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General jumped at the cheeky Yoo Yi-seo at my will. Judging from the jump, General was going to bite his third leg [1] , but unfortunately, the attempt was unsuccessful.


“… Chan-young, isn’t this almost an attempted murder? Your dog tried to kill my masculinity.”


“Roar! Woof! Woof!”


“That’s understandable, so let’s call it even.”


An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. I shamelessly went out with an iron plate on my face. When I brought the growling general into my arms, he gently teased me.


“That’s too bad.”


Chairman Seong mumbled everything as he glared at Yoo Yi-seo. One of Yoo Yi-seo’s eyebrows twitched. That guy was the most annoying. I understood.




“Yes, Chan-young.”


“Please listen carefully. I have absolutely no intention of marrying someone who won in the competition or anything like that.”


‘This is not how I want it to be.’


I am not a trophy that you can win. It’s not a mating of animals where the person standing at the top gets me. I would never agree.


“Of course I didn’t mean to force you if you didn’t want to. I….”


“I know. You would have prepared to come up with another excuse to drive the final alpha away from me if they were able to defeat the other alphas.”


Chairman Seong coughed a few times, perhaps feeling embarrassed by what I said.


“…… I thought this was what you wanted too, wasn’t it?”


I might have agreed to it if this was before I became attached to the alphas. But I didn’t want to because they were treating me the same way, even though they found out that I was a recessive omega, not a beta after the nightmare.


“I don’t want to play with people’s hearts.”


How can I treat someone who likes me so carelessly?


I didn’t want to get involved with the original work, just because it was complicated. I wanted to avoid it. I didn’t want to see them forever, but I didn’t want my already tangled relationship and affection to be distorted in the worst way.


“I told you earlier that it’s vague. I……..don’t hate them.”


‘I can’t tell them that I’ve grown fond of them.’


I wanted to be a lover. I screamed that I couldn’t throw the accumulated affection away from this house, even if I didn’t want that kind of lovey dovey romance.


It was a strange second life that I was given, but at least in this life, I wanted to live the way I wanted.


“So please don’t judge my feelings in advance and then tell me. What happened to those people… … is something I have to solve. I know that grandfather cares about me and wants to help me, but I want to take care of the matter myself.”


“Chan-young ah…”


“Don’t worry. Grandfather already knew that I was healthy as long as nothing unusual happened, right?”


“Yes, I know, but do you mind if I ask you one thing?”


What is it? I was curious about what he was going to ask, so I listened carefully.


“You’re not saying that you like all five of them, are you? I can understand polygamy if you want…”


I felt as though the temperature in the room had dropped dramatically after hearing Chairman Seong’s remarks. Everyone became as still as ice. 




What did I just hear?


“Ah! What are you talking about? That, that! There’s no one I want to date yet!”


“Right? Huh. Just in case.”


“Please… Please don’t have any weird thoughts…”


Strange. I hadn’t even done enough farming today, but I was so tired that I felt like I was going to die.


I glared at the alphas who had frozen throughout my chat with Chairman Seong and then giggling because the scenario was amusing. I then said coldly,


“Hey. Do you think this is funny? Is it funny? I’m being serious here but you think it’s funny, huh?”


Certainly! A suitable translation for a web novel could be:


“As I gritted my teeth harshly, adding accents to each word, the alphas involuntarily softened in response to my dominance.”


“No, it’s not.”


“Then keep your mouth shut.”


“Why do we…”


Snap. If you’re going to be quiet, be quiet. Before I rip off the affection you’ve painstakingly attached and sell it off.”


The five alphas, who understood, sat side by side on the sofa and zipped their mouths when my eyes blazed and I growled at them in a threatening tone.


‘Ugh, I can’t kick them out anymore.’


The thought of being caught in the act gave me a headache.


I must be crazy if I think this is not so bad, right?


⚝ ⚝ ⚝


For a long time, I told Chairman Seong that he should not step forward for my happiness, but that he should  act after asking me for my intentions first.


And Yoo Yi-seo was stimulated by a strange sense of competition, so I kicked him in the shins and told him not to talk about getting married.


“As if General’s biting wasn’t enough, he had to resort to physical violence. Chan-young is way too aggressive.”


Look at that punk. Squeezing out a single tear without even feeling pain? Can you believe that nonsense about my leg hurting more?


‘Does it make sense that my leg hurts more when I was the one kicking him?’


I hate you to death, seriously.


“Ugh, that big mouth of his… Come on, calm down!”


“I find his immediate reactions quite amusing. He jumps around like a lively fish.”


“That mouthy brat who’s all bark and no bite. I feel like burying him in a sweet potato field.


Instead of realizing futile and violent wishes, I threatened not to be fooled by such sounds again with a nonviolent lecture. The alphas fell silent as if they were dead mice when threatened with the prospect of being truly dismissed and never seen again.


‘What’s all this commotion since morning?’


After calming down a total of six alphas, including Chairman Seong, I collapsed onto the soft, single-person sofa, feeling drained. Secretary Choi promptly brewed some tea for me, claiming it would help soothe my nerves. The snacks prepared by the kitchen staff were an added bonus.


“Secretary Choi…”


“Yes, young master. Would you like an ice pack if your head hurts?”


“Next time, if you bring Grandfather without notifying me, there won’t even be soup.”


“I’m not your employee anyway. You don’t have any ingredients left, let alone soup to eat.”


Snap. Didn’t I say to be quiet?”


“I apologise. I’ll be more careful.”


Perhaps realizing he had gone too far, Secretary Choi also retreated to a corner and crouched down. Despite everyone being quiet, it wasn’t a pretty sight.


‘I’m not usually like this…’


Being among these people seemed to make my temperament worse by the minute.


Sigh, Grandfather’s sudden intrusion diverted our attention, but… that’s not the important issue right now.”


I pointed at the leftover heat inhibitors for omegas that I had taken yesterday after eating.


“This, the theft of heat inhibitors. Tracking down the person behind this should be our top priority.”


“Are we talking about Moon Moon Kyung-sik?”


“That creepy alpha, right?”


“Yes. We need to catch that guy and make him pay.”


As I agreed with Seo Eun-soo and Joo Tae-gang, Secretary Choi and Chairman Seong’s faces turned fierce.


“He caused trouble for you, so he should pay a heavy price.”


“Is that bastard who tried to starve my kid to death?”


“Yes. The Kim family that was taken in earlier confessed. They said they were coerced by someone named Moon Kyung-sik.”


“Why would he do such a thing… Moon Kyung-sik is not only an alpha but also doesn’t have a partner omega with him currently, right?”


“Is he insane?”


When Secretary Choi expressed confusion about Moon Kyung-sik’s motives, Chairman Seong showered him with countless curses.


‘If he’s the real Seong Chan-young, then maybe he is insane.’


It wasn’t easy to answer. If evidence in the form of piles of heat inhibitors surfaced and it was proven that Moon Kyung-sik was indeed Seong Chan-young…


‘In the eyes of these people, I might be the crazy one after all.’


As I pondered how to respond, Seo Eun-soo raised his hand and spoke.


“I don’t think he is in a mentally unstable state. Anyone who faced Moon Kyung-sik while with Chan-young would understand, but strangely, he showed hatred while looking at Chan-young.”


“That’s right. He was specifically targeting Seong Chan-young. As for us… Well, he was giving us, um, uncomfortable looks.”


“It was very odd. He looked at us with eyes seeking affection.”


Cha Yoon-chan and Joo Tae-kang nodded in agreement. After briefly considering their testimonies, Chairman Seong said,


“Why don’t we just raid the house where that scumbag lives?”


“If we’re caught for trespassing, what will that accomplish?”


“No, won’t we be justified in self-defense if evidence comes out that he stole your suppressants?”


“I’ve considered that possibility too… But given what he’s done, he probably wouldn’t leave behind any evidence.”


As I am now, ‘Seong Chan-young is the youngest grandson of the Seong Eun Group. Having provoked a third-generation chaebol, there must have been consideration for the risk of retaliation.


“So he probably disposed of the suppressants as soon as he stole them.”


The testimony from the Kim family was conclusive. Without decisive evidence, we couldn’t arrest Moon Kyung-sik.


“It’s possible that raiding Moon Kyung-sik’s house to find evidence is what he wants. If we can’t find evidence, threatening to invade innocent people’s homes and disrupt society could damage the company’s image. If you don’t want that, you’d better handle this carefully.”


If we assume that Moon Kyung-sik is indeed Seong Chan-young, then it is entirely possible. ‘Regardless of what that guy desires for the future, we can’t let ourselves be manipulated like this.’ 


Moon Kyung-sik is probably waiting for my contact. I have a feeling. The eerie sensation of the dark hands in my nightmares was the same feeling I sensed from Moon Kyung-sik.


“So what should we do then? In situations like this, the quickest way is to kidnap and interrogate them until they spill the truth…”


“Grandfather, I’m scared.”


“Sorry. I must have watched too many gangster movies.”


“Please stop.”




Chairman Seong quieted down again. I proposed to everyone the method I had been thinking of since the heat inhibitors disappeared.


“I think we should invite Moon Kyung-sik to my house.”

  • 1. aka his private part
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I'm currently preparing the college application essays so I am going to have inconsistent updates for a while.
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