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“Young master? Young master Chan-young?”


“Ugh… who are you… Don’t wake me up. I’m going to sleep more.….”


I mumbled and avoided the touch to wake me up, but my voice became 

more urgent.


“Master! You have to get up! Your temperature is 39 degrees right now. If you don’t take the heat suppressant quickly, the heat cycle will come within today.”


Heat cycle?


It’s a heat cycle where a person becomes like an animal, not a person.


‘I could go through that?’


“No way!”


My eyes were wide open. The body, which was buried in the bed and sleeping well, also quickly got up.


I woke up and felt warm all over. There was also a strange smell that I smelled for the first time. It was hard to explain all over the body, but I also felt itchy.


And even the parts that are embarrassing to say are getting weird…….


‘Oh god.’


Thinking about it, I cried to the housekeeper for medicine.


“Give, give me the medicine quickly.”


“Here. I poured water, so please have it together.”


A middle-aged woman I saw for the first time gave me a red pill and a cup of water. I poured the medicine into my mouth, thinking that it was probably Seong Chan-young’s housekeeper, who was mentioned sometimes in the novel.


It was funny to take the heat suppressant that I swore I would never eat just before I went to bed.


‘But I really don’t want to experience a heat cycle!’


This period, which means the heat cycle, or rut, makes Omega like a beast with only instinct left. It’s a setup designed to make it easier to conceive, but… I was living as a straight man, and suddenly the word pregnancy entered my life. It was so uncomfortable.


Fortunately, the novel was a worldview in which inhibitors were developed to suppress cycles and let them pass safely. It was fortunate that it was safe to eat regularly as there were no side effects.


‘Long live modern medicine!’


No, long live novel medicine.


After swallowing the medicine, the fever gradually subsided after about half an hour. My hazy mind became clear again.


“Phew. I survived.”


The crisis was over. The fact that a hit cycle might come was a huge fear that the strength in my legs was gone.


The housekeeper, who was staring at me, asked me.


“By the way, why weren’t you taking any inhibitors this time?”




“When the heat cycle came, you usually took the medicine and passed it right away. I was wondering why you didn’t do it this time.”


I felt a chill in my stomach. The housekeeper quickly added, “I’m sorry if it was an unnecessary question,” as if she was looking at me, but I felt like I was sweating again.


“That, that.”


“And you’re looking for your sister……. As far as I know, you don’t usually get along with your older sisters.”


That’s the thing about… To be honest, I’m not Seong Chany-oung; I’m a transmigrated person.


‘If I say that, of course I’ll be treated like a madman and taken to a mental hospital.’


Let’s calm down. I’m Seong Chan-young now. Seong Chan-young is mean and has a dirty temper.


He tried to self-suggest and responded as haughty and feisty as possible.


“Why do you care about that? Is Ajumma, like, my family?”


‘I’m sorry, ma’am!’


The Confucian boy [1] in me howled. What kind of mess is this? I am so sorry.


“That’s not true, but…”


When I saw the woman’s face, which was rapidly deteriorating, my conscience was stabbed. Especially for a lady with a warm impression who would appear in a weekend drama, the stabs in my conscience doubled.


‘Get a grip.…. I’m Seong Chan-young, who puts brutes in rice soup and eats them.’


If courtesy is a dog, and arrogance is a dog with high self-esteem that pierces the sky.


“No, right? Then get your attention off of me. All you have to do is work well, why do you care about useless things? Did I ask you to work like that?”


“……No. I’m sorry. I’ll correct it.”


“Of course, you should do it for money.”


I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.


Even though I shouted an infinite apology inside, I played the role of cruel Seong Chan-young till the end.


The reality hit me, but I couldn’t stop. I don’t know if I should thank my sister for selling the original content from A to Z.


“……I’m sorry.”


The housekeeper’s head bowed down. In contrast, blood veins were seen rising on the rough hands that were rolled up.


I pretended to be expressionless because I didn’t know whether to cry or laugh because the hand seemed to want to hit me like my mother.


Seong Chanyoung, you punk.


“That’s enough. I’m in a bad mood, so go home now. I want to be alone.”


“…Yes, I understand.”


Ajumma went out the door without asking any more questions. I stood crooked and didn’t even look at her who was leaving, instead I lay down on the floor only after I heard the door locked.


Sigh, I can’t even imitate a villain…”


How the hell do people with nasty personalities live? It was only for a while, but it stabbed my conscience so badly that I was going crazy.


‘She even looked about the same age as my mom.….’


I was so sorry for the harshness even when they provided me with a heat suppressant to prevent the heat cycle. I didn’t even know where the heat suppressant was, so I would have been in a rut if the housekeeper didn’t arrive.


I didn’t even want to imagine after that. What happens to Omega men who are in their rut in various types of BL DJs that my sister stores like ancestral pot [2] ……. I’ve heard it so many times.


‘At worst, I might have contacted the Gong.’


Then it would flow into a catastrophe that can’t be stopped. For me, that was a direct ticket to hell.


“But I’ll be able to take a break, right?”


I stretched with relief like cheese spread on the floor. For a moment, boredom soon flooded in.


“Let’s go for a walk outside.”


I got up again because I thought it would be better to go out while collecting information.


And it wasn’t long before I realized that it was a really great choice.


⚝ ⚝ ⚝


After enough time for the housekeeper to go back, I was walking freely on the promenade around the apartment.


‘What should I do from now on…….’


My stomach was rotting away, and I felt like I was going to get sick. Information gathering was crazy because my head turned white just by the immediate situation.


‘The path is pretty in the meantime.’


The path, which seemed to have been carefully cultivated, was full of various flowers and trees. It was like a symbol of capitalism. Even though the view was pleasant, the scenery itself felt like proof that I had completely become a sacrament; I was depressed.


The voice of the housekeeper, who thought I had already gone home, was heard nearby.


“Yes, Young master Baek Do-jun.”


“Huh? Baek Do-jun?”


Don’t tell me, it’s not the Baek Do-jun I know, is it?


However, I stood there thinking there was no way I would catch her, but Ajumma easily ignored my expectations and continued to talk. It seemed like she was on the phone with Baek Do-jun in the context of the circumstances.


“As you said, we are safely monitoring Seong Chan-young. As you said, he’s not very good-natured.”


Wow, that’s amazing.


Seong Chan-young’s acting seemed to work quite well. I quickly hid in a corner and overheard Ajumma’s phone call.


Of course, I felt a little guilty, but I did my own self-justification as an inevitable act to collect information.


‘By the way, I can’t believe he was watching Seong Chan-young.’


Baek Do-jun was the same Alpha who was Seong Chan-young’s fiance in the drama. I had wondered how Baek Do-jun could get out of Seong Chan-young’s confinement so quickly and leisurely, but I didn’t know there was such an inside story.


Thinking that I was picking up valuable information that was not in the original work, I attached myself almost as if I were in close contact with the marble sculpture I hid.


“Given that you’re better than I thought… It’s also likely to have been a fake illness.”


Pretending to be sick? Seong Chan-young?


After a few moments, when Baek Do-jun answered her aunt’s words, she said shocking things.


“A suicide attempt is ridiculous. That Seong Chan-young?”




Did Sung Chanyoung attempt suicide?


You didn’t mention anything like that in the original, did you?


“Is that why I transmigrated into Seong Chan-young’s body?”


Because he died unexpectedly? Is that so?


While I was shocked by Seong Chan-young’s suicide attempt, which was not in the original, the housekeeper steadily continued to report to Baek Do-jun.


I’m sorry to say this, but Ajumma was talking on the phone in speaker mode because she couldn’t hear well due to aging. Thanks to that, I was able to eavesdrop on the phone call easily.


‘The reason why she openly reports to Baek Do-jun on speaker mode near Seong Chan-young’s house is because she considers Seong Chan-young to be a joke.’


Or maybe it’s because she knows that Seong Chan-young doesn’t come out of the house during the heat cycle.


I felt miserable watching Ajumma with a complicated mind. What would I have done if I didn’t come out for a walk?


“If it’s Seong Chan-young whom I’ve been watching so far, I think he was trying to annoy you again under the pretext of a fake illness. You told me to fulfill my duties as a fiancé.”


That’s a great interpretation, ma’am. If it’s Sung Chan-young, that’s what’s left of him.

  • 1. 유교보이 is a word for a conservative and overly formal man.
  • 2. 신줏단지 is a compound word of Shinju (神主) and Danji (甕), and Shinju means the ancestral god, and Danji is the body symbolizing the ancestral god, which means the ancestral pot.
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