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A new morning dawned in the new country. My condition was very good because I slept well while dreaming of a jackpot at a random box of agricultural products the previous day.


‘Alpha will come to me or not.’


In order to get rid of anxiety, I sharpened the day of farming tools from the morning. I also contacted Secretary Choi after a long time. Since there might be some annoying people coming.


[Ai-goo, young master! Long time no see. Is there anything you want me to do? Looking at your call, I don’t think any other employees can help.]


“Well, Secretary Choi. About the alphas I used to chase.”




“They’re tracking me down. The chairman called me and told me himself.”



“I wish it was a lie, but I don’t think it is. There were dozens of footprints around the house.”


And it wasn’t the work of a ghost. Appearing at first glance to be the footprints of adult men, it was clearly a sign that someone from the gongs had led people to visit me.


There was silence. After a few minutes of silence, Secretary Choi barely spoke.


[Young master, you didn’t get caught trying to kidnap and imprison Seo Eun-soo without me knowing, right?]


“No. I’m busy farming. I don’t have time for such a waste because I have to feed general, love him, walk him, and bathe him.”


[Yes, I thought so. But then……What’s wrong with them?]


“I don’t know either.”


It bothered me that the enemy’s intentions were not grasped. It’s not even a neighborhood drum, but why do you want to grab and drag someone by the collar who lives quietly?


I told Secretary Choi honestly.


“I’m afraid they’re coming to hurt me.”


[They won’t be able to do that. They couldn’t treat you recklessly even when you were chasing them.]


I know that, but I’m in a lot of trouble if there’s a deterrent to the original.


I was the only one heartbroken by the unspeakable secret. When I sighed, Secretary Choi suggested a countermeasure to me.


[Shall we send security personnel? Or would you like me to move your current residence to another place?]


“Not really. The security personnels are too visible in the countryside. My employees and I are already outsiders, so it’s easy to get attention, but if we get a bodyguard, it’ll be twice as suspicious.”


I didn’t want to move again. Especially because I had already sown seeds in the field and bought all the rice seedlings to plant in the rice paddies.


‘I quite like the neighborhood, too.’


It was okay in that the village did not act as a resident just because it was an outsider. The land was fertile, and employees were already settled by returning to farming, but I couldn’t make them move again because of me.


“I’m worried…”


Secretary Choi insinuated to me, who was groaning.


[How about this?]




[Put someone you can trust next to you. Someone so skillful that he won’t make a fuss even if the alpha chasing you comes.]


“Skillful person? Who?”


Is there anyone they can’t move? A human who can hide his snarling fangs and remain calm…….




Are you sure?


There’s only one person. Can I call him?


[Yes, it’s him. Seo Eun-soo, whom you hated and despied!]


“Are you crazy?”


Secretary Choi, whom I trusted, was trying to plunge me into the mire of the original. Oh, Brutus, no, Secretary Choi. I believed in you. You’re trying to stab me in the back like this when you didn’t mean to? It was even more absurd because there was no malice behind it.


[Why? Isn’t that a good solution? If Seo Eun-soo accepts it, it’s a good situation for the young master.]


“I wrote a memorandum that I would never meet Seo Eun-soo again…….”


Which said I will not appear again in front of him, but I kindly informed him in detail to report it to the reporter and file a complaint if it happens. It was a jackpot.


‘To make a choice to strangle me with my own hands?’


That was the last thing I wanted. If I knew this would happen, I should have jumped overseas.


[That’s unfortunate news. So, young master, you shouldn’t make promises that you can’t keep.]


“I thought I could keep it. And I believed it was best then.”


The memorandum was to soothe Seo Eun-soo, who was suffering from the real Seong Chan-young and became exhausted and sensitive. I still don’t regret the decision even now.


“I regret it a little now.”


You really don’t know a thing or two in your life.

Secretary Choi, who was listening carefully to me, pondered and said.


[You said the condition was that the young master doesn’t show up, right?]


“I did.”


[If Seo Eun-soo comes to see the young master first, that wouldn’t be a breach of the contract, right?]


“…is it?”


That was absolutely right. If Seo Eun-soo comes to meet me with a purpose, it is not a violation of the contents of the memorandum.


‘Although the content of the original work is at stake, on the contrary, it can turn the situation around better.’


A crisis is an opportunity. If I use Seo Eun-soo as a shield, naturally the gongs will focus on Seo Eun-soo, who they have a crush on, and they will not be able to do anything, especially beating me in front of Seo Eun-soo.


‘I can also see Gong-Shou having a lovers’ quarrel in the face.’


That is, unless you ignore it as if you can’t see it. I’ll pretend I didn’t see anything, even if a pledge or heavenly disease broke.


Now, to me, the equally terrifying shou overpowers the porosity. Secretary Choi’s unexpected proposal has become increasingly feasible and tempting.


Secretary Choi made the final wedge.


[Seo Eun-soo is currently taking a leave of absence due to financial difficulties. He can’t take a break every day and he’s tired of working part-time. During times like this, if you offer a rich salary based on the provision of comfortable detached houses provided with accommodation, he can’t help but be tempted.]


“That’s good.”


I didn’t care how many months worth of money it takes. Seong Chan-young’s non-dry black card was in good shape, and I was willing to pay that much only if my peaceful life was maintained.


[Then how about proposing 5 million won per month?]


“You can present it as a lump sum.”


University tuition in the Seoul metropolitan area is no joke. In addition, it would be better for Seo Eun-soo’s future circumstances to give him enough money to spend on living expenses.


“Of course, and if Seo Eun-soo doesn’t like it, don’t force him and find another way.”


[I understand. I’ll call him right away.]


In my opinion, it was not very likely that Seo Eun-soo would accept this proposal. I had nothing to say even if he cursed at me about what kind of trick I was going to do again.


‘But if it’s possible…… That’s not bad.’


I hope to get a positive answer. The only condition of the contract is to stay around my house and serve as a shield against the horse when the gongs come.


Of course, I didn’t expect much. Even if it’s a honey part-time job, I’m sure he wouldn’t like working with Seong Chan-young. 


[If it doesn’t work, I’ll find a honest and hardworking alpha that can protect you.]


“Okay. I’ll trust you, Secretary Choi.”


Then, some time later, incredible news came.


[Master! Good news! Seo Eun-soo accepted your offer!]




Hey, you’re letting me do this so easily?


⚝ ⚝ ⚝


Secretary Choi finished his work in a clean way. Not long after Seo Eun-soo accepted a part-time job as a human shield, he visited my house.


When I opened the green gate, I saw Seo Eun-soo’s flower-like, well-groomed beauty, and when I felt a pheromone that smelled like a fresh flower, I wanted to faint for a moment.


‘I’m already worried.’


This, is it really all right? Maybe I have dug a hole to bury myself.


On behalf of me, who was hesitating, Seo Eun-soo first greeted me with a slight pull on the corners of his mouth.


“Hello, it’s been a long time since I saw you. Seong Chan-young ssi.”




“Well, since I’m in a position of employment, should I also call you young master?”


No way. 


No, I’m going to get indigestion if I do that. Don’t do that, please.


“Please call me whatever you want to call me. Calling each other based on positions is awkward, and I don’t want to make Seo Eun-soo call me “young master.””


“Then I’ll call you Seong Chan-young.”


‘It’s awkward…’


I imagined various situations about how it would be if I met Seo Eun-soo again, but none of them fit.


“I thought you’d at least ask me why I called you here.”


The reality was quiet. Seo Eun-soo was calm. He didn’t seem to have any ill feelings toward me. Like a quiet lake, Seo Eun-soo did not show any agitation.


Since he was quiet, I was the only one who felt numb. Did Secretary Choi give him any warning? I couldn’t tell.


“I got the story from the secretary. That I can stay in the detached house and help with Chan-young’s work.”




“Farming. The secretary said I can help with the errands. He said you’re not feeling well so it’s going to be difficult.”


“That’s not true…….”


Secretary Choi tricked Seo Eun-soo with a lie. I didn’t feel good seeing him as if he was looking at someone with pity.


Seo Eun-soo was going to stay until he returned to school next semester, so there was a lot of luggage. It was rude to keep a person with a heavy load standing, so I guided Seo Eun-soo to a separate house.


‘Let’s be honest.’


There was nothing good about deceiving Seo Eun-soo. The less trustworthy I am, the more a bad ending will threaten me.


“Actually, the reason I gave Seo Eun-soo this part-time job was because of the alphas.”


“The alphas?”


“Seo Eun-soo ssi probably knows these people……. They’re Baek Do-jun, Chae Yoon-chan, Joo Tae-kang, and Yoo Yi-seo. Those who I bothered with one-sided courtship.”


“Oh, yes.”


“I called you because they were looking for me. Even though I am aware that it is impolite, I must ask you a favor because they are unable to do anything else in front of Seo Eun-soo. 


I am an ally. Seo Eun-soo explained how he needed it, meaning “Don’t shoot.” 


I expressed it indirectly that the gongs liked Seo Eun-soo, but Seo Eun-soo seemed to have noticed why I called him. As a result, the gongs’ gloomy unrequited love has been discovered.


Nevertheless, Seo Eun-soo was fine. He did not get angry or react coldly. Instead, he smiled quietly.


“I know. I would never have come if you told me to come here with a lie.”


“Then why….”


“I think Seong Chan-young has changed. You didn’t show up before me, and you didn’t do any harm, as promised. Now I have a hunch that it won’t harm me. Besides…….”



Author's Thoughts

I'm pretty sure no one was expecting this twist even though some had jokingly said it before. 🤭
Istg Secretary Choi has all the best ideas💡! I'm so excited to see how this turns out sjsjsjjsjsjsjsjsjsjsj

(Spoilers for those who haven't bought the advanced chapter yet: someone who you're not expecting will be joining Chan-young. *winks wonks*)

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