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I couldn’t figure out how that was accomplished. The details would have to be understood by Moon Kyung-sik, no, the real Seong Chan-young.


Yoo Yi-seo narrowed his eyes at me, unfazed. 


“Aren’t you bothered? Chan-young is the owner of this house, and yet you are being ignored by someone who committed theft.”


“Really? Not particularly.”


‘From the first impression, it wasn’t pleasant being blatantly ignored, but, I wasn’t expecting much from the beginning.’


Moreover, if Moon Kyung-sik’s true identity was indeed Seong Chan-young, there was no reason for me to feel even worse. That’s what the real Seong Chan-young wanted.


‘It’s probably not really what the real Seong Chan-young feels. It’s mercy not to immediately come after me, saying he’s so jealous and envious that he’ll kill me right away.’


It was remarkable to sense the restraint from the real Seong Chan-young, who used to wreak havoc on people around him with his greedy and deficient affection.


Although Seo Eun-soo and I were asked to be excused from the sight, I was convinced that the real Seong Chan-young would take the opportunity to kill me.


Yoo Yi-seo seemed displeased as I nonchalantly ate the strawberries Secretary Choi had prepared.


I exclaimed when he ate the juicy and red strawberry that I had picked up, “What are you doing! My strawberries!”


“Are strawberries important? When did you become as docile as flat cola?”


It was frustrating not being able to say what I wanted to say to Yoo Yi-seo.


‘That nasty Seong Chan-young isn’t me, after all!’


I pushed aside Yoo Yi-seo, who ate up my precious strawberries, and guarded the remaining ones. The juice of the strawberries I pushed into my cheeks was sweet.


“Are you storing them in your cheeks? You’re not a hamster.”


“Because you’re being unnecessarily difficult. Since I don’t have the luxury to waste time on Moon Kyung-sik, I won’t be swayed no matter how that person provokes me.”


‘Because the talk of pain isn’t entirely untrue.’


Although I took suppressants and safely passed the heat cycle belatedly, my body still needed recovery.


So Secretary Choi and Chairman Seong went to great lengths to take care of my health without catching Moon Kyung-sik’s attention. Secretary Choi never stopped putting delicious food in front of me for my stamina.


“I didn’t know you would feel the need for the old ferocious Chan-young.”


“Scary roles can be handled by people like you, Baek Do-jun, Chae Yoon-chan, or Joo Tae-kang. Not me.”


The strawberries were delicious. They would be even more delicious if they were strawberries grown by myself, but these market-bought strawberries were excellent too.


“The secret of the recessive omega has been revealed so please show some consideration. Also, please don’t forget that the condition for alphas like Yoo Yi-seo to stay in this house is to provide labor.”




Even with the blatant declaration of using alphas for his gain, Yoo Yi-seo laughed as if it was amusing. Yes, I thought you, a crooked person, would find it interesting like a snake watching a mouse saying such things.


“So, while we keep Moon Kying-sik’s attention, what’s your plan, Chan-young ssi?”


“My task is simple.”


To appear in front of Moongyeong at the right moment, turn his insides out, and make him confess to the deed. ‘Of course, in the process, inevitably, Moongyeong, no, the real Seong Chan-young will claim he’s the real one.’


To others, it might sound ridiculous, but I was different. Because it wasn’t the delusion of a mentally disturbed patient, but because it was the truth I needed to hear.


“Once I hear the reason he took away the inhibitor, I have nothing to do with Moon Kyung-sik anymore. You just need to make sure that I can face him alone.”


As evidence for the suppressant theft case, recording the confession of the real Seong Chan-young would be sufficient.


‘But if that’s not possible, then what if, in a gathering where everyone is assembled to somehow drive me away, the real Seong Chan-young blurts out something?’


What should I do?


In the vivid nightmare, conversations among family members in the hospital room came to mind. Cold and indifferent conversations that I don’t remember.


If the real Seong Chan-young were to rush at me saying “You die and I die,” I wouldn’t have any way to respond. Because I’m not the real Seong Chan-young but just an unwanted intruder stuck in this body.


‘No matter how much I dislike the original Seong Chan-young… the real one probably can’t be defeated.’


That was the root of my anxiety.


Even though I realized that Moon Kyung-sik was the real Seong Chan-young, deciding to take on such a risky confrontation was to prevent such incidents from happening again.


“Why just the two of you? It’s dangerous.”


Seo Eun-soo, who had been observing Yoo Yi-seo and my conversation from a distance, intervened. Seo Eun-soo was very cautious of Moon Kyung-sik.


“I have something I want to hear. It’s about why he despised me so much.”


Here’s a suitable translation of the text for a web novel:


“I’m worried about Chan-young ssi. If it’s just the two of you, who knows what that strange alpha might do… It would be better not to attempt anything risky.”


It seemed like Seo Eun-soo was prepared to knock Moon Kyung-sik down if necessary. I comforted him by gently stroking his well-combed black hair.


“It’ll be okay. There’s Grandfather, Secretary Choi, and also the five alphas including Seo Eun-soo ssi. I don’t think we’ll be outnumbered.”




“Don’t worry too much. Everything will turn out fine.”


That was what I wanted to reassure myself.


I wanted to use this opportunity to confirm whether I could stay here as ‘Seong Chan-young,’ or if I could return home again as Go Yeo-woon, as myself.


‘If the real Seong Chan-young was the cause of the nightmares, something unfathomable might happen again this time.’


For example, why could I overhear conversations among family members in the nightmare that I didn’t remember?


Or what kind of relationship existed between Seong Chan-young and me that allowed me to inhabit his body until now.


Yoo Yi-seo, who had been observing me calming down Seo Eun-soo, firmly pressed his head against mine.


“…? What’s wrong?”


“Please calm me down too.”


What’s this new nonsense again?


“Bark! Bark! Bark!”


“You’re right, General. He’s worse than a dog with his nonsense, huh?”


As Yoo Yi-seo pushed his head against mine, General rushed over and barked sharply. Seo Eun-soo quietly stood behind General, applauding and cheering him on.


“I want to be petted too. If you did it for Seo Eun-soo, you should do it for me too, right?”


“…Are you insane?”


“I’m not insane; I’m perfectly fine. I also like Chan-young, and as someone tasked with protecting him at this gathering, I think it’s reasonable to demand this much. I’m a valuable person.”


“…Ah, yes.”


‘Was Yoo Yi-seo always like this?’


Suddenly demanding to be petted from me. It was absurd. Amusingly, with his handsome face, he pretended to be cute, and since it somehow suited him, I reluctantly reached out my hand.


“Okay, give me the head.”


“…Can’t you express it as ‘ your head’? It’s not like my head is a fish head.”

“If you don’t like it, then forget it.”


“It’s very tricky to get patted.”


Here’s a suitable translation of the text for a web novel:


I awkwardly ran my fingers through Yoo Yi-seo’s golden-brown hair. Seo Eun-soo looked at me with a distressed expression.


“I… um…”


“Bark! Bark! Bark!”


I didn’t catch everything he said, but I knew Seo Eun-soo cursed at Yoo Yi-seo. Yoo Yi-seo just smiled back at Seo Eun-soo.


“Is that enough?”


“Yes. It’s satisfactory. It’s the first time someone has ever patted my head.”




“Not bad.”


I was taken aback by Yoo Yi-seo’s satisfied expression. That person was incredibly annoying and yet sometimes managed to sway people’s hearts like this.


“…Let’s focus on catching Moon Kyung-sik, shall we?”


That’s more urgent right now!

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