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Therefore, Joo Tae-kang was the first to notice that Yoo Yi-seo had caught Seong Chan-young’s tail.


This was not important to him, although Yoo Yi-seo intentionally leaked some traces to Joo Tae-kang and other alpha players to shake off their remaining doubts.


‘You can meet Seong Chan-young.’


I have to hear through the mouth of a damn fool why he suddenly left me and suddenly left you, and why he had a reclusive life that was really hard to get along with.


Joo Tae-kang was confused by his feelings. I thought he didn’t want to know.


If this is even the beginning of his sympathy for Seong Chan-young, he will have no choice but to regret the harsh words against Seong Chan-young.


I didn’t like it, that’s all.


“Young master, we’ve arrived at Blue Animal Hospital.”




Joo Tae-gang picked up the information that Yoo Yi-seo spilled like a piece of bread and finally reached the animal hospital where Seong Chan-young stopped by to see General.


‘Why did I come all the way here?’


I didn’t understand myself for leaving the company. I regretted that I shouldn’t have come all the way here because I came down to a rural animal hospital in the corner of the countryside.


‘I should have gone to see Eun-soo more at this time.’


Ironically, Joo Tae-kang’s steps were steadily heading into the animal hospital, thinking so. An attendant who came with him was surprised to see this.


“Young master, do you intend to go and meet with me?”


“Then, what makes you think I came all the way down here?”


“No…… I thought that you would meet him if I brought him as you had told me to do so.”


‘Master… Didn’t you have a bad relationship with the youngest master in the group?’


I was nervous because Ju Tae-gang growled as if he would eat me like an enemy, but this time I felt different. At least he didn’t seem to be trying to catch and smash it.


Joo Tae-gang, who had a sharp impression, stretched out his thorn like an exceptionally angry hedgehog when he faced Sung Chan-young, but this time, the subtle sinking seemed gentle at first glance.


“This time, I have something to say to him in person.”


‘I don’t know where he’ll run away again since I know that he’s already disappeared once.’


Yeah. That’s why. Joo Tae-kang was rationalizing himself just because he came down for that reason.


Whenever the signed Blue Animal Hospital approached, Joo Tae-kang’s head was filled with questions to ask when he met Seong Chan-young.


‘Did you really get diagnosed with a time limit?’


‘Why did you approach Seo Eun-soo and give him a memorandum and compensation, saying that you won’t hang around again?’


‘Is this all your trick? What are you trying to do to Seo Eun-soo after you let us off guard with a lie?’


However, beyond all those questions, Joo Tae-kang wanted to ask Seong Chan-young the most.


‘Why are you suddenly hiding after giving up everything?’


While longing for the affection of other alphas, including Joo Tae-kang, it was unpleasant that he disappeared with a sound of sorry, as if he were spitting out chewing gum.


‘Was I only in that position for you?’


I still couldn’t forget the text that Seong Chan-yeong wrote roughly. I’m sorry that I’ve made you tired all this time. After all, he was enraged, thinking that it was nothing more than a simple game that he had been sulking at the alphas, including him.


More than that, the point that angered him the most was that Joo Tae-kang was being shaken by Seong Chan-young.


‘You’re stupid.’


I didn’t like this situation in itself. Joo Tae-kang was comparing himself to Seong Chan-young.


Just as Seong Chan-young was nothing to Joo Tae-kang, Joo Tae-kang was nothing to Seo Eun-soo. There was no contact between them except that they were frequent regulars.


Therefore, Joo Tae-kang could not understand why Seong Chan-young gave up on him so easily. He thinks that’s proof that Seo Eun-soo won’t look at Joo Tae-kang at all. That was the most disturbing thing.


I just wanted to get rid of this anxiety. Otherwise, I felt like I was going crazy.


“Where is it?”


As soon as he entered the animal hospital, Joo Tae-kang glanced at each passing person.


“What is it?”


People were displeased when he revealed his presence, combining fierce eyes with ferocious alpha pheromones. There was a big reason why the pets were scared of big animals.


When even the receptionist and veterinary nurses were buzzing, the veterinarian stepped forward.


“Don’t do this here; please go outside. This is a space for treating animals.”


The veterinarian who found them hardened his face and asked Ju Tae-kang and his attendant to leave. Their attitude was an attitude, but seeing that there was not a single animal moving, they noticed that they came to this hospital for another purpose.


“We’re here to find a man. Once we find him, we’ll just walk away, so don’t worry.”


One of Joo Tae-kang’s attendants lightly pushed the veterinarian and looked around for Sung Chan-young like a hungry hound. The same was true for Joo Tae-kang. The veterinarian was embarrassed by the threatening momentum.


“Where is Seong Chan-young?”


“Oh, young master! That’s young master Seong Chan-young!”


Before the veterinarian could speak, an attendant found Seong Chan-young trying to board a truck outside the hospital.


What I felt when I saw Seong Chan-young holding a white puppy and smiling brightly……Very dirty.


“Chase him!”


“Yes, young master! Let’s go together!”


Joo Tae-kang told the attendant to chase him, but he ran out of the hospital faster.


“Seong Chan-young! Stop there!”


However, the truck carrying Seong Chan-young was already moving away. As soon as Joo Tae-kang saw the scene, he ran after the truck without realizing it.


“Seong Chan-young! Stop there!”


Watching a big Alpha, neatly dressed in a suit, running along the truck until he was out of breath, the eyes of the passers-by were wide open. Someone even took a picture with their cell phone, saying, “Is this a movie shooting?”


“Huff, huff! Master! I have the car key! Don’t run and come here!”


While chasing after Joo Tae-kang, the attendant, however, grabbed the car key and swung it around and asked the master to stop.


“Darn it.”


Despite hearing the attendant’s voice, Joo Tae-kang chased the truck for a long time and eventually quit and turned around kicking the innocent ground.


Then, after heading back to the animal hospital, he grabbed the veterinarian by the collar and asked.


“Why, why are you doing this!”


“You knew, didn’t you? That I came to find the man who took the white puppy. If you know, tell me right away where he lives.”


“The personal information of a guardian cannot be leaked.”


The veterinarian was stubborn and had no choice. Joo Tae-kang took out Seong Chan-young’s wanted paper, folded neatly, from his pocket and held it out before the doctor’s eyes.


“……What is this? A wanted paper?”


“As you can see, I have something to do with Seong Chan-young. This guy disappeared one day. without a word.”


That’s why I have to find him.


“Now that Seong Chan-young's family [1] is also looking for him, we must hurry.”


Joo Tae-kang and Seong Eun Group acted differently, but he subtly let out a nuance that his family was also looking for Chan-young, so that the veterinarian would help.


“……Is his family really looking for him?”


The stupid, good vet was shaken by the word family. Even though Joo Tae-kang is rudely speaking informally to him the first time he met.


“Yes. I was entrusted with the task of taking Seong Chan-young in the middle. So tell me quickly so I can take him into the arms of his family.”


If he’s a sick terminally ill patient, you probably know that it’s an urgent matter as a doctor, right?


“Yes, I understand. I’ll let you know.”


The last word was crucial. At Ju Tae-kang’s urgent attitude, as if he was worried that Chan-young would run out of breath any moment, the veterinarian turned white and eventually handed over Chan-young’s address. Along with the words, “I hope the family will find Chanyoung safely.”


‘So stupid.’


Joo Tae-kang laughed at such a veterinarian and handed over the reward.


“Thank you. This is a reward. I want you to keep this a secret.”


A check for 50 million won was held in the hands of the veterinarian. The veterinarian was surprised and tried to refuse, but Joo Tae-kang had already left the hospital with his attendants.


‘I gave the veterinarian the reward to cover the cost of silence, so they will most likely stay quiet.’


Throughout the start of the car, Joo Tae-kang recalled the back of Seong Chan-young, whom he had missed right in front of his eyes. His fist was strained by itself.


‘To think I had missed him this ridiculously?’


Ju Tae-kang was almost blind by rage. He couldn’t be so angry when he missed Seong Chan-young, whom he almost caught.


‘Let’s see. Seong Chan-young. I must meet you and hear from you why you had to leave like this.’


I couldn’t be that angry when I lost Seong Chan-yeong, whom I had almost caught.


Then this complicated pace will be solved.

  • 1. Seong family was behind the wanted paper???? Wtf
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Sorry for leaving you on the cliffhanger but the next update will be on 22nd of July! (unless you are buying advanced chapters~)

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