable for Seong Chan-young.”


‘Chae Yoon-chan, speak quietly if you’re going to whisper. We can all hear you…’


He was right. I am not vulnerable. I can carry a few bags of 20 kilograms of rice easily with Seong Chan-young’s body. 


Seong Chan-young’s body can easily carry a few 20kg bags of rice, but his weight is nothing. If I wanted to show the real weak body, my body was a suitable example.


I was anxious about the purpose of this uncomfortable meeting when Yoo Yi-seo asked Chairman Seong with a peculiar smile.


“There must be a reason for calling all of us. What are your intentions, Chairman?”


“I hate you even more because you’re a quick-witted guy. Yes, I have something to say, so I gathered you all here.”


Chairman Seong glanced at me and asked with a woeful look on his face, as if he had just chewed cilantro.


“Chan-young ah.”


“Yes. grandfather.”


“You’re not interested in those guys either, are you?”




This time, I didn’t feel sick when drinking the honey water. It was because I was holding it in my hand instead of drinking it. I was so shocked that I dropped the glass, and a sweet scent covered the floor.




Secretary Choi approached me, whose mouth was open as wide as an ear, and skillfully wiped the spilled honey water with a mop.


“Ai-goo, young master. Be careful not to slip. I’m glad the cup didn’t break.”


“It’s not important that the cup isn’t broken… now…Grandfather. What do you mean by that?”


My hand hardened and trembled just like the hand with which I held the cup. When Chairman Seong saw this, he sighed more and flew straight.


“Seeing that reaction, it seems I was right.”




“No, those five alphas bums are proof. If you really hated those people and wanted to kick them out, you only needed to ask me for help.”




I have to think of something to refute, but my head was blank. I kept asking questions against me in my head that seemed to have a screw falling here and there.


‘That’s right. If you really didn’t want to see those alphas, all you had to do was call Chairman Seong, right?’


‘Hush! What are you talking about? I told them to farm so they could have a hard time! I did as much as I wanted!’


‘Oh, then why was the person who tried to drive away if he couldn’t bear it, so relieved to see their faces when he woke up yesterday?’




‘It’s because you like them. If you really hated it, you wouldn’t have any reason to escape these useless conversations with me. Wake up, Go Yeo-woon!’


‘Who are you to say that to me?’


‘It’s because I’m you, man!’


It was an inevitable dead end.


“…..Yes, I hate to admit it…… but I don’t think……..I hate those people.”


I couldn’t tell myself that those guys got better. I was ashamed, but this was my best.


“What do you mean, Seong Chan-young? Tell us clearly if you like us or not.”


I thought Chae Yoon-chan was grumbling again, but this time it was Baek Do-joon. Baek Do-joon’s clear black eyes were facing me as if they were nailed to me. It was hard to face that gaze.


“We’ll go home, if you really don’t like it.”




Everyone was surprised by Baek Do-jun’s bombshell remarks. It was by far the most intense reaction by the alpha.


“Hey, Baek Do-jun. Are you crazy? Why do you decide what you want?”


Chae Yoon-chan got angry and grabbed Baek Do-jun by the collar. I wondered if Secretary Choi should stop them, so I looked at Chairman Seong’s attention, but he was quietly watching the situation.


“You all know that it’s a wrong start to stay here by force from the beginning.”




“Chan-young is not a time limiter. She is suffering from a strange phenomenon that cannot be understood by common sense, as we saw yesterday. I’m sure you didn’t know that.”


“Chan-young is not terminally ill. As we saw yesterday, it is true that he is suffering from a strange phenomenon that cannot be understood by common sense. You guys probably didn’t know about it either.”




Chae Yoon-chan closed his mouth. Joo Tae-kang also turned his head with a complicated look on his face. Yoo Yi-seo was still smiling, as if he already knew, and Seo Eun-soo made eye contact with me, then lowered his head.


‘It was as expected.’


I knew it. Even if I had that ridiculous misunderstanding, I had plenty of opportunities to solve it. If it wasn’t for the nightmares of being chased by Seong Chan-young, I was very strong and energetic enough not to be suspected as omega.


Nevertheless, these alphas tried to stay here until the end, completing the amount of labor I offered.


I wanted to hear the reason in person. Even if I already guessed the answer,


“……Why? Why didn’t you go back?”


“Isn’t that obvious? Because I want to see you more.”


“Because I want to stay with you.”


“I can’t look at you without the anxiety that you will disappear if I don’t see you.”


“Because I can’t leave you behind.”


“Because I wanted to be next to you. If I keep going like this… I thought I would never see you again, even by chance.”


Chae Yoon-chan, Joo Tae-gang, Yoo Yi-seo, Baek Do-jun, and Seo Eun-soo answered me in turn. I felt like I was burning with heat from head to toe at the words, which were no different from a confession.


“S-stop it.”


It was such an excessive confession of affection that I wondered what would happen if my hearing ears burned out. Seeing my expression, the alphas responded calmly.


“No. You just said you ‘don’t hate us’, right? I know there’s a long way to go, so shouldn’t I at least press a shortcut key to have a chance?”


“Chae Yoon-chan, why are you so good at talking today?”


“I was always good. You just didn’t know, Joo Tae-kang.”




It was hard to handle because of the directness. I hugged general as if I had been beaten a lot.


“Grrrrrrrrr…….Woof! Woof!”


“He always barks like that when we approach him!”


‘Thanks, General…’


When General barked, the strange confession attack stopped. The embarrassment didn’t subside, so I hugged General and rubbed his cheeks. When I felt a gaze at me, I secretly rolled my eyes, but then I realized that Chairman Seong was looking in my direction.


‘Oops. Chairman Sueog and Secretary Choi were here…!’


I was so embarrassed that I completely forgot about them. I don’t know about Secretary Choi, but I couldn’t believe Chairman Seong was watching the entire thing. It was a ridiculous thing.


“Ack! Grand, grandpa. Look, I mean, the current situation is….”


“Those alpha bums must have evolved from wolves to foxes while I didn’t see them. How dare you attract my golden grandchild?”




Who’s attracting who?


“I would like to cut off the tails of these foxes if I could, but I can’t do that because you like them.”


If it wasn’t for me, I think he would replace the tail with the head. Just hearing the crackling sound of his knuckles sent a chill down my spine.


“What I want to tell you is this. If you are able to look after my grandchild Chan-young, it shows that your feelings are sincere.”


“If I do…?”


“Prove it to me. I’ll only approve the alpha who shows that he can make Chan-young happy more than anyone else as his mate.”


Chairman Seong’s declaration made me grab the back of my neck. Blood pressure, the blood pressure had gone up.


‘That means you are looking for someone to acknowledge…… In reality, you are going to make them fight each other until only one survives and then get rid of that guy by saying you don’t like them.’


It was said to be a line that was clearly a royal secret tactic. I was trembling with shame, as if I had suddenly become a winning prize.  It was only for a moment, but I had an urge to ask the general to bite them all.


On top of the fire that Chairman Seong started, Yoo Yi-seo added gasoline.


“Then if I win that competition, can I marry Seong Chan-young?”


The moment I saw Yoo Yi-seo chuckling, something inside me snapped.






“Go and bite him.”




Stop it, you stubborn people!

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  1. That’s a little bit too much, Grandpa, let’s cool down a little here 😭😅

  2. Wow, they really put him on the spot there… Guess they’re at a crossroads, is it time to ‘keep the best & pitch the rest’? [I vote Seo Eun Soo if we have to choose, lol] Also… General is best boi!