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Being afraid of getting stabbed, I tightly shut my eyes, but I didn’t feel any pain.


“How did you get here… I made sure no one else could come except me.”


As Moon Kyung-sik’s trembling voice reached my ears, I opened my eyes to see someone standing in front of me, blocking the real Seong Chan-young’s attack.


“…Seo Eun-soo?”


“Are you okay? Chan-young?”


I instinctively checked Seo Eun-soo’s body. Red blood was spreading on his white t-shirt, and blood was dripping onto the floor.


“Get away from Chan-young!”




Seo Eun-soo punched Moon Kyung-sik unexpectedly, causing him to stagger backward.


“Are you okay, Chan-young? Are you hurt anywhere?”


“I’m fine… What should we do… We need to go to the hospital…”


Realizing that someone else got hurt because of me, my mind went blank. I grabbed Seo Eun-soo’s hand and babbled anxiously, but he reassured me that everything would be fine.


“Why isn’t anyone else coming up?”


I was anxious. Despite the bright light in the room, the silence and chilly air felt suffocating. It felt eerie as if this space was isolated from everything else.


Even in front of Moon Kyung-sik, who was holding a knife, Seo Eun-soo shielded me first. Despite his already pale complexion, he looked even paler. I was angry and yelled at Moon Kyung-sik.


“You didn’t have to go this far! Because of you, Seo Eun-soo…”


“It’s because of you.”




“If you hadn’t taken over my body, none of this would have happened. It’s all your fault.”


Moon Kyung-sik, or rather the real Seong Chan-young, calmly said as he wiped away the blood stains on his hands. The blood stains smeared on his pale cheeks like a corpse.


“Don’t talk nonsense, Seong Chan-young. How is this my fault? I didn’t even know!”


Tears fell from my eyes due to fear and anger. Seo Eun-soo was too injured to even muster the courage to point out our conversation, breathing heavily in various colors. I tore a piece of cloth and used it to apply pressure to his wounds.


But the real Seong Chan-young seemed to have no intention of stopping his rampage. He didn’t care whether Seo Eun-soo heard or not; he just said whatever he wanted.


“No, that can’t be right. You’re the villain, and I’m the protagonist reclaiming what was stolen. Now everything is returning to its original state…”


“Returning to its original state?”


Amidst the chaos, those words caught my attention. Villain and protagonist?


“You’re not the protagonist. You’re the villain in this story.”


“No. In the ‘acquired’ new present, you’re the villain.”


“What nonsense is this?”


It seemed too simplistic to dismiss the real Seong Chan-young as just insane. He carried himself with unwavering conviction. Though his words sounded like utter nonsense, his steadfast madness made him the most terrifying.


“The black hands…”


Black hands began creeping out around Moon Kyung-sik’s body. It was eerie, but it was less frightening than the real Seong Chan-young, who held the blood-stained knife ready to kill me again.


How was that possible? Could something I only saw in nightmares manifest in reality?


‘Oh, this is in a novel setting…’


The genre was contemporary fiction. There were no horror elements mentioned other than the characters’ appearances. There was no indication of such horror elements appearing!


Was it because of me?


Suddenly, that thought crossed my mind. What if it really was because of me? Because of that, did Seo Eun-soo get hurt?


“It’s because of you. So just stop dying now.”


“…….Chan-young, don’t be swayed by his words.”


“Who are you to tell him? Seo Eun-soo? That’s not ‘me’! Don’t interfere!”


Trapped in a corner, my mind reproached me. It’s because of you, because you greedily sought more, because of that, Seo Eun-soo got hurt, and things escalated to this point.


“The Chan-young I know is only the one in front of me right now. So… it’s okay.”


With those words, Seo Eun-soo closed his eyes. He seemed to have lost consciousness due to the bleeding.


“No, it’s not.”


Since merging with Seong Chan-young’s body, I had been careful to avoid causing any issues. I had never caused any accidents. Even if Baek Do-jun, Yoo Yi-seo, Chae Yoon-chan, Joo Tae-kang, or Seo Eun-soo had come looking for me, it was never my intention.


I had been doing my best to live with the reality that had befallen me, but I had never intended to steal someone else’s life.


“Do you really think someone would want to be you?”




As the real Seong Chan-young approached me with the knife, his expression twisted at my words.


“Even if your words were true, I am not someone who can possess someone else’s body, especially a character in a story.”


“You’re spouting nonsense because you’re afraid to die…”


“Nonsense? I’m desperately fighting against death, you fool.”


“Are you insane?”


“Who wouldn’t go mad now when someone’s trying to kill me?” 


I just wanted to live. I wanted to live a life where I could faithfully live today without pain and look forward to tomorrow. 


“I didn’t want to live a life where I’m taken advantage of by trash like you.”


Thinking like that made me furious. I was no longer afraid of the real Seong Chan-young holding the weapon.






“You wanted to die, right? You attempted suicide. I heard it all when I first merged with your body.”


My words made the real Seong Chan-young flinch. That was it. His weakness.


“In fact, that attempt wasn’t a failure, it was a success. That’s why I was able to enter your body.”


“Shut up…”


“So you died, but when it came down to it, you didn’t want to die anymore. And now, I’m living in your body, receiving love and affection you couldn’t even dream of, so isn’t that exciting?”


It’s all just my guess. I don’t know how Seong Chan-young managed to possess another person’s body even after death, or how he could use strange powers like the black hands.


“I said shut up! You fake imposter pretending to be me… Give it back! Give me back my real body!”


With a piercing pain in his side, Seong Chan-young attacked with the body of the alpha he had merged with. Seo Eun-soo was lying injured, and I was alone. I didn’t know what was happening outside, but I knew I was in a precarious situation and couldn’t hope for help.


‘Given my physical condition and lack of weapons, I’m at a disadvantage. In that case…’


I ran towards the terrace as if trying to escape. My room had a terrace with large glass windows to let in plenty of sunlight.


“There’s nowhere for you to run,” muttered Seong Chan-young grimly. His crimson eyes still glinted ominously.


I was pushed to the edge of the terrace. Seong Chan-young rushed at me, brandishing a knife.




“No, you bastard.”




With all my strength, I deflected Seong Chan-young’s hand holding the knife. The blade fell from his momentarily weakened grip.




“Who are you to do this?”


To prevent Seong Chan-young from picking up the knife again, I kicked it away with my foot, sending it flying outside. Strangely, it was eerily quiet outside, as if time had frozen.


There was no time to be bewildered by the bizarre situation. Seong Chan-young continued to rush at me like a demon.


“My body! It’s mine! Give it back!”


“Stop it, please…!”


The chaotic brawl continued with relentless punches and kicks. Of course, I fought back fiercely. It was utter chaos.


In the midst of our tangled struggle, Seong Chan-young and I suddenly realized our feet were no longer touching the terrace floor.






At the height of our physical struggle, we both fell over the terrace railing. This house was a three-story building, and falling from this height meant danger.


“Am I going to die?”


I felt like I would die if I fell. Ironically, I would die together with the bastard who tried to kill me, the owner of the body I possessed. It was truly an absurd death.


“I never even got to say thank you…”


As if in a scene from a movie, a sense of regret washed over me when I saw images of the four bullies from the original story, as well as Seo Eun-su, Sung Ho-jae, and Secretary Choi. I had always avoided them, wanting to push them away and not get involved, but I had secretly wanted to open up and approach them.


I had never had real friends because I was always in pain. I had always been lonely. I was genuinely grateful when they said they liked me. I never knew I could receive love from complete strangers.


During the moment of falling, time seemed to slow down only around me. I held onto the glowing Seong Chan-young and quietly awaited my death.


Perhaps being damned to hell with this wicked bastard might be better than being murdered.


“No! Seong Chan-young!”


Just before my head hit the ground, I heard a sound like that.


I just wanted to live, both Seong Chan-young and I.


What would happen when I opened my eyes? That was what I feared the most.


And then, darkness enveloped me.

Author's Thoughts

...........That was insane????

Sorry about the cliff-hanger, y'all.

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