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General recovered quickly. The veterinarian said it would take two months to completely treat it, but the veterinarian was also surprised, saying that he could be discharged earlier than that.


“I’ve never seen such a strong dog.”


“Hmmm, right?”


I think it’s a good thing that I named him General. General really showed amazing resilience and adaptability and was loved by people working at the animal hospital.


“Yes. In addition, according to its guardian, he must have been caught by a dog seller and thus should have great distrust of humans, but he is very friendly towards humans.”


“That’s a relief.”


After rescuing General, I stopped by the animal hospital every few days and went back home to take care of the garden.


The vegetables were planted in a neat line, and every morning they were watered with satisfaction as they watched the green shoots sprout.


‘I’m going to plant strawberry seedlings, too.’


Secretary Choi was truly a man of ability. Even though I didn’t even bring up the vinyl greenhouse, he’s already prepared a house, a field, and a rice paddy to stay in, as well as the greenhouse. It couldn’t help but become my favorite thing to do.


So I thought about what to plant in the greenhouse and decided to plant my favorite strawberry. If I harvest sweet and sour strawberries, I can just eat them, or make sweet strawberry jam by adding sugar in a one-to-one ratio.


‘Not only that, but it’s also good to put whipped cream on the bread and make sandwiches, so it’s perfect.’


I haven’t even planted it yet, but in my head, the scene where I finished harvesting and eating was already done.


“I should pack some for Secretary Choi, too.”


It was actually thanks to Secretary Choi’s help that I was able to live such a peaceful life away from the original work. Of course, Seong Chan-young’s assets are the biggest contribution, but I wouldn’t be here if Secretary Choi hadn’t complied with my request quickly.


‘In addition, I owe him general’s life, so I should pay back my gratitude.’


It wasn’t in my nature to be in debt. With determination, I clasped my hand holding the food, and general licked my hand. Because of that, crushed feed crumbs protruded under the fist-holding hand.


“Oh. I’m sorry, General. Dad [1] was thinking about something.”


Later, he spread his palm and fed it to general, but the historical material had already been disastrously crushed.




General was kind enough to lick it off, but he was protesting, looking at me with discontented eyes.


Ugh. I was sorry, so I took out dried sweet potatoes as a snack and fed him. Then the general relaxed his expression.


“Mr. Guardian… Were you thinking of any enemy? The food is completely crushed.”


At the end of the food crushed in my hand, the nurse giggled and joked. I felt embarrassed because it seemed I was too motivated from thinking of farming strawberries.


“No. It’s not that. I was just excited to plant strawberries.”


“Oh, are you a farmer?”




“That’s unexpected. I thought you would be an office worker who works for a company.”


The veterinary nurse looked at me like a man who had found something very rare. The gaze was a little uncomfortable, but on the other hand, I understood it.


“Who would have thought that one would return to farming at such a young age?”


If you were my age, it was common to live in the countryside and leave for the city. Furthermore, there were no young people in the rural area, so the labor force was insufficient.


Thus, it was very surprising to hear that I was farming in such a situation.


Sure enough, the veterinary nurse showered me additional questions with curious eyes.


“Are you connecting the family business? Do your parents farm?”


“Ah, my parents…….”


I hesitated to tell my parents’ story. This wasn’t the real world I lived in. And I am currently Seong Chan Young.


“…… My parents decided to come later, and now I’m the only one who’s coming down and farming.”


“Alone? It must be hard.”


“It’s okay. It’s not that hard because there are people who help me.”


I didn’t say it was all caretakers. I didn’t want the nurse to be more curious because of what I have said.


“I’m comfortable alone.”


I didn’t want to be that close to the rest of the world, as well as the original cast. As long as I knew that this was the world in the book, I couldn’t help but feel a little reluctant.


“Oh. Relatives and elderly people in the neighborhood can help you. It’s a nice neighborhood.”


“Yes, it is.”


As I expected, the veterinary nurse interpreted what I meant on her own and turned her attention to general. General was responding to the nurse’s toy, fluttering his much-white fur.


“Ruff! Ruff!”


“Oh, there you go.”


It was a peaceful sight. General, who became healthy and fattened that his fur color turned white, was a magical puppy that made me smile naturally.


“He’ll be discharged soon, right?”


“Maybe? The doctor said that you can take him home within a week at the latest.”


“That’s great.”


It was good news. I had already prepared to bring in general, so I thought it was time to slowly go through the discharge procedures.


“General, did you hear me? You, now you’ll come to my house and live with me.”




“It means that you will be a family with me, and live with me forever.”


General licked my hand when I stroked the softened hair after being steadily managed at the hospital. I liked the warmth.


“People may be difficult, but animals may be fine.”


To be honest, I felt lonely, so I thought the presence of general was like a gift-sent. I was confident that I would take him for a walk four times a day every day and make him happy without any pain.


‘I want to see the beams.’


There was also a dog in my house that ran an orchard. His name is a beam from a beam. He liked me very much, too……. Looking at Janggun, I felt like crying because I missed him, too.


“Whines, whines.”


“It’s okay. Dad’s not crying.”


It was fortunate that the veterinary nurse went to check the condition of other animals. How strange would it look if an adult man suddenly cried in front of his dog.


“It’s alright.”


By repeating that, I quietly soothed myself. Now that I was the head of the household and had to take care of general, there was no time to soak in sad sentiment. That doesn’t help us live in the reality of this place.


But it was then.


“Arrrrrrrr…………..Arf! Arf! Arf!”


“General, what’s wrong?”


“Kung! Kung! Kung!”


General suddenly stepped out of the cage where he was doing well and ran toward someone, revealing his teeth. He was an ordinary man in his 40s, and he seemed surprised when general barked violently at him.


“Kking! Kking!”


“What’s wrong with this dog?”


“General, don’t!”


I rushed between the old man and the general and hugged him tightly. The problem would become complicated if a person got bitten.


“I’m sorry. General is never this kind of dog……. It must have surprised you. I’m sorry.”


Holding General in my arms, I bowed down and apologized. The man, who was terrified by the fear of being bitten by a dog, finally opened his face and coughed and said to me.


“Well, keep the dog safe. What kind of dog is so violent?”


“I’m sorry. I won’t let this happen from now on.”


“That’s enough. I’m not hurt, so go on your way.”


“Yes……thank you.”


Fortunately, he was not a person who found fault with General’s behaviour. The man walked out of the hospital without looking back.


“General, why did you do that? Why did the child who was quiet try to attack a person?”


“Arrrrrrrrrr…..woof! woof!”


‘What’s wrong with him? Did he even think that person was a dog dealer?’


It was reasonable reasoning in its own way. It was the first time general barked at someone. If it was a dog dealer who tried to drag general, he deserved to be barked at.


‘What are the chances of the dog dealer meeting you at this animal hospital?’


That didn’t add up. Above all, if he were the dog dealer, he would have asked me for the ownership of general. Or money.


But just now, the man acted like he had never seen general before. It meant that he was not a dog dealer.


“Why did you do that?”


“Woof, woof.”


I asked general, but he couldn’t return an answer. When the man from earlier disappeared, the general became a gentle puppy and licked me.


I wondered, but I just moved on, thinking that the general might have just smelled something he didn’t like.

  • 1. Chanyoung referred himself as Appa (아빠) to the puppy which I find adorable.
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