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Recently, one or two dogs have disappeared in the neighborhood, so there were a few elderly people who were suspected of being a dog seller, but I didn’t expect it to be true.


The truck soon disappeared from view. I held the sick dog in my arms and called the cell phone right away.


‘It seems to have been lucky enough to try to escape.’


Perhaps because of the forced escape, the dog’s body was full of wounds. How painful it must have been. Pity and anger rose at the same time.


I had to save it no matter what.


[What’s the matter, young master?]


“Secretary Choi. It’s me. I’m in a hurry. Please find an animal hospital that I can get to as soon as possible from here.”


It hasn’t been long since I moved in, so I didn’t know the geography around here.


‘Besides, Seong Chan-young doesn’t have a license…….’


In addition, I didn’t know that such an unexpected situation would occur, so I called recklessly because there was no one that came to mind except Secretary Choi who was good at work.


[Animal hospital? Do you have a new pet?]


“No, it’s not……. I’ll explain the situation later because I’m in a hurry. Please hurry up for now. Please, I beg you.”


Whines, whines….”


Even while on the phone, the puppy continued to complain of pain. Out of urgency, I immediately called the competent secretary Choi, but I was not sure how he would come out, as he was no longer my secretary.


However, Secretary Choi fortunately tried to help me.


[According to the research, Blue Animal Hospital is the closest place to there. It’s so rural where you are, so you have to go by car only.]


“Well, then what should I do…….”


My mind went blank and I couldn’t think of anything. I thought that the puppy, who was barely breathing, might die, so I didn’t seem to be able to breathe well.


‘I have to save it.’


I was obsessed with that thought. The feeling that if I can’t save this child, I will never be able to do it, swallowed me. I don’t know what the puppy was superimposed on, but I really wanted to save it.


Secretary Choi read my anxiety and comforted me.


[Young master, breathe.]




[Don’t worry too much. In case this might happen, I chose all the managers who can drive cars. I’ll contact them and arrange for them to go to the animal hospital right away, so don’t worry.]


“Secretary Choi…!”


It was touching. Did the real Seong Chan-young save such a competent secretary as the number 1 and use him informally?


“Thank you, thank you very much.”


[If you’re thankful, please send me a picture of a dog running around when it’s cured and adopted. People who have dogs need to share pictures. You know that, right?]


“All right.”


It wasn’t even a request that I couldn’t listen to. I waited for the caretaker’s car, as Secretary Choi said.


Soon after, one of the caretakers drove his own car and stood in front of me.


“Young master! Hurry up and get in!”




I hurried into the car with the puppy in my arms. Now the dog was barely breathing without groaning that he was sick.


‘The chaebol villain’s wealth, I’m going to use it here.’


“Mister, I don’t mind if you ask for a fine, so please speed up as much as you can and go to Blue Animal Hospital.”


“Okay! Fasten your seat belt and hold it tight.”


Mr. Kim, who is in charge of my security, stepped on the accelerator, saying, “I didn’t lag behind in driving skills anywhere.”


“Oh my god.”


Indeed, uncle wasn’t bluffing because the car ran like lightning and soon arrived at the destination, Blue Animal Hospital.


‘Please hang in there.’


Until we arrived, I hugged the puppy carefully and only hoped that he would live.


The result was not bad.


“It’s a fracture. I’ll have to be hospitalized for at least two months to see how it goes.”


Until arriving at the animal hospital, the dog endured safely, and was able to complete the treatment by receiving various tests, including X-rays.


“Doctor, is the child in a bad condition?”


“No. You’ll get better if you keep getting treatment at the hospital and eat well.”




“Yes. You said it fell off a running truck, but it didn’t hurt much considering that. I think it was a lucky guy.”


“That’s a relief…”


My legs have lost all strength. I was really happy to see the puppy safe.


“That’s great, young man!”


“Yes. I’m also very grateful to Mr. Kim.”


“No, of course I’ll have to step in for this stuff.”


Seeing Uncle Kim smiling, the doctor asked him and me alternately.


“Excuse me, do the two guardians have a father-son relationship?”


“No. I am the man whom this man has hired, and the guardian of the puppy is the young master here.”


“That’s right. I’m the guardian.”


When I followed by Mr. Kim’s words, the doctor responded by scratching the neck as if he were embarrassed.


“I’m sorry. I asked out of curiosity. I asked you just in case because you two don’t look alike.”


I don’t know what the doctor suspected, but it was out of my focus. Right now, the focus is only on the sick puppy.


“It’s all right. You might be curious.”


“Thank you for your understanding. Then, can you sign the dog hospitalization document? Please write the dog’s name, too.”


“Oh, yes!”


After receiving the pen, I was thinking about what to write on the dog’s name, and there was a word that came to mind, so I wrote it.


General [1]


‘Be brave like a general, bark everywhere. Just get well.’


Now that things have come to this, I was going to raise it because I picked it up. Even if I leave it to a shelter, they often euthanize it at the end of the period, so it was better for me to take care of it.


Looking at General crouching in the hospitalization room, I greeted him in a small voice.


“Hello, General.”


We’re going to live together from now on.


Did you understand me? The puppy, or general, raised his head slightly with a squeak as if in response.


‘The doctor said it was just a common country dog.’


It was said to be a mixed dog of Jindo dogs with no bloodline. He said that he looks cute because he is still young, but if he is treated well and grows up in a good house, he will grow up and become a strong medium-sized dog.


“Sygorzav species are the prettiest and healthiest.”’


Mr. Kim said something as he looked at me staring at the general.


“Seeing how he survived tenaciously, he must be a general like the name the boy gave him. He should be able to run around the yard without getting sick.”


“I guess so.”


“I’ll have to tell others to prepare dog houses and food. It’s nice to have a new family.”


“Yes, please. Charge me for all the speeding fines and goods that the general will fly over here today.”


“I see, sir.”


Mr. Kim filtered out the car first. I looked at general whose feet didn’t reach the end, and when general fell asleep, I left the hospital with confidence.


“General, I’ll visit you a lot. Get well soon.”


I was already excited to think of the general running in the spacious yard. Taking responsibility for life was not easy, but I was confident that it would be okay as long as I was determined to take care of it with the strong assets and affection of Seong Chan-young.


‘I should at least send a bonus to Secretary Choi.’


Thinking so, I went back to my house.


⚝ ⚝ ⚝


After Seong Chan-young went away, a person wearing a deep hat popped out of the hospital. The shabby appearance showed signs of want.


He raised the corners of his mouth to his ears and made a call somewhere on his old cell phone.




“Hey, you said you were looking for a man the other day and put up a bounty?”


[That’s right. May I help you?]


“I think I found him. The face was the same as the picture on the wanted paper.”


‘What a windfall!’


The unknown man was a gambling addict. While he was being chased by a loan shark with a huge debt, he happened to see a wanted site looking for Seong Chan-young.


‘If that’s the case, this damn life of escape is over……’


The man looked for him at first because he looked to be a well-bred young master. But then he threw away the wanted post, thinking he wouldn’t come to a rural area like this.


Maybe the heavens were helping the man, because when he woke up after waking up for a while in an animal hospital, he saw the young man in the wanted paper.


[Really? Are you sure?]


“It’s true. Besides, if you see the injured dog in the hospital, he’ll definitely show up here again.”


The man kept his eye on Seong Chan-young. He then informed them everything about Seong Chan-young adopting General and returning to the animal hospital.


[Where is that?]


“It’s Blue Animal Hospital. The address here is…….”


The man, who told the truth as it was, groveled and added.


“I hope you will give me a reward for sure.”


[That’s good. I’ll call you soon]


This news quickly rose to the top, and the Alpha smiled when he heard the news.


“Yeah… You mean Seong Chan-young was in such a place?”

  • 1. 장군이 is his korean name and is pronounced as Jang Gun-i or Jang gunie
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