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“No. I didn’t say this to get an apology from grandfather…….”


I was embarrassed by the completely unexpected situation and tried to appease Chairman Seong somehow, but it was too late. I couldn’t stop just by looking at the sniffling cry in my ear.


Chairman Seong really cried unlike the cold-hearted alpha grandfather he saw in the original.


[I didn’t know your loneliness and sadness would be so deep. It’s all my fault. As Bok-dol said, I should have paid more attention to my son’s family.]


“No, I…”


[Sometimes it’s a sin. I didn’t know you were as heartbroken that you wanted to cut ties with your family. I’m sorry….]


I couldn’t communicate. If you look at the way he talks, he seems to have peeled a whole layer of garlic. Along with onions.


“It’s difficult.”


Chairman Seong made me feel sorry like a sinner. I’m not the real Seong Chan-young, so I didn’t have any special relations to the chairman.


‘Except that this call is very uncomfortable…….’


I tried to talk to the chairman grandfather, who was crying sadly, but all the talking feet bounced off. It was a strong enemy. I ended up letting Chairman Seong cry.


‘I don’t know what misunderstanding has been built up, but we’ll figure it out later.’


I don’t know who instilled what nonsense from the sidelines, but time is a medicine, so the smart chairman will soon notice something is wrong. I decided to believe so.


[Sniff. Cough. I’m sorry. I’ve shown you something you can’t see on the phone.]


Chairman Seong, who had been crying for a long time, finally came to his senses and coughed. It was like a comedy because even the cough sounded like a runny nose.


“I’m glad you’ve calmed down. I’m fine.”


[…I knew you didn’t want to come back. Don’t force you to come up to your parents’ house anymore.]


“Thank you for your understanding.”


[But it’s okay to visit you from time to time, right?]


“If that’s the case…… that’s fine.”


[Got it.]


Good. Happy ending for now. A happy ending. I was very proud that the original story, which was about to creep back up to me by Chairman Seong’s phone, fell down the cliff.


‘Get out of the way, you original work.’


I won’t leave anyone alone if it interferes with my peaceful life. It’s never going to happen, but for example, if the gongs chase me, I’m determined to hit them with a homie.


The burning fighting spirit clenched the hoe’s hand. General was playing with dirt as much as he wanted, when he saw me, and rushed to my side, wondering if the atmosphere was strange.


“Woof! Woof woof!”


“It’s all right, General. Dad’s not getting caught anywhere.”


Curiously, every time I was depressed or missed my original house, general would run from somewhere and push his soft head into me and rub it a lot. It’s cute.


When general acted cute, I fell for it and stroked it to my heart’s content, scratched his chin, played with toys, and forgot my worries while taking a walk. What a proud, brave, and wonderful companion animal. Thanks to you, I live.


I was taking out a snack from the pocket of my clothes to give to general, when Chairman Seong asked me in a surprised voice.


[Dog… Are you raising a dog??]




[You? Raising a dog?]


It didn’t sound right to ask. I thought I made a mistake because he soundeds surprised like a person who witnessed a vegetarian devouring meat to his heart’s content.


‘Seong Chan-young really hated animals.’


But what can I do? I’ve already done enough things that Seong Chan-young would never have done in his life.


“It doesn’t matter, right?”


What if I get caught in the beginning? My mind is now relaxed. It was because I thought I could be comfortable because I had built a wall with the characters in the original.


So I calmly replied to Chairman Seong.


“Yes. I came here and adopted a dog. I found him falling off the truck. It was destiny. His name is General, and he is a wonderful friend who is very brave and smart.”


[You saved the dog and even bragged about it……. Cries.]


“…Grandpa? Are you crying?”


General only made silly noises because he was excited, but Chairman Seong burst into tears again. At this point, it was no different from the level of a faucet.


‘Do, do dominant alphas always cry that much?’


I heard that Dominant Alpha doesn’t die anywhere even if they get older. 


Among the novels my sister sold like crazy, there was a middle-aged man, so I didn’t really understand the current situation.


‘Is it menopausal?’


Was the dominant alpha unable to avoid menopause? Hormones are scary.


I was biting my tongue when Chairman Seong spoke to me cautiously.


[Are you okay? I called you as soon as I got your number because I was worried about your health.]


Hmm? Wasn’t Seong Chan-young healthy in the original film?


I was surprised to hear about health out of the blue, but I answered gently.


“I’m fine. I think you should take care of your health.”


When I came down to the countryside, the hometown of my heart, I felt like I was cured of the disease. On the other hand, Chairman Seong kept crying, so I was a little worried.


Chairman Seong was in tears again, even though anyone could say hello.


[You’re taking care of all the worries of this grandfather. When I couldn’t even take care of you…….]


What do you mean you can’t take care of it? Although the exchange was not smooth emotionally, I am very grateful for the full financial support.


I couldn’t say this, so I tried to end the conversation with a smile.


“I feel comfortable in my body and mind because I’m free here. Don’t worry grandpa, I’m doing well. If I have time, I’ll come up later.”


[Really? Why don’t you see the attending physician Kim then?]


What? You seem to be obsessed with my health.


‘Seong Chan-young probably didn’t do anything like medicine……?’


I felt a little uneasy, and there was no particular reason to go to the hospital, so I refused.


“I’m fine without any pain, so I’ll go to the hospital only when it’s really hard.”


Did you say that you’re worried about your health? You don’t have to. Seong Chan-young’s body is very strong. I was satisfied with this body.


Do you know Chairman Seong? I can carry a 20kg bag of rice easily. Since general goes out for walks more than four times a day, I jog and take care of myself.


[Yes…. If you say so, I can’t help it. I’m glad you’re doing well. See you later.]


I thought it was a polite finish, but Chairman Seong was very disappointed about what stimulated him. The problem was that I couldn’t guess why.


“Yes. Grandpa is doing well, too.”


I thought I had finished such a strange phone call safely. If only it weren’t for the news from Chairman Seong.


[Well, I almost forgot. I also called to let you know this in advance.]


“What is it?”


[Your ex-fiancé Baek Do-jun and other alphas are looking for you. I put a lot of effort into that, too.]


Clang. The hoe I was holding fell to the floor. General ran around me like he had seen a ghost and put his head on my feet.




What kind of dry sky is this, the sound of lightning being pierced?!


[Then I’ll hang up. Take care.]


“Hold on! Hold on……!”




Chairman Seong hung up the phone there like the ending of a popular drama. I was speechless and almost flopped on the floor.


“Home… I need to go home.”


As soon as I heard that the balls were looking for me, I lost my motivation and ran straight home.


‘I’m glad I plowed the field…….’


If I didn’t do this, I would have a thorn in my side. It was unacceptable to play pranks. There was nothing more depressing than that, if I left out what I wanted to do.


The employees were worried when they saw me coming with general, my face turning blue.


– Sir, what happened? You look so pale.


– If you’re sick, let’s go to the hospital. Your face is blue right now, like a person on the verge of freezing.


– It’s okay. I think it’s because I have a cold.


I choked up at the warm attention and eyes poured on me. I was sad.


‘This is the novel, and I can’t even say that I’m going crazy because I’ve transmigrated into the villain who’s killed by the main characters…….’


It would be perfect to be treated like a psychopath. I couldn’t say that I was going crazy because the gongs were searching for me like they were taking over the country.


– If you have a cold, put a warm towel around your neck. They say it’s better to put on a towel that smells like green onions.


– If you don’t have a fever reducer, do you want to borrow it from my house?


– I’m really okay. I’ve prepared most of the emergency medicine in advance, and it will heal after a good rest, so don’t worry.


Employees and aunties were scrambling to give me something to heal, so I managed to refuse and stay home. I felt a little better when I moved my body like a caterpillar in a soft bedding.


“Will it be all right…? Don’t tell me you’re going to come all the way here?”


It was a small and simple neighborhood with few villagers. Even my house was located in a corner further away from the heart of the small town.


This rural town was really deserted, with nothing to offer for sightseeing. The flaw was that most of the members were all grandfathers and grandmothers, so it was easier for me to get attention.


‘Don’t go out for a while.’


I’m scared. I’m afraid the gongs will find me again. I want to believe that in a democratic society, you will not do anything to restrain the freedom of others, but…… The opponents were as many as four obsessed miners. It couldn’t be taken lightly.


‘Just as Chairman Seong found my number, it’s the worst assumption, but my address may have been exposed now.’


As I lay helplessly under the covers, dark imaginations prevailed. The negative imagination of the tail eventually resulted in a bad ending in which I died.


“That’s the last thing I can do.”


I didn’t want much, but to die unjustly for something I didn’t do? That isn’t right.


I didn’t want to refrain from going out while hiding from the gongs. I came down because I wanted to farm, but does it make sense that I can’t go outside. If that’s the case, I’m basically taking a self-containment video.


“What can I do?”


When the ground was gone, I sighed and hit my head on the pillow, and something moist touched the back of my hand.

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  1. Villagers rn: A nice handsome young man coming to the village? Adopted! He’s OUR grandson now!
    I want to see them chasing the gongs away with hoes and pitchforks.

  2. Just let our baby boy farm in peace! Let him grow tasty strawberries and play with his dog!

  3. They should let him farm in peace!
    The misunderstanding with his grandfather keeps going strong. I also wonder why does he cry so much?