Tired Of Living As An Omega Chapter 111 - 난기류

Author: Flo



“No! Seong Chan-young!”


The voice that echoed as Moon Kyung-sik and Seong Chan-young plummeted to the ground belonged to other alphas who arrived belatedly.


“What’s happening?”


Baek Do-jun, Yoo Yi-seo, Chae Yoon-chan, Joo Tae-kang, and even Chairman Seong and Secretary Choi had agreed to rush in immediately if a commotion broke out, as Chan-young had instructed. But they felt stifled, unable to approach as if suppressed by some force.


“It’s like time has stopped.”


The employees remained frozen in place, like statues. The only ones who could speak and move were the alphas, Director Seong, and Secretary Choi, who Chan-young had asked for help.


The Black Hands were what prevented them from getting closer. Emerging abruptly from thin air, the Black Hands were too powerful to overcome even with the alphas’ strength.


“What the hell is this!”


“If something happens to Seong Chan-young, if he gets hurt…”


The alphas were caught off guard by the unexpected situation, sinking into extreme anxiety.


“He trusted us.”


The mysterious Black Hands were unyielding even to the alphas’ power. It seemed more than a mere coincidence that these black hands appeared. It was an inexplicable phenomenon, but Kyung-sik couldn’t help but suspect. 


“Moon Kyungsik! That bastard’s an alpha too. Seong Chan-young is a recessive omega. If they go one-on-one, Seong Chan-young will be in danger!”


Even in their flattened state like dried fish under the black hands, the alphas worried about Chan-young. Knowing that Moon Kyung-sik, who had already harmed Chan-young, might do something worse this time, they struggled with all their might.


“Damn it, this isn’t coming loose…”


The Black Hands were relentless. They showed no intention of letting them go. Despite thrashing like bugs trapped in the Black Hands, the alphas felt despair for the first time in their lives as they couldn’t even loosen a single finger.


“Chan-young ssi!”


At that moment, there was someone who managed to push aside the black hands and rush into the room. It was Seo Eun-soo. Beside him, a bundle of white fur barked loudly, urging Seo Eun-soo on. It was General.


“Woof! Woof!”


Only Seo Eun-soo entered Chan-young’s room, while General whimpered as he was pressed down by the Black Hands like the alphas.


“What the hell. How can Seo Eun-soo move?”


“Because he’s an extreme dominant alpha?”


“…But I’m an extreme dominant alpha too, Chae Yoon-chan.”


When Yoo Yi-seo replied with annoyance, Chae Yoon-chan couldn’t hide his surprise.


“You… When was the last time I saw you without your usual relaxed expression?”


“So noisy. Let’s quickly find a way to solve this.”


Yoo Yi-seo wasn’t pleased with the sudden calmness as if the lights had gone out. It made him angry that they were helpless and couldn’t immediately help Seong Chan-young.


‘To make me feel this powerless…’


It felt like going back to the terrifying moments of being harassed for no reason under his stepbrother and stepmother. He wanted to bite his tongue at the thought of experiencing such helplessness again.


‘What if it’s not just about Seong Chan-young getting hurt, but his life being in danger?’


The mere thought sent shivers down his spine, rendering him unable to bear it. It had been a long time since he concealed his relaxed demeanor behind a smiling mask. He never knew that having something he liked and wanted to protect could be so agonizing.


“Damn it…”


With the thought of being unable to do anything, Yoo Yi-seo crawled desperately on the floor from his position. It was a humiliating act, crawling like a bug, but it didn’t matter to the urgent Yoo Yi-seo.


‘I can’t afford to lose.’


That thought alone propelled Yoo Yi-seo forward. His fingernails scraped against the floor, but he didn’t care. Seeing him, the other alphas abandoned their pride and began to crawl as well, determined to get even a step closer to Chan-young’s room. It was the only thing they could do right now.


‘I need to do well, as much as Seo Eun-soo.’


Jealousy was a luxury in a crisis. Believing that Seo Eun-soo, as an extreme dominant alpha, could overpower Moon Kyung-sik, they ironically found more trust in the unfortunate rival.


“─It’s loose…!”


Then, suddenly, the Black Hands that had hindered their movements disappeared. Without a chance to question the inexplicable phenomenon, all the alphas rushed to Chan-young’s room.


‘Please let him be safe…!’


They didn’t ask for much. They just wished for Chan-young’s safety, for him to not even have a single scratch, and perhaps a sarcastic remark about him being back to his usual grumpy self.


‘Because he must know that he’s never been sweet to us.’


Still, it’s okay to wish for the well-being of someone you’ve come to like, right? However, what awaited them was Seo Eun-soo lying covered in blood and Chan-young, falling alongside Moon Kyung-sik, beyond the terrace.




“No! Seo Chan-young!”


They weren’t even given a moment to reach out their hands. Powerless, they had to watch Chan-young fall to the ground, screaming or shouting.


“Bark! Bark bark bark!”


At that moment of despair when alphas couldn’t even bear to watch the scene, General barked as he rushed over. The two’s heads were about to hit the ground.






“What’s going on?”


There was no dull sound of two heads hitting the ground. Like feathers gently falling onto a fluffy blanket, the two paused in mid-air before slowly and neatly laying on the ground.


“What am I seeing…? Did I finally go senile?”


Even Chairman Seong couldn’t believe what he was seeing as he rubbed his eyes. Even Secretary Choi, who was calling the hospital in a hurry to take care of the fallen Seo Eun-soo, answered promptly.


“Senility, Chairman? Certainly not. You’re not even near presbyopia. I’ve never seen someone as robust as you in my life. You even diligently take good medicine for your health, don’t you?”


“Is this the time for such remarks?”


“Whatever it takes, we need to keep our wits about us. There’s no time to lose focus. The alpha gentlemen are in the same boat. Pull yourselves together.”


In response to Secretary Choi’s words, Baek Do-jun, Yoo Yi-seo, Chae Yoon-chan, and Joo Tae-kang quickly rose from their seats and descended to where Chan-young and Moon Kyung-sik were. General, with his short legs, hurriedly followed them.


Chan-young and Moon Kyung-sik, who had just been threatening each other’s lives moments ago, appeared unexpectedly calm. They breathed peacefully, like children napping, and the alphas breathed a sigh of relief.


“Seems like they’re not seriously injured. They’ve lost consciousness, though.”


After Joo Tae-kang tied up Moon Kyung-sik with a rope, Chae Yoon-chan examined Chan-young but strangely found no injuries.


“…………..Chan-young ah, Chan-young ah?”


Baek Do-jun carefully held Chan-young and tried to wake him up, but there was no response. Chan-young lay limp.


“He might have lost consciousness temporarily due to the ordeal. We should take him to the hospital to be sure.”


Upon hearing Yoo Yi-seo’s words, Baek Do-jun couldn’t calm down.


“What if he doesn’t respond to any treatment like last time? What if Chan-young doesn’t wake up again?”




“If Chan-young doesn’t wake up, then I…”


“Instead of indulging in weak thoughts, shouldn’t we do what we can? Chan-young isn’t weak. It’s hard to understand the situation, but… I believe Chan-young won’t be defeated by this series of events. So let’s trust him and wait.”




Yoo Yi-seo didn’t trust someone easily. Nevertheless, this time, he wanted to believe desperately. Baek Do-jun felt the same way, so they silently prayed while taking Chan-young to the hospital.




General stayed by Chan-young’s side the whole time. Even on the way to the hospital and upon arrival, the white puppy guarded its owner as if it didn’t even consider falling.


When the alphas witnessed the strange sight, they left General alone. Chan-young, still unconscious, woke up while they hoped for it.


Their decision was right. Chan-young could descend unharmed because of the unseen White Hands that came down the moment General barked.


⚝ ⚝ ⚝


What happened to me?


I fought with the real Chan-young who was in Moon Kyung-sik’s body. And then… Ah! I fell!




I sat up abruptly, but there was no pain. My body was fine. And most importantly, the real Chan-young was lying next to me in his own form.




‘Is this another dreamlike space?’


I didn’t have the skill to push out the possessed soul unknowingly, and I didn’t seem to be dead either, so it seemed like a fantasy space. That’s why I also had my original appearance.


Inside the pure white space, only Chan-young and I existed. To understand the situation, I kicked the groaning Chan-young with my foot.


‘It feels weird because it’s the body I transmigrated into.’


It felt like I was kicking myself. Still, I didn’t want to wake him up with my hand because I disliked him.


“Hey, Chan-young. Wake up. If it’s not you, there’s no one else to explain the situation.”


“Ugh… Who are you?”


“Who else? I’m the one whom you were cursing as a thief.”




Chan-young, still not fully awake, looked confused at my words and then cursed with a resentful glare.


“You dare pretend to be me with my body? Ridiculous. I succeeded in retrieving my body…”


Without mercy, I slapped him, channeling all the resentment I had been holding back.


“Ow! Did you just hit me?”


“You can hold a knife and threaten, but I can’t hit you? Huh? Take that.”




Whether it was because Moon Kyung-sik’s alpha shell was missing or because my original form was taller than Chan-young, he seemed weaker. That made me even angrier.


Filled with all the sorrow I had been harboring, I grabbed Chan-young tightly, shaking him vigorously.


“Ow! Stop! Stop hitting me!”


“Where did your fierceness go? Huh? When did you stop giving me nightmares and trying to kill me? When?”


“T-That was the only way! Ow!”


“Who taught you that? Whose idea was it? Isn’t this situation we’re in now also because of you bastard?”


I hated the pure white space. Thoughts of the hospital kept creeping into my mind. I wanted to get out of here quickly before the nightmare repeated itself.


“Tell me! Everything you know.”


I grabbed Chan-young by the collar, feeling like I was about to vomit my heart out.








“Woof woof!”


…Why is he here?

Author's Thoughts

What is General doing there....?

P.S. Please check out "#Executive Director, Thank You!" if you are interested in idol x fanboy (director) novels! It's a collaboration between me, Eica and Gumi, with us translating around 40 chapters each. The 1st chapter, which is currently out, is translated by me while the following 40 chapters will be translated by Gumi.

I am considering picking up a new series after Tired of Living As An Omega is finished, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know! I will make sure to check it out! <3

I have one particular story in mind about an office worker finding himself back in time after he died, and a certain someone who's taking a new interest in him. Would you be interested in that kind of story? I'm sorry if I asked too much, haha.

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