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My heart dropped at the incoming number on the cell phone screen. I didn’t know who it was, so I didn’t have a good feeling about it.


I felt it in my life, but good premonitions were wrong and ominous intuitions were 100 percent true.


‘This… I think it’s either the gongs or Chairman Seong.’


There are only a few numbers saved on my cell phone at the moment. Secretary Choi, the employees Secretary Choi has recruited for me, and the phone numbers of the animal hospital.


There is no way that someone who has fallen into the world of fiction alone has a friend. I only had characters from the original to avoid.


‘However, I don’t think Seong Chan-young’s family will call…….’


It’s ugly enough. In the end, the characters in the original work were the most likely to find out my number and try to call.


“If I knew this would happen, should I have at least memorized their number?”


Memorizing numbers is too difficult for modern people who are familiar with convenient smartphones. Moreover, there was no reason to memorize the numbers of the characters that I had to stay away from.


I thought they wouldn’t contact me at all because I left after drawing the line so coldly…….


Listening to the phone ringing continuously made me feel complicated. I felt guilty to ignore it, and I was nervous because I didn’t know what to say after I accepted the call.


‘Please… be a spam call……!’


For the first time in my life, I wanted this call to be voice phishing. If it was a renovation aimed at money, it was enough to hang up and block it.


With shallow hope, I eventually pressed the call button carefully.




The caller was silent for a moment in my voice. I couldn’t hear anything, but suddenly a loud voice that seemed to have boiled a train canister popped out through the cell phone speaker.


[Chan-young ah! It’s grandfather! Grandpa!]




[What do you mean Chairman?! Can’t you call your grandfather grandfather?]


“Oh, yes. I’m sorry, chair……grandfather.”


As expected, the foreboding was not wrong. Chairman Seong found my number and called me directly…….


‘By the way, how did you get my number?’


I threw away the cell phone that Seong Chan-young used before, bought a new one, and changed the number and telecommunications company, but how did he find it……?


Without a moment of doubt, Chairman Seong grumbled and cried at me for a long time. My eardrums stung as he nagged me in a husky voice.


[How can you pack your things and move out of the hospital, huh? You didn’t even meet your worried grandfather……….]


Chairman Seong’s grumbling was so great that I wondered if it was the punishment for notifying Baek Do-jun of our breakup.


‘I want to hang up as soon as possible, but…….’


I gave up, thinking that if I did that, I would see Chairman Seong really do what he did. It was because of the strong feeling that the next time after the phone call would be a direct visit.


Chairman Seong whimpered and expressed his regret to me.


Chairman Seong whimpered and expressed his disappointment to me.


[He’s so mean. Where did you go alone without telling your family? Those who were worried will be relieved.]


“Well, I can’t tell you that.”


[How come!]


“If I tell you where I am, I’m sure you’ll come and take me back to my parents’ house.”


I don’t know what’s going on, but I didn’t know how I would be treated if I followed Chairman Seong’s words. It was better not to go higher than that. There was no-one from Seong Chan-young’s side in that desolate family in the novel.


‘Chairman Seong treats me kindly with candy-coated words now, but if his attitude changes, it’s only a matter of time until he becomes a duck egg in the Nakdong River [1] .’




I didn’t want to die for that.


‘How did I escape from it!’


If I go back, it’s really over this time. I confidently declared to Seo Eun-soo and the gongs that I would never see them again and bounced, but if they caught me like this, they would doubt my sincerity.


‘It’s obvious what I’ll hear.’


Seong Chan-young is a liar as expected, that it was all to trick us and hit us in the back, so he’s trash that can’t be rehabilitated, so we have to clean it up, etc. Those swear words hurt my tongue.


‘If I go back, there will be no more holes to escape the original development.’


So there is no going back. Unless the gongs try to kill me, I’ll have some thoughts of going back.


“Right, grandpa?”


[… Yeah, you’re right. I was going to go down and bring you back as soon as I know where you’re hiding.]


“I’m alright. I’m very satisfied with where I live now.”


[Satisfied?! Considering your condition, it’s not enough to bring you right now……. You’re going to burn up your spare time like this.]




What’s wrong with me? There’s nothing wrong with me. I don’t think Seong Chan-young had any health problems like me.


“I’m fine. There’s nothing for him to worry about. In my honest mind, I think it’s okay to continue living here and die.”


It was spoken from the bottom of my heart, but as soon as I was finished, Chairman Seong yelled.


[I can’t believe you’re going to die! Don’t say such an ominous thing. Why would you die! Shouldn’t you live until you mess with the wall for thousands of years?]


No. I don’t want to live by painting the wall…….


‘More than that, is this something to be so angry about?’


I said it because it was really okay, but I was a little upset. It’s a lot of fun to farm here and take care of general. With the Milky Way spreading out in the night sky.


Chairman Seong became sullen at wanting to ignore the beautiful countryside where I live, but I made up my mind to soothe the anger of the elderly.


“Uh… I was joking……. Are you mad?”


[Will I not be angry? Oh, my God. My grandson is driving a nail into the heart of a grandfather saying he goes first. Aigoo.]


Surprisingly, I could even hear the thumping sound of my heart over my cell phone. I could hear the voice of his doctor next to him. 


I thought I heard it wrong when I heard him say, “You’re going to die after hitting your chest so hard.” I can’t believe there was a person who could treat Chairman Seong like that.


Chairman Seong, who had just had a quarrel with his doctor, then mumbled to me again.


[I know it’s hard to believe, but I’m worried about you a lot. That’s why I suddenly tracked your number and called you.]


The gentle and serious voice almost deceived me.


“Thank you for your concern. But I’m really comfortable where I am right now. I want to spend the rest of my life quietly here, as I have been a cheondeok naughty boy all my life.”


I expressed my intention not to abandon the nest as indirectly as possible and live as the youngest in the group. It was really precious to me to live an empty life based on abundant capital.


Then, Chairman Sung cried. However, it was completely different from what I expected.


It was weird. Why does the kaebung keep happening unlike the original? Wasn’t Sung Chan-young an uncontrollable dog? Is it worth taking him in with all this energy?


[Then, you won’t see your grandfather’s face forever?]


Is this from the 2nd novel? It can’t be. My older sister is an originalist who was as strong as the Taesan mountain; even if she was offered a second creation with chicken to take a look at this once, she would firmly refuse.


Why are you so obsessed with seeing my face? If you hear my voice, you’ll think I’m going to die somewhere else.


‘In times like this, let’s bring out an all-around key to solve the situation.’


“……I’ll come up and visit you during the holidays. Would that be all right?”


It was a white lie. It is common to go on holidays after independence, but I had no intention of doing so. It was just a one-time measure to avoid an immediate crisis.


‘Maybe I can deliver the agricultural products harvested through Secretary Choi.’


I hope you’re satisfied with that. Unfortunately, Chairman Seong did not show any momentum to step down.


[Don’t you want to come back?? As long as you come back to your parents’ house, I’ll tell your family to take good care of you. So it’s better to come back……]




My little shallow patience has worn out.


“I’m sorry, but I have no intention of going back. I think you can tell just by looking at the fact that I disappeared without telling anyone this much.”




At last, Chairman Seong’s mouth closed. There was no way that he, the head of a leading company in Korea, didn’t know what I meant.


‘You’re trying to pretend you don’t know.’


So you keep trying to convince me on the phone.


Ironically, it was a little funny that I, who was just another person, heard this while the real Seong Chan-young disappeared. When I inhaled, bitter air filled my lungs.


“Grandfather and I both know everything. My mother, father, and sisters don’t need me. They wouldn’t be sad if I disappeared.”


The evidence was that they never contacted their youngest son even though he disappeared. Seong Chan-young’s sisters, who sometimes appear in economic articles, were busy competing for succession.


‘I don’t think he’s much different.’


I wasn’t interested in protecting the fence of a false family or being asked to do this because he’s sorry for the last allergy incident.


[Chan-young ah.]


“You remember what I asked you to do last time, right? That I want to be free.”


For me, who is satisfied by farming alone and living with general, the background of being a family name group was a very tiring obstacle. I don’t want to compete for succession with Seong Chan-young’s sisters; I wanted them to leave me alone.


“If you really called for me, please consider me a grandson who will never be there. Grandfather knows I must have been annoying. So it’s killing two birds with one stone.”


This is the truth about the real Seong Chan-young, so there was nothing I was hurt about when I said it.


By the time I was finished speaking, I heard a wailing sound from my cell phone speaker. Along with the sniffing sound.


[Oh, it’s my fault.]


……Why is Chairman Seong apologizing to me?

  • 1. 낙동강 오리알 is an idiom for being on the sidelines without any attention and without a presence, or being alone in isolation.
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I'm sorry but there's a 2nd novel???? Excuse me???
That might complicate things....

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  1. Hmmm from the context I understood that his sister wouldn’t write the second novel. And this wouldn’t even be a sequel, but canon divergence, soooo no. Highly unlikely.
    Congratulations SCY, you are living in a fanfic.
    Grandpa, how did you track your grandsons number???
    And the whole “why did you leave without visiting grandpa first?” Almost as if he really didn’t know, lol
    Thank you translator-nim.

  2. I objectively know that the Og Seong Chan-Young was a trashy young man but subjectively I can’t help but feel bad enough to ignore that and want to cry on his behalf!

  3. this misunderstandings was… annoyingly sad I want to punch someone..