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The expressions of Chairman Seong and the five alphas distorted instantly.


“What are you saying, Chan-young! Inviting someone who tried to harm you!”


“The chairman is right. Chan-young, inviting a dangerous person into the house is not a good idea.”


Chairman Seong vehemently opposed, exhaling sharply. Seo Eun-soo, standing beside him, pleaded with a desperate look. It seemed as though he was trying to hold back a lover heading to the battlefield.


“I didn’t suggest inviting Moon Kyung-sik because I find him attractive.”


“Then why do you want to bring him here?”


“Because we shouldn’t let him escape. We’re calling him to capture him.”


‘If Moon Kyung-sik escapes like this, more trouble will come.’


So I had to catch him before more strange things happened. Even if Moon Kyung-sik was the real Seong Chan-young, he could cause even more trouble in the future.


“Secretary Choi, did you say that Moon Kyung-sik is still in this town?”


Secretary Choi, who was handing me more sesame-flavored pancakes, gave a cheerful reply to my question.


“Yes. Since young master ordered an investigation into Moon Kyung-sik, someone has been assigned to monitor his movements. He’s reported to still be staying at his residence.”


Even though Moon Kyung-sik committed the crime of stealing my heat inhibitors from Mrs. Kim, he hadn’t fled the town.


‘What does this mean?’


After waking up, I pondered why Moon Kyung-sik hadn’t run away yet.


If Moon Kyung-sik was the real Seong Chan-young and had a grudge against me for taking over his body, then…


‘Could he still be clinging to the original’s affection for those people?’


He had once encountered us: me, Baek Do-jun, Chae Yoon-chan, Joo Tae-kang, and Yoo Yi-seo, when we went to the market together.


At that time, he showed interest in the alphas, emitting pheromones to attract them. He even tried to invite them to his house for a meal.


But when rejected, he didn’t stop there and sent a terrifying and sinister gaze. Not to the original alphas, but to me. He stared at me as if he wanted to kill me specifically.


It was a gaze that didn’t hide jealousy and inferiority.


“…Even after causing all this chaos, he is still lingering in the village?”


Yoo Yi-seo clicked his tongue as if he couldn’t believe the sheer stupidity of the words he was hearing. Baek Dojun, Joo Tae-kang, and Chae Yoon-chan all echoed his sentiments, expressing their disbelief in unison.


“Intentionally stealing suppressants from an alpha or omega as their heat approaches is a serious crime.”


“Surely he must have known that… Seong Chan-young, even if his actions were taken without knowing that you’re the youngest grandson of the Seong Eun Group, it’s still a crime he knowingly committed.”


“And yet, he shamelessly remains here, in the village you call home.”


Watching the group of idiots vent their anger towards Moon Kyung-sik as if they were completely on my side, I couldn’t help but think.


‘Seong Chan-young, was this your intention to kill me?’


The twisted unrequited love that couldn’t be shaken off until Seong Chan-young risked his own life in the original story. The answer lay within that.


‘Moon Kyung-sik… no, Seong Chan-young.’


You’re still holding onto the alphas who you believed loved you, but they never even looked your way.


I silently glared at the group of idiots cursing Moon Kyung-sik, with Seong Chan-young still unable to let go of the alphas who never once acknowledged him.


“…What’s this? Seong Chan-young, was it too loud for you? Should we stop if you don’t want to hear any more insults?”


“No, it’s not about me. It’s about cursing the person who tormented you, so it’s okay.”


“Is that so? Well, that’s a relief. He’s a complete lunatic…”


Chae Yoon-chan glanced at me discreetly when I said it was okay to curse. He then unleashed a torrent of insults at Moon Kyung-sik, calling him all sorts of names like bastard, son of a bitch, and asshole. While the other alphas didn’t fervently join in like Chae Yoon-chan, they nodded in agreement that the guy was indeed insane.


‘Seong Chan-young must have never seen a sight like this.’


The ironic result of my struggle to avoid a bad ending for Seong Chan-young in the original story was receiving the affection of the idiots and Seo Eun-soo. I, too, found myself developing some affection for them as I went along with them.


I wonder what the real Seong Chan-young, inhibiting Moon Kyung-sik’s body, thought when he saw me.


He must have felt a boiling envy, just like me when I saw my healthy peers running around in the hospital.


I know what hell looks like when you watch someone effortlessly obtain what you can never have.


And so, I felt a tiny bit sorry for him.


“Poor thing.”


“What’s on your mind?”


“It’s nothing.”


President Seong asked me softly after hearing a faint hint of pity from me, but I couldn’t give him an answer.


Because I couldn’t bear to see the fake appearance of happiness living happily in someone’s body, pretending to be his real grandson, and because I was so envious and tormented by it.


What to say about the alphas who didn’t bother to look back at themselves. Is it an obsession, an inability to let go of love turned into obsession?


“Whatever happens, as long as Moon Kyung-sik hasn’t left yet, it’s a good thing for us. Trying to invite him is just a way to lull him into complacency as if nothing happened.”


‘Plant some seeds of misunderstanding while you’re at it.’


For Moon Kyung-sik, or rather, to bring out the true feelings of Seong Chan-young, using inferiority was the best strategy.


‘If he even hints at lying about having been with one of the idiots because I didn’t have heat inhibitors……


He would immediately collapse. His eyes would roll back, and he would come at me with murderous intent.


I had to exploit his uncertainty as Moon Kyung-sik. Only by seizing the moment he couldn’t bear would the confrontation with this damned real one end.


My feelings were strange. I didn’t want to forcibly take over someone else’s body. All I wanted was to live peacefully, cultivating the crops I desired with a healthy body.


“For that, Baek Do-jun, Chae Yoon-chan, Joo Tae-kang, Yoo Yi-seo, and Seo Eun-soo. You all need to be the bait to lure Moon Kyung-sik.”


Why am I living under the label of a fake, enduring the doubtful attacks of Seong Chan-young?


‘What’s the reason I was given this life for?’


I wanted to live. And so, I wanted to find out.




“Yes. The five of you need to go and invite Moon Kyung-sik here. You can come up with any excuse, but go and coax Moon Kyung-sik to come here.”


“…Are you telling us to lure Moon Kyung-sik, an alpha, to come?”


Joo Tae-kang’s face was filled with anguish. I couldn’t tell if it was because he was being asked to lure another alpha or if he didn’t want to do such a thing because he liked me.


“Yes. It would be even better if you whispered the lie that I’m dying without suppressants due to sending a heat cycle.”


Moon Kyung-sik, the real Seong Chan-young, was not a fool. But if he hears that I, who he wanted to kill all along, was suffering, he wouldn’t be able to resist coming.


‘You’ve always wanted to kill me, haven’t you?’


If the sweet temptation of the alphas I’ve longed for is added, the real Seong Chan-young won’t be able to endure. Even if it’s just a fleeting affection from these fakes that he was obsessed with, he’ll eagerly pick it up.


…Just like before.


‘What was I just thinking?’


It seemed important, but I couldn’t remember. After thinking about it for a while, I gave up and pushed it to the back of my mind.


“I’m asking for a favor. This is the perfect opportunity to catch the person who’s been tormenting me and expose their true intentions.”


Moon Kyung-sik couldn’t let go of the thread of false hope. The real Seong Chan-young has become like a vengeful spirit, aiming to drive me out and receive the love of the alphas he couldn’t have. Even if he realized it’s a trap, he wouldn’t be able to turn away.


“It’s nauseating to manipulate another alpha, but… if this earns a favor from Chan-young, it’s a good deal.”


Yoo Yi-seo was truly despicable. He never did anything that didn’t benefit him.


“Oh, sure. Feel free to think as you please.”


I was fine. It’s Chairman Seong who was not.


“You said your name is Yoo Yi-seo? If you want to die, go ahead. I’ll watch with my own two eyes.”


“Haha. Chairman, you take my jest too seriously.”


“You arrogant brat. Do you think I’m senile? I know your words were serious.”


‘Thank you, Chairman Seong. Nice shot!’


Chairman Seong seemed to have singled out Yoo Yi-seo, who had joked about marriage earlier, as the target. I was truly grateful. If Yoo Yi-seo was a hundred-year-old cunning fox, Chairman Seong was nothing less than a thousand-year-old wise tiger.


“I’ll ask Grandfather for help too. Please act as if I’m really sick and too weak to get up. Secretary Choi, prepare to keep Moon Kyung-sik from leaving this house if he comes.”




“I’ll prepare as you wish, young master.”


The trap is set. Now, all that’s left is to wait.

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  1. my red flag is that i feel like the original chan young and the new chan young should js get togther bc they would have understand eachother more than everyone else and even symphysis with eachother and there would be no need for the awkward “hey i transmigrated into this body im not the original lol” part ykwim but ofc og chan wants the ugly obtuse alphas like girl nuh uh you could do sm better but whatever😒

    1. Nah, I see where you are going. It would be very interesting though xD